Congress Declares Martial Law as Dollar Rapidly Collapses

dollar collapseBy Mac Slavo

The debt ceiling issue is returning to the forefront in American politics, again threatening a government shutdown.

Last time, the shutdown resulted in sequester for many agencies that suspended work for many government employees; a great deal of political theater dominated the news cycle; but ultimately, things returned to a basic normalcy.

This time may be different, as a number of critical factors face Americans in 2015. Last week, Congress passed “procedural martial law” to address stop-gap spending as it faces the debt ceiling crisis again.

Meanwhile, this quietly announced martial law forced a vote on bills the same day, preventing members from even reading the legislation they were voting on, to avert an October 1 government shutdown. The move, which was done just a few weeks prior, shows how desperate things have become.

The Hill reported:

For the second time in a month, the House on Tuesday invoked “martial law” to allow more expeditious consideration of a stopgap spending bill to avoid a government shutdown on Oct. 1.

The use of martial law refers to bypassing the typical procedure that requires the House to wait a day after the Rules Committee produces a rule establishing floor debate parameters before voting.


House GOP leaders invoked martial law earlier this month to fast-track a spending bill. But they ultimately never had to use it after the Senate opted to go first with the spending bill.

Crisis is averted – for now.

But the dollar is now an unwanted export commodity. As the U.S. rattles sabers with Russia in its proxy wars, the basis for American power overseas is rapidly collapsing.

China is ready to move forward with a “global reset” that would include the yuan in a global basket of currencies, and knock the dollar out of its reserve currency status.

Increasing troubles of U.S. and government financial institutions gives a sharp warning that things are coming to a head.

SGT Report issues a critical and under reported warning: “We are living in the last days of this Republic.”

In the video, Sean from SGT Report summarizes these important dynamics that are coinciding with Congress’ procedural martial law:

•The dollar is collapsing.
•China is demanding a “reset” of the global currency standards, which would official end the dollar’s reign as reserve currency.
•In its place, a global reserve currency planned since 2009 is forming, using a basket of currencies as value, and SDRs as a drawing mechanism on the global stage.
•Putin is fighting with the U.S. openly on multiple fronts, as the War on Terror turns into a Russian offensive in Syria and Ukraine remains tense.
•The Federal Reserve faces an existential crisis over its bipolar decisions in furthering quantitative easing and/or hiking the interest rate enough to leave the economy on life support.
•Stock market gyrations, looming derivatives disasters, and a system wide economic collapse regularly threaten the financial system, as experts predict collapse as an inevitable result of the 2008 crisis, and detrimental recovery policies afterwards that have given more power than ever to the banks.
•Procedural martial law was passed in Congress under the guise of confronting the next round of debt ceiling

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Chillingly, the SGT labels the United States a “banana republic,” noting that it meets the criteria of the definition:

The very definition of a banana republic is a politically unstable country whose economy is largely dependent upon exporting a limited resource product – like dollars.

It typically has stratified social classes, including a large impoverished working class, and a ruling plutocracy of business, political and military elites. This political economic oligarchy controls the primary-sector productions to exploit the country’s economy. (source: Wikipedia)

Now, the last semblance of the power of that republic, in its military strength and the “export of freedom and democracy”, will fade significantly with the death of the dollar.

Things have become so gnawed to the bone, that, as SGT Report notes:

Now the criminal Congress and shadow government need to use procedural martial law to pass stop-gap spending measures to keep the entire house of cards from coming down.

And who is at fault? We must remember and point to the Rothschild central bank – the Federal Reserve is to blame for all of this. The entire system has been manipulated to wring out the very last dollar from the American people, to bankrupt the Treasury, and to bring the United States of America to its knees – so that a new international currency can rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.

We are living in the last days of this Republic.

The republic died, unofficially, a century ago with the creation of the Federal Reserve, and many other shifts in power, finance and institutions during that era.

Today, in the final stages, the undermining of the dollar as reserve currency (established in 1972 under Henry Kissinger’s shadow presidency during the Nixon and Ford Administrations) may well be enough to trigger a global economic collapse of epic proportions, and is likely to destroy the wealth and power of nearly all Americans, along with stock markets across the world.

There is likely to be deep economic pain for most Americans during this currency crisis. It would mean not only tremendous wealth destruction to individuals, businesses and families, but a threat to the physical survival of hundreds of millions of people – who will have to endure Greece-style money shortage, food and grocery shortage, hunger, power outages, rioting, looting and government assistance.

Meanwhile, politically, the decline of the American empire overseas, its hegemony and dominant voice in global affairs will be even sharper – further weakening the economic status of the country, and amplifying the effect on individuals.

If America is reduced to alliances based upon the export of the dollar itself, which props up its military actions and keep the Pax Americana alive, what will happen when that dollar no longer holds any value? Will we soon see superpower rivals reach out with the hand of economic salvation?

What will life be like under a global currency, in a digital age of control?

Can another republic spring up in its place, after this present reign of tyranny wanes and carries out its course? Will there be patriots out there to restore liberty?

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15 Comments on "Congress Declares Martial Law as Dollar Rapidly Collapses"

  1. Great article. With the exception of; “who is at fault?” “The federal reserve is to blame for all this.” ? No, if it wasn’t for corrupt, treasonous members of Congress who violated their oath of office who illegally enabled the Rothchild central bank & the federal reserve, we wouldn’t be in this predicament. The only one who is legally allowed by the Constitution to print our money is the federal government. Hence the phony name ‘federal reserve’ for a privately owned bank that loans us money and charges interest for it. Which is ridiculous since we can print our own money with zero interest. The obvious reason is a virtually unlimited supply of money at the disposal of Congress for whatever they want to use it for, including and especially, lining their own pockets. And the debt for this money being put on the backs of the citizens, many of whom are struggling to survive. While every branch of our government continually telling the voters that they need to keep raising taxes to solve all our problems. While neither party ever solves anything and they call the trillions of debt that they spent all by themselves, “our debt”.

    So what comes next? The usual big war being instigated to take peoples attention off of government scandals and corruption. Then they’ll take our high school graduates and send them to die in the war that they started.

    • “…. if it wasn’t for corrupt, treasonous members of Congress who violated their oath of office who illegally enabled the Rothchild central bank & the federal reserve, we wouldn’t be in this predicament….”
      And, by extention, the people of the United States who did not press their representatives to reverse this fraud.
      Why ?
      Because people don’t understand (and DON’T WANT to understand) banking, and don’t understand what Money IS (too boring).
      The rich do understand and know to use this knowledge !

      This outcome was inevitable !

  2. I fully agree with every single word of this post. I’ve spent my lifetime trying to wake people up and most thought I was paranoid, needed help, or was a conspiracy nut. Sadly at 59 years old I accepted the fact that we deserve it, we’ve allowed it, and the majority of our countrymen have been blinded by the ‘bread and circuses’ of the entire mainstream media propaganda news agencies and entertainment industry. Not to mention the total control of education by the government which has turned schools into Federal Re-Education Boot Camps. Or the constant bombardment for multiple generations from toxic neurologically damaging chemicals in the water, food, air, and medication, this is no coincidence. These things have all dumbed us down as well. I believe it has been a planned one world Global Plantation and it has been in the works for more than a century. Real history, if researched, adds this all up, but you certainly won’t learn it in School. I didn’t think I’d live to see it happen, my children would, but I’m convinced now the events happening globally will herald in this global Serfdom soon. Hopefully people will learn from the past and not repeat the mistakes that brought us to this sorry state, in whatever rises from the ashes.

    • Too bad people don’t want to learn…..
      That’s why history repeats again and again.

    • Well Chuck as it appears this plan has been in the works for much longer than centuries. By some accounts this plan has been in the works for five thousand years. And if this plan is a part of the creation, laid down for future generations by a creator, then it has been in the works for far, far longer than a few thousand years. Strangely the wake up attempts have also been transpiring for a long, long time. But I am not certain that awakeing the people is necessarily what should be done but rather mobilizing the people to another outcome would be more effective. Then, rather than slumbering through fantasy land, people would be actively engaged and not misdirected by the influences of the “rulers.” For awakening purposes the internet provides what has been required. For change purposes all of those folks that march in their “million man march” or whatever other venue is pursued, well, those folks should have burnt D.C. to the ground the first time. And since the news media never covers our most important gatherings the burning down of those kingdoms should follow. Of course taking over the mainstream media on location would be effective in getting the public to stir. The moment that Americans looked at their television screens, begging for the media morons to tell them what to think, only to be faced with average Joe American and his neighbors had taken down the hypnosis machine and are staring you in the face telling you that the revolution is on would be a start. But then the people would also have to stop buying things from mega-corporations or else nothing would ever change.

      It seems that voting with your dollars was once the way to maintain our prosperity. That no longer appears to be entirely true. Ideas?

      • LegalMan :

        The key is your own mind. The key is changing minds. And everyone can change their own mind. And everyone can do their part to affect the minds that they are close to.

        Forced compliance can never “win the day” ultimately because it requires constant attention to maintain it over the population because it is NOT wanted. Only voluntary agreement can ever actually ultimately “succeed” to the extent that phrase means anything, because voluntary agreement requires no oversight. And that is why they spend so much time brainwashing people. So that the people mistakenly VOLUNTARILY agree to something they don’t understand. It really is just that simple.

        http://www.thetruthaboutthelaw. com

        The establishment works tirelessly to lead people to systematically abandon self-interest, so that it can profit from their error.

        • Thanks for the input Croco Dile. Your analysis of forced compliance is actually very reassuring. And I find that it is a statement of truth. The only problem that I see with it, though, is that I think the powers that shouldn’t be have already thought of that. You can get some insight into this area if you watch a clip from the video “My dinner with Andre.” Andre spells out the new model for the concentration camp of the future, like NYC where the people actually double as prisoners and guards by a sort of imposed psychosis. But that takes things back to your argument that the key is your own mind. But only minds willing to see the prison can ever make any attempt to leave. Great thread folks.

      • I agree with you as for thousands of years Jester. But I don’t have suggestions anymore. Was on the fringe with the best of them for decades, spoke at the meetings, wrote, saw a lot of heroes go down trying, most rot in the federal pen or are in the ground, supported our POW’s and their families. No doubt the Decline of the West has been engineered, not gonna go into by whom, but anyone who can think can see. But most of all our own people are to blame and I’ve accepted that. It’s not that I don’t believe, I do with every fiber of my being. Ultimately our people have turned into a pathetic herd of led sheep, and the only thing that might wake them from their slumber of death is when things get so bad, they will be forced to wake up and do what needs to be done. It won’t happen a day sooner, so worse is better, and it’s coming without our help. 14

  3. Revelation 17:17 For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

  4. I hope the puppets of Isreal are happy. Working to appease the NWO , Rothchilds desire to rule isn’t going to herald anything but a revolution, and boy they better watch out. There’s not a fortress big enough to keep out millions or make millions into slaves.

  5. Lars Chiron Cheveyo Bohr | October 14, 2015 at 1:20 pm |

    I wish I had a buck for every article predicting doom you’ve published that hasn’t happened on time or at all…

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