2 Weeks Later – Virginia Shooting Hoax Completely Vanished From Mainstream Media

media liesBy Bernie Suarez

Throughout alternative media over the last few years many people have written about what to look for in a false flag. Many including yours truly have outlined steps to look for when trying to diagnose the next government false flag. Many of us have a good grasp on what to look for. Let’s review some of these common trends:

1 – Police,  military or federal agency “drills” are almost always going on at about the same time of the staged event.

2 – The accused patsy is always followed by and/or in contact with FBI, police or other government agency for months or years prior.

3 – Accused patsy is often aided by the same federal agencies with the acquisition of weapons needed for the false flag event.

4 – Patsies almost always end up dead usually due to “suicide,” deadly “manhunt” or they are captured in a physical or mental state that ensures they won’t be speaking much.

5 – Patsies almost always leave behind one of those bizarre “manifestos” which conveniently outline all their intentions that seems to always fit perfectly into the scripted official story.

6 – Mainstream media jumps on the story with the usual over-the-top 24/7 coverage to make sure you are aware of the story, always thinking about it, and you are afraid.

7 – Damaging contradicting facts, video footage, audio, documents or social media/online revelations are always completely ignored by mainstream media.

8 – When applicable, conflicting information is almost always erased, blocked or closed out by Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, etc.

9 – The control system resorts to accusations of “conspiracy theories” very early on to discourage anyone from looking too deeply into the story being presented.

10 – Early on, we see strange-acting family members on TV crying without tears, displaying inappropriate affect and emotion, and quickly calling for gun control or some other political agenda in response to the event.

11 – Politicians are also always on TV immediately calling for new legislation in response to the event. The political “solution” always takes away more and more of our freedoms and gives more and more power to the federal government.

These 11 items are just a glimpse of the repeated script we’ve seen played out here in America every time the controllers orchestrate a false flag crisis-actor event.

After the recent Virginia TV Reporter staged shooting event at the end of August 2015, however, I want to add one more crucial item to look for only because we’re seeing it now so blatant and so obvious.

12 – If the false flag terror, shooting or bombing event is exposed convincingly, and it seems like too many people are figuring it out due to newly released evidence, then pull the story completely out of the public consciousness as a form of damage control by having the story vanish completely from the mainstream media news.

This is what we are now seeing. It’s been slightly over 2 weeks now and the media has said nothing about the Virginia TV Reporter shooting like it never happened. Could it be that this silence which began over a week ago is directly related to the overwhelming evidence of a second take in the staged shooting incident? This evidence did after all put a major crimp in the authenticity of the story. It was the death blow in a long list of entirely unbelievable coincidences. Some lies are difficult to recover from once too many people know; and, as we are seeing, sometimes it’s best to pull the whole story out of the media and hope it fades away for good.

Here’s something for everyone to consider. Perhaps the initial shock value and the reaction of the masses to the shooting was the whole point of the shooting. I’ve discussed another possibility recently which everyone should at least consider and that is – what if it was intended for truth seekers and alternative media to figure out that this latest shooting was fake? Sounds ridiculous? Not if you consider that we are still in the final days of operation Jade Helm where Jade 2 artificial intelligence software is still reading, absorbing and observing the reactions and actions of the human domain. That’s right. It is quite possible that humanity is being played with ridiculous false flag events just to observe and record the effect it has so that artificial intelligence software can use that information for future strategizing against the human domain. This is a primary stated purpose of operation Jade Helm and for that reason all truth seekers should be thinking on their feet and remaining highly vigilant.

So this lightning speed removal of the Virginia shooting story from mainstream media should also serve as a reminder that researching every item of a false flag and spreading the information early on is important and sometimes can change the course of how the story is being told as we are seeing here.

Ironically, I spoke about this topic briefly almost a year ago when few people noticed that the 2 year Sandy Hook shooting anniversary came and left while the mainstream media practically ignored the anniversary of the entire event. This no doubt was in response to all the information that became available about the Sandy Hook crisis actor shooting that many people didn’t know the year before. CIA’s mainstream media clearly made a strategic decision to tune the event out of people’s minds in December of 2014. Will they make the same decision this year or will they stage a new shooting to revive the Sandy Hook feelings again? Will they coach a new eyewitness analogous to the “I shot Bin Laden” psyop of Spring 2015?

cAs I mentioned in my article then regarding the Sandy Hook ignored anniversary phenomenon, if the Sandy Hook shooting was real and all those hildren died in a bloody massacre, think of how big of a deal it would be to ignore the second anniversary of the supposed largest mass shooting in the history of the United States involving children. That’s exactly what happened December of 2014 and again this seems to be another sign to look for with failed false flags.

Thanks to the Internet and the information and technology age we live in, we can now diagnose government false flags in nearly real-time. It’s exciting to dismantle government and mainstream media lies as fast as we’re able to do it today. Let’s just hope these skills humanity has developed for sharp discernment for false flags can be harnessed in a more meaningful way.

Despite the skills humanity has amassed at diagnosing false flag events we still lack the skills at ensuring proper and swift justice and punishment is carried out on the perpetrators. And we have also failed at forcing police and government agencies to be transparent with all records surrounding the investigation of these false flag events. They continue staging these events in part because they continue to operate both immunity and in secret. All of the investigative records continue to be kept a secret from the general public.

So let’s hope truth seekers, activists, investigators and independent media can use the recent already-forgotten Virginia TV Reporter shooting to implement these necessary improvements when the next false flag event comes around. For if we cannot do this then we are just trading information with each other for the sake of information while nothing really gets done about the corruption behind these events.


This latest false flag reminds us that as politicians use these events to call for more gun laws and less freedoms, we should be using these events to call for more and more transparency in investigations for the purposes of defending against staged events and false flags. We need a truth and transparency mass counter effort. Let’s support those who are putting their lives and reputations on the line to expose events like the Sandy Hook show, Boston bombing, Virginia shooting and other false flag politically driven events because important counter corruption and counter secrecy legislation could potentially gain traction.

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Ultimately, as I mentioned earlier, we are seeing the result of information-sharing and that is why it’s important to share information and help spread the truth whichever way you can. With the Virginia shooting completely faded (for now) from the pubic mind, let’s consider this another small victory for truth. Remember that the controllers usually don’t let go stories so quickly. They usually want to get as much out of a story as possible. So let’s begin familiarizing ourselves with the psychology of the presentation of these stories. What drives these stories into the news and what drives them out? Let’s ask questions like – why does one story in the news last one day while another lasts for weeks? Observing these patterns and developing the skills to answer these questions will make all of us experts at diagnosing propaganda, staged news, and crisis actor false flags.

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Bernie is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology. He has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions. A former host of the 9/11 Freefall radio show, Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems. His efforts are designed to encourage others to joyfully stand for truth, to expose government tactics of propaganda, fear and deception, and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order. He is also a former U.S. Marine who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. A peace activist, he believes information and awareness is the first step toward being free from enslavement from the globalist control system which now threatens humanity. He believes love conquers all fear and it is up to each and every one of us to manifest the solutions and the change that you want to see in this world, because doing this is the very thing that will ensure victory and restoration of the human race from the rising global enslavement system, and will offer hope to future generations.

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83 Comments on "2 Weeks Later – Virginia Shooting Hoax Completely Vanished From Mainstream Media"

  1. The 2nd anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting, which this article claims was ignored by the MSM, is all over the media. Yet, this alleged absence of media attention, is given as a sign that the it was, indeed a hoax. Why is not explained.

    There are 32,000 gun deaths a year in the US; there are over 200 mass shootings each year. No one needs to orchestrate a fake shooting…….and then ignore it……..if 400,000 gun deaths since 9/11 will not tip the balance, no one thinks one more would.

    What this false flag paranoia accomplishes is to switch the discussion from how to reduce the gun violence (through rational gun laws) to an inflammatory side issue.

    If any logic made sense, it would be that the NRA orchestrates false shootings to spike gun sales.
    The only other logic is that disturbed Americans,given access to guns, will use them. So long as we deny the carnage, it will continue.

    • And you’ve been called out DOZENS of times as the obvious federal troll you are. ESAD, you POS!!!

      • You have been called out as a child molester, and yet you continue. Clearly, you are a paid troll of Namba. KMA,POS.

        • Pending your visiting to check my personal criminal record, which is spotless, I will wager $50,000 against your lie. Got that? An impartial observer agreed upon by us both will verify the results, Mr. Fed.

          Are you on

          • What is my lie? That the mainstream media covered the 2nd anniversary of Sandy Hook? I will take your wager and raise you by $20K. Of course, you have not stated what my lie is……I will wager 100K against your lie. Your lie is that I lied. It’s unclear what my alleged lie is.

            I will bet you 20K that I am not Mr. Fed,not a paid troll, nothing but a retired senior sharing what he has learned. C0ugh it up. Unless you have evidence I am paid to share what I have learned, You owe me.

          • William Burke | September 13, 2015 at 7:03 pm |

            You know perfectly well what the lie was. That I’m a “child molester”!

          • That was satire, payback for calling me a paid troll. I will take it back if you will admit I am not an “obvious federal troll.” You started with the lies….now you complain: I guess my satire worked!

      • He likes to chase his tail. There was a deafening silence when it was pointed out to him that false flags (and psy ops, in general) are about staged DRAMA and visual impact magnified by highly emotive boobtube coverage. It’s not about the numbers.

        If numbers of deaths were important, then going after Big Pharma, the Banksters, or the Military Industrial Complex would be the top priorities, not going after the second amendment.

        Professor James Tracy recently ran an analysis comparing the kind of hysterical coverage given to gun homicides compared to homicide by other means and it was clear the media coverage of deaths was very disproportionate. It’s about control, including mind control, to shove UN style mandates down our throats and Mr. Contrarian is all for that.

        False flag paranoia indeed. Like 9/11 Truth, Gladio, and Operation Northwoods.

    • TROLL ALERT!!!!

    • Dale, there are at least 100,000 deaths yearly caused by the medical industry – if you want to stop senseless killing, ban the medical industry. And what makes this number even triply horrific is that no one expects to be killed by their doctor. And BTW, I’m giving the medical industry the benefit of doubt since it is not hard to find that the medical death toll is actually more like 200,000 yearly.

      • I don’t get the logic of why deaths by other causes is a reason to cease working to educate people about gun violence. I write against many methods of preventable death,from wars, medical malpractice, fossil fuel burning, etc.

        There is no one law which if passed would radically reduce medical deaths, but one simple sentence as law (all gun sales must have a background check) would save hundreds of thousands of lives over time.

        We should work to prevent alll kinds of preventable deaths, but starting with gun laws makes senses since the remedy would take 42 laws off the books and replace with one simple law. Very few medical deaths are intentional, while 99% of gun deaths are, indeed deliberate.

        • There is one law if passed that would reduce medical deaths – guilty of malpractice – give up your license for good. As it is today, doctors DO get away with murder. My big problem with any gun laws is that they are unconstitutional – the right to bear arms is not so we can go duck hunting – it is an ostensible and ever present message to the government that we the people run things – not you the bureaucrat. You want to be a crusader to save lives – work to fix the medical free pass on murder.

        • Few are intentional. like Vioxx?

          How is it you rail only against harmful things that also happen to support the totalitarian agenda of Technocracy. Other harmful things like Big Pharma corruption, vaccinations, geoengineering, and the fallout from the 9/11 false flag don’t command your attention.? You would rather verbally spar with people on a website you utterly disrespect. What a strange way for a leftist activist to spend his time.

    • And Big pharma kills 100 thousand + a year and then some. Not counting the psychos they create from there anti psycho drugs.

      • Yes, that’s a huge scandal and can only be resolved when we create a democracy, where the dominant corporations do not control the process.

        However,the topic here is the deliberate killing of 32,000 people a year, and no other serious problem can make that irrelevant. Since 9/11, there have been 400,000 deliberate killings with guns. We know the remedy, but it involves creating a democratic government where the will of the People will prevail. We know that 9 of 10 Americans support rational gun laws like universal background checks, but the grip of the private interests (gunmakers, gun lobby) on the Republicans makes even voting on such laws impossible.

        We should do all we can to reduce all preventable deaths.

        • So how does my surrendering my gun keep me safe when it seems like these drug induced psychos seem to have no problem getting them? I’ve been shooting since I could walk. That’s my culture. Every one had a loaded shotgun over the kitchen door, and even the front door. If the incompetents enforced the laws on the books, these nut jobs wouldn’t be getting any guns. Besides all the mass shooting have been nothing but false flags. That girl didn’t react as if she had 600 – 1000 foot pounds of energy hit her. I know nothing about 9mm other than there about the same size as a 40 cal. But I do know 44 & 45 cal. and they could throw some one of my size back 5 to 10 feet. Plus being shot in the chest, even though I didn’t see any hits, she shouldn’t of been able to scream! Let me hit you in the chest with a Louisville Slugger and see if you can scream after that? You wont because just like a bullet, it’ll knock the wind out of you. There’s a lot of vets and they should be able to see BS since the ones in action know what it looks like when some one gets hit with a high cal. round. Those were blanks at best!
          Everything the presstitutes have babbled about nonstop have been false flags since Judge John Rolls was murdered for upholding the constitution against our Kenyan born, citizen from Indonesia, Lord Barry’s wishes.

          • Obama is Kenyan? I get it; you are a paid hater.

          • LOL What? Your saying his dad was American? I believe I said Indonesian! Are you a paid idiot? I wouldn’t give a red cent for any study an Ivy league came out with. The 3 biggest reasons American is so f’ed up is Harvard, Princeton, Yale. Probably like all the other corporate studies, total fraud.

          • Homes with guns have 270% more gun deaths than homes without. Your highest risk of gun violence is from your own gun. Source: Harvard School of Public Health peer-reviewed research.

            The most significant thing you could do to increase your family’s safety is to get rid of your guns. Or you can bet your family’s lives against the odds…………..

        • You are being flagrantly disingenuous. You don’t care about “democracy”, you know quite well the plan is for Technocracy. The top of pyramid will be central banks (not the next lower tier of corporations) micromanaging a tightly controlled society – much as it is now yet more controlled with constant monitoring and tracking. Funny how you never attempt to “educate” the plebs on this.

          Wasn’t it Harvard you said you studied political science?

      • What is your point? There are many preventable deaths, from gun carnage to medical malpractice, to wars, to automobiles. We should work to reduce all preventable violence. The scandals of Big pharma are not an issue that relieves us from working to reduce gun violence.

        • His point is that almost everyone of the shooters has been on Pharmaceutical Antidepressants.

          Which their own literature claims that it drives .001 percent using them insane – want to kill & commit violence.

          • My point is that there is no other way to keep people with violent tendencies (whether thru drugs or whatever) away from guns other than universal background checks and a national system of tracking.

            ” Adults in the U.S. consumed four times more antidepressants in the late 2000s than they did in the early 1990s. As the third most frequently taken medication in the U.S., researchers estimate that 8 to 10 percent of the population is taking an antidepressant”

            So 99% of those on anti-depressants do not do mass shootings,and while the number taking anti-depressants is up by 400% since the early 90’s, the gun murder rate is down over 50% (as well as the overall murder rate).

            If anything,the increase in anti-depressants correlates with less violence.

            I am not defending the widespread use of anti-depressants but pointing out that as their use as increased, violence has decreased.

            We will always have dangerously impaired people; there is not reason why we should l make getting semi-automatic (or any) weapons easy for them.

            We should both strengthen the data base of dangerous individuals, enact a loophole – free background check system,. and increase detection and treatment of mental illness.

    • They are never getting them…I don’t care if there a mass shooting every hour, we know what happens when criminal govt take guns, we won’t ever give them up.

      • Germans lost their guns after losing WWII. Then the Social Democrats reintroduced gun rights; then in 1938, the Nazis passed the Germany Weapons Act, liberalizing, expanding, and deregulating guns for over 99% of the German population. The guns were taken, as normal,after the German defeat….then the social democrats, then Nazis gave them back.

        Odd how fake history is so easily refuted with real history.

        Know one wants your guns, Greg. We (92% of Americans) want universal background checks. If ever semi-automatics are banned, you will give them up or go to prison.

  2. Of course, we will never be able to pry out of the officials transparency. But we can make public statements calling the shots for what they really are. Bogus to the hilt. If it were of any validity, there would be no reason for the officials to keep documentation behind closed doors. It’s called suspicious behavior and only crooks, as we all know, keep information secret to hide their evil intentions.
    I have downloaded both videos of the alleged killer and the camera man and did a frame by frame inspection in both cases. The evidence is clear, there were no empty casings being ejected from the Glock 17. The Glock 17 is famous for its ability to stop any big man in his tracks; however, it couldn’t stop little Miss Parker from running away after being shot 3-4 times. There were no blood splatter from the impact of hollow point bullets, not one drop. From the alleged killers camera, Alison Parker made eye contact with Flanagan without any reactions, and the frame was photo shopped in an attempt to blur her face out. From the frame where we see the fire at the end of the barrel, the alleged victim should have showed some form of reaction by the second, maybe third frame. It wasn’t until the seventh frame from the time the weapon went off that we see the first reaction. In the camera man’s video, Alison Parker was nodding her head just before the gun went off. In Flanagan’s video, Alison Parker’s head was perfectly still, not nodding at all, before the gun went off. Clearly, this was a double take because we are left with the question, was the alleged victim nodding her head or not before the gun fired?
    I have stated my case in an open forum and if there be any evidence of any wrong perceptions on my behalf, the burden is on the officials who are handling this to prove differently. Like the criminals that they are, they remain silent…

    • And we all did a very good job calling out this obvious hoax. Well done.

    • Pardon me, sir, but you have no idea what you are talking about. As far as your meticulous “frame by frame inspection” is concerned, I will repost a previous response of mine to a similar self-appointed amateur “expert” like you:

      Compared to you I am indeed a firearms expert. I own several firearms and have been shooting since I was ten years old. Furthermore, I worked for many years in the motion picture industry, specifically as a video camera technician. From your knee jerk reactionary assumptions about the video, it is clear that you get all of your “science” about firearms from watching Hollywood movies. Let me explain:

      “The gun doesn’t eject any shells” – OK,Einstein, if the gun doesn’t eject any shells, then the gun wasn’t firing blanks either, since blanks have shells that must be ejected, otherwise there would be only one shot because the gun would not be cycling for multiple shots, right?

      “the slide on the gun never moves back…” What you should have said here is the slide SEEMS to never move back, but in fact it does. The complete action of a slide moving back, returning forward and stripping the next round out of the magazine and chambering it (with real ammo OR blanks) takes place in the blink of an eye, a fraction of a second. Since you do not know the frame rate of the camera used in the video (most video cameras would likely be recording at a rate of 30 frames per second in this situation) and you also, despite your self appointed “expertise” about guns, have no idea just how quickly a gun cycles, makes it hard for you to grasp that the slide has time to completely cycle between one frame and the next in a video camera recording at 30fps. A camera would need to be recording at a frame rate of around 120 fps or higher to clearly reveal the slide cycling in the video playback.

      “Gun flashes…” Congratulations, Mr Wizard, you almost got this one right. Gun flashes are all but impossible to see – in daylight. But, despite your keen powers of observation, you didn’t seem to realize that the video was NOT shot in dayLIGHT. It was recorded inside a covered area, an area that was clearly NOT well lit. The video was recorded in the dayTIME, but not dayLIGHT, and there is one clearly shown muzzle flash in the video. Why only one? For the same reason you don’t see the slide cycle. The one flash is clear only because it happened at the precise instant that particular frame was exposed. And for your continuing education on firearms, and video cameras, for that matter, one has only to browse through the voluminous youtubes of real guns firing to see that gun flashes do not meet a particular set of criteria that you so naively think they should. Some flashes are big, some small, some look like sparks, others look like flames, some only like smoke – there are many, many variables involved, both in the flashes themselves and they way they are photographed, for your one dimensional closed mind to consider.

      “There is no blood…” Here again you sadly base your “knowledge” about what you think should be true on what you have “learned” from Hollywood movies. The reporter instantly recoils and flees the shooter, falling into the shadows, so of course there is no visible blood. Blood does not immediately spew out of an entry wound on a clothed body, like in the movies. What your are seeing in the movies is a “squib” – a small explosive charge behind a little pack of fake blood. Try to understand (I know it’s hard for someone like you) that movies are not the same thing as reality.

      Another point that I notice about the video is that the gun recoils in the shooter’s hand. I know it’s beyond your abilities with your limited mental capacity, but rational, thinking people can easily see by watching Hollywood movies that the actors are using blanks because the jolt of recoil that would occur with real ammo is missing when they shoot a gun. The gun in the video recoils, consistent with a 9mm.

      I know I’ve overwhelmed your brain with unpleasant facts, but maybe you could enlighten readers about only ONE on my points? If there are no spent casings, then were no blanks used? And if there were no real bullets, and no blanks either, then how was this “fake” video made, with the multiple gunshots, hmm? What made the muzzle flash? What made the gun recoil? What made the bangs? Can’t wait to hear how your superior mind will “prove” that – I mean, prove to readers – not just yourself. You know, with intelligent and rational points?

      And what mysterious agency is paying me to contradict morons online? And for what purpose are they paying me to contradict idiots with rational observations? One thing is clear, you do have a vivid imagination.

      • Try again with your disinformation. The Glock 17 is famous for spitting out the empty casings after being fired. There is way too much discrepancy between the two videos that any child could point them out. Sorry, I don’t watch television but obviously you do…

        • Of course it spits out the casings – all semi-auto pistols do that. What you still fail to grasp is how quickly it does so, and, especially if you do not know the frame rate of the video cameras, you won’t see any cases, or flashes, unless the cameras’ shutters are open at the precise instant they are ejected. And that is why you only see one gun flash; by sheer happenstance the shutter was open at the precise time the flash occurred.

          Indeed there are discrepancies between the videos, but they are easily explained, but you are right – only a child would be naive enough to believe what he sees, whereas intelligent adults, and people who understand guns AND videography will know there’s a logical explanation.

          I notice you have no answer for my other valid points. What a surprise!

          • Mock Brit disinfo debate “club”?

          • If you would like to join the debate, perhaps you could formulate complete sentences? I have no idea what your comment is supposed to mean.

          • You’ve said nothing that’s valid. All you have is disinformation and why am I even responding to this BS?

          • So you’re in denial of physics? Good luck with your life…

          • I have to agree. I just don’t like this zen guy even if he does raise good points worth debating.

          • He’s trolling just for the sake of arguing. I was able to point out many discrepancies when I ran the videos side by side. The biggest one was when the alleged victim was nodding her head in one video, whereas, she wasn’t nodding her head in the other.

          • Elliott StGeorge | September 14, 2015 at 6:31 am |

            I lost any interest in any ‘valid’ points you raised because of the sneering, arrogant tone of your reply. You seem to be more interested in insulting the writer than in presenting the evidence. Insults are totally unnecessary. I presume your intent is to denigrate, not to expand the discussion.

          • McKimberly | June 23, 2016 at 5:37 pm |

            “I lost any interest in any ‘valid’ points you raised because of the sneering, arrogant tone of your reply. You seem to be more interested in insulting the writer than in presenting the evidence. Insults are totally unnecessary. I presume your intent is to denigrate, not to expand the discussion.”

            My thoughts too but it was still kind of interesting 😛

      • care to explain the color of the shirt sleeve?
        and who doesnt notice a gun 3 ft from their face she clearly looked right at it?

      • I’ve seen slow motion shots of the gun firing. The slide doesn’t go back…

  3. “…more gun laws and FEWER freedoms”. If you can count them, however real or theoretically, it’s fewer, not less.

  4. These psy-ops are getting worse all of the time.

    • You should know.

      • I do know Dale “The Troll” Ruff!

          • TARDISOFGALLIFREY | September 13, 2015 at 7:22 pm |

            I prefer Mr. Troll. Why don’t you find some wacko liberal site to post on since you disagree with EVERY article here?

          • I am promoting gun laws supported by 85% of gun owners and 92% of the public. Are we all wacho liberals? Is being for reducing gun violence liberal?

            When you speak the truth, you do not worry about how many articles you disagree with. Speaking the truth is its own reward. If you can stop saying ” troll” long enough to refute even one claim I have made with evidence, you could redeem yourself.

            My method is simple: search out the facts; report the facts. Shrug off trolls.

          • TARDISOFGALLIFREY | September 13, 2015 at 8:36 pm |

            Where do you get your figures from of 85 & 92 percent?

          • From the Lying News Media Polls to support their agendas.

          • Have you ever heard of polls? They ask people from statistical samples and collate results. The figures I cited are confirmed by polls by CBS, Quinnipiac, Pew, and Gallup,and others. You can easily google These polls are published regularly in the MSM. Reliability of polling firms can be also checked thru a search engine.

            Here is one example:

            “Do you favor or oppose a federal law requiring background checks on all potential gun buyers?” 88% favor 10% oppose

            CBS News poll August 2/2015

            All the polls have the same results.

          • I looked up Gallup’s take on this: Less than half of Americans, 47%, say they favor stricter laws covering the sale of firearms, similar to views found last year. But this percentage is significantly below the 58% recorded in 2012 after the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, spurred a nationwide debate about the possibility of more stringent gun control laws. Thirty-eight percent of Americans say these laws should be kept as they are now, and 14% say they should be made less strict.

          • “Prior to the Senate’s failure to pass the measure, numerous polls showed that roughly nine in 10 Americans favor expanded gun background checks in concept — a fact that a number of journalists, columnists, and politicians made note of. Gallup’s Jan. 19-20 survey, for example, showed that 91% of Americans said they personally would vote for a measure requiring criminal background checks for all gun sales. Gallup asked this question again in the April 22-25 survey and found a slight decline, to 83% support.”


          • michael lawless | September 14, 2015 at 8:11 am |

            gay troll alert

          • bigot troll alert

          • michael lawless | September 14, 2015 at 11:24 am |

            rather be a bigot than a fagggottt

          • Are those your only choices? Homophobia is a sign of denial about your sexuality. Why have you brought this topic up? Are you afraid you are a “fagggottt?”

          • michael lawless | September 14, 2015 at 11:44 am |

            no sorry pickle puffer i suffer from no mental illnesses
            but lucky for you obozo care covers mental health so why dont you go get yourself evaluated
            homophobia is a fear of homos i do not fear you faggotts
            we will leave you fruitcakes for the muslimes they are the religion of peace and love

  5. It was all openly reported in all these shooter incidents – they were all taking some type of medication with side effect of violent behavior. Just a normal pharma side effect – no great conspiracy of any type.

  6. Practically all of the points about the video(s) the author cites as “proof” are not proof at all. They are at best merely speculation, and, more likely, wild speculation on the part of someone who knows very little about guns or videography. The proposition that The media going silent about the Virginia shooting after two weeks is “proof” that “truthseekers” have exposed the falsities of the report is patently absurd. What would the mainstream media be reporting two weeks later? “Three people still dead after the shooting two weeks ago – film at eleven!” I guess this must mean that anything the mainstream fails to continue to report for weeks at a time must never have occurred, right?

    And, as usual, Mr. Suarez still, two weeks later, can only offer flimsy speculation about two videos posted online as “proof” of a grand deception, when, if he were a real journalist, he would have no problem presenting MOUNTAINS of the ABUNDANT and unconcealable evidence that would exist in police, hospital and morgue records that would have to be falsified, nor can Mr Suarez tell us what happened to the reporter and cameraman, who, according to him, weren’t really shot. Did they change their names, get plastic surgery and disappear into the Jade Helm witness protection program? Or perhaps he will tell us that they, like the shooter, were “silenced” and “disappeared” by the nefarious orchestrators of this unbelievably complex conspiracy? Well, Mr. Suarez?

    I suspect that the reason the author never bothers to uncover any of the massive amounts of real “proof” of this “hoax” is a very simple one: because such “proof” doesn’t exist. Because three people are dead as a result of a tragic psychopath’s vengeful rampage. Mr Suarez doesn’t rely on facts; he doesn’t need or want the truth; he’s only trying to draw attention to himself and stir up the rabid conspiracy nuts with tabloid sensationalism.

    So pathetic when so many readers are willing to swallow his story hook, line and sinker, simply because they want to believe.

  7. Finally! A commenter with “common sense” – one of my favorite oxymorons. Well said, sir.

  8. I could see this was a fraud the day it happened.

  9. The main tactic of trollers is to call someone who presents facts and evidence as a troll.

  10. I see the author or AP has taken down my post that exposed this article for what it is. I guess they felt they had, no choice; my argument was too undeniably truthful. I had hoped to carry on with an intelligent debate, but when the response is censorship, well, I won’t waste anymore time at Activist Post. But I leave knowing that by censoring me, they have admitted defeat. I will move one to a forum that welcomes a challenge and does not cower from it. Peace to you all!

  11. Seems like a lot of dropouts from Operation Mockingbird 4.0, the Brit Disinfo Brigade, and SPLC have been reassigned to harassing the awake community. Must be a fat “black budget” this year.

  12. There has never been an infowar like this in the history of humanity and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Creating a higher consciousness to combat the level of mind control being used on us is as important as any kind of outward activism because the foundation of that activism depends on knowing the modus operandi of our adversaries.

  13. Perhaps another item for this list is to keep a close eye on CNN. It appears to be the most closely CIA-directed media outlet. Not surprising it was reported in 2000 the Fourth Psychological Operations Group had military personnel WORKING at CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta*. We also have CIA-groomed Anderson Cooper attacking James Tracy over his analyses of Sandy Hook on his personal blog in an attempt to get him fired from his academic post. A day or two before the Boston bombing incident I was on an elliptical at my gym, a captive onlooker to the CNN feed on a screen above, and noticed a constant looping coverage of the anniversary of the OKC bombing and it was bizarre for the continuous replay of bloodied victims and close ups of damage to the building. Clearly this was designed for maximum emotional impact, hitting home the meme of “domestic terrorism”. It made me queasy and worried. There’s something to be said for following our instincts and networking to share our observations.

    Thanks so much Bernie for continuing to shine a bright light for all of us.

    * counterpunch (dot) org/2000/03/26/cnn-and-psyops/

  14. Cass Sunstein would be fitting. Cognitive Infiltration! Love that fake deconstruction. They study us while we study them.

  15. Another great article, I really enjoy your work Bernie. Just telling it like it is buddy, keep it going as people need to know the truth.

  16. oh you like to think other wise? /watch?v=q4gDJ9T1Xg4 and /watch?v=k6l3_ubU3I4 on youtube

  17. MSMownedbythesilverspooncrowd | September 14, 2015 at 8:03 am |

    KUDOS to all the dissectors that take apart the msm story line.
    They are the reason folks are beginning to raise their collective eyebrows.

  18. One other identifying characteristic of the current spate of false flags, such as Sandy Hook, is when the crisis actor relatives of those who allegedly died in the incident quit their day jobs to become professional advocates for gun control.

  19. My point is that none of the false flaggers know the models of cameras used for both videos, nor do they know the ISO, iris or shutter speed settings used on either camera, yet they are all willing to assume (key word, assume) that ALL of the events seen or unseen contradicts a real shooting. The video you posted here is recorded in sunlight, which allows a higher frame rate to be used, which easily captures the spent cases.

    But the thing that really makes the false flaggers look foolish is their adamant refusal to document the MOUNTAINS of evidence that would be available since so many different agencies and people would need to collude on the hoax to attempt it: police, hospital personnel, EMTs, the county morgue, funeral homes, families and friends of all concerned. Can you guess why no one can bring such evidence to light? Simple: this was a revenge shooting by mentally disturbed, fired ex-employee.

    And of course the false flaggers will NEVER EVEN TRY to bring the REAL evidence of proof to light. They would only ending up proving themselves wrong if they did. And none of the false flaggers can prove who is behind the fake shooting, nor can say what the purpose of the false flag’s creator is. Oh sure, they will SAY that what they “know” is “proof”, but all they can really put forward are assumptions. And most important of all, none of them are going to do anything at all about it. At all. The only one of you false flag supporters in this thread who have said anything intelligent is “Common Sense” – he hit the nail right on the head.

    The false flag supporters in this thread would much prefer to pat each other on the back about how they have “exposed” this insignificant incident (and it is insignificant whether it is real or not), rather than call for a thorough investigation. The author does point out something interesting in this article when he says “what if it was intended for truth seekers and alternative media to figure out that this latest shooting was fake?”

    These are dangerous times in the US. For the first time in the history of the planet, governments have the technology to gather information about ALL of their citizens, and our government has shown it has already done so, and it will continue. Never before have governments had the ability to control its people. THAT is what needs to be discussed – and ACTED on – not this pathetic little video DISTRACTION. While you are congratulating yourselves on how you saw through this “hoax”, the government is militarizing the police, buying up millions of rounds of ammunition for the DHS and TSA, robbing innocent citizens of their life’s work and savings through asset forfeiture, passing outrageous laws like FATCA, conducting no-knock warrants where a SWAT TEAM can kick down your door in the middle of the night and shoot you dead (regardless of whether they even have the right address) – for buying or selling dime bag of weed, or any other non-violent crime, all while brushing the Constitution aside? No, don’t worry about that – let’s stay focused on this fake video, ok kids? That’ll show ’em they can’t fool us!

    I urge everyone to read, and THINK about “Common Sense’s” comment.

    • explain the videos that show a PERFECT vertical line on one side of the muzzle flash? How did the smoke/flame/flare do that? simple PHOTOSHOP

      Why no ejected casings, why no apparent slide action? cause the gun was fake. the actor pulled the trigger and twitched the gun to make it look like recoil and the “shots” were added later/ you know, like they do in the movies now since Lee was killed filming the Crow. They don’t even use blanks on set any more, so how do you explain the “action and sound” on a movie? if as you say “the conspiracy is not possible” when it is done in Hollywood every day.

    • It does’t take 100s of people to collude. the boss says OMG don’t go in there, there’s shot up little kids every where. And guess what? none of the other cops go inside. but everyone of them will tell you that OMG little bodies were every where, like they saw it themselves. It’s called group think hive mentality. No ambulances EMT on the scene of sandy hook were allowed inside the school, but EVERY first responder parrots the party line. despite that fact that NOT ONE OF THEM saw it for themselves. So no, it doesn’t take 100s of people to remain silent.

    • Not to mention that we are slaves to the corporation of the USA which is owned by the federal reserve. You are exactly right, it’s a distraction to keep us focused on what is not important.

  20. False Flag operations need increased funding and better quality control.
    Otherwise, no one will believe government.

  21. The “survivor” was on TV last night and looked too happy for someone who was shot two weeks ago and might not walk again.She was in a wheelchair but it looked staged.She claimed that she played dead until the shooter left.

  22. i never get over the fact that american’s can be so stupid and blind, it’s sad, people still actually think the media is there to give them the facts, in 2015 they still haven’t caught on, they still watch debates thinking the candidate is working on their behalf, for the betterment of society, they think the troops are in the middle east to give a people democracy and fight a few bad guys with turbans, and now with all these shootings, real or staged, (a lot of em’ are operations from fema, dhs, cia) do your research, people are going to start saying “oh hey jim, ya know i think it’s a good idea the federal government takes our guns, these shootings are getting out of hand” completely guided and manipulated by the terrorists in the media and government, they are the true terrorists, sad…oh and the fact that another bush, and another clinton is running for the top spot, should be enough to make people raving mad and throw these criminals in jail, shut down the whole system, don’t vote, you feed into by voting, say we don’t want any of them, they are bought and paid for already, that’s a conflict of interest, and they all belong to the CFR, but you nitwits still vote for them

  23. I’ll walk everyone through it. 9/11 was the kickoff for the “century of change” that’s straight out of the mouth of the neo-cons and The Project For a New American Century. Meaning the American way of life is going to change, radically, and not for the better. Remember, George W. Bush’s state of the union when he said, “For too long our culture has said if it feels good do it, now America is embracing a new ethic and a new creed, let’s roll” That was a clear cut message that the New World Order is here and it’s not stopping, & he was speaking to the nation but he was very much speaking to his cronies. The dominant elite-minority and it’s worker bee’s (government, think-tanks, foundations, NGO’s) plan in blocks, 10, 20, 50 year blocks, they have agendas that must be implemented, everything is planned, nothing happens by accident, FDR attested to that in the 1930’s. So with a punch drunk public whose immersed in ipads instead of violence, crime rates are very low, so the powers that be must stir up matter, make things happen, enter, operations, false flags etc Government agencies (FEMA, DHS, CIA) jointed with the mass media which is also centralized & controlled by the powers in charge have been staging “shootings” YES… don’t ever think for a minute that such evil doesn’t exist, because it does, check your history on false flags and government inflicting terror on it’s people. So stories of children being shot (Sandy Hook) women reporters being shot (Virginia shooting) and every other one of these “shootings” blasted to the American public via the TV will work on American’s emotions,change their views on guns. So when you have these family members (crisis actors, that are employed for such operations) on the View, crying, pleading, asking for tougher gun laws and abolishment of fire arms, it becomes quite clear that an agenda at work. So when you see Barbara Walters showing pictures of guns, their fire power, ammo count etc and Anderson Cooper reading a letter from a child, written in crayon lol, asking for tougher gun laws, you can see that an agenda is at work. All of that is going to start brainwashing people, nudging people into the type of thinking that the government wants (laws to restrict or to abolish your rights to own guns) The war on terror, which was kicked off on 9/11, isn’t really on Arab extremists, it’s in all actuality on the public, your rights, your freedoms, “security” in exchange for a national police state, just read the Patriot Act in depth to fully understand that this is a war alright, it’s on the American way of life. Wake up people.

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