Virginia Shooting Hoax – There’s Always Someone To Tell The Story

By Peekay22

This woman was supposedly shot in the back from close range with a hollow point bullet, allegedly spent over a week in the hospital having major surgery to remove organs, and yet here she is a few days later sitting up like nothing happened to her.

In all the staged hoaxes the script there seems to be a witness or survivor to tell the story. Vicki Gardner was the person to do this at the Virginia Shooting Hoax. Shot in the back from close range by a hollow point bullet she amazingly survived to tell the story. She had 2 weeks to perfect it but still screwed up.

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14 Comments on "Virginia Shooting Hoax – There’s Always Someone To Tell The Story"

  1. She is obviously NOT a professional crisis actress.

  2. A whole lot of chattel ‘by-product’… liberally cascaded onto the whirling fan blades of the MSM …& summarily aimed at all the dupes…..”there’s a sucker born every minute”

  3. Do you know how police determine someone is guilty, because when a person lies the story changes by little bits. You have to pay attention to notice and often there are facial reactions that give it away. This is the second interview and her story is changes by little bits, she is adding more and embellishing, a dead give away. You see for some odd reason the truth is unforgettable but a made up story (lie) is always changing.
    Ever see what happens when a body it shot with a hollow point round at close range?

    • Average Joe American | September 24, 2015 at 1:08 pm | Reply

      Great post, Mike. Could you post a link to the source of this video? I’m required by law to attend refresher courses to renew my CCW license every few years, and the last time I went our instructor had changed up a bit from previously to show a fuzzy police video of a perp shooting his girlfriend (she survived), and then being shot himself, several times before he finally went down. The point the instructor was obviously making was that it’s rare that one or two shots kill. I would like to send a link of this video to him for use in his classes, as this surgeon makes the point far more eloquently than any fuzzy police video or verbal lecture possibly could.

      Incidentally, this instructor (a former LEO who has had to kill in the line of duty) likes to say to his students: “How many times should you shoot an attacker? Until he stops doing what you don’t want him to do.”

      The first 20 minutes or so of this excellent video explains why.

  4. TARDISOFGALLIFREY | September 21, 2015 at 12:55 pm | Reply

    Yup, I figured it was another gun control False-Flag.

  5. At least it is not armor piercing…

  6. Two weeks! Its a media miracle.

  7. anyone that went through all that would be traumatized and shooken up. They wouldn’t be able to sit in a hard straight chair without squirming and shifting with those injuries. You would see expressions of pain as well as, being haggard.. The woman supposedly just lost a kidney. A person would be propped up in a bed or a sofa at best with the injuries she supposedly has at the two week mark. She also doesn’t look or sound like a person that is on pain killers either. Yep, this is a uber fail for being believable.

  8. Average Joe American | September 24, 2015 at 2:17 pm | Reply

    I was hunched up for two weeks after a simple hernia operation, taking shallow breaths to protect the stitches and reduce the pain, not sitting up waving my arms around, laughing. This woman acts like she’s at a Tupperware party, not like just two weeks earlier she saw two people shot to death three feet from her and was herself shot in the back with a hollow point round.

    Maybe she’s just the gleeful idiot she seems, but that must have quite the support girdle she had on that day (forget angels). Someone alert the DOD, these things should be standard issue for our troops in the field.

    So, five minutes and no further shots, paramedics presumably en route, and the cops asked her to GET UP AND WALK? No, worse, ASKED A GUNSHOT VICTIM’S OPINION ON THE MATTER AND TOOK HER WORD FOR IT? There must have been blood everywhere! They may not always be the brightest bulbs on the tree, but what cop would have a victim who’d been shot in the back get up and walk away? If the wound or bullet were anywhere near her spine she could have been paralyzed for life.

    Assuming any of this really happened the way they say it did, of course. My theory is it’s a cover-up: Adam Lanza did it.

  9. Average Joe American | September 25, 2015 at 5:26 pm | Reply

    Thank YOU. As for the CCW thing, only for the last half century or so, wherever it was “legal.” Before that I was too young to vote.

  10. I miss Gene Rosen… ;(

  11. Her husband reports: ” “I don’t think she ever felt like she was in danger after she got up and walked to the ambulance after being shot, but she didn’t know the extent of her injuries at that point, but the surgeon told me that a couple of centimeters and she wouldn’t be walking and a couple of centimeters more and she wouldn’t be alive.”

    There is zero evidence this woman was no shot and dozens of witnesses her injuries at the hospital.

    There is a difference between a hoax (ie a faked shooting with actors and fake blood, etc) and a false flag shooting, where actual deaths occur but the real perpetrators are hidden away while someone else is scapegoated.

    To confuse hoaxes with false flag operations is to confuse life with death, pretending with shifting blame for real evil.

    People with no experience in the many and diverse ways people respond to trauma (some cry, some laugh to cover up their pain, etc–a fact known to all psychologists) give their amateur diagnosis: she’s faking.

    People who have no experience in body language give their amateur judgements.

    Such people have a preconceived notion that the event is faked and that the people they are judging are actors.

    It’s easy to call someone’s story bullshit. That is hardly evidence of anything but cognitive dissonance when a story does not match your cherished illusions.

    There are hoaxes (Donald Trump claiming he has evidence Obama was not born in the US) and there are false flags: the Gulf of Tonkin accident blamed on the North Vietnamese to rationalize attacking NV, the Reichtag fire Hitler blamed on the communists when his own people had done it, etc.

    They should not be confused and anyone who claims they can “see” that a person is not really grieving or not really traumatized or was not really shot is simply giving their opinion, unsupported by any evidence.

    With 400,000 gun deaths since 9/11, including over 150,000 murders (mostly family and friends) and over 2500 mass shootings, it is totally absurd to claim a shooting was faked in order to justify gun confiscation. Why would one more shooting, or ten more, make a difference after thousands? This alleged motive ignores the fact that with a gun murder rate 90% higher than all other advanced nations and over 90% of the public supporting rational gun laws like universal background checks (and 85% of gun owners), that the reason for a lack of action on gun law reform is not a lack of shootings or deaths but the fact that the Republican Party is paid off by the gun lobby, representing the gun makers, to thwart the will of the people. This crime against democracy is masked by allegations that mass shootings are hoaxes, perpetrated to create momentum for gun law reform.

    No leaders are calling for gun confiscation, so that is a straw man, easily attacked. Even if all semi-automatics WERE confiscated or bought back, there would still be 290 million guns in the US, 1/3 of all private guns in the world.

    So the deep promoters of such conspiracy theories (which also poison the well of evidence-based conspiracy allegations), using lies about gun confiscation and crisis actors and a vast conspiracy of parents, students, police, nurses, doctors, and neighbors, are the merchants of death, who put profits above public safety, whose profits spike after mass shootings, which then are claimed to be fake.

    Shame on all of you who buy such cynical manipulation and resort to such cruel judgements to those who have lost their family members, children, and friends in such shootings.

    Are there false flag operations? Yes, I suspect the
    San Bernadino shooting is a false flag since two eyewitnesses saw “three tall white males in military garb” doing the shooting. It is not a hoax; people were killed but the patsies–Bonnie and Clyde Mohammed–who, killed while in handcuffs, cannot tell their story–while the media and the FBI ignore the 3 tall white men who did the killing. There are false flag shootings when it comes to demonized groups like Muslims……….and the motive is clear.

    But there are also even more real mass shootings where the victims are real and the killer is known, as with the right wing anti-abortionist murders a few weeks back.

    People with critical minds must make these distinctions, since most people just repeat what they are told whether by the MSM or activistpost provocateurs.

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