CONFIRMED: French Government Knew Extremists BEFORE Attack

france_attackBy Tony Cartalucci

The UK Daily Mail reported in its article, “Hunt for the Isis killers: One terrorist identified as ‘young Frenchman known to authorities’ – another two found with Syrian and Egyptian passports,” that:

One of the terrorists involved in last night’s attacks in Paris has been officially identified as a Parisian, according to local media reports.

The man, who was killed at the Bataclan, was identified using his fingerprints and was from the southern Parisian neighbourhood of Courcouronnes.

French reports say that the man, who was around 30 years old, was already known to French anti-terrorist authorities prior to last night’s attacks.

Similarly in January 2015 in the wake of the “Charlie Hebdo attack” which left 12 dead, it was revealed that French security agencies tracked the perpetrators for nearly a decade beforehand, having arrested at least one terrorist a total of two times, incarcerating him at least once, tracked two of them overseas where they had trained with known terrorist organizations and possibly fought alongside them in Syria, before tracking them back to French territory.

Astoundingly, French security agencies never moved in on the terrorists, claiming that after a decade of tracking them, they had finally decided to close their case for precisely the amount of time needed for them to plan and execute their grand finale.

More Wars and More Surveillance Can’t Help

With a similar scenario now emerging, particularly in the wake of the “Charlie Hebdo attack,” where French security agencies knew about extremists but failed to stop them before carrying out yet another high-profile attack, even with enhanced surveillance powers granted to them by recent legislation, it appears that no amount of intrusive surveillance or foreign wars will stem a terrorist problem the French government itself seems intent on doing nothing to stop.

The problem is not France’s immigration laws. Dangerous people are in France, but they are being tracked by French security agencies. The problem is not Syria. Terrorists have left to fight there, acquired deadly skills and affiliations before returning to France, but have likewise been tracked by French security agencies. Instead, the problem is that French security agencies are doing nothing about these dangerous individuals knowingly living, working, and apparently plotting in the midst of French society.

In the coming hours and days, the French government and its various co-conspirators in their proxy war against Syria will propose a plan of action they claim will stem the terrorist threat France and the rest of Europe faces. But the reality is, the problem is not something the French government can solve, because the problem is clearly the French government itself.

ISIS is Behind the Paris Attacks, But Who is Behind ISIS?

With the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS) emerging as being behind the attack, the question that remains is, who is behind ISIS itself? While the West has attempted to maintain the terrorist organization possesses almost mythological abilities, capable of sustaining combat operations against Syria, Iraq, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, support from Iran, and now the Russian military – all while carrying out large-scale, high-profile terrorist attacks across the globe – it is clear that ISIS is the recipient of immense multinational state-sponsorship.

The rise of ISIS was revealed as early as 2007 in interviews conducted by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh in his 9-page report “The Redirection.” The interviews revealed a plan to destabilize and overthrow the government of Syria through the use of sectarian extremists – more specifically, Al Qaeda – with arms and funds laundered through America’s oldest and stanchest regional ally, Saudi Arabia.

A more recent Department of Intelligence Agency (DIA) report drafted in 2012 (.pdf) admitted:

If the situation unravels there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran).

The DIA report enumerates precisely who these “supporting powers” are:

The West, Gulf countries, and Turkey support the opposition; while Russia, China, and Iran support the regime.

And to this day, by simply looking at any number of maps detailing territory held by various factions amid the Syrian conflict, it is clear that ISIS is not a “state” of any kind, but an ongoing invasion emanating from NATO-member Turkey’s territory, with its primary supply corridor crossing the Turkish-Syrian border between the Syrian town of Ad Dana and the western bank of the Euphrates River, a supply corridor now increasingly shrinking.

2300syria-ISIS-7-27-15Image: ISIS-held territory seen in dark grey forms a corridor directly up to the Syrian-Turkish border – or more accurately, begins at the Turkish-Syrian border. In recent days, this corridor has faced being completely cut off by joint Syrian-Russian gains in and around Aleppo and toward the western bank of the Euphrates River. East of the Euphrates is already held by Kurds and Syrian forces. NATO is clearly providing ISIS’ primary support, and yet ISIS is alleged to have been behind an attack on a NATO member.

In fact, the desperation exhibited by the West and its efforts to oust the Syrian government and salvage its proxy force now being decimated by joint Syrian-Russian military operations, is directly proportional to the diminishing size and stability of this corridor.

Just last week, Syrian forces reestablished firm control over the Kweyris military airport, which was under siege for years. The airport is just 20 miles from the Euphrates, and, as Syrian forces backed by Russian airpower work their way up toward the Turkish border along the Syrian coast, constitutes a unified front that will essentially cut off ISIS deeper inside Syria for good.

Should ISIS’ supply lines be cut in the north, the organization’s otherwise inexplicable fighting capacity will atrophy. The window for the West’s “regime change” opportunity is quickly closing, and perhaps in a last ditch effort, France has jammed the spilled blood and broken bodies of its own citizens beneath the window to prevent it from closing for good.

The reality is that France knew the “Charlie Hebdo” attackers, they knew beforehand those involved in the most recent Paris attack, and they likely know of more waiting for their own opportunity to strike. With this knowledge, they stood by and did nothing. What’s more, it appears that instead of keeping France safe, the French government has chosen to use this knowledge as a weapon in and of itself against the perception of its own people, to advance its geopolitical agenda abroad.

If the people of France want to strike hard at those responsible for repeated terrorist attacks within their borders, they can start with those who knew of the attacks and did nothing to stop them, who are also, coincidentally, the same people who helped give rise to ISIS and help perpetuate it to this very day.

Tony Cartalucci’s articles have appeared on many alternative media websites, including his own at Land Destroyer Report, Alternative Thai News Network and LocalOrg.

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43 Comments on "CONFIRMED: French Government Knew Extremists BEFORE Attack"

  1. Sovereign_Citizen | November 14, 2015 at 2:42 pm | Reply

    We can kill them there or we can kill them here. Here allows us to kill Liberals as well, so it may be better to kill them here so we can take out the rest of the trash as well.

  2. Winyan Staz Wakien | November 14, 2015 at 4:29 pm | Reply

    This is a re-run of 9-11…and done by the same Zionazis that did 9-11. Expect the French version of “The Patriot Act” within the next week or so………….

  3. Come on. We know 100% this was a false flag terror event concocted by Israel meant to foment war with Syria because Russia has effectively shut-down “greater Israel”!

    Sadly, Israel shall reap what it has sewn. We The People will not fight for Israel. That whole “friends of Israel” garbage is a false propaganda slogan. We The People are not friends with self-aggrandizing genocidal maniacs. Therefore, we are not friends of Israel. Have fun fighting the Arab World, on your own. Pound sand Israel!

    • Um

      Your stupid

      • um…no, u r stupid.

        • Where is your proof for these allegations of yours that you claim you have “done your homework”? Show me what you’ve got or shut up!

          • Occam's Razor | November 17, 2015 at 4:05 pm |

            lol. Do your research. The info is readily available.

            Follow the money trail. Israel benefits most from the false flag event and…it’s all Israel has left. Israel shall reap what it has sewn. Israel has sewn the seeds of its own destruction.

      • You are very correct. Occam is terminally stupid. He will be the first to have his throat slit by his darling muslims.

    • It’s islam. Stupid.
      Start reading BARENAKEDISLAM

      • lol. I’ve done my homework. It was Israel who staged the event. And yes, I know all about Mecca, Islam, the anti-christ.

        • ϟϟ Meine Ehre heißt Treue ϟϟ | November 15, 2015 at 8:50 am | Reply

          Satanismus ist eine jüdische Kult… Satanizm bir Yahudi kült… сатанизм является еврейский культ…

    • ϟϟ Meine Ehre heißt Treue ϟϟ | November 15, 2015 at 8:46 am | Reply

      Der Muslimen, der Juden, und der Schwulen, alle antichrist… Wer bombardiert Orthodoxen-christlich Serben für die Muslimen? Nördlich Atlantik Terrorist Organisation! Vertrag der Drei Schwarz Adlern… Russland, Österreich, Preußen… Eine Sturm kommt.

  4. Your political leaders WANT this to happen.

    Makes it easier to persuade citizens to give them more power in trade for their “saftey”

    Sheep just don’t realize they become less safe with every power grab that government and government minions take.

  5. Why is Cartalucci claiming ISIS was behind the Paris attacks? What does he know that we don’t? What evidence doe he have to support this assertion?

    • gord check out this video from serebra sana ( youtube channel ) out of paris it seems the goverment was running a multi site drill the same day as the paris attacks ? And to answer your question isis claimed the attack . tc .

      • Oh I see That’s the new standard for critical thought now. Someone just has to have reportedly said they did something and that’s proof? No more questions? It never occurred to you that ISIS claiming responsibility is part of the offical fairy tale? You’ve checked out the alleged ISIS claim and can verify it’s authenticity? You never heard of a false confession? You never knew that (alleged) confessions on their own don’t constitute proof?

  6. All for the benefit of Zionists who want to steal more Arab land. They’ll be run out of the Middle East in the end, and they’ll never be allowed to settle anywhere again after all the atrocities they’ve committed.

    • ϟϟ Meine Ehre heißt Treue ϟϟ | November 15, 2015 at 8:24 am | Reply

      Jüdischen Bankiers sind überschwemmung Europa mit Muslimen und Amerika mit Dritte-Welt-Papierkorb. Eine Sturm kommt… Reich mir die Hand Kameraden…

      • Dr_Michael_Savage | November 15, 2015 at 7:21 pm | Reply

        Viele Europäer in diesem Kommentarbereich . In diesem Artikel gehen von einem großen europäischen Verschwörung Website oder was verbunden ?

    • What a filthy statement! Israel controlled a huge amount of land after the 1967 defensive war for survival. As they made peace with their neighbors they returned the land that they rightly owned.

      That was a mistake. Muslims have no honor or honesty. No amount of land will satisfy the blood thirsty Muslim inbreeders.

      In the end all Muslim sites will be incinerated by the fire of God, if it ever came to that. Too bad for Israel and the sane world that folks like you would rather drink the blood of headless children than give up your hatred for mankind!

  7. ϟϟ Meine Ehre heißt Treue ϟϟ | November 15, 2015 at 8:21 am | Reply

    Le juive occupé gouvernement français a mis Jean-Marie Le Pen en prison pour avoir critiqué l’islam! La liberté d’expression en France? Taureau-merde! Police religieuse French vous arrêtent pour avoir critiqué Juifs! #JeSuisLePen

  8. George Soros is behind it all.

    • Old Georgie Soros, his minions and the UN and EU elite are behind everything. Old Karl Marx, V Lenin and J Stalin are smiling in his graves.

  9. The French government knew the “extremists” before the November 13, 2015
    Paris attack because this was France’s very own 9/11 — its very own false-flag

    The article states that the designated villain of the official narrative, ISIS, “is the recipient of immense multinational state-sponsorship,” but it’s more than that — ISIS was created by the United States, Israel, and England, with help from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

    Come on — this huge army appears suddenly out of nowhere, equipped with new US military equipment, and distributes videos of obviously fake “beheadings” through an Israeli/US website (SITE Institute, run by Israeli-American dual citizen Rita Katz; SITE Institute is also responsible for “discovering” and posting almost all announcements and video communiqués attributed to ISIS).

    ISIS is a manufactured enemy created to provide an excuse for more war and more government control. The real enemy is the international corporate elite and the governments that it controls.

    Once again, we are being conned. Yes, the government does lie about everything. Yes, the corporate media does work together with the government to reinforce those lies — the government can create any fictional scenario it wants because it can depend on the corporate media to back it up completely.

    We are being deceived and manipulated. When will we awake and realize what is being done to us?

    • Sadly most of the sheeple won’t ever wake. They’re too brainwashed by the MSM propaganda and won’t ever spend time reading real factual books about the ongoing conspiracy.

  10. ϟϟ Meine Ehre heißt Treue ϟϟ | November 15, 2015 at 8:26 am | Reply

    Ingen land kjører sitt eget løp under denne invasjonen, for det hele er en politisk agenda som ledes av FN, og som pushes frem av jødene og deres nikkedukker (politikerne).

    Derfor er vi maktesløse og kan ikke gjøre noe fordi folk flest vil ganske enkelt ikkevite eller forstå at dette er en politisk agenda.

    Noen klarer imidlertid å forstå at politikerne bevisst jobber for å importere muslimer og skifte ut folket, men der stopper det, de er som en computer som ikke kan gå videre fordi programmet ikke tillater det.

    Jødiske bankfolk er oversvømmelser Europa med muslimer.

    • I’m gonna read that as a positive remark, but a Queen’s English or at least a Texan drawl interpretation would be nice.

      • Yvonne Forsman | November 15, 2015 at 7:53 pm | Reply

        Poilitical agenda lead by UN, that’s why we the ppl are powerless against it. It is organized by the banskters Rothchild.

  11. There is no pity for dead Frenchmen.

  12. In France there are 6.5 million muslims. 40.000 of them are in jail. 700 French muslims have gone to Syria to fight. This means that a staggering amount of muslims should be known by French authorities. Surveying all these suspects is not possible.

  13. In my opinion, this SHOULD NOT BE a U.S. issue. This is Russia’s backyard – not ours. We have no dog in this fight. And, if we “secretly” do, we need to pull him out…

  14. France is another country where gun carrying is prohibited. It is important to know this especially if you live in France. Interestingly enough the “authorities” claim they found a passport near where one of these guys blew himself up. Two questions: 1. How did the passport survive the explosion? 2. Why would any person bring their passport to a self blow-up party?

  15. To krybaby: we dont know if the owner of the passport took part in the attack.

  16. It is reported, that French authorities have 11.400 persons registered as radicals. France is a ticking bomb.

  17. Seeing as France has been bombing Syrian troops, their infrastructure, civilians etc fighting with ISIS to destroy Assad. For France to be bombed by ISIS is the most impressive example of irony of all time. I don’t believe a word of it, more like it’s a false flag event to give them the excuse to close their boarders to prevent the millions of their created refugees from overwhelming France. Then it’s straight back to business bombing Syria, this time they claim against ISIS. Oh what a tangled web we weave….

  18. If their aim is to destroy Assad then when should we expect to see ISIS attack him? The arms initially were from Sadam Hussein’s army that was destroyed by the US invasion of Iraq but arms were never given to ISIS or AQ or whatever iteration you claim by the US. Muslim Brotherhood? Yes, arms were given them. The US armed the AQ 40 years ago to repel the Russian occupying forces but that is not recent enough. ISIS has overrun bases and taken (stolen) guns, ammo and hardware THAT WAY. Then the control of Iraqi oil fields has netted them the money to buy the rest of what they needed. They use the Russian made Kalashnikov AK 47. What does THAT tell you?

    • ISIS are in Syria attacking Assad, where have you been? So is America and France and England also attacking Assad. All four are allies in attacking Syria to destroy Assad, same as they did in Libya to destroy Gaddafi. The Paris attack was an obvious false flag because America is worried Europe will stop their campaign against Assad now that Russia is involved. America has Putin envy,.

      • How is ISIS attacking Assad? I haven’t seen this. Do you have a link? America, France and England are NOT attacking Assad. Those countries are supporting Syrian rebel-moderates. There is a difference. You say “…all four are allies in attacking Syria…” but only mentioned three. Which is it? Neither did we attack Libya. A rebellion from within took down Gaddafi not the US. I have no idea what you mean by “…the Paris attack was a false flag…”. What is a “false flag”? ISIL is getting revenge on the French and on the west in general. There is nothing subliminal there. Pure hatred for the west and the values contained therein. America has Putin envy? Maybe. I think it is more like Americans envy having a strong, decisive leader like Putin but he we hardly need Putin here.

        • What is it you don’t get about all these terrorist groups were and are being trained, armed and funded by America to hold proxy wars? The war Iraq was based on a pack of lies, Saddam wanted paying in Euro’s instead of the USA dollar, Afghanistan, the Taliban had stopped farmers growing opium, now they are all back up and growing. Gaddafi was destroyed in Libya, an amazing man who turned Libya from one the poorest African countries into one of the wealthiest. Egypt didn’t fare quite as bad, but still a no go zone. Syria who refuses to sell to their enemies, the people who want to destroy Assad.

  19. Of course they knew who they were and what they were doing, otherwise how else did they arrest 100 so quickly and kill others, then the classic is they flew 20 missions “bombing” ISIS after the attack, well seeing as they were already there in Iraqi airfields and knew where ISIS was then pray tell why they didn’t bomb them before?.

    I suspect they knew what was going to happen and let it happen so they can attack Syria as they had to many people opposing the previous attempts to attack Syria, their plans are not going accordingly.

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