Activist Max Igan Assaulted After Giving Pro-Palestinian Speech At Freedom Summit

maxresdefaultBy John Vibes

Activist Max Igan was recently attacked after his presentation at the 2015 Freedom Summits in Byron Bay, Australia, and he believes that the topic of his speech could be the reason. Igan believes that after he gave his presentation he may have been followed to a nearby restaurant where he went to eat lunch. After he left the restaurant, he says that he was attacked by a large man who hit and kicked him several times before running off.

Igan sustained a number of injuries in the attack.

Igan released the following statement through his website after the attack:

Activist, humanitarian, Radio host and outspoken advocate for Palestinian rights Max Igan of was viciously attacked after delivering a Pro Palestine speech at the 2015 Freedom Summits in Byron Bay on October 23rd. “The attack came from nowhere” he said. “I had just left my favorite eating place and was attacked from behind by quite a large individual.”

Igan took several blows to the back of the head and 4 or 5 kicks to the torso and suffered some bruising and two cracked ribs. He is now recovering at home and on medication to deal with the pain. He says this attack has only served to reinforce his commitment. “Now I have a tiny taste of what it feels like to be a Palestinian” he said. “All this attack has done is served to strengthen my resolve. It shows me the Powers that believe they be are running scared because they know the wheels are falling off the slavery system they are running. Due to this assault, from this point forth, my message will be louder and even more direct.”

In the days since news of the attack has spread, Igan’s Facebook page has received a large outpouring of support from concerned fans.

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Igan will be speaking in the US early next year at the Free Your Mind Conference in Philadelphia. FYM organizer Bob Tuskin told True Activist that the team is now considering added security at the Sheraton Ballroom for the event next year, to prevent potential attacks on speakers. For those interested in attending, the event will take place on April 15, 16, 17 and will feature a packed lineup, including True Activist writer John Vibes.

John Vibes writes for True Activist and is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war.

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4 Comments on "Activist Max Igan Assaulted After Giving Pro-Palestinian Speech At Freedom Summit"

  1. It would appear that telling the truth and exposing the corruption and lies can send some people into a rage. It’s called “violent opposition” and anyone that’s tried to wake up folks knows exactly what I’m talking about.

  2. …& where is the ubiquitous public security cam recording of this assault?…bet it never surfaces because OZ has been overrun by rabid Kontrol Freak Zionist oligarchs… like butt ugly Rupert.Murdock & the rest of his venal ilk of enslaver’s overrunning & usurping the Oz Federal Government…..just like everywhere else in the ‘colonies’…the genocide occurring daily in what is left of Palestine… reflects exactly the tactics used & perpetrated by the Nazis…they didn’t lose the war…they just moved to Israhell & the United Snakes of America.
    Good Luck Max!

  3. I prefer to think of the actions of such bullies as impotent rage as the internet has destroyed their narrative. Zionism is doomed and they know it.

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