Have You Asked Your Doctor About Voting?

votingBy Truthstream Media

Because insanity is doing the same thing every four years, and expecting different results.

Ask your doctor today…

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2 Comments on "Have You Asked Your Doctor About Voting?"

  1. sounds like I’ll have to find a dr. – gee I wonder if he will tell me how to vote – or better yet – he can vote for me.
    I agree – the left right baloney is just for show. Until the zentral banks are taken back it will continue.

  2. It’s all theater, the criminal cabal, the establishment, whatever you wish to call them – they install POTUS, and in many cases governors too, it’s useless to vote for POTUS, as Mark Twin said, if voting made any difference at all we wouldn’t be allowed to do it…Bolshevik Communist Hilla the Hun Clinton is POTUS in 2016…from Jim Stone today:

    Forget the E-mail scandal!

    I am going to keep hammering this “prediction” even though I make fun of predictions and do not post them here. PREDICTION, or should I say FACT: Hillary WILL BE APPOINTED PRESIDENT>

    Forget about the fact that Donald Trump packs them in by the thousands, while Hillary hosts events that attract nothing but a few drifting dead carp and an occasional bot fly. None of that matters at all, you see, HILLARY ALREADY HAS THE VOTES FOR THE NOMINATION, even though not a single poll has opened. That’s the way the Diebold miracle works, I am confident that even Obama was appointed president and that Hillary will be appointed next.

    If you think the E-mail scandal is going to bury Hillary, think again, or should I say, DREAM ON, Hillary could go on national television and hand Venezuela 85 nukes in front of a world audience of 7 billion and she’d still get the nomination and never be punished, she is “too big to jail”, and is what I believe to be the most visible figurehead of the shadow government. The shadow government will not be touched, no matter what.

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