How the Government Suppresses Free Energy Technologies

Nikola-Tesla-CoilBy Buck Rogers

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if better and cleaner energy sources were widely available and affordable to all of earth’s people? If so, you’re not alone, as the quest for a better energy existence has been the focus of many ingenious inventors, scientists, experimenters and even corporate and government scientists for generations.

We know it’s possible, but for some reason, though, society just can’t seem to get beyond 23.6 or so miles per gallon on average, highway. The gap between what science is clearly capable of and what is available to the consumer mass market is extraordinary, and here really is no need to be using up the world’s fossil fuels and building nuclear plants as if there were no tomorrow, but we do.

The truth is there for those who have eyes to see. Tremendous market forces and capital involved in government and in the energy and automobile industries make it practically impossible for any promising energy device or technology patent to emerge as a viable and accessible alternative in the real marketplace, and not just appearing on YouTube or at trade shows as prototypes. Alternatives do exist, but why are they not more broadly available?


In addition to the more famous cases such as Wilhelm Reich, and other scientific geniuses like Nikola Tesla, Raymond Rife, or Linus Pauling, many lesser known inventors have patented or attempted to patent functional energy devices that just never seem to make it to the public.

How exactly are advanced energy technologies and energy devices actually suppressed? One could argue that the suppression of energy technologies is a necessary evil by government, as Gary Vesperman has here:

An understandable reason for suppressing certain types of energy inventions is that the knowledge behind them is also capable of producing tremendously destructive advanced electromagnetic weapons such as the “death ray” apparently invented by Nikola Tesla. Hence many such new energy technologies, particularly those using this kind of knowledge of advanced electromagnetic principles, are considered “dual use” technologies that are among the 4,000 un-numbered patent applications confiscated in a vault at the US Patent and Trademark Office because of their military potential and the need to keep that knowledge from America’s enemies. [Gary Vesperman]

Some cases, perhaps, may surely be considered national security, but in today’s age, the public is discouraged from even looking into simple alternatives, and even the electric car was originally killed.

Who knows precisely how many opportunities the human race has lost to see free energy?

The Orion Project, an organization dedicated to the transformation of our energy usage took a close look at why this is the case, and exactly how the government suppresses free energy devices. In their review of past and now obscure technologies, they’ve noted the key ways in which alternative energy technologies are suppressed. Take a look:

Our review of past and now-obscure technological breakthroughs shows that these inventions have been suppressed or seized by the following broad categories of actions:

1.5.1 Acquisition of the technology by ‘front’ companies whose intent has been to ‘shelve’ the invention and prevent the device from coming to market.

1.5.2 Denial of patents and intellectual property protection by systematic action by the US and other patent offices.

1.5.3 Seizure or suppression of the technology by the illegal application of section 181 of the US Patent law or other illegal applications of national security provisions that result in the technology being classified or deemed “of significance to the national security”. Note that these applications are illegal actions taken by rogue, unsupervised individuals and entities who are working in collusion with interests to suppress these technologies.

1.5.4 Abuses by other regulatory or licensing entities, including but not limited to rogue elements within the Department of Defense, CIA, NSA, Federal Trade Commission, Department of Energy and others.

1.5.5 Targeting the inventor or company with financial scams, illegal financial arrangements that lead to the demise of the company, and similar traps.

1.5.6 Systematic interception of funds and essential financial support needed to develop and commercialize such fundamental new energy sources. Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 10/19/09 p. 6

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1.5.7 A pattern of harassment, bomb threats, theft and other shadowy actions that frighten, intimidate and demoralize those inventing, holding or developing such technologies; significant bodily harm and murder have also apparently occurred.

1.5.8 Inducements through significant financial buyouts, offers of positions of power and prestige and other benefits to the owner of such technologies to secure their cooperation in suppressing such technologies.

1.5.9 Scientific establishment prejudice and rejection of the technology in light of unconventional electromagnetic effects thought to be not possible by current scientific conventional wisdom.

1.5.10 Corruption of scientific entities and leaders through clandestine liaisons with rogue classified or shadowy private projects that intend to suppress such devices.

1.5.11 Corruption of major media entities and key figures through clandestine liaisons with rogue classified or private shadowy projects that intend to suppress such devices. [Source]

As you can see, it’s full spectrum dominance when it comes to the suppression of energy technologies. What will it take to see a significant cultural shift toward sustainable energy technologies? One has to wonder if the suppression of such important things as free and overunity energy is even possible by humans. What do you think?

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6 Comments on "How the Government Suppresses Free Energy Technologies"

  1. Most know the D.C. toadies protect their masters’ grip on energy. Most don’t know the same filth hold a patent on medical marijuana and also decide the mileage your auto will get. Identical cars in Europe have chips which substantially increase their mileage but are “illegal” here because it would cost them in gas-taxes. As for Tesla? He was marginalized while a mediocre, (at best) third -class clerk with the patent office, (Einstein), was created by the owned media as a “genius”. I haven’t verified it’s accuracy yet but some say the FBI was behind Tesla’s death prior to confiscating his notes etc. With the abundance of corruption/evil within D.C. being made known I wouldn’t be surprised. In fact, I’m more surprised by their rare/random acts of honor.

  2. Gas milage is obvious. I had a dune buggy made from 60’s VW, with holly carbs and stingers (hardly a setup for maximum gas milage) and STILL got over 33 mpg! That was almost 30 years ago!

  3. Did you know that American citizens pay huge “tariffs” on Chinese solar panels (200+%) because: American industrialists found it cheaper to bribe (lobbyists) government officials to impose “so-called’ dumping tariffs than to do as the Chinese have done: Invest heavily in totally automating their factories, streamlining their production systems, spending on research for faster, cheaper, better, SMARTer ways to compete on world markets, spend money on scientists to make more efficient product.
    Well hidden fact kept from Ontario and their electricity suppliers: Wind Turbines in very much colder Northern Ontario work at very much higher efficiencies due to the denser air . . .
    Gasoline engines are only 22% efficient due to all the friction and moving mass they entail.
    Electric drive trains have only three moving parts! No reciprocating parts, and only bearings to wear. Electric power trains put over 95% of the inputted energy to the pavement. Li batteries can be designed to be fully recyclable. Aluminum Chassis on the Electric Tesla cars are a source of huge energy savings. Ford’s F-150 with its aluminum parts is the most efficient truck on the road in America. China can bypass its Capitalist sunk money and arrive at an all electric transportation system sooner than the U.S.A. China has had for a decade or more, Electric Bullet trains travelling 24/7/365 at 320 kph. They replace the jet fuel intensive American flying obsession.

  4. in 1984 i bought a toyota tercell that got 51 mpg on a trip from ormond beach florida to jackson mississippi.
    i expected that mpg would go better and higher than that in the coming years, i was sadly mistaken. so it is very possible, but not probable. big oil companies would loose to much money!

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