5 Questions for Bernie Sanders Supporters

Bernie Sanders

By Derrick Broze

I ask 5 simple question to Bernie Sanders supporters in the video below. Please check the links and respond to each question.

Question 1

Would Bernie’s tax on Wall Street speculation work?



Question 2

Do you support an increase in payroll tax for all Americans to fund Bernie’s college tuition, minimum wage, and healthcare plans? Do you believe Bernie’s plans will only tax the 1%?



Question 3

Do you support Bernie’s comments on Edward Snowden?


Question 4

Do you support Bernie’s stance on Israel and Saudi Arabia? Both of these nations are responsible for atrocious human rights violations. Saudi Arabia is accused of funding the 9/11 attacks. Despite this the majority of politicians, including Bernie, continue to support these nations.



Question 5

Do you support Bernie’s plan to continue the drone program? A new whistleblower has revealed that during one five-month period of the operation, according to the documents, nearly 90 percent of the people killed in airstrikes were not the intended targets.



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2 Comments on "5 Questions for Bernie Sanders Supporters"

  1. In a videotaped interview, Ron Paul commenting on the Audit the Fed bill said Bernie worked to water down the bill giving the banksters a free ride. What does Bernie have to say about the power of the international bankers on US and international politics? What is Bernie’s stance on Agenda 21 and all its provisions such as the end to private property? Is Bernie’s Wall Street Tax a shoehorn proposal for a global tax – – – remember when Pelosi wanted to tax every bank transaction?

  2. philip.dennany | October 20, 2015 at 11:29 am | Reply

    I would pledge my support for Bernie if he would pledge to help return restriction of our now rogue government to Constitutional law, and Bill of Rights, and end all of the criminally and fraudulently justified ‘for profit’ Wall Street profit US wars of terror and aggression, including Afghanistan. There are still many 10s of millions of us that still way justice for the real terrorist that took part in the treasonous destruction of September 11, 2001.

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