BUSTED: Videos of Virginia Reporter Shooting Hoax Were Separate Takes!

By Joe Wright

The establishment media has gone quiet on the Virginia shooting since evidence that it was a hoax has gone viral.

Yet, their silence hasn’t stopped the conspiracy research community from finding even more damning evidence that it was indeed an elaborate hoax.  If this doesn’t prove that the Virginian Shooting was a hoax than nothing will.

YouTube researcher Peekay22 found a glaring mistake in the Virginia shooting production. He proves that each camera angle shows the actors doing different gestures during the precise moment the gun was fired.

They are not merely two distinct camera angles. Rather, they are two separate instances altogether, indicating that the production team of this staged shooting event took several takes to get the reaction they wanted.

It’s such a sloppy production mistake that it almost seems deliberate.

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372 Comments on "BUSTED: Videos of Virginia Reporter Shooting Hoax Were Separate Takes!"

  1. So there were 2 cameras going on at the same time?

  2. Where do you buy your crack?

  3. So you aren’t allowed to nod during a conversation? It MUST be a sign to start shooting? Nothing like using a grainy footage with no audio but your own voice to narrate your opinion to prove something to be false.

    • it’s important because it means there were two takes. did you see a nod in both shots? you did not. explain that.

      • easy enough. The lighting was different, and a small jesture on camera two may not have shown as clearly as on #1. I did see a sleight nod on the gunmans camera. Also the gunmans camera wasn’t steady. As for the person that said there was no blood, well there isn’t always a splash of viscura when a person is shot. The wound seals itself with muscle tissue. That happened to me and I didn’t lose a drop of blood. Just blood serum. How many people have the contrinbuters seen get a bullet to the body? head shots are different.

        • She was supposedly mortally wounded, unlike you. She would not have been able to run that far and there would have been more blood. Normally shooting victims who are shot in the body like that die of bleeding out. Even though the shooter’s video is in lower resolution, it is apparent the reporters head did not nod like in the other video.

        • The lighting was different because the “live footage” was recorded 45 minutes prior. It is substantially darker in the “live” version, which can be observed in the 0:33 second split screen video @ the 0:15 second mark by examining the difference in sky color and cloud stratification, then again with Adam Ward’s video camera light illuminating Vicki Gardner’s face and Alison’s skirt+face @ the 0:18 second mark; this only occurs in the Bryce Williams video. The video camera light is never turned on in the “live” feed video. This can also be observed when Adam’s camera is falling to the ground: light is off in his version, but on in Bryce’s.

        • I don’t know what to make of you serial deniers. Is it that your ego won’t allow you to recognize you’re being fooled, or are you too scared to have your paradigm of our murderous government changed and cognitive dissonance sets in?

          Go frame by frame if you have to – there is no nod. They were at LEAST 2 takes.

          I’m sure you find it perfectly normal that the shooter’s hand is white and his sleeve is a blue plaid pattern? Did you see the supposed cameraman’s still shot of the “killer?” He was wearing all black. Didn’t have time to take off his jacket, unless of course it was in between takes. That glock is also firing blanks. First there’s a muzzle blast – indicative of blanks. Then there are no casings ejected. Again, go frame by frame if you have to…just don’t come here and make excuses.

          As for blood, no, you may not see it immediately.

          You would, however, see ballistic shockwaves from the slug. She’s maybe 4 feet from a 9mm Glock? See, when a person gets shot, the slug impacts them. A 9mm doesn’t have the greatest stopping power, but you would see her move from the impact. Youtube “Glock POV shooting” and see for yourself. Imagine getting hit by a bat – it’s a lot like that. There are ballistic shockwaves from such a high amount of kinetic energy.

          You may not like it, but our lovely government is not a good entity and hasn’t been for a long time. We start wars based on lies, kill more people with killer robots than all other countries combined, and our laws are created by corporations.

      • Notice how her head was out of the camera’s view during the other footage? No you didn’t. during 1:51 you can review it yourself she is JUST starting to nod right there but the camera phone didn’t have her head in the frame. Explained.

      • 1:51 of the video the second “take” that comes from the camera phone cuts out the nod because 80 percent of her head is no longer in the frame, rendering your observation false.

    • “Nothing like using a grainy footage with no audio but your own voice to narrate your opinion to prove something to be false.” -> Yeah, just like 911 they showed the buildings falling and started spinning the Bin Laden yarn.

    • Plus she runs away after being shot

    • Go look at shooting videos. It does happen that blood doesn’t immediately show up. What got me was the fact that the cloths aren’t disturbed. I’ve seen plenty of shooting videos, and in every one, a bullet to the chest or the side causes the shirt to yank and twist to the side, skirts get flipped. If a bullet hits, the clothes move every single time. You can see the physical impact. You can also see air deflect as particles rise into the air on impact. Here there was absolutely nothing. Squibs aren’t very expensive. You’d think they could afford a few, and they’d produce a good effect.

    • She’s wearing black, so unless her blood is yellow you’re probably not going to be able to see it.

  4. It it were a hoax by the government they would not have use a gay black guy.

  5. The media has not gone silent since the conspiracy theorists came out 15 seconds after the first reports. The father was on CNN just 2 days ago and addressed the notion that he is an actor and no one died. He said that simply wasn’t true. His little girl did die. So there…Hmmmm…uh oh

    • He IS an actor. Did he LIE and say he wasn’t an actor? Did you see the videos of him in commercials?

      • I watched the interview when it was broadcast. He said unequivocally, “I am not an actor”. I guess it’s up to us/you/them to prove otherwise.

        • Already been proven, apparently you haven’t bothered to look, too busy trolling.

          • SilenceDogood | September 4, 2015 at 4:31 pm |

            Why am I “trolling”? Because I don’t believe EVERYTHING is a conspiracy? Or maybe because I’m not a paranoid delusional psychopath like you are? Have I said, like a lot of you here, it absolutely is NOT a false flag? Have I discredited anyone here? Perhaps you might want to crawl out from your bomb shelter and see a little of the world.

    • Did you ever wonder how the term conspiracy theorists became popularized? It was a government psy op directive to quell rumors following the assassination of JFK. Don’t take my word for it, it was reported in that crazy conspiracy publication the NY Times when government documents were released to the public confirming the directive. Hope you didn’t buy the magic bullet explanation.

      We have good reason to be skeptical. 9/11 was a false flag and there IS an agenda to dismantle our civil liberties.

      • I’m not saying NOTHING is a conspiracy. I’m saying EVERYTHING isn’t a conspiracy. And really at this point, I don’t know what to believe about almost anything anymore.

  6. It’s pretty clear that in the gunman’s video, she ISN’T nodding, when she clearly is in the other one. Anyone trying to say otherwise should wash their screen, get a bigger one or stop bullshitting.

  7. Why did a black man have a white hand?? bad mistake by the hand graft surgeons

    • A white hand? Do you know anything about video? If you did, you would know that things can seem a lot brighter based on the lighting of the video. It’s pretty simple. But you’re probably just too dumb to understand.

      • Of course how stupid of me and it also explains why they had to do 2 takes of the shooting and why she ran away after being shot with out bleeding,,,,and why the boyfriend just happen to have photo album handy..as you do…thanks

  8. Don’t y’all get it. They used a gay black guy to keep the race and flag wars going. Its not that hard to figure out.

  9. Pretty freaking clear something is way off. I’m guessing this is the same Aussie who dissected the Boston bombing and Sandy Hook finding some mind blowing evidence of sloppy staging and what appears to be several identical looking people playing multiple roles in both incidents. Hats off to him for having the patience and fortitude to scrutinize photographic and film evidence in such fine detail.

    What can we expect after the faked beheadings and the faked news casts in Iraq? Before that, faked Bin Laden videos (he gets younger!) It all a big a$$ stage for the powers that shouldn’t be.

  10. The other unnatural movement is when the lady in white turns in direction of gunman ( knew they were blanks ) when the natural movement would be to turn to right and cover head .

  11. As soon as Obama chimed in with a call for more gun control and the alleged father of the victim did the same, I knew it was staged.

    • “Daddy” wasn’t upset at all … if my daughter were killed like this, I would not be able to talk for a long time …. much less start campaigning for some bullcrap liberal cause.

      • It’s all part of the liberal meme of “How can we fool them now?”

        I would have been a basket case not being able to keep my composure for quite some time. However, this “distraught” father calls for gun control and looks as sad as if his $1 lottery ticket was a loser.

        • So typical and quite scary that the unwashed masses will “see it” and believe it. Makes me believe in birth control.

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          • NORMAN DOSTAL | August 24, 2017 at 12:52 am |

            Wow. You’re an imbecile

          • you must be a lieberal and one of the many unwashed …. i can tell by your excellent command of the English language and your use of a convincing argument. keep up the good work cupcake … we Americans are counting on folks like you for fodder …

          • NORMAN DOSTAL | August 25, 2017 at 3:57 pm |

            Im conservative, Phuckface. And your grammar is atrocious so pretty sure you shouldnt criticize anyone else’s use of the language. HINT: Capitalize the first word of s sentences, don’t use “…” incorrectly, don’t write “we Americans” when youre only speaking about yourself, Spell check. Lose the virginity too-no one takes a 35 year old virgin seriously.

          • I doubt you are conservative. we Americans do not allow illiterate snowflakes in our conservative club.

          • NORMAN DOSTAL | August 28, 2017 at 3:13 pm |

            my education far surpasses your trailer trash homeschooling, Puddin’

          • yes, it shows!!!!

          • did you make up those words all by your liddle biddy self

          • “And your grammar is atrocious so pretty sure you” …. correction: run on, missing subject in disconnected phrase. “shouldnt criticize anyone else’s use…” The first word is not spelled correctly …. it should read “shouldn’t” …. note the apostrophe. “don’t write “we Americans” when youre…” The last word should be spelled “you’re” which is a contraction of “you are”. FYI, I like a newspaper editor am free to use the term “we” since I have a mouse in my pocket and hence the plural …. go salute your rainbow flag, ok cupcake?

          • brilliant retort …now go play with mr. potato head …. and be gentle cupcake

        • The “father” is a broadway actor and a bankster!

        • Don’t confuse “liberal” with elite. The elite aren’t liberal. The elite don’t care about politics. The elite care about two things: money and power. This has 0 to do with politics – that’s a smokescreen, not unlike the Wizard of Oz and all of his tricks.

          “Pay no attention to the MEN behind the curtain.”

          • Yes it does have something to do with politics…. GUN CONTROL!!

          • Josh is correct…this wedge issue is like all others which are perpetrated by the elites of the left/right/liberal/conservative persuasion to attain their ultimate goal of ruling over those of us who “ain’t in their club”…George Carlin was a prophet who described our ignorance of their tactics perfectly. Don’t fall for the labeling of large groups of people when those labels serve only to divide and conquer…US!

          • Rachel Flanagan | November 14, 2015 at 9:36 am |

            Yes, the “Elites” desire for gun control.

        • Your an idiot

      • People grieve in many ways; imposing a script on the grieving is ugly. Some only cry; some remember the person fondly with sad smiles, some crack jokes to break the unbearable tension of loss. People express pain in many different ways; reading a conspiracy out of a shallow misunderstanding of human behavior is absurd.

      • Did you see the boyfriend grinning and smirking?

      • Farmer: “much less start campaigning for some bullcrap liberal cause” — which he did in like TWO HOURS.

      • yeah there is a reason he is not on broadway anymore
        he is a horrible actor

      • Exactly, I can tell you from experience when I lost my older brother two years ago, neither of my parents could be going on tv and give a composed interview for ten minutes much less ten seconds without breaking down. I don’t think any parent could, or only the tiniest of percentage, yet immediately after all these hoax shootings we see scores of family members showing very little emotion IMMEDIATELY after the event. No way. And that’s just one aspect.

        • Nailed it. The only emotion showed is when they start talking about gun control. It’s macabre theater and, like the rest of the mainstream theater, an insult to its audience.

          • Thank you for the condolences that’s really cool.

          • NORMAN DOSTAL | August 24, 2017 at 12:53 am |

            Enough gun killings so no need to stage anything, phuckface

          • AnotherLover | August 25, 2017 at 12:50 am |

            I don’t appreciate the rude reply.

            It’s a bizarre ideology that sees a murder and calls it a “gun killing.” You sound like someone else is doing your thinking for you.

          • NORMAN DOSTAL | August 25, 2017 at 3:59 pm |

            Phuck your pearl clutching-I aint your Momma so have no reason to be kind to you. It was a gun killing, moron. If it was a knife killing I would have termed it that. And-if it wasn’t a gun, ol fat boy would not have been able to kill two people in three seconds. Idiot.

          • NORMAN DOSTAL | August 25, 2017 at 4:14 pm |

            gun killing, killing by gun-who cares how it is phrased? truth is, he wouldn’t have been able to kill two people in five seconds if it wasn’t a gun killing.

          • what in the name of obama are you talking about … you make about as much sense as as a whore wearing boots …. and i think you’ll lose that one cupcake

          • AnotherLover | August 25, 2017 at 9:23 pm |

            Mm, yes, I see.

            Thanks for sharing.

        • It took me 3 months to show emotion after my brother died. Sometimes your body shuts down things that you can’t bear. Everyone grieves differently.

          • Mighty . Mike | January 8, 2016 at 10:33 am |

            Thankyou! There was no hoax n I know because Adam Ward was my brother in law and he sadly lost his life that day. For all the ppl calli g it a hoax are a bunch of ignorant fools

          • colinjames71 | August 24, 2017 at 9:09 am |

            Fair point but could you have gone on tv the next day and talked about it? Like so many (supposedly) grieving family members after similar events? Maybe you could. Certainly some could. Not sure if you are endorsing the official story but consider how many could really get up on stage lube that and i think it’s a point of invest that argues for a false flag operation. Thanks for sharing. Sorry fir your loss.

          • NORMAN DOSTAL | August 25, 2017 at 4:15 pm |

            the video on this site was removed because the family was going to sue them for tampering with it-duuuuuhh

        • Yeah well your an idiot. My brother in law was Adam Ward and he was indeed killed. The shooting wasnt a hoax . You say you lost loved ones well show some respect for us that lost ours

        • You’re a liar. Your brother is alive

          • colinjames71 | August 25, 2017 at 1:08 pm |

            either a bad joke or you’re gonna go ahead and retract that statement before deleting that comment.

          • NORMAN DOSTAL | August 25, 2017 at 4:01 pm |

            No, Ill keep it there. Don’t bring up personal stories that have no bearing on the topic at hand. Your parents grief have NOTHING to do with anyone else’s grief. Are you seriously suggesting that these two people didn’t die? That the HUNDREDS of papers that covered the story, including the funeral, were LYING? You are a complete and utter assshole.

          • NORMAN DOSTAL | August 25, 2017 at 4:03 pm |

            You conspiracy freaks are utterly and completely grotesque. And we will mock you. Tell me some more personal things to mock. You think its ok to mock the grieving families of two murdered people and then clutch your pearls when you, s stranger, are questioned online? wowowow

          • NORMAN DOSTAL | August 25, 2017 at 4:06 pm |

            delete your evil comment and this thread goes away-choose, but choose wisely 🙂

          • i’m guessing you are also using the moniker “highest common denominator” …. another annoying, foul-mouthed lieberal asswipe seen on other blogs … equally insolent and equally ignorant!

          • NORMAN DOSTAL | August 28, 2017 at 3:13 pm |

            dude, youre going full tard-Im conservative

    • With 230 mass shootings each year and 32,000 gun deaths, all we need is one more government orchestrated fake shooting to tip the balance! It’s common sense.

        • What is 350 million? Each day, 90 Americans die from guns. Since 9/11, 400,000 Americans have died by gun. The 32,000 gun deaths a year happen from guns owned by the 1/3 of Americans who own guns.

          In 2006, the US had 10,000 gun murders, UK had 35, Japan had 2.
          US children have nearly 30 times more likelihood of dying by gunfire than children in the other 35 nations? Are you immune to facts? If so, you are unqualified to own a gun. If you own a gun and have children, you are guilty of child endangerment. Wise up.


            lectures people on gun violence stats
            unaware of US population.

            derp. keep shillin’.

          • According to the US Census Dept,. the population today is 321 million.
            I don’t lecture: I share facts. As for shilling, that smear is how liars mask their deception. In your lifetime, if you live to 80, over 2.5 million families will experience the grief of a death by gun. Are you stupid, heartless, or both?

          • yawwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnn.

            concern trolls concern troll. and shill.

            also, you seem unaware of how the Census actually works. the last Census was in 2010.

          • You are misinformed. The Census projects growth, “The 2010 Census reported
            308.7 million people in the
            United States.” http://www.census.gov/prod/cen2010/briefs/c2010br-01.pdf

            You can cure your ignorance (and arrogance) by learning how the Census Dept makes population estimates at http://www.census.gov/popest/methodology/2014-natstcopr-meth.pdf

            The Census Dept gives monthly evidence: for Sept, 2015, the estimate is 321.6 million. You are off only by 29 million, a trifling amount.


            What is your source? Or am I troll for asking? hahahahahaha

          • key word: estimate.

            doesn’t count homeless. or illegals accurately.

            my source? I worked for the Census.

            meanwhile, while you ranting over 32k gun deaths (mostly suicide), 300k veterans died waiting for VA care.

            math is hard.

            but we all know what Mr. Twain said about statistics.

          • Janitors work for the Census (by the way, you are clearly lying)……what is your factual source.

            Facts do not lie; those who dismiss facts are literally idiots. Figures don’t lie, but liars figure. You lie without even using statistics out of context. You are what we call a full-blooded liar.

            Here is a summary of the VA report you have distorted “The VA’s inspector general found that out of about 800,000 records stalled in the agency’s system for managing health care enrollment, there were more than 307,000 records that belonged to veterans who had died months or years in the past. The inspector general said due to limitations in the system’s data, the number of records did not necessarily represent veterans actively seeking enrollment in VA health care.”

            “May have” does not mean “did in fact” but liars will figure. When I say, 400,000 have died since 9/11 by gun, I do not mean may have but in fact did die.

            Thus liars figure! Politicususa reports: “Congressional Republicans wave the flag with one hand, they are trying to cut benefits for 70,000 veterans with the other. President Obama has vowed to veto the bill, and House Democrats are promising to sustain that veto.

            On Tuesday, President Obama threatened to veto the Republican bill, “The Administration strongly opposes House passage of H.R. 2029, making appropriations for military construction, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and related agencies for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2016, and for other purposes. The bill fails to fully fund critical priorities, including veterans’ medical care and military and VA construction. Furthermore, the legislation includes a highly problematic ideological rider that would constrain the President’s ability to protect our national security. If the President were presented with H.R. 2029, his senior advisors would recommend that he veto the bill.”

            Today, House Democrats also stood up for vets by opposing the legislation.”

            Whom do you blame for those not receiving the treatment they deserve? The VA needs for doctors, nurses, and processors,. as well as modern equipment to deal with the millions of vets wounded in the two criminal Bush wars. Republicans are eager to send troops to die or get wounded but balk at paying for their care.

            Politicus concludes: “The Republican funding bill is $1 billion short of what the VA needs in order to be able to provide care and services to the nation’s veterans. Since taking control of the House, Republicans have tried to cut veterans’ benefits on a nearly yearly basis. In 2012, House Republicans tried to cut benefits while privatizing healthcare. In 2013, House Republicans tried tocut food assistance for 170,000 vets and their families. In 2014,Senate Republicans blocked a veterans’ benefits bill.”

            Shame on the Republicans for depriving our vets of needed care! I urge you to contact your representative to provide adequate funding for VA healthcare.

            Your hatred cannot defeat my compassion; your distortions cannot defeat an honest presentation of facts. I wish you well!

          • by all means, prove that I’m lying. back it up, jerk.

            you are an idiot and terrible shill. get a new job.

          • You said the population was 350 million; that was a lie. My source is the US Census Bureau and I already gave link. How does it feel being exposed as a fraud?

          • obviously obvious troll is obvious.

          • That is what the ancients used to call “bludgeoning by fact”. Very well put together argument; exactly on point and factually accurate. Well done.

          • Grief? How many people on the planet have been ravaged one way or another, including losing loved ones, from TPTB’s Banking-WARFARE model of enslavement?

            A hefty percentage of US gun deaths, no doubt, are a result of the pressure cooker environment that has been engineered to keep us off balance. Chronic anxiety and societal dysfunction create a situation in which psychiatric meds are handed out like candy generating more mass shootings.

            If we are going to be outraged, then let’s direct our energies to the CORE problems, not the symptoms.

          • Grief is grief……when a child is murdered, there is no reason to make comparisons or dictates the politically correct method of grieving. For many, the only thing that makes sense is to work to prevent future murders, by joining the movement to create rational gun laws, which are supported by 85% of gun owners and 92% of the public. This is a common response to gun violence and it makes sense in terms of both grieving and reducing future gun violence.

            Since in 42 states, any crazy or violent person can obtain even semi-automatic rifles with no background checks at all, we should start by enacting universal background checks to keep guns out of the hands of violent and psychologically dangerous people. Why make it easy for the dangerous to obtain weapons of mass murder? Let’s direct our outrage at the gun manufacturers, their hired shillls (NRA, etc) and politicians who block legislation supported by 9 in 10 Americans, including 3 in 4 NRA members!

            Those blocking action deserve to be blamed for the carnage.

          • I love you twisted facts. It is soooooo Hitlery!!

          • The facts I present speak for themselves and anyone can fact check them.

            I would suggest your inability to deal with straightforward facts suggests you are so divorced from reality that you do not qualify to own a gun, let alone talk about gun violence.

            I would further suggest that your unsupported smear is more reminiscent of Hitler than of my factual presentation. Your choice: find a new insult or learn?

          • Figures you would confuse Hitler with Hitlery (Hillary) I guess they are one in the same.

          • How did your panties get so bunched up. Everyone with two working neurons knows that “facts” don’t prove anything …. “facts” as you call them have no basis in reality, they don’t exist other than in the minds of their creator.

          • So sorry your ignorant of safe gun handling and training. Just because a person has kids is no reason to not own a gun. And not child endangerment.That thinking is liberal stupidity.. And far too many drink that koolade. Most of the killings are random and done by untrained unskilled gang bangers and someone so stupid they dont know what a belt is for. And for your information, A majority of the killings are done by single people. wise up .

          • Peer reviewed research which shows homes with guns have 270% more gun deaths than homes without, many of which are accidents by children, suicides by children, and murders of children, is not liberal stupidity but human knowledge. Stupidity is ignoring knowledge while calling those who based their views on knowledge “stupid.’ This is what psychologists call the denial/projection dynamic of people who cannot face their own deficiencies.

            According to the FBI, 54% of gun murders are by family or friends, and 6% are by gangs (almost always killing other gangsters), where the relationship was established.

            I have learned the facts; you have drunk the suicidal kool aid of propaganda. I will share the facts with you…and you may call me names. Each to his own: I am a teacher; you are a

            As for the majority of killings (my comments were about gun homicides, btw)) being by singles, no such data is kept so that was a lie. You also claimed that 300,000 died from VA delays when the VA report said they may have died, that it was not possible to know. So there are 3 lies. You’re out!

            What we do know is that

            ” From 2002 to 2012, the number of women killed by intimate partners was 15,462, according to data from James A. Fox, a Northeastern University criminology professor.Since Sept. 11, 2001, more women have been killed by “intimate partners” — the federal jargon for current or former spouses — than all of the victims in Sept. 11 and the American victims in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that ensued.” politifact.com

            “In 2010, in incidents of murder for which the relationships of murder victims and offenders were known, 53.0 percent were killed by someone they knew (acquaintance, neighbor, friend, boyfriend, etc.); 24.8 percent of victims were slain by family members. The relationship of murder victims and offenders was unknown in 44.0 percent of murder and non-negligent manslaughter incidents in 2010. (Based onExpanded Homicide Data Table 10.)”
            Of the female murder victims for whom the relationships to their offenders were known, 37.5 percent were murdered by their husbands or boyfriends.”


            You’re welcome.

          • Have you ever had an original thought or do you just google stuff to have talking points.

          • and don’t forget the babies – do those numbers Dale…. don’t forget we live to kill babies in what is supposed to be the safest place in the world – the womb. All gun control freaks are hypocrites !

          • Farmer, you are guilty of “changing the subject” from the realities of gun violence to the infantile idea that the womb is filled with babies.

            All polls show over 90% of the public (and over 80% of gun owners) support rational gun laws, such as universal background checks and limits on who may own a gun. Are those 90% plus all hypocrites? What has the issue of abortion got to do with gun violence?

            None. But when you have lost the argument for lack of facts, change the subject to an inflammatory subject and lace it with moral outrage at the 90% who want to reduce gun violence through rational gun laws.

            If 90% are freaks, what are the 8-10% who don’t? Perhaps name calling will work better than changing the subject? Why not combine both? Your lack of integrity is in good evidence. You can learn or shoot from the hip.

          • Sorry mate …. the subject you brought up is “death” …. killing babies fits. And, I don’t know where you get your statistics and “facts”, but they sure smell funny. It is a typical liberal stunt to pull figures out of any orifice and call them facts!

          • Putin on the Ritz | September 6, 2015 at 12:50 pm |

            You are guilty of changing the subject, this article is about a media hoax.

          • think of the children!

          • and how many of your precious 90 a day were gang bangers, drug dealers, drive by victims wearing the wrong colors? How many were dipshits shot rightfully by police?

          • According to the FBI data, of the 90 gun deaths a day
            60 are suicides
            30 are murders,
            of murders, 6% are gang murders, 54% family and friends, 1% were police killings.

            The facts speak for themselves. If you dismiss the facts, you are so divorced from reality (schizophrenia) that you are not qualified to own a gun. You are free to adjust your thinking to the facts (ie be rational) or to ignore the facts and double down on your irrational, emotional, and dangerous views. Your choice: learn or lie to yourself.

          • 10,225 actually but then 60% of those counted in your figure were SUICIDES, so the actual “number of murders” (your words exactly) is 4,090 and the numbers have decreased every year since, so who is lying for the liberal viewpoint here?????

            Your facts are not facts at all, just gun control lies.

          • and a good number of the “murders” were a**holes selling drugs, gang banging, chasing their dream …. so – good riddance …except it gives old Dale more false ammunition

          • You are misinformed: each year,there are about 32,000 gun deaths, of which over 20,000 are suicides and 8-10,000 are murders.

            In 2013, there were 8,500 gun murders, per the FBI Expanded Table. There were a total of over 13,000 overall murders and over 20,000 suicides.

            Since 9/11, 400,000 have died by gun.

            Facts do not have a political party; facts are empirical data that can be checked and confirmed. You accuse me of lying but in fact, I am quoting the FBI data (you can also confirm at CDC and Bureau of Justice)…and it is you who is lying, or rather, repeating lies you have fallen for. Your claims are based on lies and a misunderstanding of the data. That is a dangerous mental meltdown for someone with a gun.


          • I corrected your 10K using the FBI government website, so don’t tell me my data is wrong, I checked my FACTS using the same website – the only difference here, (you changing the year to 2013 merely obfuscates the issue, which is what folks like you do when caught in a lie) is in the way you are TWISTING the data to fit YOUR liberal agenda.

            “In 2013, there were 8,500 gun murders, per the FBI Expanded Table.
            There were a total of over 13,000 overall murders and over 20,000

            Your words here are a perfect example – the number of total murders is NOT 13K, but 12,253, but even that is not the REAL number for in the FBI’s Expanded Homicide Data Table 3 we see that the REAL number of murders is 14,132. BTW, in 2013 according to the FBI’s own data the number of suicides by firearms has risen to 67% which I have no problems with at all, in fact I’d be happy if all liberals followed their lead, perhaps then we could return this country to the “REPUBLIC” it has always been without having to put up with liberals like yourself that would not recognized the TRUTH if it bit you in your own butt.

            For those that have trouble w/ discerning the actual number of murders by firearms and cannot multiply 0.67 times 14,132 and then subtract that sum for the total it is :
            4,4664. (as the FBI’s data is like you, they twist the facts to obfuscate the data by combining suicides in with actual murders, much like counting Asians, Hispanics, Middle-Easterners and other non-whites as ALL WHITE so folks can’t see that BLACK crime and especially murder are worse now in 2015, than in the year we are speaking of and you were 84.9% more likely to be the victim of a crime committed by a BLACK than a WHITE in 2013).

            Twisting the FACTS is not telling the TRUTH, especially when it comes from the government we live under today, which LIES like a dog to it’s citizens in more ways than most can imagine – you sir are no better than the government and everything you post should be taken with a ton of salt.

          • 1. I used 2013 FBI tables because that is the last year with complete data.

            2. “Firearms were used in 69 percent of the nation’s murders.”

            3. “There were an estimated 14,196 murders last year.” 69% of 14, 196 is 9,795 gun murders in 2013. https://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2014/november/crime-statistics-for-2013-released/crime-statistics-for-2013-released

            In Jan,2015, the FBI released partial preliminary figures: ” Statistics released today in the FBI’s Preliminary Semiannual Uniform Crime Report reveal overall declines in both the number of violent crimes and the number of property crimes reported for the first six months of 2014 when compared with figures for the first six months of 2013. The report is based on information from 11,009 law enforcement agencies that submitted three to six months of comparable data to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program for the first six months of 2013 and 2014.”

            So the 2013 data is the latest complete data available.

            I have used the latest data and it totally supports the claims I made, which were in fact based on the 2013 FBI data. This information did not bite me in the butt; like all information I learn, I got it from source. You can dismiss the facts……8-9K gun murders a year (compared to 35 in UK, 10 in Japan, 40 in Spain, 135 in Germany, etc) and double down on your refuted opinions or you can adjust your thinking to the facts., as I always do. If that is liberal, God bless liberalism.

          • michael lawless | September 5, 2015 at 6:04 am |

            maybe you will get lead poisioning someday

      • All by criminals in gun free zones.

      • The key words are: one more Government Orchestrated Shooting.

        It’s the drama, not the numbers. You are more likely to die falling in your bathtub than getting killed by a terrorist but the visual horror from 9/11, fake beheadings, etc., has a powerful psychological impact. Thus, the apparent Sandy Hook Capstone event. Maximum drama.

        Dr. James Tracy recently analyzed mainstream media coverage of mass shootings compared to other homicide situations such as mass stabbing events. Not surprisingly, extensive coverage was given to shootings and little to no coverage given to other forms of violence.

        As well, gun deaths pale in comparison to medical negligence and Big Pharma poisons. There is little to no “common sense”, perspective, or accountability in the MSM.

        • “Mass stabbings are exceptionally rare. Guns, or explosives, are generally more effective at killing large numbers of victims.– Grant Duwe, a criminologist with the Minnesota Department of Corrections

          Since 1901, there have been only 7 mass public stabbings (defined by the FBI as resulting in 4 or more fatalities), compared to at least 62 U.S. mass shootings since 1982.” circanews.com

          Today, defining a mass shooting as the FBI does, as a shooting with at least 4 victims, there are 230 per year. Most result in deaths.

          Mass stabbaings are very rare and when they occur, there are few deaths. In April 2014,a mass stabbing at a Pennsylvania high school caused no fatalities.In July of of this year, 5 family members were killed by 2 teenagers.

          In 2013, a student with a box cutter injured 14 at a Texas college.

          In the same 2 years, there were 64,000 gun deaths, with over 400 mass shootings, with hundreds of deaths.

          Common sense dictates that we deal with the most dangerous issues first: in the US, gun deaths kill over 90 per day, with most taking place in regions or states with loose gun laws, allowing criminals, children, and crazies to buy guns, including semi-automatic weapons, in 42 states without any records or background checks.

          In the US, guns are used in 68% of murders, while knifes and other sharp objects are used in 13%. (FBI/2011). Mass murders are 99% done with guns, most often semi-automatics.

          Considering that mass murder by knife is extremely rare, when it occurs, it gets much media attention. Each day there are 90 gun deaths, but only in the most spectacular cases, or where there is a political ax to grind (as when an unauthorized immigrant commits the murder), is it noted by the MSM.

          I think the facts speak for themselves.

          • Robert Thaler | September 5, 2015 at 12:09 pm |

            So Mr. dale ruff, if you think that just because our freedom to own firearms, or any other freedom, should be abolished because it can be abused, then you are a mamma’s boy. This country has been fabricated by self reliant men so if you do not fit, go stay home with your parents , who should protect you ( I hope)

          • How would universal background checks, which would keep criminals and crazies from obtaining guns, abolish your right to own firearms?

            How does personal insult substitute for rational discourse and dealing with the facts? At 74, with parents long dead, I share what I have learned to help educate people to reduce gun violence, out of love for my children and grandchildren (and yours).

            If guns protected us, the US would not be the most dangerous advanced nation of 35, but the safest. Here are the gun murders from 2006:
            US, 10,000
            UK 35
            Japan 2.

            Where guns are rare, the gun violence is nearly eliminated; where guns are easy to obtain (no background checks in 42 states for semi-automatics, available to anyone with the cash), the gun violence is massive.

            I will stick with the facts; you can snipe from the gutter.

          • “How would universal background checks, which would keep criminals and
            crazies from obtaining guns, abolish your right to own firearms?”

            It wouldn’t do either, as “criminals” (which I know is hard for liberals like yourself to comprehend and one would like to believe that intelligent folks would know this, but unfortunately, when it comes to liberals they don’t have the ability to see the forest for the trees) DO NOT FOLLOW LAWS and rarely ever acquire their weapons in a lawful manner. As to the nuts, even lunatics have their moments of sanity, so the only people affected by such a proposal are responsible gun owners who don’t violate the law in the first place.

          • When guns are hard to obtain, as in all other 34 advanced nations, gun murder rates are down 85-99%, including gun violence by criminals. UK has 35 gun murders a year, so few criminals are shooting it up. Japan has 10 gun murders a year…..so where are the criminals with guns shooting up the country?

            They aren’t. No responsible gun owner would have his rights infringed by universal background checks, which is why over 80% of them support UBC.

            How does filtering out criminals and crazies effect your gun rights? It doesn’t. it does create a safer and less violent environment for you and your family, so it’s a win win, which is why 92% of the public supports universal background checks.

            The evidence of 35 advanced nations, since WWII ended, shows that where rational gun laws, such as UBC, exist, the rate of gun violence drops radically.

            Keeping guns from dangerous people only affirms your rights without in anyway infringing. It’s common sense, accepted by 9 of 10 Americans, all but those brainwashed by the NRA.

          • Are you related to Josh Ernest by any chance? You sure can put the spin on anything. How do you explain a cat pissing in the garden so it sounds like a charming event?

          • Francis Paul John McAnarney Jr | September 20, 2015 at 5:55 pm |

            when guns are owned by a large portion of the population, mass shootings and murder rates are low. subtract the murder rates for chicago, new york, washington dc and los angles, and the murder rate in the USA 4th from last. put that in your pipe and smoke it.

          • Robert Thaler | September 5, 2015 at 1:23 pm |

            How about background checks for parents? Should folks be permitted to have children only if they pass your so called background check? What have you done so far in your love for humanity in the fact that 60,000,000 million babies have been massacred in the last 30 years? What’s so special about gun violence? How about the killing on our highways, I guess they just happen by themselves. Well, It’s all negligence. We have laws for for the misuse of firearms, but accident forgiveness on the highway. There will always be criminals and evil in his world.
            Family breakup in America is the root cause of the undisciplined youth running amok. If you are not praying for America you should start. If you are, pray harder..

          • Robert, background checks for parents is a non sequitur. We do have background checks for vehicle drivers, doctors, nurses, teachers, etc etc.

            The purpose of gun checks is to filter out dangerous people. The system works in all other 34 advanced nations; it’s not a novel idea but a universally used tool by all other developed nations and many US states. It works, and it has over 90% public support.

            Background checks for parents has no such history and is a totally unrelated issue, no doubt intended to distract.

            Family breakup is certainly a problem, especially for the over 30,000 families a year that have to deal with a gun death of one of their beloved. One of the cures for family breakup is to fix the broken criminal justice system, which breaks up millions of families over non-violent “crimes” (such as possessing pot or selling drugs). Certainly, reducing gun violence in families will help create a healthier climate for family coherence.

            You can pray for America; I will continue to educate people, since only an informed citizenry can change a broken system.

          • Robert Thaler | September 5, 2015 at 1:48 pm |

            I didn’t hear what you think caused 60,000,000 American babies to be slaughtered, maybe cause you are an Atheist? Listen, if there is no God do what ever you want.

          • Changing the subject is a dodge. Religious people occupy prisons 90% more than atheists, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. And what does atheism or the reproductive rights of women have to do with facing the facts about gun violence? I see you running away fast, unable to admit that your possession of the facts has been exposed as lacking.

            Only individuals have rights; fetuses are not individuals but parts of a woman’s body. Babies are young individuals who have a separate body…..and 60 million have not been slaughtered.

            At any rate, it is a distraction from facing the facts about guns. Also, your views of God and morality is out of the Dark Ages. The main point, to stay focused, is that we need universal background checks to bring down gun violence, a view shared by 9 in 10 Americans. If you wish to change the rights of women, and replace with the state control of a woman’s body,you need to file a case with the federal courts.

            Stay focused!

          • Murder is murder Dale …. that is the subject. The difference between your position (whining about dead drug dealers and El Capo shorties) and the deliberate and painful murder of innocent babies is …. well you guessed it … a matter of parallax …..

          • The subject is how to reduce gun violence. Abortion rights is a separate topic.

            Auto deaths, deaths from tainted food, etc also deal with death, but in this discussion, it is gun violence at issue.

            Whether abortion is murder,which requires a victim with rights, is another very different and unrelated question. Whether an embryo has the rights of a born individual raises the question: who controls a woman’s body, the woman or the state. That has nothing to do with the laws required to end gun homicides.

            It’s a distraction, suspiciously looking like a dodge of the gun issue.

            You seem to want the government to stay out of your gun stash, even if you are a criminal, but eager to insert the government into a woman’s body to determine how she shall deal with her reproductive rights. I find that hypocritical,but it’s not an issue of this discussion.

          • Abortion rights- how about the rights of the child? Who has a right to kill an unborn baby with a heart and brain and legs and toes and arms, hands, fingers? How about universal background checks on women who just want to have a good time and men who tap and run? How about those murders? You are all high and mighty for gun control but cannot mouth the words “violence control” or “gang control” … .because liberal pukes cannot connect the dots. I have a .45 that sat on my dresser for 5 years … .never once loaded itself and went out looking for trouble. But, liberals who have no brain cells connected together – therefore, no cohesive thoughts (like a+b therefore c) think these pieces of hardware are evil. How about cars Dale …. look up those numbers.

          • Robert Thaler | September 6, 2015 at 6:39 am |

            When you meet your Maker, I hope you can stay focused cause He will give you all the time you will need to explain how the universe just appeared out of nowhere, or maybe from that primordial gas that just “happened” to be always there. At your age, this could very well be your last help. We call that a grace.

          • My Maker will be pleased that I have lived with kindness and honesty. He will bless me for consistently challenging bigotry and lies.

            What your post really attempts is to tell me I am going to hell………..in a sneaky way. Explain that to your Maker. AT your age, you have time to redeem yourself………….

          • Francis Paul John McAnarney Jr | September 20, 2015 at 5:46 pm |

            Dale, you do not refute lies, you publish and manufacture them.

          • Francis, you are lying. Unless you can how a lie have told, you are libeling me, a vicious form of lying.

          • Francis Paul John McAnarney Jr | September 20, 2015 at 8:16 pm |

            Dale, you are a liar. I am calling you a liar based on publicly disclosed speech that you have signed your name upon. There are not 320 mass shootings per year.

          • Francis., I do not lie. I do not have to. I gave the source, with documentation of over 300 mass shootings in 2014 and over 200 by Sept/2015, as documented by shootingtracker, using the definition of mass shooting,as I have made clear consistently,of a shooting by one person at one time in which at least 4 people were injured and/or killed.

            You can deny the documented evidence I provided and call me a liar. That does not change the fact, that each year there are over 200 mass shootings and the rate has tripled since 2011, according the to the FBI. If want to call sources used by shootingtracker or the FBI, liars, you are free to do that, tho your accusations themselves are lies.

            Here it is again 337 mass shootings in 2014 at http://shootingtracker.com/wiki/Mass_Shootings_in_2014.

            It is no lie to cite this website which documents every single mass shooting and includes the number shot and the number killed. It is a lie to call me a liar for accurately citing such a reliable source, complete with 337 documented sources for the 337 mass shootings.

            I didn’t think you had an ounce of integrity so I did not expect an apology; indeed, your tactic, when shown to be mistaken, is to call the person who has corrected you a liar…and repeat that same accusation over and over. How sad.

          • Francis Paul John McAnarney Jr | September 20, 2015 at 8:19 pm |

            Do you own a gun and know how to shoot it Dale? If you do then fine, if not then you are a no-damn-good citizen. We rely on a citizen army.

          • Francis Paul John McAnarney Jr | September 20, 2015 at 5:41 pm |

            Dale, there has only been 400 people killed in mass shootings since 1984. You are a liar.

          • Francis, you misunderstand the term “mass shooting.” The FBI,which collects and publishes the data, defines a mass shooting as a shooting in which at least 4 people are shot. If a mass shooter shoots 6 people but kills only 1, that is counted as a mass shooting. You have assumed that a mass shooting involves killings: it does not.

            If a shooter shoots and kills 3 people, the FBI does not count that as a mass shooting; if a shooter shoots and injures 4 people, that is counted as a mass shooting, based on the commonly accepted definition. A person who kills 4 or more in one shooting event is classified as a mass murderer. Clearly, you were unaware of this. If you have an ounce of decency, you will apologize and thank me for correcting you. Again, I am not holding my breath.

          • You’re SO dumb… like wow.

          • Who is dumb?

          • You are just a wealth of misinformation Dale … how about you teach women how to use their organ wisely? That might eliminate the need to eliminate the evidence later on. The 60 million babies torn apart (and incidentally sold) makes your sill numbers of gang bangers killed with 9mm pale by comparison. It’s time you focused on the real heavy duty crimes – like abortion – or murder of the most innocent among us.

          • So, since you cannot defend your views on gun laws, you change the subject to abortions,60 million murders of babies…….it’s a dodge, Farmer. We are discussing how to reduce gun violence. Nothing related to the right to abortion or whether an embryo is an individual baby in the womb, is relevant to the discussion. You ran out of ammo so you changed the subject. Understandable.

            I would say 400,000 gun deaths since 9/11 is worth reducing. You are free to trivialize 400,000 gun deaths compared to baby murder by half the population.
            But I think we would be freer if we reduced the gun violence with proven laws.
            Taking guns out of the hands of criminals and criminally insane just makes sense….to 92% of the public. Where is our democracy?

          • Do you even know a woman? Not likely.

          • Dale, you’re far too kind to these fellows. They don’t read very well and seem to have a bit of a chip on their shoulders about something. I’d say you’re wasting your time but I think you’re fighting the good fight. Bravo to you.

          • How would universal background checks, which would keep criminals and
            crazies from obtaining guns, abolish your right to own firearms?

            Hey folks … I was in a gun shop today and a serial killer walked in and told the owner he wanted to buy a gun to kill a bunch of nuns. The owner asked him to fill out a 4473 and the guy said he didn’t have to. So the owner gave him the gun anyway. THIS is what libtards thinks really happens. They should get off their duffs, turn off the TV and visit the real world. It’s quite an exhilarating experience – unless you are uncomfortable with the truth and the real facts … .right Dale?

          • Putin on the Ritz | September 6, 2015 at 2:16 am |

            We already have universal background checks…in fact “Vester Flanigan” passed his.

          • ” Under federal law, private-party sellers are not required to perform background checks of buyers to verify that the buyer is not prohibited from possessing a firearm. Private sellers are also not required to record the sale or ask for identification.”Wikipedia

            In 32 states, there are no legal requirements for checks in private sales, whether at gunshows or thru online ads or any other means. In 42 states, anyone can buy a semi-automatic rifle without any records or checks in a private sale. Since no records are kept, any gun sale can be done as private without consequences.

            Some states require background checks; the majority do not.

            The gap in background checks is often called the Brady Act Loophole or the gun shoe loophole. Online ads on popular gun websites hook up private sellers and buyers. All that is required is cash.

            If there WERE universal background checks,there would be no movement to create them nor the millions spent on counter-propaganda by the NRA opposing. A study once found that up to 40% of gun sales are done privately, ie without background checks. This is how criminals, gangsters, and the mentally ill obtain guns. Closing the loophole would likely save thouslands of lives. 85% of gun owners support closing the loophole.

            You must belong to that 15% who are unaware that such a loophole exists….

          • Francis Paul John McAnarney Jr | September 20, 2015 at 5:52 pm |

            Criminals do not follow laws. I can go online and find a gun that i want to buy in Utah. I live in Kansas. In order to buy the gun, the seller has to take the gun to an FFL holder and ship it to my local FFL holder. I have to go to my local FFL holder and submit to an instant background check before i can possess the gun. there is no loophole. I will not sell a gun to my mentally challenged nephew. instead he came to my house when i was not at home and stole it. the police did nothing to him even though they had the evidence.

          • Susan Roan New | September 6, 2015 at 6:46 pm |

            The facts are…………..if you take out Washington DC, Chicago, New York, and LA ……..US would be 4th from the bottom for gun deaths………and ALL four of those cities have the “toughest” gun control laws

          • I don’t believe UK allows firearms…tell me if I am wrong.

          • Francis Paul John McAnarney Jr | September 20, 2015 at 5:38 pm |

            Dale, you are a liar.

          • Most done by hoaxers? Or are even the statistics skewed ? Cops kill more, Are we going to eliminate them? Oh yeah, the next best thing….take “policing” out. Introduce a paramilitary force.

          • Francis Paul John McAnarney Jr | September 20, 2015 at 5:37 pm |

            You are a liar.

      • You are a dodo brain…you have the comprehensive skills of a 5 year old !!!

      • Francis Paul John McAnarney Jr | September 20, 2015 at 5:36 pm |

        230 mass shootings per year? That would be over 1000 people killed in mass shootings per year, At the most there are 100 people killed in one year, 2010. You exaggerate, which is an insidious form of lying. You are a liar, plain and simple.

        • usatoday/ Dec 2013:

          “More than 900 people died in mass shootings during the past seven years, and a majority of them were killed by people they knew, according to a USA TODAY analysis of gun-related slayings.

          The 934 deaths account for less than 1% of all gun-related homicides, and nearly half involve a suspect slaying his or her family members” (in this article USA makes the common mistake of defining a mass shooting an event in which at least 4 or more or killed. Per FBI definition, mass shootings need not involve killings a mass shooting which results in at least 4 murders is called a mass murder.

          http://shootingtracker.com/wiki/Mass_Shootings_in_2014 links to 337 mass shootings (some with killings, some without) in 2014. Shootingtracker list 278 mass shootings thru Sept 20 of 2015. Each mass shooting is documented with the number of people injured and/or killed.

          Mass shootings and mass murders do not correlate. If, in a mass shooting, 5 are injured and 2 killed, that is NOT counted as a mass murder (which requires 4 murders).

          The rate of mass shootings has tripled since 2011, according to a Harvard study.

          I never claimed 1000 people were killed per year. I reported the documented tally of over 200 mass shootings per year, as defined by the FBI. So your claim that I am lying is based on your failure to understand what I actually reported. If you want to know how many were killed in mass shootings, you can go to the shootingtracker data and tally up all the cases in which there were deaths.

          You you accuse someone of “insideous ( stealthily treacherous or deceitful:) lying based on your own ignorance of what is being reported,you owe an apology. I did not exaggerate; you misunderstood. Every fact I have reported is documented…..

          You are a liar, plain and simple, for calling me a liar. I don’t really care. When you stand with the facts, no one can knock you down. When you make reckless and vicious accusations, based on your own ignorance, you stand out at a liar, tripped up on his own lack understanding.

      • Phucking idiot

        • My deluded and crude friend, you are the idiot for thinking it logical that after 400,000 gun deaths since 9/11, 150,000 being murders, that just one more incident will incline the Republicans paid off by the NRA to oppose gun laws will cave in.

          • NORMAN DOSTAL | August 24, 2017 at 11:00 am |

            The story happened, idiot. Why would someone fake a story that wouldn’t change anything? Gun laws have nothing to do with this. HUNDREDS of papers carried this story-=they are all in on it? Even Fox covered it.

      • really dumb-when twenty six year olds were killed and no one cared, everyone knew guns would never be controlled here-wait-was that a hoax too?

    • agenda vultures never let a tragedy, real or imagined, go to waste.

    • The boyfriend didn’t even look upset.

      • If you look up the “psychology of lying” on Google, look up the “knowing smile.” I think you’ll find it interesting. In short, it’s when you are fooling someone and cannot contain your delight.

        Happens in poker all the time – that’s why we ask people at the table pointed questions – to see their reaction. Some guys actually start laughing, then you know what’s up.

    • There is no way that young on air reporter was engaged to that effeminate man child.

  12. So where are the two people that he says weren’t killed?

  13. If you know anything about perspective and the way camera movement distorts video, you can see a clear nod in the gunman video. Give me a break. Learn how to analyze video correctly. How do you explain how her hair makes the exact same movement in both videos? How do explain that she moves the paper in her arm the exact same way in both? How do explain the woman on the right moving her arms into the exact same position in both? Two different takes would have more than one thing different between the two – I have named three things that are near impossible to get similar between different takes. The angle and movement of the shooter’s cam just makes it harder to see in the second video. People see what they want to see.

    • The angle on the paper in her hand is very different. Doesn’t even seem possible but could be actually true

    • sheesh, grassy knoll man 🙂

    • Matt, how do you explain the lack of response by the cameraman? The shooter is within inches of him when he raises his gun and fires not one but two shots right next to the camera mans ear and he doesn’t even flinch. Any human being would have had an automatic response to turn and see what was going on immediately after the first shot, if not before, given how close the shooter was.

      • Really? an Automatic response? Your first response wouldn’t be to go into shock because your mind can’t process what is going on? That’s just stupid. Unless you’ve stood next to someone who’s been shot, how can you know how the “human body is supposed to react”? Stop being ignorant.

        • Have you ever been in the military.? Been in combat. Evidently not or you would not post what you did. You have no experience . best to sit and read. Do not post as it shows your lack of knowledge of the subject.

          • He should know that it is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than open it and remove all doubt.

          • There are many other professions that deal with guns other than military. And so far, I have read 4 different people who “have been in combat” in this discussion claiming four different reactions to having a gun fired next to them. One of them claiming the same thing as Jon. So maybe you should sit and read? You just displayed your lack of knowledge on the subject for sure by only referring to military as being able to know how people react to gunshots.

          • I can agree up to a point. However,

            One can’t list them all. Few policemen ever shoot their gun on the street. Very few. Swat is another situation entirely. training is specialized. Gun ranges are controlled environments.. It is expected to go bang and your ready for it. Combat on the other hand is not a controlled environment shooting. Your fellow soldier see’s something you don’t and shoots when he is next to you .unexpected yes. , but ready for it due to the environment. Training on top of that readies the soldier . . Prison guards, again controlled. Most never shoot their gun at anything but targets.The list goes on.

          • I’ve been in some of those environments – they are controlled, but not to the point that you never get unexpected gun shoots, especially at gun ranges. You should also be expecting the gun shots in a combat situation because it is, well, its combat, and you were trained to be around gunshots. Combat is a different environment than regular society, and you can’t really expect people to react the same when they hear a gunshot in peaceful area versus one where there is combat. I have never been in combat, but have been around at least four unexpected gun shots. Controlled environment does not always equal all shots fired being expected. I just froze and looked in the direction of the gun. If it had been a shooter, I would have been dead. A cameraman at shooting location assumes a controlled environment, also. They would have no fear (until now) of a random person coming up and shooting them.

            But the original point was that the cameraman didn’t move at all because he knew the shot was coming. This is not true if you watch the video. You can clearly see him reacting within normal human reaction times – ducking and moving away from the gun a split second before the footage is cut.

      • Camera man did react – you can see him jerk in both videos before it cuts off. Both videos tend to cut off about 1 second after the shot. We all have different reaction times to events like that – could be up to a few seconds at least.

  14. Yeah, a real Glock would have a whole lot more smoke.

  15. Probably the same incident caught at the same time. Sometimes conspiracy theorists go too far and just see what they want to see. Stronger evidence is the father / boyfriend.

  16. ok so…where are they then?

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  18. OK where is Allison Parker now?

  19. Whoever wrote this and/or stars in this video is insane. He has no idea of camera prospective and is creating something out of absolutely nothing.
    Ever since 9-11 (which was an inside job) every single shocking event has someone shouting ‘hoax’
    I honestly think these people are government shills to divide up the minion because the only other alternative (that these people are actually real) is far more scary.
    Recap: Three people died in Virginia. Accept it and move on.

    • prospective – adjective – of or in the future:-
      you might try “perspective”
      This “shooting” was a hoax and not done very well – accept it and move on

  20. Please quit referring to what people have worked hard to research as “conspiracy theories”. It is an insult.

  21. So…has anyone interviewed the victims since the shooting??

  22. Here’s my two cents video of another fake shooting with real fake crisis actors. this will only stop when more wake up to this perverted reality to illicit public consensus for mass gun control. The U.S. government is the most violent, most corrupt institution ever known to man. (See Iraq, WMD lies, etc.)

  23. So you live in the area, believe the “official story”, but yet read posts that debunk the “official story” and then happen to comment on them. Yeah, that’s normal. I love these people who go on every story that debunks an “official story” and say they live there, know someone, know a friend who knows a friend, etc…and say the “official story” is true. And like I said, I wonder why people who believe the “official story” are googling stories that debunk the “official story” in the first place, let alone comment on them. And then use the CLASSIC SHILL things like saying “take your meds”. Why don’t you guys change your shill script, at least?

    • You hit the nail on the head ! My Aunt in Connecticut is suffering from exacly that ! She Has a friend who “knows” one of the victims and will not tolerate any talk of a false flag or lack of FBI deaths on record ! The power propaganda has over “weak” minds is just incredible!! At least this one is looking at the other side of the story, there is hope yet !

  24. TWO upper body mass hits with .40 S&W hollow points at that close range also does not induce the recipient to turn and sprint, on high heels, away.
    She would have been dropped like a felled tree.
    There’s also the official claim that she was shot in the head.
    Does that result in a closed casket funeral, with her NOT IN IT…but rather she’s now on a beach somewhere with her REAL boyfriend, a guy surnamed Wulz, and not the poove fronter from the TV station ?

    • a Glock 19 uses 9mm bullets ya moron, take it ya never shot a deer thru the heart run 60-100 yards either, but it has happened……

      • Excuse me, you rude assmonkey…
        it was reported that the alleged shooter was firing .40 S&W.
        I know that the G-19 fires 9mm, assmonkey.
        Even if the alleged female victim was hit with 9mm hollow points, I doubt that she’d be running away like a deer, assmonkey.
        I guess it’s just another discrepancy in The Official Jive.

        • So you simply post non-relevant lies that show yourself to be a moron, instead of determining the facts first before taking to your keyboard………

          I know handguns and knew the make, model and caliber of the weapon used in this tragedy 2 hours after it happened by simply watching the murder’s own video and yet days later you still have no clue between FACT and fiction.

          I’d say that makes you a moron and as I have actually been shot, I’d say my experience with shootings tops a morons opinion any day of the week.

          Humans are every bit as tough as a deer and fight or flight is the most common response to a shooting in both, but there again morons are not aware of such facts..

  25. A good funeral director can do amazing work on a face. I’ve seen it done. An “unknown” can be made into a “known”. Just like the makeup artists in Hollywood. I doubt they inject a liquid plastic under the skin and then manipulate it, but it is very common in embalming practices.
    Long story short, only the funeral director really knows who the body is. Just like a mother knows who the real father is,.

    • You sound mentally insane. Just saying.

      • No, facts of life, baby. My brother reconstructed a man’s face after he put a 357 in his mouth. The family said he looked better than before. He has reattached a head on a guy who’s motorcycle went up under the trailer of a semi. You would be quite surprised what a good embalmer can do. 😉

      • Sounds like you need to turn off the video games and go find some education. Maybe attend some online courses in ANYTHING to exercise you brain muscle … it will really help you in the long run.

  26. It occurred to me that if these shooting incidents that are coming at us practically once a month are all staged hoaxes, which at this point seems very likely, then think about just how much money the NWO globalists are willing to spend to set these things up, pay off innumerable people to keep them quiet, and with the ones who have been purportedly killed, give then new identities, possibly with plastic surgery. and probably move them out of the country. They must be really, really desperate to get rid of guns in this country.

  27. “Despite being very dangerous in the past, violent crime in New York City has been dropping since 1990[1][2] and, as of 2014, is lower than the national average. In 2014, there were 328 homicides, the lowest number since at least 1963 when reliable statistics were first kept.[2][3] Crime rates spiked in the 1980s and early 1990s as the crack epidemic hit the city.[4][5] According to a 2015 ranking of 50 cities by The Economist, New York was the 10th overall safest major city in the world,…” Wikipedia

    “Despite a wild burst of gunfire that wounded nine people at a party in Brooklyn over the weekend, the number of shootings across New York City was sharply lower last week compared with the same week in 2014, bringing the city effectively even with last year in total amount of gunfire….” August/2015 nytimes

    The other 34 advanced nations have a 90% average lower gun murder rate than the US with the nearly gun free zones of Japan and UK having 99% lower gun homicide rates (and 80% lower overall murder rates). l Last year, the UK cops killed 2 people, fewer than are killed by cops in the US each day. The US gun murder total peaked at 17,000 in 1993 (and 27,000 overall murders); within 5 yrs of the Brady Act taking effect in early 1994, the gun murder rate and over all murder rate dropped by 40%.

    States with strict gun laws have 40% lower gun murder rates than states with loosest gun laws. In 42 states, criminals, terrorists, and crazies can easily buy semi-automatic rifles without records or background checks thru online ads or gunshows.

    Homes with guns have nearly 3 times more gun deaths than homes without.

    Facts are facts, whether you believe them or not.

  28. Sadly this kind of video is exactly why ‘conspiracy theorists’ is used as a insult in the MSN. Different perspective on the camera of the shooter make it hard to see. Sight.

  29. there’s some seriously feeble gun grabbin’ agenda vulturin’ goin’ on here.

    pathetic, shills.

  30. The fake shooting appears to be accomplished using “green screen” like the one available at the WDBJ studio for weather forecasts. Notice the problem with synchronizing the shots with the victim’s “too-slow’ reaction when the gunman fired slightly too soon in the sequence. So the reaction to the shooting (loud noise) was recorded and played back on the green screen before the shooter sequence was recorded in front of it. This is probably the reason blanks had to be used since live rounds inside the studio would have cause too much damage and mayhem.

  31. crisis actors too

  32. So James, tell me why the cameraman did not know the shooter out with his camera after the first shot was fired??!!

  33. It doesn’t matter how many of these hoax shootings the Zionists do, the 2nd amendment is not up for discussion. Try it and we riot

  34. Much more than the nodding, look at the cameraman version and her arm/hand position holding the white paper, the the cell version- both are completely different.

  35. Just so you know the different frame rate between the two recording devices are the reason why you don’t see the head nodding in the gunman’s videos of. The gunman’s camera picks up fewer frames per second whereas the professional camera equipment picks up all frames. The gunman’s camera Just missing the head nodding.

  36. Don’t know about the rest of you, but I notice her head nod in both videos. It’s a bit harder to see in the shooter’s video because it’s so shaky. But it is there if you look closely.

  37. Not A hoax you say…hmm… where did the garden hoses magically appear from in the video shots ? Why is the gunmans hand “White”? Why didn’t the woman get knocked down by point blank shots or show any bloodspatter anywhere ? You haven’t asked yourself the hard questions yet !

  38. You are taking the wrong “Meds” Go resume your position in front of the propaganda box and gel yourself into a stupor ! Critical thinking is not your forte’.

  39. My first thought when I heard this was – Another False-Flag Event?

  40. I believe the apparent inconsistencies are a result of a different camera angle and elevation.

  41. The shooter aims at Ms. Parker’s midsection. If you will note it appears that Ms. Parker has squibs (exploding blood packs) under her skirt from waist to crotch level. Is it possible that the squibs malfunctioned? The supposed bloody scene did not pan out because of the failure of the special effects?

  42. That wasn’t the interview to which I was referring. The one I mentioned was earlier this week, in the daytime. I think with the afternoon host, Brooke Baldwin. It was just her interviewing him. But I think I saw the one you linked as well.

  43. yada yada yada ….

    • you are refusing to acknowledge the facts———–trolls do not present facts and evidence. Trolls seek to distract factual discussion………………………….

      • Paid trolls provide evidence all the time

        • Trolls never offer evidence or facts….like you, they just come to annoy, without evidence, with nothing but empty negativity. Paid trolls most often do their job by accusing those who present the facts as trolls of being paid trolls.

          Such libels are a form of hate speech, the standard response when no rational reaction is possible. The purpose of hate speech is to dampen the right of free speech. You, sir, are trolling…………………….paid or not. Your trolling is so transparent I doubt anyone would pay you.

          • Putin on the Ritz | September 6, 2015 at 1:06 pm |

            LOL, hate speech? Taking that too far! That’s an ad hom attack, I never accused you of being a paid troll, I only pointed out the fact that paid trolls have copy paste lists of political talking points…. I’m just arguing for freedom and liberty and against all that would subvert our rights.

          • CAlling out hate speech, like calling out racism, is not ad hominem but a legitimate function of critical thinking. Your hypocrisy is highlighted by the fact that you now claim you never called me a paid troll…..an admission that such accusations, which you clearly aimed at me, would be hate speech, akin to libel.

            Your rhetoric is that of hate speech in that it tends to encourage discrimination,disbelief, and loss of reputation. Pointing this out is not ad hom but the duty of all who reject hate speech as the enemy of free speech. By calling me (or insinuating) a paid troll, you seek to discredit my free speech. Shame on you!

          • Putin on the Ritz | September 6, 2015 at 1:37 pm |

            Quit using liberal talking points and making it personal and give me your answers about Stalin and Mao disarming the public leading to 100 million deaths. And your answer about this 32000 a year number you’ve been spouting. And your take on the fact that it less than a 10th of 1 % of killings occurred in mass shootings. Don’t muddy the waters by pulling the “racism” card. It’s not gonna work here this time.

  44. Both yourself and TStephenGaunt above are CORRECT – the dufass doing this video and story is the real looney-tune here along with the gullible idiots that focus on the “nodding” rather than the reaction of the reporter’s hands, mouth and body (which is exactly the same in both videos) and the interviewee’s reaction as well (hands and mouth, just like the reporter – same same).

    Fools like Joe Wright do a dis-service to the word “conspiracy” putting forth tripe such as this as PROOF of a hoax – the only PROOF here is lack of integrity and journalistic acumen of Mr. Wright.

    Good catch, both of you.

  45. I noticed that too, on tv, they’re together, on pov camera they’re separated.

  46. Wow…really intelligent response! Do you kiss your mom with that filthy mouth? I love it when some anti-gun freak starts trying to quote statistics! What we find is they make a lot of it up. Just as you have. Checking facts….Australia passed sweeping gun restriction laws in an effort to curb gun murders and other gun crimes. The result? In the first year Gun murders and other gun crimes went up 55%! Fact….not fiction! So, keep drinking the koolaid…but, take your pile of sewage elsewhere. Have a nice day!

    • “my 1 example outweighs your multiple examples”

      • I think what you are eluding to is my one example is out-weighed by “Filthy Mouth’s” multiple examples? I’d like him to explain then why the largest number of gun murders occur in the States with the most restrictive gun laws. Hmmmm?

        • They don’t. A peer-reviewed study of the gun literature and FBI data found that the states with the fewest guns and most restrictive laws have a far lower gun murder (and overall murder and suicide rates) than the states with the loosest laws and most guns. Most of these states are southern, such as Lousiana, Alabama, and Mississippi…..where gun murder rates are far beyond the national average and ten times higher than the strict law states.

          “Harvard Injury Control Research Center

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          Firearm Researcher Surveys

          Youth Violence

          Suicide (Means Matter)

          Research to Practice

          Firearms Research




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          Faculty, Staff & Affiliates

          Home > Harvard Injury Control Research Center > Firearms Research > Homicide





          New governance needed for risky research

          Emergency preparedness
          Flexible leadership saved lives following Boston Marathon explosions

          1. Where there are more guns there is more homicide (literature review).

          Our review of the academic literature found that a broad array of evidence indicates that gun availability is a risk factor for homicide, both in the United States and across high-income countries. Case-control studies, ecological time-series and cross-sectional studies indicate that in homes, cities, states and regions in the US, where there are more guns, both men and women are at higher risk for homicide, particularly firearm homicide.

          Hepburn, Lisa; Hemenway, David. Firearm availability and homicide: A review of the literature. Aggression and Violent Behavior: A Review Journal. 2004; 9:417-40.

          2. Across high-income nations, more guns = more homicide.

          We analyzed the relationship between homicide and gun availability using data from 26 developed countries from the early 1990s. We found that across developed countries, where guns are more available, there are more homicides. These results often hold even when the United States is excluded.

          Hemenway, David; Miller, Matthew. Firearm availability and homicide rates across 26 high income countries. Journal of Trauma. 2000; 49:985-88.

          3. Across states, more guns = more homicide

          Using a validated proxy for firearm ownership, we analyzed the relationship between firearm availability and homicide across 50 states over a ten year period (1988-1997).

          After controlling for poverty and urbanization, for every age group, people in states with many guns have elevated rates of homicide, particularly firearm homicide.

          Miller, Matthew; Azrael, Deborah; Hemenway, David. Household firearm ownership levels and homicide rates across U.S. regions and states, 1988-1997. American Journal of Public Health. 2002: 92:1988-1993.


          Of course, the gun lobby has counter propaganda claiming these studies are fraudulent, tho there are no peer-reviewed studies which factually support this claim by those whose agenda is to block gun laws, gun research, and promote gun sales (profits).

          Here is investigative journalism which highlights the states with the highest gun murder rates: http://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/death-by-gun-top-20-states-with-highest-rates/6/

          Almost all are southern, with no background checks for “private” sales (online or gunshows), with gun homicide rates 2 to 3 times above average and much higher than states with strict laws and fewer guns, as summarized in a new study: “Washington, DC — States with weak gun violence prevention laws and higher rates of gun ownership have the highest overall gun death rates in the nation, according to a Violence Policy Center (VPC) analysis of new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.

          Meanwhile, states with the lowest overall gun death rates have lower rates of gun ownership and some of the strongest gun violence prevention laws in the nation. However, even in these states the human toll of gun violence remains unacceptably high and far exceeds the gun death rate in most Western industrialized nations.

          The VPC analysis is based on data newly released this week and refers to overall gun death rates in 2011, the most recent year for which data is available.

          The five states with the highest per capita gun death rates in 2011 were Louisiana, Mississippi, Alaska, Wyoming, and Montana. Each of these states has extremely lax gun violence prevention laws as well as a higher rate of gun ownership. The state with the lowest gun death rate in the nation was Rhode Island, followed by Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. Each of these states has strong gun violence prevention laws and has a lower rate of gun ownership.”

          The facts speak for themselves.

          • Martin Alfven Haider | September 5, 2015 at 4:15 pm |

            Why is it just “gun crime” that you see as a concern, rather than all violent crime?

    • My mother has been dead for 20 years. The statistics I cite are based on official records and there is no evidence of cooking the books.

      Regarding Australia, after a horrific mass shooting (with 35 dead) in the 90’s, the government enacted new laws, buying back 700.000 weapons and banning semi-automatics. Since then 20 years ago, there have been no mass murders in Australia, and the gun murder rate is down (with variation year to year) by 60%.

      The Washhingtonpost reported: “….a study by Andrew Leigh of Australian National University and Christine Neill of Wilfrid Laurier University (found) that the firearm homicide rate fell by 59 percent, and the firearm suicide rate fell by 65 percent, in the decade after the law was introduced, without a parallel increase in non-firearm homicides and suicides. That provided strong circumstantial evidence for the law’s effectiveness.

      The paper also estimated that buying back 3,500 guns per 100,000 people resulted in a 35 to 50 percent decline in the homicide rate,What is significant is the decline the laws caused in the firearm suicide rate, which Leigh and Neill estimate at a 74 percent reduction for a buyback of that size. This is even higher than the overall decline in the suicide rate, because the gun buybacks’ speed varied from state to state. In states with quick buybacks, the fall in the suicide rate far exceeded the fall in states with slower buybacks:
      Tasmania did a quicker buyback, and saw a large decline in suicides, while the Australian Capital Territory did a slower buyback, and a slower decline. The study fits with a pattern of research in the United States that finds a strong correlation between gun possession and suicide rates, as University of Chicago public health Professor Harold Pollack has detailed here.”


      The year after the new laws and buyback, leaving many Australians with guns, the overall (not gun) homicide rate rose 3.2% (not 55%). “”Homicides are up 3.2%.” This statistic is misleading because it reflects only the absolute number of homicides rather than the homicide rate”. Read more at http://www.snopes.com/crime/statistics/ausguns.asp#OlPtSvfMHSA4Hxay.99

      The historical records of the 35 advanced nations shows that the longer gun laws are in effect, the more effective they are. For instance, Japan, which in the 50’s had a higher gun murder rate than the US, has since reduced its gun murder rate by 99%. Australia has reduced its rate by 60% and in the US, since the Brady Act went into effect, gun murder rates are down by 50%. The same pattern can be observed in all advanced nations.

      Here is one last summary of the effects of the Australian gun law reforms on reducing gun violence:

      “The most comprehensive impact study of the Australian interventions found that “the buyback led to a drop in the firearm suicide rates of almost 80%, with no significant effect on non-firearm death rates. The effect on firearm homicides is of similar magnitude but is less precise.” Important for any discussion of causality, the authors also found that “the largest falls in firearm deaths occurred in states where more firearms were bought back.” This study went on to cite survey results to suggest that Australia had nearly halved its number of gun-owning households and then estimated that, by withdrawing firearms on such a scale, this nation of nearly 23 million people had saved itself 200 deaths by gunshot and US$500 million in costs each year (Leigh and Neill, 2010).

      The evidence is clear that following gun law reform, Australians became many times less likely to be killed with a firearm (Alpers, Wilson and Rossetti, 2013a).” http://www.gunpolicy.org/firearms/region/cp/australia (using primary sources).

      In 1996, the gun murder rate in Australia was .57. This was the year of the mass shooting. New laws were enacted. In 1997, the gun murder rate dropped to .43, then to .3 by 1998 (nearly cutting in half within 2 years!), and in 2011, reached a low of .18, or a drop of over 2/3 in gun homicides. There have bee no more mass murders.

      These facts speak for themselves. You can fact check at gunpolicy.org, nationmaster, or wikipeida, all of which collect data and publish, giving primary sources.

      Gun laws work, and the longer they are in effect, the more effectively they work. That is the lesson of several generations of gun laws and reductions in gun violence in the 35 advanced nations, from Europe, Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  47. First two images are a fairly decent photo shop job – but the pixelation gives it away. I remember noting that the clouds were also similar in both shots, so it was pretty easy to see those are altered images. YOu can actually still see it in the second. Third image, the guy is making up a bunch of stuff by using truthiness words but not really saying anything.

  48. Actually, if you go back to the raw video footage, you can see when the gunman’s camera gets close enough to the clouds, they also wash out with amount of sunlight from that angle. Its interesting how watching the gunman’s camera footage unedited, how the shadows from I guess the porch or something cause massive differences in the saturation of light and other factors. But watch the clouds in the gunman video – they washout and disappear as he gets closer. At points, his video looks exactly like the live one. You can also see the same effect on what I think the third image is trying to poorly explain.

  49. Wolfgang Halbig saws Sandy hoax was staged

  50. Congrats! You have found out the difference between the level of detail of a Professional shoulder mounted camera, and a personal phone camera the size of my pinky fingernail.

  51. ahhh those facts are just liberal lies to take our guns!

  52. How many times have you been shot Mr. Expert?

    Because it appears you know nothing at all other than video games, TV or Hollywood shootings and certainly nothing with regard to 9mm shootings IRL.

    9mm is not that great of a self-defense round, as the 1968 Florida FBI shootout showed, but then I suspect you weren’t even a gleam in your daddy’s eye back then……

  53. I think “Andy’s” comment above takes perfect aim at comments such as yours – he said:

    “Congrats! You have found out the difference between the level of detail
    of a Professional shoulder mounted camera, and a personal phone camera
    the size of my pinky fingernail.”

    Much like those claiming blanks were used which is WRONG, for even blanks have to eject in order for a semi-auto to fire multiple times and IRL show nothing like the muzzle flash of +P 9mm HP rounds from a Glock 19s 4.02″ barrel length like those seen in the murderer’s own twisted video.

    BTW, Glocks tend to have a more vertical ejection path, then to the right, especially when using +P loads, appears you have been watching that YouTube side by side comparison hoax video using a Springfield XD ejecting standard 9mm rounds, claiming you’d see the same with a Glock – real pistoleros know the difference and that tripe is no different than the inane premise put forth above – it’s crap plain and simple

  54. These false flag events are the only way the feds world wide know how to get guns under control,,,,,lots of poor acting does not matter it sucks in a few more non thinking voters and that’s all they want. …be another one soon stand by

  55. dale is a troll

  56. I DARE anyone to download this video to their computer and play it in slow motion. You will notice 3 things. 1. The shooters hands are white (Black men have light colored palms and dark skin on top of their hands) 2. You will notice hair on the shooters wrists (Black men do not have hair on their arms) 3. There is NO ammunition casing shell being ejected from the gun. This gun that the shooter had is a Glock, ALL glocks are semi-automatic which means they eject brass from the side of the gun. All glocks are designed the same way, the only difference in models is the caliber and the size of the gun. Once again, there is no brass ejected. Any camera can see brass being ejected from a gun, go watch any gun shooting video on youtube (there are millions of them) and you will see brass being ejected. This is 100% fake, it never happened. In fact I would be safe to say these people are sitting in a different country right now with protective services. They will have fake funerals (Wax dummies, cremation or closed caskets) They might not even have any funeral at all.

  57. You people are so naive believing this crap. You probably don’t believe 9/11 happened either. You are all so stupid. I don’t want gun control, but until you’ve seen someone die in front of you by gunshot , you don’t have an opinion about this I have and it not pretty just like this isn’t pretty. I’m a Vietnam vet. Enough said.

  58. They are “B” grade actors for a reason, and they further prove it in their latest poor performances.

  59. What’s keeping you here?

  60. The purpose of the 2nd amendment is not to defend against crime. It isn’t for target shooting. And it isn’t for hunting. The purpose is to give U.S. citizens a reasonable chance of overthrowing their government if it ever becomes tyrannical. It is essential to remember this.

  61. On average throughout the 20th century, there were the equivalent of one hundred Sandy Hook massacres committed per day… by governments around the world against their own citizens. The victims were not armed.

  62. That’s irrefutable. Those are two different takes. So who gets sued? This is real evidence of fraud. Who broke what laws in airing the fake shooting? Let’s get on this!

  63. Also… notice the angle of the paper she’s holding.. Its’s completely different in both videos

  64. What ever…She’s just as dead as if it wasn’t a hoax.

  65. Japan already had a very low violent crime rate. The real issue is serial violent criminals and violent crime, not the subset of “gun crime”.

    • No,Martin. I have done the research: in the 50’s Japan had a very high murder rate,higher than the US at the time. Through very strict gun laws,they have been able, decade by decade to all but eliminate gun murder( 2 in 2006),and to reduce their 50’s murder rate by over 90%. In terms of overall murders, Japan has 80% less than the US, and 99% lower gun murder rate.

      In the 50’s the gun murder rate reached 3.5/100K. In 20ll. the rate was .35. or 90% lower, gradually falling decade by decade after strict gun laws were enacted.

      The major issue is gun deaths (32K a yr)because this is the most severe of violent crimes and guns are used in 2/3 of all murders. “There were 13,716 homicides in the United States in 2013, including non-negligent manslaughter.” source: FBI/Crime in the United States 2013.

      The CDC reports that in 2013 there were 16,121 homicides, with 11,208 using firearms. http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/homicide.htm

      The best way to keep guns out of the hands of violent people is through strictly enforced background checks on all gun sales. It works all over the world, and 92% of the public (incl 85% of gun owners) supports it,so sadly democracy is not working, as a minority of right wing politicians backed by 8% of the population and the NRA, are able to block legislation to make background checks universal. This is the tyranny of the minority which keeps America the most dangerous and violent of all advanced nations, with 90% more gun murders, 80% more overall murders, and 1/3 of the world’s private guns, held by about 1/3 of American households.

      If you want to reduce gun violence, end the loophole which allows criminals and the dangerously insane to purchase guns with no checks at all in 42 states. Let’s end the madness.

      • Holy S*** this guy’s not gonna quit. I know I’VE had enough. I’m outta here.

      • I would rather see 10,000 die a year than be disarmed against a corrupt tyranny that we have now (personal preference). Of the 10,000 killed a year only about 1% of that is mass shootings. Of those mass shootings, half of those are faked to push gun control by terrorizing people with propaganda. You should move to Japan or the U.K. If you don’t like guns so much.

        • There is nothing in the Constitution about a right to take up arms against the government. Indeed, the Constitution states the purposes of the militia, under the control of Congress,to enforce the law and put down invasions and insurrections. Hitler, the worst mass murderer in history, in the German Weapons Act of 1938 expanded, liberalized, and dergulated guns for over 99% of the German population.

          Of those killed in the 230 mass shootings a year, bans on large magazines and semi-automatic weapons would greatly reduce the carnage, as most mass shooters choose semi-automatics for their ability to kill a large number quickly.

          It’s easy to dismiss 32,000 gun deaths a year until it touches your family. And if a portion of those deaths are preventable through common sense gun laws, why would any rational person oppose them? In fact, few do: even 85% of gun owners support universal background checks and certain safety features opposed by the NRA. Ending the carnage would not infringe on the right of responsible individuals to own guns, which is why most support rational gun laws. Those who do not are rightly termed the lunatic fringe of people addicted to the mystique of the gun and badly misinformed about gun rights and gun laws. Why a small minority should rule is a question of where our democracy has gone.

          • Putin on the Ritz | September 6, 2015 at 11:49 am |

            Here’s the part you forget, in the last century roughly 100 million people were killed by there governments after being disarmed. You can regurgitate the propaganda from the anti gun lobby all day. It still doesn’t change the fact that Hitler banned guns from the Jews. Mao banned guns in China and Stalin guns in Russia. So 10,000 gun deaths a year (most of which are gang on gang violence) is a drop in the bucket compared to an oppressive government. True the constitution itself doesn’t say guns are for fighting our own government, but the authors said it in no uncertain terms in other papers not in the constitution. Also keep in mind the frame of reference they spoke from. They had just won a revolution against the British.

            “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” – Thomas Jefferson

            Have you such a limited knowledge of recent history? And don’t tell it can’t happen in America. It’s currently happening in North Korea.

            And my uncle was shot about 15 years ago. Gun violence has tough my family. It doesn’t make have a knee jerk reaction to isolated incidents blown out of proportion by the media.

          • The German’s Weapons Act refutes your claims. Jews were less than 1% of the German population and had few guns. When the armed leftists in the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland took up arms against the Nazies, the results were:
            Jews killed 13,000
            Nazis killed: 18.

            400,000 gun deaths since 9/11 may be a drop in the bucket to you………….but not to the 400,000 families who grieve the losses, and to all compassionate people, it is a great tragedy,which with rational laws could be radically reduced.

            Jefferson’s views on guns were rejected by his own Virginia legislature and he was sent out of the country (Ambassador to France) during the Constitutional Convention….so his minority views were ignored and the new Constitution made the purpose of the Congress controlled militia (Clause 15 AND 16) TO enforce the law and put down invasions and INSURRECTIONS.

            Jefferson’s views did not prevail; the militia was transferred from the states and localities to the central government, with the purpose of defending the government against attacks, foreign and domestic.

          • Putin on the Ritz | September 6, 2015 at 12:39 pm |

            Gun control topic aside, we are here to talk about this false flag attack in the media. Let me ask you your opinion in 2 questions.

            1. Do you think that this was a media hoax to promote gun control?

            2. If it was a hoax, do you support this as a means to further gun
            control legislation?

          • With 32,000 gun deaths a year and over 200 mass shootings, why would anyone think one more shooting would bring about gun control?

            The hoax is to invent conspiracy theories to mask the tragedy of a gun lobby which opposes rational gun laws supported by 9 in 10 Americans.

            I support gun control legislation, like 85% of gun owners, to reduce the amount of gun violence. Period.

            Do false flags occur? Yes. Do those with something to hide promote fake false flag allegations to poison the well? Yes.

            ARe mass shootings in the US planned to promote gun control? No, since with every mass shooting, gun sales spike. With over 30,000 gun deaths a year, there is no reason to fake shootings………………this is a propaganda campaign to change the subject and further thwart the will of the people for rational gun laws.

          • Putin on the Ritz | September 6, 2015 at 12:52 pm |

            “According to the FBI, in 2012, there were 8,855 total firearm-related homicides in the US, with 6,371 of those attributed to handguns. The Centers for Disease Control reports that there were 11,078 firearm-related homicides in the U.S. in 2010.”

            – simple Google search
            Where are you getting your numbers?

          • Putin on the Ritz | September 6, 2015 at 12:54 pm |

            Also 62 mass shootings in the United States, from 1982 through 2012.
            – Mother Jones

          • Putin on the Ritz | September 6, 2015 at 12:55 pm |

            9 in 10? You must not now any gun owners

          • Putin on the Ritz | September 6, 2015 at 12:58 pm |

            “A Congressional Research Service report published in 2013 counted 78 incidents over roughly the same period, in which 547 were killed. Definitions of mass shootings vary. The report excludes those for whom terrorist ideology or criminal profit was a motivation. The Mother Jones staff limited themselves to indiscriminate killings of at least four people in public places by lone shooters.”

            547 killed in mass shootings over 30 years.
            If 10,000 people killed every year for 30 years equals 3 million, than 547 equals 0.000182% of gun deaths from mass shootings.

          • “78 incidents” of what? A mass shooting is usually defined as a shooting in which at least 4 victims are killed or injured. A mass shooting need not involve killings……if 4 are shot in one incident, the FBI counts that as a mass shooting.

            usatoday reports that since 2006, there have been more than 200 mass killings. This does not count all mass shootings, which sometimes result in injuries but no deaths. They report that of mass killings , there have been over 900 deaths in the past 7 years. (2007-2012).

            “More than 900 people died in mass shootings during the past seven years, and a majority of them were killed by people they knew, according to a USA TODAY analysis of gun-related slayings.”http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/02/21/mass-shootings-domestic-violence-nra/1937041/

            shootingtracker.com lists 337 mass shootings in the first 8 months of 2014.

            With mass shootings growing in number and now approaching 1 a day, why would anyone “stage” a fake mass shooting? That is taking coals to Newcastle.

  66. So, tin foil hatters, will you attend the funerals and bring this truth to life?

  67. OK dipshit …. let’s cut to the quick … we like murders; especially gang on gang. When MS13 punks take on the Mexicans in LA, that’s a good thing. When El Capo’s Chicago shorties take on (and lose) to the Vice Lords – are we to roll over and quit our jobs in grief? Me thinks you are a secret numbers shill and a freak who trolls for effect and the tingly feeling it gives you. Try studying some legitimate sources for a while and get off the liberal news media channels … they make you look ill-informed.

  68. So this is where the tin foil hats are made!

  69. I always wondered which website has the most mentally unstable following. Not surprised it was a disgusting right-wing website filled with disgusting conservatives. Too bad y’all hate Obama so much because Obamacare could provide many of you access to the mental help many of you so desperately need.

  70. In one take she glances at the shooter’s go pro. How did she not see a 300 pound man with a gun and go pro?

  71. I found it funny that the “father of Alison” came out that very same day of the “shooting” pushing his gun control agenda. These crisis actors rely on a dumbed down society who believes everything the mass media tells them. The Second Amendment must be protected. Don’t ever let them destroy your gun rights.

  72. I knew this was a hoax as soon as I saw the video!!; who could hold a camera and hold a gun at the same time!!! And how could those people not see the man with a gun so close to them! It’s ludicrous!!! Obama you’re a lying pig!!

  73. This is some of the stupidest bullshit I’ve ever heard. Yes, every murder has been faked just so Obama can take your guns. Congratulations, you’ve figured out the Illuminati’s plan for the new world order! It’s the greatest secret of all time, but a “YouTube researcher” has figured it all out!

  74. At least you are sure of one thing!

  75. So let me get this straight, you group think morons think these reporters gave up their jobs and identities to take your guns away? They are now going to go in hiding the rest of their lives? You people are lunatics!

  76. Good eye! Good eye…

  77. Perspective and resolution are something you obviously need to bone up on, try Webster’s Dictionary.
    Only a fool would believe this shooting was staged or a hoax.

  78. Every post I made about explaining the “double take” theory and debunking it keeps getting removed.

  79. John Smith, you forgot to say “sheeple” it makes you sound way more credible.

  80. There are a few sane people who agree with you. I am one.

  81. You and I are on the same page. Of course, we both know the federal government would NEVER over-step its authority, right? (I have to get a couple of TUMS after that last comment.)

  82. I don’t think is conclusive. Different angles make it hard to determine.

  83. you’re a idiot

  84. notice how the first shot could have missed right UNDER her left arm holding the microphone , but the 2nd shot would have hit her in her chest cavity , and her reaction after the 2nd shot would never have allowed her to run away as she did .
    Also notice that the gun in the camera was NOT shooting blanks BECAUSE blanks do NOT cause that much recoil . So the gun fired real bullets , but that gunman camera view COULD have been taken from ANYTHING even at a gun range . and superimposed .
    Cameras and photos nowadays are to easily falsified yet people believe what they see ?

  85. why do conspiracies only happen in North America and never in other countries? it’s like other countries aren’t worth talking about and they spend so much time and energy holding the USA on a pedestal when we don’t want to be there and would like to climb down off of it, and need a lesson on other cultures LOL.

  86. So this whole thing was FAKE?? they are alive and well then??

  87. Francis Paul John McAnarney Jr | September 20, 2015 at 5:58 pm |

    a mass shooting is defined as more that four dead, not including the perp. caught you in another lie dale, not surprised.

    • A mass shooting is any shooting in which at least 4 are shot; a mass murder is an event in which at least 4 are murdered. I am not lying. These are the common understandings. I do not lie. Your accusations are hilarious. A shooting does not imply a killing; a murder does. Mass, in both cases, means at least 4 (not more than 4).

      You owe an apology but you will double down on your lies. How sad. Mass lying.

  88. Liberals are responsible for all these shootings since they make the shooters out to be hero by giving them non-stop press coverage. Obama is an idiot and I hope he dies very soon from being stabbed to death and not from a gun. I am sick of this idiot.

    Only reason he is even President is because the Elite wanted this MORON to be President. Our Votes don’t count. Liberals some how won Florida and Ohio? Oh okay, I really believe those pro-gun and pro-life states would ever vote for this idiot. /Sarcasm

  89. You guys are a bunch of damn liars! Her father was on the News the day it happened! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  90. So are these people actually still alive? I mean, c’mon are they?

  91. You missed the nod because her head was out of frame for a second.

  92. LOL you false flaggers are truly the stupidest, most mentally lazy people in America. Everything’s a conspiracy to blame for your failed lives.

  93. Hoaxers can do one thing to prove a hoax. Find the people who supposedly died. Somehow, that never happens.

  94. when they go to extreme measures such as this…it makes one wonder what the real agenda is for the general population to be disarmed…

  95. The ‘council woman’s” hands are also positioned differently. Isn;t it time for a huge class action lawsuit against the news channel, the father and all proven to be involved? Emotional distress,etc. It is only through the monopoly of MSM that these psychopaths have come so far. It is my belief that until we can figure how to hold these news stations, newspapers, etc accountable for blatant lies, it will only get worse. Of course, it is all mostly distraction.They want us to know it is fake and continue discussing it meanwhile, they are actively committing mass genocide, poisoning us all 24/7. If we can;t focus on that single issue and make it stop, nothing else matters. it is my guess we will all be seeing sicknesses in huge numbers soon. This is why all these “truths’ are coming to light. look left…..look right….just don’t look up and please pay no attention to the FACT that you are being sprayed like bugs. And by all means do not try to stop it immediately, as the poisons should start taking effect on a massive scale any time now

  96. Hopefully Mr. Wrights daughter or wife will be shot very soon.

  97. It could be camera “artifacts”, as the angle is different, and the quality of the 2nd video is much poorer. However, I did not see any damage to her after the first shot. If you are shot at close range like that, man…It’s messy to say the least!
    I know that many are against Trump, however before you make your decision please think of this – Please look very hard at a couple things – 1. Who are the puppet masters afraid of? Bernie? Nope. They consider him a little bug that may cause some irritation, but not much more. Rafael? Negative. They know that he will cozy right in when he takes office. He is simply a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is really starting to show too. He is getting caught more and more. His robin hood act is not holding up. (I actually was in his corner at the onset). Rubio? Simply Jeb’s “mini-me”. We have gone down each and every “other” road. They all lead to the same place.
    But then there is Trump. A man that does not need to do this, but at some point realized that he is in a very unique position. He is one of the only people in the world that can actually stand up to the puppet masters and have a chance to win “one-on-one”. He sees the catastrophic situation the country is in, and knows this may be our last chance. Remember too (when thinking of “him”), he was building a brand. So the Trump you think you may know is probably not nearly as brash as his “persona”. You also may like your sunday school teacher, but certainly don’t want him operating on your child! We have had a man that was a community organizer as President for the last 8 years. A man that seems to have an invisible past. A man that did not have enough “hours” to even become a manager at McDonalds! Now we have a liar on the left with a man who lived at home until he was 40 next to her. We need someone with real world experience. Someone that knows how to put the right people in the right places. Not giving an ambassadorship to someone simply because they gave him 5 million! We need Trump. Even in the 80’s he was the only one hiring women to head up yuuuge construction projects. He makes decisions on merit, not per$ua$ion.
    If you really want to judge the character of a man, look at his children. Keep in mind, raising children when you are a billionare is no small task! Espeically children that are as complete and successful as his kids are. He is in grave danger doing this. They will stop at nothing to stop him. Please say a prayer, or send good juju his way, as every little bit helps. For those who think that is hooey, consider these two quick things – Google “mass prayer reduces global terror significantly- and this was only 7k people! And why is it, when you go back in history, all the great powers that were always had a keen interest in the occult? (not to be confused with a cult!!) Could it be because our consciousness is far stronger, and much more powerful than they want us to think? We know that the most powerful thing that we know of in the “known universe” is our mind, so….Who knows? I know that I don’t, however more and more the signs are pointing to the fact that there is more to it.
    We have a real chance here to shake things up, and restore our country to its greatness. As Trump says, “there’s something going on here”. I truly believe he is the only one who can expose the reality of the true nature of the master plan to destroy America from the inside out. (Personally, I think it is a means at an end to destroy Israel, and we are simply collateral damage, but who knows. Either way, they are doing their best to cripple America.)
    Join me in saying (and thinking) to the puppet masters, “I will look you in the eyes, and not look away. I am no longer afraid. I know that our collective fear empowers you, and I am taking that away. For good. You have had your time, and now it is our time. We are taking back what is rightfully ours. We will expose you together, and free all the suppressed technology that you have been hoarding. You will not stop us this time. Your brainwashing is no longer working. We are on to your games, and won’t fight you with guns, but rather our minds, and they are made up!

  98. I’m sorry to bust everyone’s bubble but I went to Adam Ward’s funeral in Salem, VA so you can move on to your other conspiracy theories but a lot of people from Salem High School and Virginia Tech lost a great friend in Adam Ward and hurt deeply for him. I don’t know what they were feeling during the interviews but it was a different setting at his funeral. My dad was watching the freaking local news at 6 in the morning when the shooting happened and he’s been bothered by it ever since. I got back to the airport in roanoke and couldn’t drive my car because the parking lot was on lockdown where bryce williams rented a car. Adam Ward isn’t hiding out in a bunker or something stupid like that he’s buried in the ground and his soul is in heaven. So move along these aren’t the droids you’re looking for. It wasn’t a staged act for gun control it was a dude going crazy due to being a news anchor his whole life getting fired and bullied.I love guns and I do not support gun control but I’m gonna tag everybody i can in this because it’s ridiculous seeing everybody so certain the shooting was staged @Pr0mis3k33p3r:disqus @Tar@TARDISOFGALLIFREY:disqus @fa@disqus_7MNsVZWvhZ:disqus @bob@bobfairlane:disqus @josh@joshbare:disqus @jag@disqus_7hIaddey3f:disqus @seas@Season341:disqus @rach@rachel_flanagan:disqus @mich@michael_lawless:disqus @colin@colinjames71:disqus @anoth@anotherlover:disqus @nic@nicholasvanlandingham:disqus @john@disqus_cG6TWuyPca:disqus @hp@hpmclovincraft:disqus @koo@koolaidalex:disqus @thiam@thiamia:disqus @blu@blue579:disqus @o@disqus_SG0xg4JcBo:disqus @@robertthaler:disqus @@Padraigin:disqus @ROBER@robertlnipper:disqus @R@francispauljohnmcanarneyjr:disqus @SUS@susanroannew:disqus @PU@disqus_iOFGWc5ogc:disqus @ze@zenmonger:disqus @j@jamieobomber:disqus @ju@JustJenna:disqus @sc@ScroodeMcDuck:disqus @al@easterling:disqus @ri@rick_sander:disqus @a@disqus_2womCcgr0s:disqus @a@molonlabe23:disqus @mart@marlsomers:disqus @al@disqus_2oniqktxmS:disqus @atom@AtomicMetroid:disqus

  99. Conspiracy theory lunatics. LOL. Crazed bastards, one and all.

  100. Different takes for sure. This is 100% proof that this video was shot in different takes.


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  102. How stupid to think this is a hoax. That loser “peekay” thinks everything is fake, and his evidence amounts to paranoid, deluded ramblings from his own very dim and sad perspective. Anyone who thinks this was staged is quite simply lost and pathetic. Studying the video footage we can clearly see both videos are filming the same event.

    A steady broadcast camera will obviously show more detail and a different focal perspective than a phone camera or whatever the shooter had.

  103. LOL you think it’s like the movies? Idiot.

  104. Wow you’re stupid

  105. damn youre dumb

  106. I would have loved to see that video, but it seems that Winston Smith–oops, I mean YouTube–has memory-holed it. Go back to your business, people–there’s nothing to see here.

  107. Did anyone think to mirror this work?

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