Did This Man Save Nikola Tesla’s Secrets?

nikola-tesla-matthew-ridgway1By Derrick Broze

Derrick talks with professional engineer, entrepreneur and inventor Jim Murray about the paradigms of modern control of information and research within the scientific community and government and how it relates to the work of Nikola Tesla.

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Jim’s Website: http://www.jimmurray.biz

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8 Comments on "Did This Man Save Nikola Tesla’s Secrets?"

  1. Sovereign_Citizen | November 29, 2015 at 11:34 am | Reply

    Even if somewhere, tucked away safe and sound, there were all of the plans that Nikola did, and even if they were all viable, cheap and so easy to build and use that ANYONE could do it, the current governments of the world will NEVER let them come to light because Free/Cheap power available to anyone who wanted it would completely destabilize the current hegemony.

    • So you just build the devices in your garage for personal use. Don’t try to market or sell anything. That’s how people get stung.

      • Sovereign_Citizen | November 29, 2015 at 12:33 pm | Reply

        Well while I do agree with you, sadly I don’t even see the plans, ideas, drawings etc etc making it to the public for general consumption.

        Now, having said that; if someone who theoretically had the plans etc, took them and spread them to all of the download, dropbox, file-sharing whatever you want to call them or use them and THEN said…hey look what I got! I think that they would have a greater chance of falling into the right hands so to speak.

        • They are there. The Aussies have a good part, and many working prototypes have already been built. Since then, a flood of fakes has swept the net in an attempt to discredit them. That was the give away that they had done it. Like most real breakthroughs, its ridiculously simple. Think: What do a block of wood, a lump of coal, a vial of oil, a magnet, a D cell battery, and a uranium fuel rod pellet, all have in common? The energy within them was created when they were made, by either natural or manmade means. So using the energy stored within them (by various means) does NOT violate newtons law of conservation of energy.

  2. I have read speculation that Tesla was one of many who were murdered by cross-dressing Hoover’s pustule known as the F.B.I. and all his notes etc. were taken. If that’s the case, any decent information would then have been “handed off” to private corporations to either “tuck away” or mutate into something profitable for them. It’s one of the really huge paradigms about this nasty nation that always amazed me;
    With it’s history of evil/manipulation/treachery the bulk of it’s people wet themselves with adoration over it.
    Although it’s clearly not as intelligent as it thinks it is, it keeps on rolling along.
    So the only other explanation has to be that the citizens are really, really blissfully ignorant and would just as soon stay that way.

  3. hokum

  4. How much will you take? | November 30, 2015 at 9:19 am | Reply

    I am sick of these myriad promises of “free energy devices” which never materialise.
    Maybe there is one (or more than one) that would actually work, so why isn’t the info to build one already in the public domain via this ‘interweb’ thing?
    Even TPTB wouldn’t be able to keep it hidden forever.

  5. Dear Jim Murray, I apologise if I am the “Yayhoo” that caused your GoFundMe site to be taken down. I had sent you $100 via Visa after watching the presentation you gave followed by the short video seeking funds to write your book … then hours later, in the comments on the same site, the one presented by a character that calls himself “Johnny Liberty” (AKA Johnny Truth)(a felon for fraud) therewas a comment with a link to an obituary (with your photo even) published last Sept …

    It was only then that I was provoked to do a Google search on Johnny Liberty, finding what I did on him, I then contacted the fraud division of GoFundMe and my Credit Card issuer … I wanted my money back rather than some character with an alias around Liberty and Truth getting it.

    I am VERY happy to find out that you are alive and well and continuing your work and I am very sorry that your good intentions have been besmirched, I guess that it is parr for the course for folks of the calibre of Tesla who really want to help humanity rather than amass power and wealth.

    Best wishes, j.

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