Called It: Germany Censors False Flag Repeat Right After Paris Attacks

By Aaron & Melissa Dykes

It appears The Powers That Shouldn’t Be staged another false flag in Germany just days after the one that went down in Paris. Sadly, Aaron predicted this would happen in a video we put up *the day before it happened*. These events are so scripted and manufactured at this point, no crystal ball required.

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2 Comments on "Called It: Germany Censors False Flag Repeat Right After Paris Attacks"

  1. exploding ambulance at public function taken right out of the Homeland series script….. No thanks hollywood!

  2. I say Germany wanted to downplay the “planned terrorist attack” at the stadium because the German people are already rebelling against the government over its policy to flood Germany with Muslim refugees. Wide spread attention to this new threat posed by refugees would throw gas on that fire.

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