Congress Fails to Comprehend Criminal Cop Assaults

2414752526_abeccf6405_bBy Michael Winter

With cell phone cameras almost everywhere and increasing use of body and dashboard cameras, police are no longer able to abuse the rights of citizens with the impunity they once enjoyed; now Congress has been forced to confront the issue, but seems unable to really grasp it.

A new report from the Congressional Research Service, which the government doesn’t really want you to see, has been made available to Congress and through the Federation of American Scientists web site at

The report shows that Congressional researchers are deeply out of touch with the issue of cell phone and other readily available types of cameras and how it impacts the citizenry, and have failed to comprehend the full extent or the seriousness of the issue as it relates to police brutality, or even that it has become a national crisis.

While there are many good cops who do a great job, the reality is that an increasing number of law enforcement officers have become criminals themselves and now pose a serious threat to public safety and liberty. In many states the public has every reason to fear the police. In some cities in the USA, criminal behavior has become institutionalized at every level of government.

This issue is highlighted in John Grisham’s new book Rogue Lawyer, in which a SWAT team is sent to the wrong house. They subsequently kill the family dog, murder the man’s wife, and then arrest him, a man who never should have been raided at all, for attempting to defend himself. They even charge him for selling drugs after they know they had the wrong house. Unfortunately, even though this is a fictional novel, this reality in varying levels takes place daily in the United States. You just don’t hear about it so much in Main Stream Media, or MSM.

America is in a crisis as it faces an increasingly corrupt and criminal government that continues to show itself as an enemy of the people. Perhaps it is unreasonable to expect this same government to admit what they are doing and correct it.

The purpose of government is to serve the needs of the people and to provide necessary services that are best provided collectively – that is all. Anything more is over-reach, and not what our founding fathers had intended.

The American Government’s purpose (should be) NOT to subvert the Constitution, (which is is) but to uphold it and defend it.

It is NOT the job of our government (or anyone’s!) to:

  • bankrupt the country and saddle our children with trillions of dollars of debt.
  • to subsidize and protect criminal corporations.
  • function as an international police force or assassinate anyone.
  • have the right to overthrow governments in other countries.
  • create and support terrorist armies.
  • support countries who terrorize and murder their citizens.

America’s transition to tyranny has been a long and gradual process. Yet, here we are.

We are faced with something which has become our enemy in many ways, but we can’t openly say so for fear of being branded an extremist or a terrorist.

What will we do? What can we do?

Voting for corrupt minion #1 or #2 is pointless. Only corrupt, self-serving corporate lackeys are allowed to run for office at the state or national level.

Violent revolution won’t work because they have (not more) but far bigger guns, as well as advanced weaponry and a generation of hardened “soldiers turned cops.” Violence begets violence rendering everyone losers.

When I grew up in the U.S. I was frequently told “love it or leave it” … now even that is becoming increasingly difficult.

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  1. Congress fails to comprehend anything but wasting money

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