Congresswoman: Russia bombs al-Qaeda terrorists. Why is that a bad thing?


A Democrat that makes sense. Wow. Wait till Hillary declares Hawaii the stronghold of terrrorists and Russians and will do another benghazi on it. She serves on the U.S. House Committee on Armed Services and Foreign Affairs.

Tulsi Gabbard tells Steve Kornacki: If we focus on overthrowing secular dictator Assad instead of defeating our real enemy, Islamic extremists who attacked us on 9/11, we’ll see a repeat of exactly what happened in Iraq, exactly what happened in Libya where ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, will walk in the front door, take over the country of Syria and they will be a greater threat to the people on the ground as well as the world with their heightened military capability.

Hat tip to Russia Insider

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9 Comments on "Congresswoman: Russia bombs al-Qaeda terrorists. Why is that a bad thing?"

  1. Wow. I’m speechless. And this was on US MSM? Usually whenever someone speaks the truth on live TV its met with mysterious “technical difficulties” that cut the video feed.

    • It was partly true, she re-enforced the lie about 9/11 etc but wow is she gorgeous!

      • Yeah she is, I can’t wait for Putin to blow the whistle on Al-CIA-duh and 9/11.

        • Russia learned the fine details of Operation Gladio when Turkish generals defected to Russia long before 9/11. This information wasn’t even leaked. Russian intelligence has done false flags blaming the incidents on Chechens. Russian whistleblower Litvinenko was murdered with a polonium radioisotope in retaliation. If the 9/11 false flag is ever allowed time on the MSM, it will be for a reason to serve an agenda.

          • You have a good point. Same with BRICS serving an agenda. We need to rebuild America from the ground up. Throw all the lessers in jail, and shoot the rest! I know of one that still alive from JFK!

          • But US needs a military coup for this.. maybe when Trump is denied power? Something like just happened in Portugal where the winning anti-austerity party is told,, no way you run the country, eu and IMF wouldn’t that.

  2. Robert Colescott | October 12, 2015 at 10:12 am | Reply

    It’s entirely possible, a kind way of putting it, that Al Qaeda was the US’ proxy force before 911, which is why Bush wasn’t interested in going after them. After all, he knew they had nothing to with the terrorist attacks other than being an excuse to go to war in Afghanistan and Iraq. We’ve supported and armed terrorists for a long time, and continue to this day. Of course our compliant, useless media labels them as REBELS. I think many Americans are sick and tired of what we’re doing and I think the rest of the world may have seen enough of this nonsense as well. If what Obama said on 60 Minutes was true, that he takes the safety of American citizens seriously, he would stop the covert actions and support of terrorist groups. But then again, this is assuming the office of the president has such authority in this corrupt government.

  3. Yup, and vaporized 2 buildings so they could be removed overnight in 4 hours instead of taking 4 years. Plus 3000 humans, (same as he 200 Ozzies vaporized in Bali). All rather strange when the onsite NYFD said fires all under control… Well, if Guffer-Mint said terrrs.. must be them darned terrrs.

  4. Not common sense. She’s just not in on the criminality.

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