DHS Says Minnesota Can Travel Without Real ID But Not Really

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By Heather Callaghan

After years of dormancy, Real ID is reemerging like a roaring dragon. Even when this sneaky measure was signed in 2005 under a different kind of bill – this fully standardized, “enhanced” national ID was rejected by America and even various state officials.

This past February a TSA announcement alerted everyone that the new driver’s license is here again and they had better get “on board” by 2016 if they want to join public travel. A couple weeks ago, New York was targeted by the national security state to join the Borg.

USA Today announced this news:

Federal officials promise that Minnesotans won’t be stopped from boarding a commercial plane come Jan. 1.

But they insist the state must update its driver’s license to meet the security standards of the Real ID Act, or eventually it will not be sufficient to get past airport security.

Minnesota is one of four states resisting Real ID compliance.


The confusing part is that the report goes on to say that, no, Minnesota residents will not be able to board a plane without Real ID. Eventually, they say, that Minnesota residents without Real ID will be “grounded” from flights so to speak. There are already places they cannot enter such as some federal buildings and nuclear power stations. But, DHS will hold off announcing the true cut-off date until the end of the year.

That does not give people a choice in the matter, and tells them that if they want to reach their destinations, they will have to submit whether it’s by January 2016 or soon after. Minnesota’s representatives oppose Real ID and adamantly dislike its ability to track people and perhaps follow them through GPS. DHS pooh-poohed those concerns.

From USA Today:

They say the federal government will not collect data from states. And if anything, the Real ID Act will force states to update their data privacy laws.

But they have ignored the cries of “No!”

Ted Sobel from the Department of Homeland Security called the measure just the opposite of losing privacy. He said it was “protection.”

Sen. Warren Limmer pointed out:

The Homeland Security Director, any one of them in the future, can change the purpose of the Real ID card. It’s a wide open opportunity for anyone to demand other things from American citizens by the use of that card.

It looks like Minnesota is vying for a mere extension by acting toward compliance.

Don’t you love how these decisions are made and the “reassurances” offered in response? No one had the opportunity to even vote or discuss the matter, but they did vigorously fight its advancement in the mid 2000s. Can’t you just feel the freedom?

If nothing else, the DHS is great at infantilizing the public – they can’t even hide it in their terminology.

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at NaturalBlaze.com and ActivistPost.com. Like at Facebook.

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4 Comments on "DHS Says Minnesota Can Travel Without Real ID But Not Really"

  1. it is not just Minnesota but three other states as well.
    Also, mandatary vaccinations begin July 2016 in CA. We might very easily see EBOLA II scare and make mandatory vaccinations part of the REAL ID to fly anywhere in a very short time thereinafter.
    AmerikA! Love it or You Cannot Leave It!

  2. I keep using my passport as an ID when I write a check. They want to see my 6 year expired state ID even though the passport trumps the state ID.

  3. Government Blackmail. Pure and Simple.

  4. Christians absolutely hate the RealID and know that it will be used in the future to blackmail us economically with sanctions should we not comply with global government. REPEAL THIS BULLSH!T!

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