Exploring Advanced Ancient Life and Aliens In Peru

By Luke Rudkowski

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews explorer, scientist and author Brien Foerster in Peru at an ancient burial site and spiritual center. The two go into in short what they uncovered and more mind blowing content that will be coming your way on both of our channels.

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8 Comments on "Exploring Advanced Ancient Life and Aliens In Peru"

  1. Floating another psy op, the Pope has said he will baptize the aliens when they come. Gotta get our comic relief from somewhere.

    • Over its 2,000 year history, the Catholic Church has suffered dozens of anti-Popes and false Councils. When a real Pope ascends the Chair of Peter, Vatican 2 and its anti-Popes will be sent to the dust bin of history.

  2. Looks like Luke has been derailed into the fiction department.

    • Odd timing too given last week an Activist Post contributor and 9/11 Truth activist sent an alert out to his subscribers that he is stunned and dismayed the leaders of the Los Angeles We Are Change group have done a 180 degree turnaround on 9/11 as a false flag attack. Luke should be too busy “cleaning house” for this kind of “reporting”.

  3. Sagittal sutures on the elongated skulls don’t match our own even if deformation by cradle-boarding is considered. The eye sockets are huge in comparison to ours and their jaws had considerably more crushing power than our own. They are a different species. Something cataclysmic happened some time before the common era that has been purposely kept from us so that the stories they wanted to program us with didn’t have any competing theories.

  4. Genesis 6:4 (KJB)… “There were giants in the
    earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in
    unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same
    became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”

    They are not “aliens” as the History channel puts forth, they are fallen angels.

  5. Dear Sirs,

    There are some true statements in this interview. True that mainstream orthodox historians are not open to alternative history concerning many new discoveries and theories and even proofs of theories.

    There are also wrong statements by Mr. Foerster, to wit that the history of Man goes back thousands upon thousands of years. Although Foerster consults local lore and legends, he doesn’t seem to listen to them very well, because just as Graham Hancock he listens way too much to his own postulated New Agey beliefs about Aliens behind the elongated skulls. about a way too old dating of the megaliths, as well as other issues not mentioned above.

    As I made clear in my former comment to Hancock’s historical misinterpretations, there is a glaring lack of interest in the submerged ruins, megaliths, port cities, etc, that were clearly Bronze Age and over flown around 1500 BC, as a direct result from a far more recent Ice Age then Darwinians like Hancock and Foerster would like to believe.

    And this lack of interest — not only these “alternative” historians but also the Wicked Pedian type — they all have in the huge ignored Mammoth in the Historical Living Room! It is pathetic! And that Mammoth is the 2400 BC global Flood as testified to by over 700 tribes, races, nations and civilisations. We can easily state ALL nations and tribes testified to it! Even the Aborigines here in Taiwan!

    Why this blindness, why this willing ignorance, why this selectiveness when it comes to sources? Because of the severe mass propaganda by the Elite and from Mainstream Historians, MS Academia, and Mainstream Media, which since the 18 Hundreds (Rhodes’ “Scholars”) have been steered by one totally impossible paradigm – Darwinism!

    Darwinism forbids and prevents us to have a clear look at our own History, because they dis-allow the Global Flood, the recent Ice Age, the thallasocracy of Atlantis, in spite of Plato’s dating mistake, which he could have caught if he had checked the dating of the early kings of Greece like Erichthoneus, whom he knew had lived around 1500 BC the time of Dardanus the patriarch of the founder of Troy, after whom the Dardanelles were named, but is labelled “mythological” by Wicked Pedia et al.

    The 1500 BC floodings because of the rising of the sea level was the cause of the local floods of Samoa Thrace, Flood of Ogyges, flood of Deucalion, and surely these historical facts have been embellished by many afterwards, but in the correct Euhemerist historical tradition that led Heinrich Schliemann to the discovery of Troy–the city itself– where he found the “mythological golden mask of Agamemnon, and where archaeologists recently discovered pieces of the Trojan horse, we can conclude that all these ancient patriarchs of Man were true personalities that lived an awful long time like Zeus (Mizraim) founder of Egypt and father of Dardanus! And many others besides! (My God did that guy f*ck around!)

    The elongated heads were also found in Egypt among the Pharaohs, and are signs of hybrids and giants who had slightly different DNA than Man seeing their foremothers had screwed around with angels which resulted in the so-called Nephilim, whose offspring were giants like King Og of Bashan, and Goliath, and in those days even the giants lived very long, and as a result their brows kept growing out and longer and that is one explanation for the elongated skulls. Their huge 3-10 or more meter red-haired skeletons are found ALL OVER the world!

    The world after the Flood was sailed across extensively before the Ice Age really set in before Antarctica was frozen over and mapped by guys like Atlas, Ham, and other people like the early Pelasgians children of Peleg in whose days the crusts of the Earth were divided by continental drift driven by hydro planing. (See research by Dr. Walt Brown et al)

    But of course the much maligned Flood, Atlantis, recent Ice Age, and the submerging of the coastal regions of the entire earth, are hard to swallow for the Marxist Darwinians who man the turrets of Mainstream media and Academe. Sad to say.

    We DO need a historical revolution, and that would entail to really start listening to the growing numbers and masses of PhD’s, doctors, professors, intellectuals from all over the world, who are not stifled by this darned Darwinian mind clamp, but have an open mind to see History, Geology, and Biology, etc. as it really was.

    And why do we ignore the lore and legends and writings of the ancients who all talked about the Flood and few of Atlantis even (Plato, Diodorus, etc.) and the local floodings of the coastlines? Because we are too propagandised to even be able to be open enough to even entertain the idea that we indeed do descend from smarter, taller, longer living, astronomers, amazing stone masons, trigonometric geographers like King Atlas of Atlantis, and giant megalith builders who actually were able to build these polygonic constructions from soft rock material so they could glob these huge stones together.

    That’s why they bulge so much in South America, with protuberances mostly seen at the bottom of the stones where they let out the water residues. They were in a hurry there and not as perfectionist as the same generation of builders of the Giza mortuary for example which also sports seamless stones but are nicely finished and smooth on the surface (that is inside the building)

    We don’t have or know soft rock anymore in our day and age, because it has all permanently hardened so that it can not be carved. Actually the megaliths themselves are the biggest proofs of very ancient intercontinental sea travel, because they are found ALL OVER the globe, and therefore are the same people, giants, Hamates, and Pelagius, forefathers of the Mycenaean’s, and Greeks.

    But apart from the 700 narratives about it — the very Soft Rock is also the greatest proof that the Global Flood indeed did take place and that Earth slowly had to dry out from diffrent types of clays into granites, limestone, and other rock kinds.

    But they don’t want the Flood, because they have religious reservations against it, because of the fact that it is also mentioned in the Book of Genesis, one of the best historical accounts of the ancient world ever, and that of course will not do.

    I am sorry to see Luke get tripped off so much with Mr. Foerster. He is a great journalist. Political activists like that have no clue what real history is all about and are easily messed up by New Agers like Mr. Foerster. Aliens, Shamans, crystals, yoghurds, sacrificial ruins, star gates, ceremonial platforms, yada yada yada, etc. They do believe in religions, yet in all the wrong ones at that.

    It is a sad story what we have come to. But the Internet is proving us true-er every day in Open Source History study. We shall set the record straight, and it will be in the same narrative as the good Old Sumerians, Pelasgians, Greeks even, Indians, Maians, who all believed in the Serpent and Creation and that ”horrible Flood” that took all their forefathers away from the Pre-Flood times of the ubiquitous TEN KINGS from many nations legends!

    Can’t we just listen to them Ancients themelves? Instead of re-interpreting what they ostensibly ”really believed?” Just look at the Sumerian Kings list speaking about the TEN Pre Flood kings! Can’t we just let them explain themselves? Do we have to remould antiquity in Darwinian terms at every turn? And turn Pre-Flodo History into never existed Pre-history?

    Such dictatorship. Lets free ourselves from this non scientific paralytic paradigm! Let freedom reign, free from false pernicious Darwinism! Yea! Today! Perhaps the Activist Post can be the most alternative blog that even dares to tackle the Darwinian Deception of the masses.

    It is long overdue! Even great atheist Anthony Flew had to capitulate —
    because his motto was to go where the evidence leads you – and even in his old age he rejected Darwinism and even became a Deist believing in Intellgent Design. What a true man! The kind we need more of. How about you Activist Post?

  6. It is possible that “alien” and “angel” are interchangeable terms. Intelligent design does not necessarily mean a singular creating god.

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