Are Bernie Sanders Supporters Right?

By Contrarian Dude

Bernie Sanders explains a good portion of our problems very well, but he leaves out a key distinction that is vital to finding a real solution. Contrarian Dude on YouTube identifies the exact pivot where libertarians diverge from Sanders’ supporters and why that’s important for promoting the correct solutions.

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14 Comments on "Are Bernie Sanders Supporters Right?"

  1. While someone might earn extraordinary wealth, no one can earn inordinate power over everyone else.

  2. Are Bernie Sanders Supporters Right?

    No. Because they do not identify that Bernie says one thing while doing the opposite (just like every other stinking politician I can think of in my 54 years on earth).

    There will NEVER, EVER be a respectable, honest politician elected from either the R or D party. Stop hoping. Stop wishing. Stop believing the liars.

    Learn that and let’s make change.

    • You can say anything you want but unless you name sources for your information, or at least give examples, your words mean nothing and don’t change anyone’s opinion. If you want to make an impact, give some facts to demonstrate that you actually know what you’re talking about. Can you do that?

      • dude, put down the Bernie flavored kool aid and visit google. it isn’t as scary as the name implies.

      • Here a few items that might be a good start: 1. Ron Paul’s statement about Bernie’s actions to water down the Audit the Fed bill. 2. A video interview of Cindy Sheehan outlining Bernie’s history of supporting unethical military actions. 3. Bernie’s advocacy of a wealth tax that’s likely another version of a stealth global tax pushed by Pelosi a few years ago (online MSM articles admit Pelosi was modeling it to be a global financial tax). Plan B in case the carbon tax agenda somehow unravels?

        • That video by Cindy Sheehan was a joke! #Bernie2016

          • Care to elaborate with a deconstruction of Sheehan’s detailed commentary? How about severely weakening the bill to audit the Federal Reserve? No problemo, right? LOL

    • true dat. St. Bernard hasn’t seen a military industrial complex pork project he hasn’t liked, nor a war he doesn’t want to spend taxpayer dollars on.

    • Well put! Additionally, consider this;

      The dual citizen controlled Department of Homeland Security has (quietly) gifted itself with the authority to decide veterans, precious metal “hoarders”, gun owners and tax-paying citizens unhappy with their Judas Class – “domestic terrorists”!

  3. NO they aren’t right. We don’t want socialism in this country. If for no other reason than for the thousands of good men and women who died fighting against it. It has never worked. We have the best system the world has ever seen. Today’s generation has everything handed to it so I’m not surprised that they are asking for more. Brainwashed by our education system. If you don’t like it here then move somewhere else.

  4. Has Sanders made his position on mandatory vaccinations clear? I found this quote attributed to him: “Vaccination has worked for many, many years. I am sensitive to the fact that there are some families who disagree but the difficulty is if I have a kid who is suffering from an illness who is subjected to a kid who walks into a room without vaccines that could kill that child and that’s wrong.”

  5. anyone that is pro vaccines – is just plain stupid or a shill boyah. bernie appears to be both.
    Ask Berniebaby what is nagalase and how was it put into all individuals – of course they invented a non catastrophic vaccine – wouldn’t want too many of the dears to drop over on the spot.
    crispr/cas9 anyone.

  6. We have a generation of Americans that think capitalism, the free market and empowerment to the individual don’t work.
    Pointing to the ‘crash’ of ’08, believing that our current wealth disparity is evidence of same.

    Thing is, before this fascist corporatocracy got it’s tentacles all the way around our government and our market; we were the envy of the world.
    Abundance and engagement flourished.

    Free Market Capitalism didn’t ‘fail’.
    This Cabal orchestrated another theft.
    Government was to prevent monopolies.

  7. There is nothing to discuss. Socialism, like any other form of government requires a certain few to make the “hard” choices. Much like congress can exempt itself from laws it imposes on the surfs. The argument goes round and round and round. YOU allow this. it sucks, but it’s that simple. The principle of the US constitution was an experiment to see if self governing was possible. That it wouldn’t just be another oligarchy. Even in this time we can see that mob rule runs it’s course until mob rule “elects” the ‘anointed’ one.

    I love freedom. Freedom is the only value life has not torn out of me. And i don’t just believe in MY freedom, I believe in freedom, period. I would be an anarchist if I didn’t know any better. Monarchs are simply anarchists that won. No law above them.

    The thing is, no one ruler can pull the trigger on millions of people. Democide can’t be unless there are people willing to pull the trigger for their supper. I understand that you did not elect to pull the trigger. BUT, those around you did.

    Tell me again, about the ways socialism is good, right before you tell me compromise is good, right before you tell me you’ll only shove it in half way.

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