Govt Denies Hungry Families Thanksgiving Food Because a Pro-Cannabis Group Donated It

Govt-Denies-Hungry-Families-Food-on-Thanksgiving-Because-a-Pro-Cannabis-Group-Donated-ItBy John Vibes

In the state of Oregon, where marijuana was recently legalized, a government agency has rejected food donations for the holidays because the donations came on the behalf of a marijuana-related organization. A group called Women Leaders in Cannabis was able to raise considerable food donations for people in need and initially their contributions were accepted by Oregon’s Department of Human Services.

However, the agency later changed their mind and decided that they did not want to accept the donations because they did not want to be associated with a substance that is now legal in the state.

Lindsey Jacobsen, the executive director of Women Leaders in Cannabis in Eugene, told KATU that the agency actually gave them a different excuse at first.

“The first place I reached out to was the Department of Human Services because when I was in high school I was in Future Business Leaders of America and we did the same type of program and that’s who we worked with. We discussed in detail how we would make it happen, and a few days later we got a phone call back stating that they wouldn’t be able to work with us due to too much time being spent on it,” she said.

“It’s disheartening. We have lives just like everybody else, families, jobs. We’re just happy to be able to give back now that we have the opportunity to,” she added.

Gene Evans, a DHS spokesman later admitted in a statement to KATU that the donations would be an embarrassment for the government.

“Their decision not to accept the donations was based on discomfort with the connection of a marijuana organization to DHS human services. … The Eugene office felt that baskets sponsored by this organization could create the impression that we endorsed cannabis,” the statement said.

“I don’t see how being involved in a positive way could do any harm. We’ll keep finding people that want to work with us and I think in the future people will be reaching out to us, hopefully,” Jacobsen said after hearing the reason why their donations were rejected.

Luckily, the group was quickly able to find a private organization called Autism Rocks to help them distribute their donations.

John Vibes is an author and researcher who organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference. He also has a publishing company where he offers a censorship free platform for both fiction and non-fiction writers. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can purchase his books, or get your own book published at his website

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36 Comments on "Govt Denies Hungry Families Thanksgiving Food Because a Pro-Cannabis Group Donated It"

  1. If the possibility of drugs in your food is not enough for you to refuse it, what is ?

    • If the reality of toxic fertilizers and pesticides in your food is not enough for you to refuse it, what is?

      • You got a point on that one and I do vote with my money. If you know any brands of pre-cooked food (other than meat) with no toxins, send me some. All I got is bread & some vegetable types. I would also refuse food made by drug addicts though.

        • It’s getting harder to find clean food what with the toxic rain. I live in the country and get organic beef from my next door neighbor but we know the cattle are taking up the toxins when it rains on the pasture.

    • Not sure I read that correctly or in the correct context, am pretty sure I am misunderstanding your comment as it would make zero sense. Are you implying that there would be Cannabis in the food?

    • Do you even READ the ingredient lists on your food? Because if you don’t, you’ll be surprised to find the number of drugs listed on the label. Unless its your belief that BHT, MSG, food dyes, Round-Up (not listed, but there) are somehow natural.

    • Seriously? Can you supply one plausible reason why an organization kind and caring enough to collect and donate food would put cannabis in it? For what purpose? If they did that it would immediately become apparent and the backlash would not only harm their cause tremendously, it would put them in serious legal liability. Besides, ODHS said it would be “embarrassing.” That’s a far cry from “potentially tainted.”

    • I don’t believe anyone would intentionally put cannabis in packaged food stuff ….makes no sense what so ever. The stuff is a benign herb that helps people to be able to live with pain and suffering and maybe cure diseases….why would anyone waste it in such a stupid manner? That’s just crazy!!!!! The nice ladies were just being altruistic and helping their fellow man…..that is the mindset of a lot of people that use cannabis.

  2. Sovereign_Citizen | November 23, 2015 at 9:26 am | Reply

    They will not take the food because it does not fit the narrative. It is all about the narrative and anything that does not fit will be ignored by the powers that be.

    Don’t worry about it. Make notes of who refused the help and when the time comes, take them out back and put them down.

    The Revolution has already begun, the shooting hasnt.

  3. new article header: Food donated by drug lords, bought with drug money, denied by Federal Government.

    • “Drug lords”????
      Ladies and gentlemen of the planet, please observe the above actions of the remaining remnants of the Neanderthals.

    • MJ is not a drug. Drugs are synthesized, while pot is an HERB. There have never been any bad side effects, no one has ever died from it and humans have used it for at least 15,000 YEARS. You are far too ignorant on this issue to be commenting. BTW, POT IS LEGAL IN OREGAN so how can govt say it would be sending the message that they endorse drugs???

      • Says the pot heads….

      • Is alcohol a drug? Is cocaine a drug? The answers from the medical community are yes.

        Hashish, hash oil, shatter, wax, honeycomb, oil, crumble, sap, are all extracts…synthesized, if you will…from the marijuana plant.
        These are the things that America’s neighbors are making with their medical marijuana card home-grown pot and legally purchased pot.
        Legalizing marijuana straight-up without giving thought to all of the follow-ons was just plain stupid…unless you are stoned.

    • This is the group photo of Women Leaders in Cannabis. Do these college girls and mommies look like drug lords to you?

      • Are you asking if anyone can profile drug users just based on their appearance? Are you asking if mothers could possibly be drug users? Are you asking if college girls could possibly be drug users? Thought so…

  4. You cannot put brains in statues. IDIOTS.
    This is what happens when you try to educate brain dead zombies.

  5. Rachel Flanagan | November 23, 2015 at 1:47 pm | Reply

    Oregon’s Department of Human Services probably took issue with the “organic” products. You know how the Gruberment loves “Round up” in everything.

  6. Why get in with the Gov’t in the first place?
    GIve to churches

  7. Sherrie Orlandi | November 23, 2015 at 5:03 pm | Reply

    A hungry child does not care who gave them food and the child would probably never have known and the people who were giving the food asked for nothing other than to help end their hunger. The Department of human sources are apparently full of idiots who ever decided not to accept the food should be fired since they do not have the peoples best interest at heart.

  8. I have been saying for years that when the facts of marijuana and its
    users were honestly examined, what was being done to this cultural
    minority was indistinguishable from a state-sponsored hate crime. As
    more states have begun to legalize it, I have also speculated in online
    comments about how the former information-challenged proponents of hate
    crimes against marijuana users would respond to no longer being able to commit
    their hate crimes under color of law. So, here you have it: this Oregon
    agency has deemed it proper to find any way they can to discriminate
    against these harmless ladies. Now I’ll say this again: legalization may
    not be enough — reparations and civil rights lawsuits may be needed
    before these people who have spent their lives hating all things marijuana finally get it.

  9. Politicized decisions to remain in the good graces of big brother regardless of how many are injured by such gross stupidity!

  10. Weed is a drug, it poisons your brain causing hallucinations, it causes addiction & loss of brain cells. Remove the THC from Weed and all the ADDICTS will drop it like a skunk, despite the fact that hemp is the “curative” formula for certain ailments.

    • MJ is famously non-addictive, NO withdrawal effects have ever been found and it’s been used for at least 15,000 yrs. NO it doesn’t cause hallucinations and NO it doesn’t cause loss of brain cells – new research has found that it actually grows new brain cells and prevents Alzheimer’s. BTW, I was a drug/alcohol rehab therapist for 16 yrs and never saw one problem caused by MJ. It helps with numerous diseases and even can cure cancer. You are either hopelessly misinformed by Nixon-era scare tactics propaganda or incredibly, criminally ignorant or are a troll.

      • Oooh, famously, I must bow to that…. yes, science doesn’t count. Because drugs enhance the mind & the MAN doesn’t want you to do that (Morgan Freeman). You sound hopelessly addicted.

  11. Considering that DHS is the larger organization which includes the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP), a sub-division that issues Medical Marijuana cards, does it not seem just a little ridiculous to say DHS “doesn’t want to be associated with marijuana.”

  12. Cyberats
    Whats up with the Michelle Malkin Board??
    I notice you are getting deleted. I get flagged and deleted all the time there. That’s why I’m posting to you on this board.
    Note I have never been disrespectful, used foul or racist language there. I just disagree and I get flagged and deleted. And for some reason they call me a Troll/Pvt. Joker???? I wonder sometimes who actually deletes all my posts?
    I Enjoy your Posts Cyberat keep up the good work till they ban you as a Troll or having a different opinion other than theirs .

  13. Cyberats… I smoked cannabis all during the 70’s and quit because I was tired of the “high”. I had to resume because of Lyme Disease….I choose not to put pharma into my body any longer because of the damage it does. Ibuprofen ruined my gut flora and caused many added problems. To be so short sided and ill informed to think it is addictive in the form that God made it is well just plain unfair to those of us who have to suffer because of the ignorance of people that judge without knowing the facts. Cannabis does not harm the body and has never killed anyone….pharma kills hundred of thousands a year. I would prefer to be well…but at least I can feel somewhat normal when I vape and my body rest a spell from the pain and the mental anguish that this disease causes. The Bilderberg folk along with the rest of the people that call the shots want people addicted to pharma….cannabis opens the mind to truth…..”they” did not want the MKULtra slaves to partake because they were afraid it would wake them from their brainwashing. Too many people have been brainwashed into thinking that this healing herb is bad and pharma is good…it was legal till Bayer and all the other mad scientist decided to start pushing poison on the population for mass control and mega bucks….that’s the truth. Scientist want to take a benign herb and corrupt it to make it addictive….like they do with everything thing they touch….make it evil and addictive to control the masses. Hubby said Monsanto was wanting to buy up the pot farms… in point. Then there will be deaths from cannabis…Control and slow kill the sheeple with pharma and food and filthy tv.. Sick world and it needs to return to the old ways of healing and say no to drugs!!!!!!

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