Chinese troops train in U.S. while New York prepares for terror attack with mass shooting drill

china_statesBy Alex Thomas

In what is being touted as a groundbreaking first, Chinese troops are currently conducting training on U.S. soil despite recent tensions with the Communist nation.

The training, part of the 11th Disaster Management Exchange, is being conducted at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State and includes at least 80 soldiers from the People’s Liberation Army.

Shockingly, American soldiers are apparently happy about the exchange with one even quoted by the New Tribune as saying how nice it was to be working with the military of a Communist nation with continued gross human rights violations.

“With all the craziness in the world, it’s nice to be working with the Chinese army,” Spc. William Soyster said, according to the Tribune report.

“It’s a reminder that we’re all in this together. We’re all human.”

The training is ostensibly about disaster preparation, but considering the times we now live in one has to wonder the real reason for this unprecedented exercise, especially when you consider the recent problems between the two nations surrounding military exercises in the South China Sea that some media pundits theorized could lead to World War 3.

Also one must ask the obvious question which is when did the United States start needing the help of Communist China in order to respond to disasters around the world!?

Interestingly, the U.S. Navy also recently started a week-long training exercise, this time in China, with the guided missile destroyer USS Stethem arriving in Shanghai early last week ahead of planned communications exercises and a surface rescue simulation.

“The ship’s commanding officer, Harry Marsh, told reporters the visit was intended to “build mutual trust” between the two navies,” reported Defense News. 

“US sailors, he said, would learn about their counterparts’ “maritime experiences, so that when we operate at sea we can do it safely, and we understand what they are doing and what we do”.

Mass Shooting Exercise in New York City

As Chinese troops begin their training in Washington State and the U.S. Navy continues its joint naval operation with the Communist country, authorities in New York City recently conducted a major mass shooting simulation, apparently in response to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and in preparation for the upcoming massive Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

According to a report by the Associated Press, the training exercise was planned long ago but got a “last-minute update” after the Paris attacks that included role players wearing suicide vests.

“The three-hour active-shooter exercise took place in the pricey Soho neighborhood populated by art galleries and boutiques. Members of the police, fire and federal Homeland Security departments went into action after a mock call reporting a gunman on the station platform,” reported the AP.

“Of about 30 simulated straphangers in the station, a dozen suffered “critical wounds” from weapons firing blanks. Firefighters removed them on thick yellow plastic sheets — some covered with fake blood — and law enforcement personnel took on the threat.”

The AP also reported that Homeland Security used the exercise to test new technologies, including cameras worn by first responders and gunshot detection systems designed to give police and other emergency response officials information to better coordinate their responses. According to NYC Police Commissioner, William Bratton, the systems are being developed for surveillance of the subway system itself.

The training comes on the heels of the horrific terrorist attack in Paris, an attack that may or may not have been a government-sponsored false flag, but one that was definitely at least partially helped along by Western intelligence agencies.

One may be asking themselves what a mass shooting simulation in New York City has to do with Chinese troops training on American soil but, while they may not be directly connected, these two key events happening so close to each other deserves further scrutiny.

As alternative media researchers have detailed for years, whenever a false flag happens there are usually “hallmark” signs which include there being a training drill going on at the same time as the real attack that just so happens to be simulating the exact scenario that is playing out in real life. This fact alone makes the recent mass shooting exercise in New York worth paying closer attention to.

Couple that with the fact that many researchers have also pointed out that, in the event of a declaration of martial law, authorities would most likely try to use foreign soldiers to help police the populace and you have even more reasons to dig deeper into these two seemingly unrelated events.

What do you think?

Why has Obama invited Communist China to train inside the United States? Is the recent mass shooting exercise in New York connected or are both these stories just more evidence that we truly are living in trying times?

Alex Thomas is a reporter and opinion journalist who has worked in the alternative media for over three years. His work has been featured on numerous news outlets including Infowars and RT. Alex is an exclusive weapon of Established in 2013, is ranked in the upper 1% traffic tier on the World Wide Web.

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23 Comments on "Chinese troops train in U.S. while New York prepares for terror attack with mass shooting drill"

  1. Yea, all these “drills” nearly always precede the false flag event.

    “With all the craziness in the world, it’s nice to be working with the Chinese army,” Spc. William Soyster said , bet he`s the designated spokespuppet.

  2. It seems they drill here and there without incident only to give the appearance that they are always working to improve our safety when these exercises are usually meant to be chatter cover operations for the false flag psyops the majority of the plebs fall for that usually accompany such events.

    • True. Interesting note that last year Corbett reviewed some Muslim separatist “terrorist attacks” in China that had the fingerprints of false flag attacks. The Chinese government even hyped a series of threats, coincidentally from shadowy figures living in caves, to rationalize the passage of China’s version of the Patriot Act implementing new laws on terrorism. One of the attacks involved several people murdered in a subway, I believe, and the alleged perpetrators were said to have left behind flags at the scene. Was this a Chinese slight misinterpretation of what a “false flag” operation is?

      BTW, love the People’s Liberation Army name – war is peace, ignorance is strength. Armies don’t liberate.

  3. NATO enlarged to “US led coalition of 60 countries” and Russia DAILY bombing civiians
    Hours before the Bataclan fake attack, one of the dozens of war crimes commited DAILY by Russia and “US led coalition” (in fact ONE and the same entity):
    Russian air strike in the Idlib province with white phosphorus bombs were used.
    Same incendiary weapons used by Kiev #$%$ against Donetsk and Lugansk civilians.
    youtube video 49jEqrdECTE

    Syria: Now most of the bombing not by Illuminati puppet Assad executing orders but directly by the puppet master, the “US led coalition” and the main puppet, Russia.
    From air launched barrel bombs to unguided ground-launched ?Elephant? bombs 2013 to now …
    illuminati’s shock troops (Russia, Iran, Hezbollah) protected by “US led coalition”, same as in Iraq, dropping napalm and chlorine over civilians
    ** armageddon-now.blogspot

  4. Perhaps the US can learn from the Chinese that a nation can survive without spending a trillion dollars every year for a second rate military that is unable to win wars, Trying to occupy 120 nations around the world using under-educated idiots and foreigners for no return worth a dime. Also China is capable of destroying all the US aircraft carriers around the world in minutes. Russia already showed that the US navy is out of date and should have been scrapped years ago when it fired very accurate cruise missiles from the Caspian sea that caused the US navy to panic and run from its base at Manama in their feudal tyranny and friend in Bahrain..

    • They are not trying to win wars!! Did you learn nothing from “War is a Racket”? Wars are conducted for money and profit, never for rights or any other overused excuse to murder for profit!

      There are a group of dominate men who all make millions off the wars. Wars are fought so banks can lend money to both sides with the agreement that the winning side will pay for the losing side, everyone makes money! The MiC makes, sells and distributes the weaponry and equipment for both sides and sells to them for large profits.

      There are no foreign boggy men wanting you dead because of your freedoms or way of life!

      The US Government, and by way of silence the people of that sick nation, are the real terrorists and that can not be denied with anything but pure ignorance of the facts.

      Once you remove the US Government, and eliminate their Masters (Israel) then and only then can terror be subdued.

      If you want to know who controls you, simply look at it is that you are not allowed to criticize!
      The Federal Government & Israel!!

  5. This ‘exercise’ is probably part of a military audit to determine the efficacy of systems which the Chinese paid for through US, Inc. borrowing, and will determine future strategic Chinese investments.

  6. Well being a false flag “Conspiracy Theorist” since 2001 hardcore and that can be easily seen by my Avatar as no “flying beer can” collapsed the Towers, they are certainly setting us up for something big. With the masses finally waking, that seen by the extreme firearm purchases the last 2 years, we need to all prepare for the inevitable. There is no telling where it will come and as far as China is concerned, we are the best of friends and it all is masking the big event. That is closing on us rapidly and can be seen if one looks. There is a protective shield for the lack of better explanation around the sun. There is an inbound planetary system with intelligent life that is the roots of our very existence. No friggen joke. Go to Red Ryder on FB and view one of dozens and dozens of video’s put up since April We have little time and really, anyone left above ground will have only faith to get them through. That is a lot better than those that are going to bunker down on our backs. The Lord said, kings, prominent men will hid in the mountains and in the rocks. You know how the rest goes. It’s time to put up, and way past time to prepare!
    God bless!

  7. Why is the term “communist” being used? There is nothing Marxist about the current system, wealth disparity is worse than the US, particularly egregious in the wealth of China’s parliament vs. the average Chinese citizen, makes the US congress look like paupers. China is a totalitarian Technocracy, as designed by Brzezinski.

    No mention of this “exercise” being another conditioning of the public to a global military force and global government, overseen by the UN. Also no mention Russian troops have been training in the US for many years.

  8. They getting nervous some ET races are about to get involved—–ever wonder why they use the word “humans” when referring to the populace. Blue Beam is a distraction. Most have it all backwards thinking UFOs and ETs were a front to cover for Black Projects like the Stealth, SR71 and U2 when in reality it was the Stealth, SR71 and U2 to cover for the antigrav technologies and relations with ETs. Should get interesting soon.

  9. Well now it should be extremely obvious that the Chinese are ZIONIST. they are going to design every war any nations wage. China is pulling a lot of strings behind the scenes and are corrupt NWO globalist just like the rest of NATO and the EU

  10. Dispute with china in china south sea, US military has drills requiring shut down and diversion of flights in LA with unannounced missile launch, now chinese troops in Washington.

    Is there a connection?

  11. Makes the Syrian refugee problem look like pin the tail on the donkey.
    let’s see – country joe and the fish ” whoopee we’re all gona die”.

  12. The Chinese are here for one reason and one reason only. Everyone knows that China now in all shape and form OWN America. We sold them pieces of printed paper backed by debt with a promise to pay. Unfortunately, since pieces of paper with ink in them are not real money, just debt instruments, we do not and will never have the real money to pay them back for what they gave us. They have been promised the land, and the only way China wants this land is when all guns are out of the hands of the American people.
    Otherwise, they know that the people will fight.

    The Small Arms Treaty has been signed, sealed and delivered. Congress doesn’t have to approve or ratify anything, for the simple fact that the Constitution is dead and meaningless to everyone in government, including those oath breakers and paycheck earning cowards called the Military.

    They are here to create enough chaos so that they can make an excuse to round up all the guns.

    You do realize that America is the last nation who’s people can have guns, right? That too, will come to an end. Not because I’m a defeatist, but because America and its people have become weak and cowardice.

    • Sir, you may speak for your self and the minions surrounding you but,
      you many NOT speak for the Veterans that are the TRUE OATHKEEPER’S of
      America. I have and will continue to put my life on the line for YOUR
      and any other Puke’s lives and freedoms any day of the week. So will ALL
      my Brothers & Sisters in Arms, Sir.

      I am a 101st. Airborne Army Ranger. What kind of “Ranger” are you to be making such a pansy comment?? A Cub Scout Ranger perhaps??

    • It’s only a relative handful of people that ever make a difference. It’s aways been that way. Most peoplle figure out very little in their lifetime.

  13. This just proves that it’s all an illusion. We used to be the good guys but now we’re the bad guys and Russia are the good guys. How easily everyone has accepted Putin as some honorable and peaceful leader in the vacuum left by the United States. Could it be that Russia (Putin) is just playing their role within the New World Order’s Hegelian framework? The powers that be create two opposing forces (thesis and antithesis) and unleash them upon one another, the outcome is the pre-planned solution (the synthesis part of the dialectic).

    I’m still shocked that the great majority of my fellow “conspiracy theorists” are hailing President Putin as the best thing since sliced bread. How easily are the masses fooled, including those who consider themselves “awake” and call other people “sheeple”. It should be self-evident but it isn’t. This just goes to show how effective the strategies and tactics of the powers that be really are. The people who are supposed to be more knowledgeable and aware of this world conspiracy have been lulled to sleep.

    When the Russian and the Chinese eventually land on our shores are you guys going to hug the Russian troops and shoot the Chinese?

    • Anybody who believes in ‘authority’ or ‘leadership’ is the enemy of freedom. there probably will be those who would embrace those troops. I think the whole system is going to explode before that happens, though.

  14. Spc. William Soyster obviously wants a promotion.

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