Schoolteachers in Oklahoma Undergo Concealed Carry Training

concealed_carry_schools_001By Tyler M.

A school district in Oklahoma announced this week that several of its teachers are training for concealed carry permits. The teachers are expected to begin carrying in the classroom in November.

Wilson Public Schools announced that six of its teachers have enrolled in the training. The district superintendent said that having armed teachers in each of the district’s school buildings would make the students safer.

“In today’s world with things that are happening, you have to do whatever you can to protect your school district and the children who come to school here…and that’s what we are doing,” Superintendent Eric Smith told a local news outlet.

Although Wilson Public Schools is the first district in Oklahoma to allow its teachers to be armed, other districts will likely follow suit. Oklahoma passed a law earlier this year allowing designated school personnel to carry firearms.

“I’m sure there will be more – we have a lot of rural schools in Oklahoma,” said Ginger Tinney, executive director of Professional Oklahoma Educators. “It would take a long time for law enforcement to get there.”

Tinney said that many teachers view being armed as a necessary precaution.

“For our members, it’s the last line of defense,” Tinney said. “Ultimately, they want to protect their students.”

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3 Comments on "Schoolteachers in Oklahoma Undergo Concealed Carry Training"

  1. Now that’s scary. I’m so thankful my children are grown and I don’t have to contend with that kind of really weird crap.

  2. Yet ANOTHER reason to home school!

  3. I salute Oklahoma for passing a law that makes it legal for teachers to carry concealed. My kids are grown and gone, but if they were younger I would have no qualms about sending them to school in Oklahoma!

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