How can people be this stupid?

By Joe Trainer

When Obama makes war, it’s in the name of peace and liberals stand down.  And most of the GOP just wants to go kill some more Moslems. How stupid are these people? They’ll believe anything the TV tells them to think.

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12 Comments on "How can people be this stupid?"

  1. The answer is very simple: They are only taught to regurgitate info in school. There is no more critical thinking.

  2. Once again some sophomoric viewpoint that only liberals are standing down. Where are all the gun totting conservatives who stand idly by as the bipartisan congress does nothing to protect our rights? Shouldn’t the conservatives be sticking those newly purchased guns into the correct orifices and sending a message to bring about some purposeful change towards world peace and justice. It’s not just the liberals, it’s both sides of congress who have allowed the present conditions to develop.

    • Articles fanning the flames of this false paradigm increase readership so the so called “alternative media” is not much different from the MSM. They engage in the same amount of spin,exaggeration, and lies to make GOOD stories.

      If the authors are/were real activists they would be writing about plans of ACTIONS to incarcerate and convict the known criminals in office, and be organizing people to correct this avalanche of corruption.

      If you took away their paychecks, would they still be writing?
      I think not. It’s still all about money.

      I believe they are controlled opposition because we haven’t done one thing about anything to date, and if we think WRITING about something is equivalent to ACTION then we need our heads checked.

      So far they have just helped the agenda of divide and conquer.

  3. How can people be this stupid? Brain-destroying heavy metals – fluoride in water, aluminum and mercury in vaccines, lead in paint and gasoline until recently, Is it deliberate?

    • They still allow lead in aviation gas.

    • I know many believe that but I don’t think it is entirely true.
      There are a lot of people who have unfortunately ingested a good quantity of those elements and are still very much in charge of their cognitive faculties.
      Conditioning and learned behavior. People are being bombarded with lies and ridiculous perceptions that are completely confusing them.
      The herd mentality makes them huddle together accepting these flawed perceptions and influences out of FEAR.
      Look how well the PC garbage has people so confused they don’t know right from wrong.
      Conditioning !!!

      Turn off the BS and separate yourself from the herd
      They are being enticed by the evil pied pipers to their very demise.

    • Yes it is deliberate and I would disagree with “Common Sense” the environment as a whole is being poisoned deliberately and you forgot to mention the GMO,s and the Geoengineering which they are intentionally spraying the skies with aluminum and barium which is a documented fact. And lets not also forget the increasing radiation exposure from fukushima and all the leaking nuclear power plants throughout the globe

  4. The fear and the danger of humanity is not an Obombomb, satanyahu, Isis, or what ever, the danger is the f…g idiots who believe anything staring by that filthy concept of f…g god!

  5. Don’t blame liberals. They merely trust liberal opinion-makers. And don’t blame liberal opinion-makers either. Rather, have pity on their limited intellectual abilities. After all, they are still incapable of evaluating the proposition that Building 7’s motion resembles a controlled demolition’s.


  6. OBOOOOMA – the magnificent FARCE – is the leader of the ** STUPID IS AS STUPIUD DOES ** MIINIONS who run the country . /////////////////////////////////////////////////////

  7. Fed up with the FED ! | November 22, 2015 at 4:56 pm |

    Not till this nation is able to have a media that’s open, and honest to that which is being presented, is anything going to change for the better. Too many are still being swayed what to believe, by those in the mainstream media.

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