What Liberals Probably Don’t Know About Bernie Sanders

By Luke Rudkowski

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to long time social justice warrior Cindy Sheehan about what she thinks about Bernie Sanders and his 2016 presidential bid. “I don’t support war-mongering imperialists.” We go over a lot of little known facts about Bernie Sanders and why he wouldn’t make a good candidate for the 2016 election unless you support continuing the failed welfare/warfare state.

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17 Comments on "What Liberals Probably Don’t Know About Bernie Sanders"

  1. Fail…

  2. Sheehan knows her stuff! Meet the new global mafia puppet same as…

    Bernie also apparently kowtowed to the banksters when he took it upon himself to water down the Audit the Fed bill. His Wall Street tax is likely a Trojan proposal to slip in a global tax. If the goal is redistribution to mitigate wealth disparity, then why not just tax the bejeezus out of the superclass with a higher income tax and no capital gains loophole for the investment class? This is analogous to the immigration reform Gatekeepers arguing the “solution” to the open borders agenda is a national biometric Real ID program rather than enforcing the laws already in place that would shut down the magnets or ending globalist policies that displace workers around the world.

    It’s all about continuing to nudge us in a certain direction until we are no different from China.

    Wonder what Bernie has to say about the 9/11 official fairy tale.

  3. Bernie – don’t audit the unfed b.s. bank of the U.S. – wouldn’t want any reality to sink in on the ‘American people’.
    Just another mouthpiece.
    a bunch of nwo agenda driven gold collar scum.
    take yer vaxxes and send yer babies to fight the (perpetual) evil.

  4. Nobody should be voting period. When you vote in a two party system you legitimize the criminality of buying votes for the corporate elite. In other words voting actually destroys any semblance of justice or a democratic republic. These career politicians are ALL actors and nothing more. They vie for the interests of the corporate global elite to fill their pockets with fat wads of Federal Reserve notes and they completely ignore their constituency. There is NO lesser of two evils when they both serve the same evil. Just because the corporate elite don’t announce themselves and their evil plans on TV doesn’t mean they’re not in control. Americans just don’t get it.

    • Dumbest. Idea. Ever.
      Voting TOGTHER is our only power. Not votong at all only empowers the few brainwashed tools whose minds are owned by the corporate oligarchs.
      Together we bargain, divided we beg.
      If we want a country we have to unite and VOTE – VOTE VOTE VOTE!

      • You’re out of your mind lady. Enjoy your slavery. What is the point of voting when there is one party: corporations. Answer the question. Oh that’s right you’re naive and don’t believe they don’t give a damn about you and your loved ones. You will understand very shortly….in the next few days. I’m saying I told you so ahead of time.

        • Cool. Don’t vote.

          Their corporate shills will and we will be enslaved forever.

          Destroy the vote and their oligarchs will rule us forever.

          Give in to the seething hatred they sow and their sickness in our minds will destroy us all.

          Or STOP the HATE FILLED divisive horsecrap – wake the FRACK up and TAKE BACK our democracy.

          The power of the people is the ONLY power over the few who now rule.

          Full stop.

        • Average Joe American | September 28, 2015 at 5:38 pm | Reply

          Not to mention that free Americans voting is an utter illusion/delusion. Without a free press Americans don’t have facts by which to judge a candidate, without free debates we don’t get to hear what ALL the candidates have to say, without a carefully monitored paper ballot system we don’t even know what goes on inside our black box vote tabulating system. What we DO know is that we DON’T know, and that gives us every reason to suspect skullduggery (which has, in fact, been proven in EVERY election since the year 2000).

  5. After listening to Cindy speak, obviously she doesn’t like war. Is that US involved war or all war? Israel? Mr. Sanders is Jewish and assumedly he followed his conscience. Supporting Obama’s decision wrong? In a republican congress? Calling Bernie multiple labels i.e. imperialist, war mongerer, etc. did NOT help your cause. Bernie is the best the nations got this election cycle. What candidate does Cindy support?

    • Haha! You’re high. Bernie the best the nation got this cycle? Bwahahaha. How in the world can you support his version of socialism? Have you not seen Greece? How about Venezuela? I like variety and choice, in everything. Bernie and his greedy minions don’t.

  6. Average Joe American | September 28, 2015 at 5:41 pm | Reply

    It really doesn’t matter in the slightest because you vote will not be counted. We’ll get whoever They give us because They decide the news agenda, the candidate selections, and the final tally.

    • You are right about that!

      • Average Joe American | September 30, 2015 at 1:20 am | Reply

        Thanks, Francis. I left the “r” off “your” and you were kind enough not to mention that. And you’re correct, I’m right about how elections are accomplished here. They’re utterly, totally fake. We have balloons and buttons and yard signs, people yelling, but these shows are complete nonsense. We get who they give us each and every time around, and every time it’s the same thing. Corporations elect politicians. The problem is, they cover both bases, they own both parties. We’ve elected Monsanto, Dow, Merck, Bayer, the FDA, and so forth, no matter whom we vote for. The media is owned, the government is owned. We have as much voice as goldfish and yard animals. Get out the vote! Yeah, people. Get out the vote.

  7. Carly/Rubio 2016!!!!

  8. Technically, Bernie is a progressive, not a liberal. He said as much to Bill Maher. A liberal believes in freedom. A progressive believes in the collectivist state.

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