CDC Scientist Admits Destroying Evidence Linking Vaccines to Autism

By Ben Swann

Over 100 people gathered outside the CDC in Atlanta demanding transparency when it comes to vaccines. Is there anything to what these people are saying? How about the facts that no one else will share? This is a Reality Check you won’t see anywhere else.


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34 Comments on "CDC Scientist Admits Destroying Evidence Linking Vaccines to Autism"

  1. The vaccine makers, pharmaceutical companies and medical profession are lying about the one thing that vaccines are supposed to combat……. viruses. No direct evidence has ever been produced that viruses exist. Most medical professionals are unaware of this. The electron microscope has never seen or photographed a virus but it’s good business extrapolating viruses exist and $Billions of profit depend on you believing this.
    ALL diseases (caused by bad living conditions and malnourishment) had almost disappeared BEFORE vaccines were introduced.

  2. At 3:43 in video, see how Ben Swan begins the globalist damage control spin. He is a paid professional that is on TV… Wake the Flock up sheople!

    • Yep, it’s an egregious twist of revisionist history. “Vaccines have saved more lives on this planet than any other single medical advancement.” Swann should interview Dr. Suzanne Humphries but he won’t.

      • When did Dr Humphries become a virologist or immunologist?. She also has no published studies on vaccines either

        • With her advanced level of education in medical science she’s fully capable of analyzing the science behind vaccinations. Better than publishing a shill study, she has written a book deconstructing the history and epidemiological factors that led to the current paradigm. You’re late to the discussion, Peters. Slow night?

          • James Peters | December 2, 2015 at 1:29 pm |

            So you are appealing to authority. She is a is a nephrologist (kidney specialist) and in private practise. So what would she know about vaccines?. Also she may sell ($$$) a book and use epidemiological data. But she isn’t a epidemiologist either.

            It’s about evidence and data and what can be observed. It’s about models, explanations, and theories that explain current observations and make predictions. All “truths” in science are provisional. If the evidence doesn’t support a model anymore, scientists abandon it in favour of a model that better explains the existing evidence.

            She is antivaccine. She has even said vaccines are dangerous and should never be injected into anyone for any reason. If that’s not anti-vaccine, I don’t know what is.

            I came across this after reading something else on this site

  3. Google is now censoring real information on vaccinations and the new algorithms only gender to the damage control agenda of the owners of the corporations that are on top of the “pyramid.”

    • This is part of the reason that I haven’t used Google in about 3 years.

    • I’ve noticed heavy Google censoring too and includes other issues. Mike Adams of Natural News has tried to create a work around with a new search engine and expanded alternative news platform.

      • Both Google and Wikipedia are heavily patrolled to achieve “establishment” goals.

      • Although I really do like a lot of Mike’s work, whoever it is that controls his site (be it him , his wife, husband, whoever) moderates and censors comments if they present information that contradicts his articles. He does do some good work, but is very guarded against Truth in some areas, and that is not a virtue that sits well with me, as a seeker of Truth.

        With all the information that is available, digitally, “book burning” is becoming easier than ever before. Mike has become a dictatorial book burner. Personally, I subscribe to sites that desire Truth above all; and those that will, in fact, allow open discussion for the benefit of people rather than an agenda.

        • I agree and have the same concerns with Natural News censoring respectful comments questioning a perspective. Also, two of his writers (originally from Infowars) supported Establishment agendas when an opportunity arose. I’ve observed that kind of co-opting in just about every alt media venue to one degree or another which is why sharing information and critically examining narratives in a open cooperative manner is a the best path to unvarnished truths, leap frogging over limited hangouts and spin.

        • The first internet disinfo I ever came across was from the “Health Ranger” (don’t know if he still calls himself that). It reported on a study that found a 6700%(!) increase in cancer from a certain food additive. The actual study reported a 67% (awww!) increase. Math error (multiplying instead of dividing)? Or disinfo?

        • LOL. Give it up. He is only burning books if he shuts down your web site – that is your book, son, not your comments on HIS web site. If you’re interested in truth, you should learn about ownership. You don’t have a right to say whatever you want in someone else’s house.

          • nochipforme | November 1, 2015 at 5:00 am |

            I am not your “son” nor do we share the same Father. I am a member of Disqus. As such, have been invited by the Ranger to enter his “house” and speak in accordance with the rules set forth by the the owner of the house. In doing so accordingly, he has moderated and censored much truth, because it does not fit his agenda. And yes, that is his prerogative. I only expose his deeds (as do others). I am the guy that’s been kicked out of his house. And whenever someone says “Hey you ought to go to Mike’s house. He teaches “truth.” I merely share my knowledge regarding his “behind the curtain” actions against truth. Apparently, I am not the only one that has experienced the blacklist actions that he takes in censoring truth.

            Speaking along the lines of ownership…you should consider Google. You should consider central banks, you should consider property tax, vehicle registration, state issued identifications…. But of all the masters that you are subjected to willfully, above all, you should consider your Maker; for it is He that will judge the living and the dead, whether you choose to believe or not. It would greatly behoove you to consider.

    • I noticed that started about 18 months ago and anyone whose poor child is maimed for life by vaccinations is given NO mainstream media coverage at all.
      The whole thing is a complete cover up. I have a Dr who has told me not to let anyone, hospitals, other medical centres ever to inject me. He said to tell them that I have had bad reactions to vaccines which I have done and boy do they back off FAST THEN!
      This Dr has told me ‘off the record’ because he still wants to work and not be struck off!

  4. Its certainly encouraging that this finally shows up on the MSM. We need to keep this momentum going and remove the “spin” on the truth.

  5. I truly believe that the vaccines are responsible for Autism!

  6. Hmm, any chance we can expect politicians to confess to selling themselves to corporate citizens??

    • They confess it every time they ask for your vote. If you don’t like that, then run for office yourself. Then you’ll sell yourself to your fellow citizens. Strange how a participatory form of government works, isn’t it?

  7. Just another segment of OBONZO – the FARCE – and the LIBERAL RUN CDC in the process of destroying AMERICAN CITIZEN’S . ///////////////////////////////////////////////
    I haven’t had a FLU SHOT in 20 years and don’t plan on starting now – the same with the remainder of those – so called ** needed shots – – to as they say – – – protect us from such BUGS . ////////////////////////////

  8. Thank you Ben Swann!!!! My respect for him just shot up. CBS eh? Thank you CBS!!!
    Seeing this has really restored my faith in humanity.

    They’ve got way more class than a lot of the so-called “non-corporate” media like Amy Goodman’s DemocracyNow show which only allows pharmaceutical reps with vested financial interests in vaccine profit margins to speak on the show, giving a warm welcome to the likes of vaccine-patent-owner Paul Offit to spout their propaganda. Or the fair dot org people who refuse to look past the corporate hysteria campaign of hatred against advocates for safer vaccines, and maintains a most cowardly silence on it as the death toll from vaccines keeps getting higher every year. Not to mention the so-called DefendingDissent dot org whom, after my giving support to for so many years, reacted to me in such an ugly, outright hateful way for simply asking them to look into it. I still feel sick to my stomach, thinking about it. Or the PopularResistance dot org who has never mentioned the vaccine issue once. As if vaccine victims don’t even fall into the category of human beings.

    Not a one of them has had the decency to tell the public about that one tiny detail about Wakefield (that he had actually concluded, in THAT paper he got busted for, that there was no causal link between vaccines and autism; and that the real reason he got busted was for taking the parents complaints seriously and adding a suggestion for further investigation into a possible link between vaccines and autism), and the public is still repeatedly told that Wakefield tried to fabricate a causal link.

    The alternative media’s silence on this one lie about Wakefield is unforgivable! I used to have great admiration for many people in the alternative media, but after seeing them stand with corporate lies promoting vaccine hysteria and hatred of vaccine safety advocates, like the FOX/NPR crowd, I no longer trust them.

    It took about 50 years for independent science to finally prevail over corporate lies about the causal link between smoking and lung cancer. And yet we’re supposed to believe that that kind of thing doesn’t happen anymore, and that the only ones we can trust in this vaccine issue are pharmaceutical industry reps, and that all the victims of vaccines are all liars?!!

    A lot of the alternative media has utterly failed humanity on the issue of unsafe vaccines. It made me sick with despair to have people like Norman Solomon from RootsAction tell me in an email that the “scientific consensus is that vaccines are safe.” And when I pointed out that there was no agreement between independent scientific community and corporate-funded “scientific community” on the safety of vaccines, and asked him why he would trust the corporate media’s assessment of what the scientific consensus was in the first place, he just completely ignored me as if I was some kind of subhuman for even asking. Laura Flanders, from GRITtv, was no different, treating me like subhuman trash when I sent her as I sent all of them, links to articles from the GreenMedinfo site………

    In short, I HAVE REALLY TRIED to raise the alarm on corporate lies about this ongoing vaccine holocaust.

    Thank you Universe for people like Ben Swan, who have the guts to stand up for humanity!! (Wow! I must really need to vent. Sorry about that, everyone)

  9. How the miscreants roll..

  10. Caution – Info Wars Alert

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