Life in Prison for Building a Website

By Free Ross

Lyn Ulbricht speaks with Cordelia Lynch of Channel 4 News UK about Ross Ulbricht’s trial, corrupt investigation and more. This short video does an excellent job explaining the overall case of Silk Road and the injustices committed by the government.


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3 Comments on "Life in Prison for Building a Website"

  1. It is sad that the biggest drug dealers on the planet are corporations masquerading as govs. I guess they don’t like competition.

    • US govt. is certainly the biggest drug dealer from the CIA down to local DA’s and local attorney’s. One can follow it back easily to Bush Sr. and his days in the CIA and the Iran/Contra affair. I’ve read the drugs were flown into Mena, Ark. when Bill Clinton was gov. Then it was Cocaine. Until they discovered more significant profits in Heroin. Afghanistan. Soon the powers that be were earning more of Middle Eastern Heroin then Oil. When ever an incident occurs, the FBI moves in and covers up incidents in local communities as I believe they did here in Oak Creek, WI. Wade Page reportedly ran with the skin heads. Generally speaking the skin heads are anti-drug, rednecks. Page went into the temple with specific temple leaders as targets. This was not a hate crime as the FBI painted it out to be. When Theresa Carlson, lead FBI arrived the story changed significantly. Eric Santelle, district asst. attorney general assisted. The highly trained cop that broke protocol and got shot several times was made a hero. Imagine that.

  2. President Obama just pardoned a man from my community that received a life sentence for conspiracy to sell drugs. Donovan has served 23 years. Any sentence for any crime longer than five years except for heinous crimes is way too long. Our Judicial system is CORRUPT.

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