Does Cannabis Kill Cancer?

By Derrick Broze

Derrick Broze  journeys through California with filmmaker Danny Panzella to answer the question: Does Pot Cure Cancer? More studies are backing up that claim even though the federal government continues to deny it has any medical uses.


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11 Comments on "Does Cannabis Kill Cancer?"

  1. No, but it does kill brain cells of those that don’t have that many to begin with and it kills people, particularly others that get in the way. Pot is evil and criminal. Using it should be a felony with long prison terms or the death penalty when needed.

    • Quite a dishonest and pointless post you’ve made. There are a lot of people that the plant is helping, including cancer patients. This wall of disinformation and misinformation you’re spreading is crumbling away and it’s about time!

      Death penalty or felony for weed? Someone is certainly high and it isn’t the pot smokers.

    • Is this Eric Holder?

    • It turns democRATS into republicans!!!

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    • You’re a “special” kind of stupid.

  2. Some of these minds here need clearing with a nice fat spliff.

  3. Move to Colorado and enjoy – embibe your way to health.
    or find some cannabis oil – non thc – I recommend any cancer patient to at least try it.
    Mj is not only a health promoting weed but it stops the pain and gives you a nice relaxing 4 to 6 hours.

  4. Despite what the supporters of these sources may claim, videos and stories are not scientific evidence for the effectiveness of any cancer treatment. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence – YouTube videos are emphatically not scientific evidence, and we are not convinced by them

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