Vancouver Aquarium’s Radioactive Cover-Up

fukushima radiationBy Richard Wilcox, PhD

An Open Letter To The Vancouver Aquarium: Jay Cullen’s Blatant Lack Of Transparency

From: Richard Wilcox
September 23, 2015

I just watched the video now on YouTube featuring presentations by Ken Buessler and Jay Cullen regarding ocean radiation pollution from the Fukushima nuclear disaster:

In his introduction Jay Cullen did not reveal that the nuclear industry is one of the funding sources for his research. It is outrageous that the Board Chair for Meopar, the organization that oversees Cullen’s research on this issue, is also the president and CEO of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories:

This highly relevant fact was not revealed by Cullen in the introduction to his presentation, rather he bandied about a number of other supporters — some of whom I would suspect are bought-and-paid-for greenwash environmental organizations controlled by big money interests — in order to put the public’s mind at ease that his research and conclusions are reliable.

For example, I found it interesting that Cullen can readily assume that starfish die-offs are unrelated to radiation since such die-offs have occurred before the Fukushima accident. Various ocean die-offs have occurred in the past for many different reasons, as part of natural cycles, etc.; however, Cullen admits the die-offs this time are much worse. Surely the radiation in the ocean is not doing the immune systems of organisms any good. Are marine scientists now implying the radiation hormesis theory that radiation is actually good for you in small doses? This indicates to me that Cullen’s conclusions are possibly biased in favor of a predetermined outcome to further the goals of the Controlled Opposition.

Why is it that marine biologists need funding from the Nuclear Industry and yet these facts are not revealed for an important public presentation on ocean health, which is directly related to the enormity of the Fukushima nuclear disaster?

Science considers all factors before drawing a conclusion, but Cullen is apparently drawing his conclusions by excluding inconvenient factors that might expose the profoundly damaging criminal negligence of the nuclear industry. Since the funding of his research is not being openly revealed and vigorously discussed in such a forum as offered by your organization, critical thinkers should be skeptical of the conclusions presented.

For the Vancouver Aquarium to stage an event in the interest of disinterested science without revealing this important fact — that the Board Chair of the main organization overseeing the research of this issue also represents the interests of the nuclear industry — casts doubt on the integrity of the data and conclusions presented by the participants.

If the Vancouver Aquarium is getting public funding, the Canadian taxpayers should look into this matter and demand honesty and transparency from the institutions that are misleading them.

Thank you,

Richard Wilcox, Tokyo, Japan

Richard Wilcox is a contributing editor and writer for the book: Fukushima: Dispossession or Denuclearization? (2014) and a Tokyo-based teacher and writer who holds a PhD in environmental studies. He is a regular contributor to the world’s leading website exposing the Fukushima nuclear disaster,, and a regular contributor to Activist Post. His radio interviews and articles are archived at and he can be reached at

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7 Comments on "Vancouver Aquarium’s Radioactive Cover-Up"

  1. I think these sorts of postings are “poisoning the well” attempts to exculpate the criminal nuclear industry and discredit the anti nuclear movement. Your link is typical CIA disinfo, citing no “credible” witness at some dodgy Western Intel set-up site in order to confuse the public with a lot of mumbo jumbo.

    At any rate this comment above has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of the article posted.

    Richard Wilcox

  2. Where have we witnessed situations where organizations funded science to make themselves look good? Oh that is right Monsanto, Big Pharma, Bill Gates, Pesticide manufacturers, the VA, the US Government. Criminal politicians within the US Government, global warming “GEO engineering”, the FBI, the CIA, the DHS the TSA. Aspartame….Am I detecting a pattern here???

  3. I heard it was Nukes like the one Obama ordered to be dropped on Charleston Harbor, after Lindsay Graham warned in my home town, if we did not support an invasion “Terrorists” would nuke our harbor.” Of course the two Generals involved with that event 2 weeks later, caused a 4.2 earthquake 500 miles off the coast. They were fired within a few weeks….
    Seismic recordings of the event show the perfect signature of a nuclear test event… Just as they did before the Fukashima Tsunami….

    • Where is the evidence for this assertion, “nuclear test event”? Theories demand evidence, ahem. I have to admit the 311 date is very odd (Illuminati) but never seen anything remotely credible in terms of evidence. Please don’t mention that CIA troll Jim Stoner.

      • The “evidence” was the event 2 weeks after Lindsay Graham in my home town told us that we have to go to war with Syria becvause a terrorist attack would happen in Charleston Harbor and then 450 miles off the coast there was a 4.2 “earth quake” straight off the coast, Then within the next 30 days two high ranking military officers were fired by Obama and those two were in the direct chain of command for this kind of event. The scuttlebutt coming from the military confirmed it.
        Meanwhile a second unexploded weapon went missing. The word was it was an EMP device. Why did you assume it was a “nuclear TEST event” I stated that the resulting seismic data mirrored directly what a nuclear test provides. Meaning the instantaneous spike registered by the seizmometers mirrored precisely what a nuke test produces.
        “earthquakes” build up to a large shock by producing smaller fore shocks. As well as many after shocks. Neither happened in the case of this event and the location was not near ANY known fault lines.

        • Where is the evidence, other than your story? Links, anything credible beyond internet BS? Who are you by the way, Mike? Internet troll, CIA agent, Space Alien Pedophile, Mossad, or, someone telling the truth? Who knows.

          An “event” let’s the nuclear industry off the hook. Yes, false flag events are now put in place nearly daily, “Paris” etc. 311 illuminati numerology suspicious. Debunking Sandy Hook, Paris, Charlie H. or 911 is child’s play by comparison.

          One article claims an Israeli company (Mossad) was in charge of Fukushima security. Suspicious, but is it true? At the end of the day, who builds nuclear reactors in an earthquake zone? Nutso.

          • Mike Lashewitz | November 24, 2015 at 5:03 pm |

            Well the answer to the first half took place within 2 weeks of the event, the Generals in charge of the Nuclear Arsenal being fired. So much for not paying attention.
            As for the rest I agree minus the whole “troll” idiocy.
            As for Fukashima security I do not know but the StuxNet virus was found in reactor core 3 control systems…soo….

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