Police Shot Innocent Bystander Like the Crook They Were After

casings-818868_640By Amanda Warren

Over the last few days, both mainstream and alternative media outlets have reported on a strange incident of a “stand-off” in Rancho Cordova, California last week.  A presumably mentally ill man inexplicably fired an AK-47 outdoors at the home across the street, riddling the home with about a hundred rounds which killed the neighbor’s dog inside. Of course that is extremely criminal and dangerous – and one imagines the relief the neighbors felt to see the deputies arrive to stop the chaos. That relief may have been short-lived.

It would have been one of those “hurrah!” stories about the Sacramento County Sheriff’s department apprehending a seriously deranged and dangerous suspect were it not for the fact that the police themselves riddled a nearby home with bullets on the way out and downed a young man with a cell phone simply because they found him threatening. He was taken to the hospital to treat a bullet wound in the leg.

They maintain that they perceived the bystander to be threatening and thought his cell phone might be a gun. This news follows on the story that cell phone recordings by bystanders have helped prove NYPD brutality claims.

The irony no one is mentioning, is that police fired rounds just as recklessly as the apprehended suspect in order to injure or kill a target, both creating damage in the process. Whereas the deranged man may have perceived something about the house across the street as a threat, so the police claimed they were threatened from a bystander holding a cell phone. The suspect with a “machine gun,” as the mainstream called it, was safely taken into custody but a bystander who did nothing wrong was fired on multiple times and injured by police bullets.

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John Vibes also points out:

Meanwhile, the suspect next door surrendered as soon as police got there, meaning that he was possibly already in custody when Sanchez was shot. It was stated in a news broadcast from KCRA that the shooting occurred just as the suspect was being apprehended on the other side of the street.

To add insult to injury, the Sanchez family had their home searched by police after the incident, and luckily their search turned up empty-handed.

How is this behavior much different or any less crazy than the suspect’s actions? Maybe the father of the shot cell phone holder did point out one difference on the part of police when he told the local news:

They told him they were sorry that he got shot and everything, that they made a mistake.

It should also be suspect when police who shoot innocent bystanders or defend those types of actions talk in terms of feelings. But what feelings or empathy has been shown to the people they were supposedly showing up to help? They want America to conform to their perception of feeling threatened – but we are still talking about shooting innocent American citizens, and that is a terrible threat. If people continue to contort their own reality to buy warped perceptions, they will later mourn the the kinds of precedents getting pushed every day.

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3 Comments on "Police Shot Innocent Bystander Like the Crook They Were After"

  1. And they actually have the nerve to wonder why Americans despise cops and are now shooting them first.

  2. California registered and banned AKs. How could this happen? [barf]

  3. John C Carleton | September 14, 2015 at 2:44 pm | Reply

    Remove weapons from police hands. If it saves even one innocent life it is worth it.

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