Obama’s Unconstitutional Schemes to Nationalize Police

By Alex Newman

The Obama administration is going full speed ahead in its efforts to nationalize and federalize state and local police departments across America. This is not only unconstitutional, but a terrible and dangerous idea.

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4 Comments on "Obama’s Unconstitutional Schemes to Nationalize Police"

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  2. There is absolutely no way you could be a “troll” could it? Did you have to use word for word government talking points? Couldn’t you at least use some imagination? WOW!

    • If you have something to say Rudy, spit it out. The Patriot Act militarized police and allows for military on our streets. Not only our military but Washington can now call in NATO and put foreign troops on the corner. Just in case our brainwashed psyc ops military doesn’t follow orders and shoot their own. Russ Finegold, Democrat,Wisc. was the only senator that voted against it. The Patriot Act also increased the number of trained in search and seizure TSA idiots we put up with at airports that violate our rights if we want to ride on a plane. TSA are Emergency Federal Employees. This means they can be mobilized. Thus, govt. added another 60,000 para military to the forces they need to control we, the people. The Patriot Act, drafted by Joe Biden shortly after the Oklahoma FBI bombing selfgovern.


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