UN to Censor the Internet to Save Feminists’ Feelings

By Paul Joseph Watson

The UN is working on a plan to censor Internet content that offends feminists or challenges their arguments. Meanwhile Angela Merkel “confronted” Mark Zuckerberg to increase Facebook censorship of potentially hurtful material.

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4 Comments on "UN to Censor the Internet to Save Feminists’ Feelings"

  1. WTF? How are we going to rid society of these toxic parasites?!?

    • I think all the producers,(people who are actually productive) should engage in mass synchronized disobedience to the point of a sit down strike.
      Lets see how long the parasites at the top and bottom get on.

  2. Banishing dissenting views to the dark corners of the internet will only make the left’s agenda that much more transparent.

    As it stands you already have to be a sperg’s sperg these days to not see what’s going on.

  3. Then don’t talk to the world about human rights because we no longer have any.

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