Report: Russian Marines Battle ISIS In Syria, IS Possesses “Satellite Imagery” Of Base

russian troopsBy Brandon Turbeville

As the conflict in Syria continues to escalate, it has been reported by Russian media that Russian Marines stationed at an airbase in Latakia have now engaged ISIS fighters in direct combat.

According to Russian news website, Segodnia, ISIS militants attempted to ambush the Russian soldiers stationed at the base but were fought off by the Russian marines, with a number of ISIS fighters being killed and some captured.

Russian military activity has been increasing at the airbase near Latakia over recent days with the arrival of new and advanced Russian fighter jets, according to reports.

Combat between Russian forces and ISIS militants marks a drastic increase in the level of conflict in Syria, adding an even greater international aspect to it as well. With Russia now openly providing the Assad government with missiles, missile defense systems, advisers, helicopters, satellite imagery, and fighter jets (particularly those being flown by Russian pilots), the Russians now stand directly in opposition to the United States pilots, jet fighters, and special forces operatives on the ground in Syria supporting the death squads (even if the official U.S. line is publicly opposed to ISIS and supportive of “moderate” cannibals).

Thus, we now have the growing potential for direct military confrontation between the two major world powers, both of them armed with nuclear weapons.

The United States has supported terrorists in Syria since the very beginning of the conflict while the Russians have provided tangential but growing support for the secular government of Bashar al-Assad.

The fact that Russians are now engaged in combat in Syria now greatly increases the likelihood that the two opposing superpowers may “accidentally” or even intentionally find themselves in direct conflict with one another in Syria.

Yet, while the Russian marines fighting off ISIS attacks is news enough, perhaps the most important revelation is that, according to Segodnia, the ISIS fighters apparently had detailed plans of the base as well as clear satellite imagery of the military installations located there.

The question then becomes, how did ISIS, a terrorist organization which has yet to launch its own satellites into orbit, acquire such sensitive and important material?

If the Segodnia report is to be believed, and with the United States, NATO, Israel, and the GCC, having supported the death squads in Syria, it seems we may have some idea of where they were able to procure satellite images.

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Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is an author out of Florence, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of six books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, and The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President. Turbeville has published over 500 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s podcast Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

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65 Comments on "Report: Russian Marines Battle ISIS In Syria, IS Possesses “Satellite Imagery” Of Base"

  1. In an interview, Sibel Edmonds described her encounters with affluent Russian tourists she encountered this summer in Turkey. She said they were convinced by the Russian media that ISIS is an overwhelming terror threat. No mention by these tourists ISIS is a CIA construct. Thus Russia is playing the same game with ISIS the western globalists are of using this intelligence-created terror group to support the security state and fear based control.

    The tea leaves tell us most likely one of the major goals behind the creation of ISIS is to foster a widespread view of the need for a global military force to combat this artificially created terror threat. Other goals obviously include (1) chaos and destruction in the middle east to create new regional body or bodies (New Middle East Project), and (2) fan the flames of a global boogeyman to rationalize a global prison planet with 1984-style 24/7 monitoring and surveillance (with China leading the way). Expect a likely MSM blizzard of statesmanship and dramatic posturing in the weeks and months to come reassuring the sheeple their “leaders” in the Matrix are strong and wise and should be trusted.

    • Perhaps… but then, as I said above, I am losing my skepticism of Putin. He may be a real enemy of the money-changers.

      • Why did he publicly call for IMF intervention in Ukraine? Putin has said the rise of regional governments is a necessary step for the creation of bricks building the new economic order. He was behind the false flags in Russia blamed on Chechens and no doubt ordered the radioactive polonium poisoning of whistle blower Alexander Litvinenko. Under Putin’s reign, it was apparently Russian intelligence that made sure the entire Polish executive branch was finished off when their plane was taken down following their rejection of IMF dictates. Consider what we learned from Antony Sutton: the international banksters effectively created the Soviets and continued to support them with technology even during the Vietnam war when the Soviets were supplying the Vietnamese with weapons and other forms of aid. There’s no way TPTB engineered Russia’s deep capture long ago and then let it slip away. Russia is NWO, implementing Agenda 21, Smart Grid and Smart Cities, it’s also economically interdependent with the west. The BRICS bank system is intimately tied to the IMF. We are being played on the international stage just as we are on the domestic one.

        • As I said, “I am beginning to lose my skepticism…” His indebtedness to the Master Race banksters is as troubling as his “former KGB” status and the other problems you properly observe. I am not ready to canonize him, but I am beginning to believe he is going through a Christian conversion of heart, his own Road to Emmaus. I will be cautious while we keep watch 🙂

        • Pardon me sir but I have worked with the architects of the BRICS since it was the 4 powers + 1 agreement and I will be able to prove and debate that it is explicitly anti-IMF policy from what we’ve seen post JFK.

          The west tried to state that the BRICS is not needed due to the IMF. Putin and China essentially retorted with ‘any country that has listened to IMF constitutionality has gone through massive depopulation and economic decline’.

          Putin called for IMF intervention because the west overthrew the government of Ukraine that allied with the BRICS. As a result he stated for them to take over and actually help the Ukranians then. Just like he is doing with ISIS, he is calling the west out.

          • Until you call the paid US terrorist regime Isis by it’s real name of Daesh you are sort of bating against the wall. Like a retarded msm pawn.

          • Albert Griggs | September 22, 2015 at 6:55 am |

            ISISrael …….. is the true name.

          • Carolingian please for the love of everything holy before you call other people retarded realize that your own comment is factually incorrect. No, they do not call themselves DAESH. I’m sorry you heard some Arab call them Daesh and now you think it’ the real name. It’s not. It’s a deragotory term used to describe them by Arabs which is an acronym of one of their group names.

            People like you who think they know what is going on, are rude, make fun of others, but are actually quite factually incorrect in their views are part of what is wrong with America. Please stop being a baby boomer and deflate that ego of yours before it gets you in trouble. You don’t want to look this stupid in real life in front of someone.

          • To see the global Technocracy endgame, one must put aside rhetoric (as with domestic politics) and look at how the elites are connected and what they are proposing in white papers and think tanks that is not for public consumption. There is an N-dimensional chess aspect few have the time or resources to research.

            The few alt media types with the intellect and wherewithall able to investigate this conundrum are people like James Corbett and the blogger Ken who posts on redefininggod(dot)com. For instance, a few months ago Ken found that an IMF Executive Director is also a Vice President of the BRICS bank. He also posted a UN document stating the BRICS bank is a “DREAM COME TRUE” (i.e. for Rockefeller, Rothschild, et al.) There are also documents written in years past from the likes of IMF / BIS strategists discussing the desirability of a BRICS-like banking consortium being formed. The is classic HEGELIAN DIALECTIC.

            It doesn’t make sense that Putin is only now getting around to military intervention in Syria. If he truly was resisting the NWO agenda and not another puppet he would have used Russia’s military might to CRUSH ISIS at the very beginning. As the former head of the KGB and with access to vast amounts of international intelligence as the Russian head of state, he had to know the west was setting up another Operation Cyclone and merely using Syria as a staging grounds.

          • But if ISIS hadn’t become a horror and Syria a tragedy, Russian intervention would have made them a pariah. Now, they are roundly applauded (except by neocons). Clinton was supposedly a three-dimensional chess player. Putin is four-dimensional. Obama – checkers ;’) Putin let Obama blunder about into disaster, and is coming in at just the right time.

          • You haven’t fully grasped the importance of what Antony Sutton taught us. If we can’t see we are being manipulated with elaborate theatrical displays of aggression (strategy of tension, Hegelian dialectics), then dangerous blind spots will form. This blind spot is precisely why apparently no alt media writers were able to predict very early on that the Syria confrontation was set up to be primarily a staging grounds for a bigger version of Operation Cyclone. I personally saw this coming and believe it would have been easy enough for others to see the same except for massive smoke being blown by the MSM and controlled op. The game is Orwellian (1984’s superstates meme) – creating faux rivals to control the masses. It’s classic and it works on most people. BTW, Obama is merely a puppet. The international banksters are the controllers, of all sides now. Read Sutton’s works.

          • Give me a link for the guy and I’ll look into it. I often predict things myself. The day Glass-Steagall was repealed, with cheers by Clinton and Both parties, I predicted the oncoming financial disaster in my newsletter. Took ten years to unfold, but if I saw it why didn’t “Rhodes scholar” Bill see it?

            Is that Antony or Anthony? Antony isn’t as common.

          • Great catch on the Glass-Steagall act repeal, my head was buried in science text books at the time. BTW, it was Trilateralist and top banking henchman Larry Summers along with Rubin who spearheaded the repeal. Professor Antony Sutton, an academic and fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institute, coincidentally, wrote the definitive book examining the rise of the Trilateralists (in the Carter admin), titled Trilateralists Over Washington. Sutton wrote this with his younger protege Patrick Wood. Wood is sounding the alarm on Technocracy and explaining how the global system is forming. Back to Summers, it was Summers who went to Russia after its economy imploded in the mid-90s to oversee the privatization process thus creating a neofeudal globalist system (Deep Capture) with most of the capital in the hands of 8 internationalist oligarchs.

            Sutton did extensive heavily documented research showing how the US/western plutocrats financed and aided the rise of Hitler and the Russian communists. He also wrote a book on the Skull and Bones crowd, how they used the dialectic in the US. In the link, he is being interviewed by Dr. Stanley Monteith (an orthopedic surgeon). Monteith was a powerhouse in his own right, passed away last year. This just scratches the surface…


          • Some of Sutton’s most books are: Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution; Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler; Wall Street and FDR; America’s Secret Establishment an Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones; and The Best Enemies Money Can Buy.


          • Here’s one more link. It’s the always brilliant James Corbett using Sutton’s research framework to make a very convincing case that the rise of China has been a global elite NWO project. These examples illustrate an extremely old and consistently successful modus operandi.

          • Not a pariah, rather a hero for helping Syria early on in the conflict quickly and decisively routing out a particularly barbaric and blood thirsty group of terrorists with links to our supposed nemesis, Al Qaeda, responsible for 9/11 (as the fairy tale goes). It would have been a cakewalk. Why didn’t they do it? From the Matrix world of international “rules”, Russia was obliged and welcomed to act if Syria merely requested its assistance. The applause is Kabuki theater, as you probably know as an Activist Post reader that the neocons and neoliberals are working the same endgame paradigm – global totalitarian technocracy with constant biometric surveillance and monitoring. It’s the same good cop vs bad cop show on the geopolitical stage. ISIS was designed to prop up the security state, defense spending, fear based control memes, and to “manufacture consent” for world government and a global military and police force.

          • CMRedwood, it is all actually very simple and straight forward. The mighty military complex sustained by the stupid American
            population is being used as a mercenary force to obliterate and intimidate any form of independence and sovereignty across the globe. This has been happening since WW1 and EVERY war since then. The drivers of this corporate-industrial-financial
            imperialism have absolutely no qualms in crushing dissent by ordering repeated fire bombing on unprotected civilian cities and even nuclear incineration of cities occupied by women and children.

            Russia have been completely in the grip of this rapacious parasite since 1917 and sure it would be difficult to tear that thing out their system but Putin does appear to be much
            more real Russian than one of these psychotic freaks. No matter his KGB connection – his real time decisions in an arduous political landscape gives him high value credibility. Russia is not playing the imperialistic game. It is only the low value western media trying to drive that impression.

          • I wholeheartedly agree the apex globalists captured the US and built it up as a military hegemon to achieve their long term agenda and that is world government run by the international banksters. Carefully analyzing statements from Putin and the style of US mainstream media coverage of Putin, it is clear he is participating in elaborate geopolitical theater designed by those same rapacious parasites who have IQs substantially higher than the world’s “leaders”. There is a good reason controlled opposition alt media (like Jones) is pushing the new cold war meme hard and that is TPTB are eager to create scapegoats for the consumption of the American public to excuse the coming transition to a global currency. The end of the nation state model is a priority paradigm being slowly rolled out. That’s why the WSJ recently floated a trial balloon column by Peggy Noonan describing a powerful mover and shaker asserting the United States could very well be carved up in the not too distant future. The Rothschild owned The Economist ran an article in June on the fragility of Russia and it likely fracturing. As well, another article described the massive corruption and instability in China (an absolute NWO technocracy) that will result in its fracturing. The Agenda 21 prison planet model is gearing up and China is well ahead of the US with Russia adopting Smart Grid and building Smart Cities under Agenda 21 guidelines. The only ones who will save us from the apex globalist will be fully awakened activists working together. There is much you aren’t aware of.

          • Well, there is complexity and apparent chaos in the unravelling
            of this hostile, malevolent take-over of the globe and it is easy to become confused in the details.

            You may be right that Putin is just another sock puppet in
            the game but it could be that he is treading very carefully around all the venomous creatures on the global political scape and even right in his own territory.

            I agree that Putin will not be the saviour against this malignancy.
            Mass awakening is the only solution.

          • Malignancy is a very apt term. Problem is, it’s wrapped up in a glossy techno mask that offers convenience, “security”, entertainment, and seductive narratives. Not many can see it for what it is.

          • A good dose of Bolshevik history quickly washes off the

          • Putin was a lieutenant colonel in the KGB and was active in East Germany, where

            “Putin and his colleagues were reduced mainly to collecting press clippings, thus contributing to the mountains of useless information produced by the KGB. Former agents estimate they spent three-quarters of their time writing reports. Putin’s biggest success in his stay in Dresden appears to have been in…[contacting] a U.S. Army Sergeant, who sold them an unclassified Manual for 800 marks.

            He resigned during the KGB coup which ousted the Communist leadership and has since called communism a “blind alley.”

            Since he never had a high position in the KGB and resigned 24 years ago, it is unlikely that his role has any significance in today’s environment. Since he was elected in 2000, the GDP has tripled (the current decline of 6% after a rise of 300% in 15 years must be seen in that context) and wages have doubled. Russia today, without dispute, is more prosperous and democratic than ever in its history. All progress is relative.

          • Please note that Dale Ruff trolls Activist Post to aggressively shout down skeptics of the Establishment’s position on climate change. He thinks mandatory vaccinations are fine and criticizes skeptics of official vaccine scientism. He also harasses threads on Geoengineering, saying there is no such thing as a chemtrail, we are all delusional. He believes the UN blueprint for human rights (which emphasizes collectivism over individual liberties) is perfect and he never ever criticizes the globalist Rockefellers but the globalist Kochs are fair game (see the dialectic here?). Notice how he attacks generally held understandings of Putin’s past that are not recorded in the official academic record but he COMPLETELY ignores the far more important work done by Sutton. Just as not many Americans know about Antony Sutton’s critically important research, few will dig even deeper to understand the Deep State here or anywhere else. Using Dale’s logic, we all should accept the official fairy tale of 9/11 because the “experts” in almighty government and academia don’t challenge the Big Lies.

          • Anyone who sides with this domineering, ever more
            tyrannical, vaccination industrial complex just cannot be trusted. Anyone who concurs with the farcically ridiculous “official” version of 9-11 just has to be a paid stooge.

            Well, Washington DC is officially stooge valley. The place where a corporate bill can be introduced and it can only be viewed in a secret chamber! Or a bill is to be voted on by the cluster of “sociopathic imbeciles” and they are not allowed to see what the bill is all about! Any normal person would cringe to be associated with this bunch of suited simians.

          • You’re absolutely correct about the TPP, what a travesty and a nightmare. The increasing totalitarian stance on vaccines is also terrifying, we are getting slammed from all sides. I’m a medical scientist by profession and I have witnessed group think and institutional blindness but never imagined we would get to the point, in my lifetime, where people in this country are going to be forcibly injected – or else! BTW, a lot of people in congress know what the endgame is, they aren’t really that dumb, that’s a persistent psy op. As for Dale, all I can do to thwart professional level disinfo is to share insights that in the end make the attempted disinfo backfire. Sometimes it works and others pass on the knowledge – that’s how I learned most of what I know from light bearers I encountered 12 years ago when I fully woke up. Not that it matters much, but I should clarify that Dale does not argue against 9/11 truth per se, what little he admits to is there are questionable aspects. If he didn’t say that, he would be badgered and lose all credibility because he knows that our litmus test. What I meant was when Dale argues for the Establishment position, he uses an “appeal to authority” and scientific consensus or expert elitism as though good old common sense can’t figure out 2 + 2 does not equal 5. Look how many people swallowed the JFK assassination “magic bullet” story in the Warren Commission report. Most people will believe anything the “authorities” or “experts” tell them. Boggles my mind.

        • It should be seen as pretty obvious that Putin called for IMF intervention, simply because BRICS was not going to be a device used by the west to launder money out of the Ukraine. The only thing more absurd than the BRICS getting involved in the Ukraine would be for the BRICS to bail out Greece. They might as well just give their money to the IMF & Troika and friends.

          • Brandon Smith has posted a couple of articles on Activist Post explaining Russia’s long held ties with the international banking mafia to include the IMF. Smith provided additional evidence Russia’s rulers have been ideologically supportive of the NWO. It is understood both the Bank of China and Bank of Russia are Rothschild controlled central banks. Zhou Xiaochuan, the head of BofC is a member of the influential Rockefeller central banking organization Group of 30. Rockefeller = Rothschild. If you only skim the surface of geopolitics and don’t consider historical perspective or follow the money and bedfellows, you’ll never see the big picture.

            corbettreport (dot) com/episode-297-china-and-the-new-world-order/

          • Yvonne Forsman | September 22, 2015 at 9:58 pm |

            Doesn’t Rothschild own banks in all countries in the world, except 3: North Korea, Cuba, Iran?

          • Good point, thanks. AFAIK, the only exception is North Korea at this point. I’ve come across newer lists of Rothschild controlled banks (presumably via BIS direct and indirect involvement) include Iran and Cuba. This makes sense given major political and economic shifts of Iran and Cuba towards the globalization model over the last 7 years or so. By 2008, Iran was overtly privatizing public assets and opened the door to multinational investment in the country, openly courting big globalist institutions. President Rouhani was no doubt pre-selected for office (the way our presidential candidates are) owing to his emphasis on moving Iran further into the global neoliberal economic model to include the implementation IMF economic reform guidelines.

          • Check out Rothschild’s cunning use of trust funds and intermediary companies to disguise ownership and involvement in business….
            For me the main point is that Syria is a “secular” state, this has to be defended, no matter what your political and ideological views are. The surrounding countries will eventually have to modernise pragmatically or place themselves into obscurity.

          • You’re right, Syria has long been a shining example of stability, secular government, inclusiveness, and cultural modernity. Compared to the barbarisms common in Saudi Arabia and other socially backward countries, Libya was a model developing country, even Iraq was more evolved. Thus, TPTB fan the flames of extremism to do their dirty work. Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia obedient princes are working behind the scenes to liberalize KSA one tiny mouse step at a time. A good example being the inclusion of women in governmental policy boards that were formerly all male. Saudi Arabia took the lead in 2011 to begin the formation of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the first regional government system that seeks to “harmonize” laws and culture, and develop a common currency (not unlike the Euro, or the proposed Amero). This is staging for the final build out of the NWO paradigm.

          • Would rather have BRICS own Greece and establish military bases there than the EU.

          • BRICS = IMF = BIS = Rothschild and Rockefeller NWO. The last thing we need is any more NWO military bases.

        • All that is evil is comes from Putin. The evidence is that it is repeated endlessly.

          • All that is centralized totalitarian control starts at the top of the pyramid of power – international banksters.

            Now why would a disinfo agent likely connected to the SPLC take an interest in a minor thread on geopolitical tyranny? Perhaps the same reason this same agent sees fit to bash critics of geoengineering, vaccinations, and the Establishment’s climate change paradigm. Yes, you endlessly take on the mantra that only the robed priests of official scientism can speak the truth. When challenged why these same priests sanction Big Lies on false flag attacks and Big Pharma poisons using the cover of “expert opinions” you suddenly go silent. Why the inconsistency? TPTB will only lie to us about some things and not others. Is that right?

          • ” Yes, you endlessly take on the mantra that only the robed priests of official scientism can speak the truth. When challenged why these same priests sanction Big Lies on false flag attacks an d Big Pharma poisons using the cover of “expert opinions” you suddenly go silent. Why the inconsistency? TPTB will only lie to us about some things and not others. Is that right?”

            When it comes to global warming,there is a 99% consensus, based o n empirical data, of scientist(calling them “robed priests” is propaganda rhetoric) from 180 nations and no logical reason why they would all lie. In addition, the Koch funded Berkeley Earth Project, meant to expose the fakery in the data, found instead that it was solid.

            When it comes to GMO and glyphosate, there is a clear case of Monsanto and biotech controlling the research (ie funding friendly research and conducting an progaganda attack on unfriendly research, as well as a large element of independent research which demonstates the toxicity of GMO food production technniques.

            So, yes, I make a distinction between science which is controlled by corporate (profit) interests and independent scientific studies.
            With biotech, the bias of friendly research is clear as well as the existence of the unfriendly studies on which WHO and 60 nations which have banned GMOs have relied. There is an independent body of research which can be denounced but not refuted.

            With global warming, there is ZERO scientific research which refutes the fact of empirical data which proves the earth is warming, nor is there any other logical explanation than human activity.

            So I reject your loaded rhetoric and either/or logic. The 10,000 climate scientists from over 150 nations all have secure professions and there is zero evidence that any of them are frauds.

            The GMO research picture is quite different, with Monsanto having a revolving door with the USDA and a huge propaganda machine to attack the research by independent scientists which exposes the dangers of glypohosate, etc.

            As a well-educated person with highly developed critical thinking skills, I feel very competent to make such distinctions.

            The fact that in some cases, such as biotech, that the industry has tried (but not succeeded) to control the research does not demonsrtate that in other areas that scientists are controlled by corporations or some nefarious government agenda (this would have to apply to all nations on earth).

            There were dishonest scientists who worked for tobacco to back up claims that tobacco was harmless, but, as happens in science, the honest science finally won out. With GMOs,the reliable independent research is winning out as more and more nations reject the claim that GMO production is harmless.

            Over several centuries, the attempts to exploit science to promote fraudulent claims have all lost, whether in Soviet genetics or US tobacco studies. Science is self-correcting, so that when it does err, it is corrected not by political leaders or committees but by other scientists, seeking to make a name by pointing out bad science. This system, which is controlled by no one and run by the world’s scientists themselves, has always corrected itself.
            The correction with biotech claims is already under way, and since there is no correction to climate science, we can either accept the scientific consensus or the propaganda campaign of the fossil fuel oligarchs, whose agenda is not knowledge but creating political obstacles to regulation to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

            We know today that since 1977, Exxon studies had concluded that global warming was real and that it was being caused by burning fossil fuels. A decade later, they began to spend millions (like the Koch brothers and other oligarchs) to create public confusion to block regulation.

            So we have a choice: we can reject corporate claims (including corporate denunciations of independent studies) and corporate propaganda…..or we put our trust in science, fully aware that sometimes science goes awry but equally aware that it always corrects itself.

            Your use of loaded rhetoric suggests to me that you have replaced rational thought and critical thinking with language designed to influence otherwise known as propaganda.

            You conflate TPTB with the10,000 independent climate scientists from over 150 nations. I suggest you have zero evidence for that equation.

            Sometimes the government lies; sometimes it does not.
            We can use skeptical and critical thinking to discern the distinction. Very often, corporations lie to conceal the truth for profit motives. We can use independent science and critical thinking to expose such lies.

            That’s where I stand, with the independent scientists who have exposed the dangers of GMO food produition methods and with the independent scientists who unanimously agree there is indisputable empirical evidence for global warming.

          • You make reasonable points, however, you still do not admit to the problem of group think among tightly knit professionals. If sheer numbers were the deciding factor of legitimacy, then the vote earlier this year by 96% of the members of the American Institute of Architects to REJECT a resolution supporting a new investigation into the collapse of WTC Bldg 7 would force us to conclude that NIST’s bizarre and elaborate rationalizations that small office fires and debris from the trade towers brought down WTC 7 at near free fall speed in perfect symmetry into its own footprint must be correct. Nothing to see here, move on. Buildings are that fragile and 3892 architects don’t give a ___ to find out why doesn’t strike you as cognitive dissonance? You must know the more educated a person is the more elaborate their rationalizations. Moreover, I would argue a direct comparison of climate science and GMOs is an apples to oranges scenario given the extreme sub specialization of climate science compared to wide ranging interested parties in genetic engineering able to understand the basics of the technology and potential risks to health and the environment. Less compartmentalization translates into lower tendencies to fall into group think.

          • I dealt with what you call “group think” (which in the case of science is not really appropriate since it implies lack of critical thinking) by noting how science, even when perverted by government and/or corporate interests (ideological/profits) is self-correcting. There are no cases in many centuries where science did not find its perversions exposed by other scientists and corrected. The process continues.

            The issue is not sheer numbers but an acceptance of empirical data.
            Numbers do however matter: for instance if 99 scientists believe gravity is a universal force and one hold out, a rational person would side with the 99%. This is not mean numbers are always right or perfect but that, all things considered, it makes sense to go along with the 99.99% of climate scientists who accept global warming as an empirical fact rather than the one or two who dispute it, in alliance with the non-scientific corporate propagandists.

            There is within scientific method a democratic element, which means the self-correction of science is ruled not by state bureaus or even scientific committees but by the process of peer-review pre and post publication, and the incentive of young scientists to find flaws in accepted ideas. Democracy in the end assumes that numbers do matter, but not mere numbers but overwhelming consensus of experts who spend their lives doing peer-reviewed research.

            The vote of architects on 9/11 is not an apt analogy. Architects are not scientists; they do not undergo peer-review, and they are almost all employed by corporations, whose interest is not objective knowledge but profits. I personally do not accept the official narrative about any aspect of 9/11 but that is not a courageous stand since the 9/11 Commission itself has documented that the government lied to them.

            In addition, there are thousands of engineers and architects and scientists who refute the conclusions of the government and the American Institute of Architects. As I said, science is not ruled by committees or institutes but by peer-review of experts.

            You apples/oranges argument regarding climate science and GMOs makes no sense to me. What counts, always is the existence of independent research based on empirical evidence, no matter in what field.

            I would also suggest that genetics is probably as much or more specialized than climate science. That is not the issue: the only issue is independent research.

            In the case of climate science, all climate scientists accept global warming as a fact and over 97% accept there is no other logical explanation than human activity. The 3% who dissent simply say they are not certain human activity is the cause, while they also accept the empirical fact that the earth is warming.

            Your premise of compartmentalization as a tendency to create “group think” collapses for two reasons: 1) lack of evidence that climate science is so specialized that a simple question based on empirical data such as Is the Earth Warming cannot be anwered. It can and it has. 2) The assumption that when scientists who do research in a field find they consistently reach the same conclusion are guilty of group think. Scientific consensus of independent researchers who have done their own studies is the opposite of group think, which implies a mindless conformity.

            The consensus of physicists on the universal force of gravity or of climate scientists on the indisputable factual proof of global warming is not mindless conformity or a result of peer pressure.

            If anything, scientists are very competitive and seek out opportunities to find flaws in established theories rather than to “fit in” as tho they were mindless robots.

            I reject your argument based on the fact that in every case, science has corrected itself when wrong and the lack of any evidence that climate scientists are frauds, sell-outs, or conformists. If you have evidence, you should present it. I cannot accept your logic that specialization leads to group think. Science is the least groupthink enterprise on earth. Young scientist can make their careers by revealing flaws in the theories of established scientists, and this is a dynamic which, along with peer-review, forms the process of constant self-correction which explains why science has itself, without outside control, corrected itself for many centuries.

          • Physics and structural engineering are foundational to modern day architectural design. NIST is most definitely a scientific institution. Fourteen years after 9/11 there has still been no scientific self correction to the absurd official story for the collapse of the three WTC buildings, particularly WTC 7.

            You are mistaken to think it takes a highly specialized education in genetics to comprehend the potential hazards of genetically engineered organisms. Anyone with the equivalent knowledge of an undergraduate degree in biology is literate enough to research and understand the inherent dangers. Regardless of formal education, a well read person who takes the time to acquire some basic background knowledge can get up to speed too. You still cling to a scientific elitism approach that fits neatly into Technocracy ideology, with climate change and mandatory vaccinations being two cornerstones. Club of Rome?

            Even if AGW is a significant or dominant variable in climate change, why should the further centralization of fascist power be the “solution”? Sure, a shift towards a local balancing of resources and ending the banksters’ hyperconsumption model is the way to go, with complete transparency and BOTTOM UP control, not top down, the model Catherine Austin Fitts attempted to create before she was shut down by TPTB. If we weren’t deliberately dumbed down and pitted against each other domestically and internationally (Sutton was indeed brilliant), we’d already be there.

            Frankly, with your education and the amount of time you seem to have, I can’t imagine why you would want to harass anti-government corruption types on Activist Post rather than spearheading a rebellion against fascist power grabs such as the TPP. The only logical conclusion is you support the NWO / Global Technocracy.

          • Reducing greenhouse emissions is hardly fascist. You are deluded
            Fossil fuel oligarchs seeking to thwart regulation of their harmful emissions is hardly anti-corruption.

            Clearly, you did not look at the Berkeley Earth Project, which proved all the govt data on climate is accurate. Hold tight to your propaganda, friend.

      • Germany didn’t want to impose economic sanctions on Russia: Germans are thankful to Russian people who allowed the reunification of two Germanies! Germans do not want more wars! But, US and Croatia haven’t learned their lessons from own own history.

        Now, the US destroy sistematically all countries that are prosperious! Libya was the most prosperious country in Africa where millions of Black Africans where able to work and send money homes; Libya nourrished the half of Africa and was a most important stability element; Iraq was the most prosperious country in the region thanks to its oil; Yugoslavia was the most prosperous country with the original economic system where the wealth was shared among workes – it worked and people lived like kings….
        Now, Germany is the motor of European prosperity!

        The secret war against Germany has been started :
        -all refugees want to go to Germany! Refugees leave Turkey under US order and are not interested in France, Switzerland, Italy… the entire Africa’s population, Iraqi / Afghanistan and Middle East population want to Germany! They were instructed and they recieve money to go to GERMANY
        -Volkswagen-scandal is the part of the same satanic diplomatic US game

        • Accurate observations… BUT… a word of caution:

          1 Timothy 6:10
          For the desire of money is the root of all evils; which some coveting have erred from the faith, and have entangled themselves in many sorrows.

          • SWISS PROPER GANDER | September 23, 2015 at 2:17 pm |

            Desire of money is evil. But possession of it (like Putin does in spades) is not.

          • If acquired by noble means – and if not used to manipulate people. Money is used as a tool by some to get people to do things they wouldn’t normally do… wars, prostitution, stealing, selling nefarious goods such as drugs, work 8 hours every day. The “need” for money gets people to betray their own values. It’s really nothing less than modern day slavery. Money, to some, is a harsh slave master; to others it’s a god. The irony is, nobody ever has enough – even the richest man on the planet.

          • Very true and why absolute control is the next Big Fix for TPTB. Hence, the rise of the Orwellian police state that monitors and tracks our every move with the ultimate goal of micromanaging all aspects of our lives. It’s extremely dehumanizing and we are largely bringing it upon ourselves by going along with their seductive paradigms.

          • According to all anti-Russian propaganda media, Putin has stolen 200 billion from the Russian people (whose wages have doubled under his leadership),making him the richest man on earth.

            The Russian people, who support him by 85% (the highest in the world) and who in 2012 became for the first time citizens of a “high income” nation, are too stupid to believe the anti-Russian propaganda media.

            With a salary of just over $150,000 a year, it’s hard to figure how he accumulated 200 billion, but the evidence is overwhelming: all anti-Putin propaganda media confirm he is the richest man on earth.

          • Dale is a Harvard educated political science wonk and he can’t fathom how the global elite (including Putin) can acquire far more money “off the books” working as minions for the International Bankster Mafia? How do you think Dale explains the black budget and the over 8 TRILLION “missing” from the Pentagon’s budget? Two dimensional geopolitics is for the hopelessly naive and professional disinfo.

    • Pipeline

      • Yeah, I know about the geopolitical importance of the pipelines. I believe the big global mafia players already negotiated this aspect. There’s a fair amount of western and Russian economic integration that has been growing rapidly the past few years to include mutual ownership investment in large oil and gas companies – the globalist term “interdependence”.
        Some examples in the link under Top Posts – Russia is participating in global Smart Grid, has a formal partnership with the US and Smart Grid contracts with Europe. Details of a UN-style Agenda 21 Russian Smart City are online.

  2. We’ve been waiting for long time. Soon, it will be over. He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

    • In view of his “former KGB” status, I have long been skeptical of Putin, but I am beginning to lose my skepticism. I now see him as the consummate “insider” who goes “off the reservation” taking all his insider knowledge enabling him to stay one step ahead of the NWO/JWO. Could this be why the tribe struggles to vilify Putin?

      Remember Saul? He was a much earlier tribal “insider” who went “off the reservation” to became St. Paul ruining the tribe’s earlier plans. — judaism101.proboards dot com

      • Kabuki theater, not unlike the Bushes and Clintons, RINOs and DINOs.

        BTW, Corbett produced a brilliant podcast on how the global elite built up China (China and the NWO). He explained how the offspring of the Chinese Communist “revolutionaries”, so called Eight Immortals, went on to become the fabulously wealthy and powerful princes of the new economy. I understand the same phenomenon has taken place in Russia whereby the children of the top ranking Soviet era communist leaders have become extremely wealthy and powerful. Coincidence? What are the odds?

        corbettreport (dot) com/episode-297-china-and-the-new-world-order/

        • Indeed, through the centuries, one of the most profitable tricks of the Master Race has been the instigation of conflict. As I said, I have long been a skeptic of the theatre played out on the phony political landscape. I am well-aware that Satan has many accomplices and many tricks. I am not pushing for Putin’s canonization, but I am allowing for the possibility that God’s graces are working in Putin. Neither you nor I have the charism of reading hearts, minds, or souls, so let us together keep watch of Putin and other potential and real threats on the world stage. Data is always welcome.

    • Well, Armageddon was supposed to start in the Middle East. Our “leaders” are certainly working hard on that.

  3. No man left behind will be difficult to follow when the SF man is gone in a flash. As for sat maps … misdirection n misinfo intelligence. Probably supplied by putin himself after adequate photoshop touch ups. The russian images are equal to ours so they’re aware of how to disguise equipment from FLIR heat signatures. We fabricate equip parameters also. As a goof in security field … on an occasion of joviality we heated up a room to 110°F to see if the human signature would be detected by the alarm sensors … beam breaking x2 or more. The sensors were blind and didn’t alarm. LOL As for glass break hi freq sensors the pros duc tape the glass before breaking … they’ve even taped styrofoam to the windows and it muffled the hifreq audio parameter the device is listening for. Those are just minor players with limited budgets … think about what a state player can do.

  4. YIKES….someone needs to answer for this
    The politicians don’t want ISIS destroyed but I do

  5. “…how did ISIS, a terrorist organization which has yet to launch its own satellites into orbit, acquire such sensitive and important material?”
    Probably the same way they found out about Ambassador Stevens being in Benghazi: Hillary’s unsecured email server.

    • How does a landlocked organization in a desert get endless supplies and ammunition? It’s a Logistical Miracle of Allah ;’)

  6. Interesting article. You have a point about not really knowing who is who and what is what. We are forced to rely on various media outlets which set the meme. My source for my reference to Daesh from the Boston Globe. The OCTOBER 09, 2014 article headline which read:

    Words matter in ‘ISIS’ war, so use ‘Daesh’

    Interesting in the UK article you reference they say not to use the word. It’s almost as if somebody wants to keep us all ~confused. You’re probably right.

  7. Are we becoming the bad guys , or just stupid ?

  8. I think “annex” is a Western MSM canard. It was a free plebiscite (same as Scotland) by a Russian majority terrified of the KIev Nazis who raised “Kill Russians” flags. And unlike Kiev, not one person was killed. Crummy “annexation” when no one was shot, IMHO.

  9. Not just an ally, Syria is a satellite of Russia. There’s no way Russia would have not helped Syria route out the jihadists when they first appeared. It would have been an easy task and lauded on the international stage as a decisive battle against terrorism. Instead, this situation was allowed to metastasize and become more dangerous when a consortium of western and middle eastern globalist minions and Israel(!), led the by CIA, of course, worked TOGETHER to arm, train, fund, provide MASH-units style health care and recruits to the jihadists being groomed to become ISIS. Yet not ONE word about this shameful development from Syrian and Russian officials to the international press. Eventually the alt media began a steady deconstruction and then the Establishment narrative changed again to rationalize aiding “moderate” Al Qaeda jihadists.

  10. That would be logical if the world operated the way talking heads on television tells us it does. How could the global elite do their dirty work if the average person knew what they were up to behind the curtain? They love the Hegelian dialectic.

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