Ciao GMO Crops – Europe Doesn’t Want You Around!

EU GMOBy Kristen Anderson

The European Union has initiated plans to ban genetically modified crops. Currently, each country and sometimes each state can decide to approve GMO crop cultivation, creating a “patchwork” approach that is causing confusion and inconsistencies.

GMO crops are allowed throughout North, Central, and South America, as well as Asia. In March, the EU approved a law allowing the European Commission to approve genetically modified crops individually for import, but also allows countries to opt-out of the importation even if deemed safe.

Scotland and Germany seem to be leading the movement to ban GMO crops in the EU. Citing environmental and health concerns, they have long been the voice of dissent against GMO crops and Monsanto. MON 810 corn has been banned in Germany since 2009 despite its claims to combat crop loss due to insects such as the European corn borer. Austria, Hungary, Greece, France, and Luxembourg have banned the cultivation of MON 810, but still allow it to be imported.

“Like Scotland, the German Government recognizes the importance of protecting its food and drink sector and keeping its environment clean and green,” said Rob Gibson, Minister of the Scottish Parliament.

“We are hopeful that more members of the EU will follow suit and that the U.S. Congress will protect our basic right to know what we are feeding our families by requiring mandatory GMO labeling,” said Lisa Archer, the food and technology director at Friends of the Earth.

Other European countries have until October 3rd to opt-out of EU GMO approvals.

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