Full Text of Trans-Pacific Partnership Finally Released


By Activist Post

Today, the website of New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade released the massive, full text of the ostensibly secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

At the bottom there is a link to a zip file containing all chapters or one can read and save each chapter PDF individually. The lengthy text contains a lot of business newspeak. However, various chapters deal with history’s biggest free trade move yet, pharmaceutical industries, business conduct in third-world and developing countries, agriculture, state-owned enterprises and designated monopolies (interesting terminology), government procurement, competition policies, and e-commerce.

In October, WikiLeaks claimed that they had a leaked copy of the full text and it contained information on trade secrets and top-down control of the Internet that are indeed found in chapter 18.

It is referred to as the “Agreement,” although most of the world’s people have never had any say at all in the decisions foisted on them below.

Please explore our articles on the TPP.

Treaties and International Law – Text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The text of the Agreement was released by TPP Parties on 5 November 2015 and can be accessed by chapter below.

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  • 3. Rules of Origin and Origin Procedures [PDF, 155KB]
  • 4. Textiles and Apparel [PDF, 70KB]
  • 5. Customs Administration and Trade Facilitation [PDF, 59KB]
  • 6. Trade Remedies [PDF, 52KB]
      • The Chapter includes the following Annex:
              • Annex 6-A: Practices Relating to Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Proceedings
  • 7. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures [PDF, 92KB]
  • 8. Technical Barriers to Trade [PDF, 198KB]

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      • The Chapter includes the following Annexes:
              • Annex 8-A: Wine and Distilled Spirits
              • Annex 8-B: Information and Communications Technology Products
              • Annex 8-C: Pharmaceuticals
              • Annex 8-D: Cosmetics
              • Annex 8-E: Medical Devices
              • Annex 8-F: Proprietary Formulas for Pre-packaged Foods and Food Additives
              • Annex 8-G: Organic Products
  • 9. Investment [PDF, 262KB]
      • This Chapter includes the following Annexes:
              • Annex 9-A: Customary International Law
              • Annex 9-B: Expropriation
              • Annex 9-C: Expropriation Relating to Land
              • Annex 9-D: Service of Documents on a Party Under Section B (Investor State Dispute Settlement)
              • Annex 9-E: Transfers
              • Annex 9-F: DL-600
              • Annex 9-G: Public Debt
              • Annex 9-H
              • Annex 9-I: Non-Conforming Measures Ratchet Mechanism
              • Annex 9-J: Submission of a Claim to Arbitration
              • Annex 9-K: Submission of Certain Claims for Three Years After Entry into Force
              • Annex 9-L: Investment Agreements
      • Drafters’ Note on Interpretation of In Like Circumstances [PDF, 43KB]
  • 10. Cross-Border Trade in Services [PDF, 126KB]
      • The Chapter includes the following Annexes:
              • Annex 10-A: Professional Services
              • Annex 10-B: Express Delivery Services
              • Annex 10-C: Non-Conforming Measures Ratchet Mechanism
      • See the country-specific Annexes to the Agreement
  • 11. Financial Services [PDF, 251KB]
        • This Chapter includes the following Annexes:
                • Annex 11-A: Cross-Border Trade
                • Annex 11-B: Specific Commitments
                • Annex 11-C: Non-Conforming Measures Ratchet Mechanism
                • Annex 11-D: Authorities Responsible For Financial Services
                • Annex 11-E

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  • 12. Temporary Entry for Business Persons [PDF, 43KB]
  • 13. Telecommunications [PDF, 125KB]
      • This Chapter includes the following Annexes:
              • Annex 13-A: Rural Telephone Suppliers – United States
              • Annex 13-B: Rural Telephone Suppliers – Peru



    Zip file of all 30 Chapters (excluding Annexes) [ZIP, 3.15MB]

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    8 Comments on "Full Text of Trans-Pacific Partnership Finally Released"

    1. Sovereign_Citizen | November 5, 2015 at 12:48 pm | Reply

      Remember, illegal laws need not be obeyed.

      • correction…. SECRET LAW’S need to be obeyed….. of course we wont know until we break them!

        • Sovereign_Citizen | November 6, 2015 at 8:18 am | Reply

          Secret Laws are by definition Illegal Laws.

          We dont obey those either:)

          • What do you do when you can’t get a hold of a decent dose of vitamin C except via a visit to your doctor and a prescription because over-the-counter nutritional supplements have been taken off the shelves? – cf Codex Alimentarius launched by Big Pharma

            • Sovereign_Citizen | November 9, 2015 at 8:32 am |

              Are you stupid? There are these new things called FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. They are really cool because you can eat them and they have VITAMINS in them. They also have minerals and fiber and other good things.

              Now, most of the OTC items are garbage anyways and little better than snake oil because they arent reviewed by any accredited 3rd party scientific analysis groups. Please dont make the false argument that they are and it says right on the bottle. The guys at Enron tried they same thing and said that some people in their mail room told them what they were doing was legal.

              So, if you are relying on the government for your health then you probably are not very healthy to begin with and number two should look to the indians on their reservations and ask them how all of that worked out.

              Get a clue.

      • That’s only if your obama.


    3. Thank you for publishing this document AP

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