Background Checks For Prospective Gun Buyers Reach An All Time High

background checksBy Tyler M.

The FBI conducted more background checks for prospective gun buyers in August 2015 than in any previous month on record, proving once again that nothing helps boost gun sales like a push for gun control.

Retailers called in roughly 1.8 million background checks last month, the highest monthly figure since the FBI started tracking background checks in 1998. Monthly gun sales have grown by more than a million over the past fifteen years, the Washington Times reported.

Because the government doesn’t publish statistics on gun sales, background checks are often used as an indicator for sales of firearms. When the number of background checks goes up, it means business is booming for the firearms industry.

The recent increase in background checks came after shootings in South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia this summer prompted renewed calls for gun control.

“Whenever there is a call for gun control, sales increase,” said Larry Keane, a general counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation. “The concern that anti-gun politicians are seeking to infringe and restrict the right to keep and bear arms is very real and well-founded.”

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Democrats and moderate Republicans have introduced a number of gun control measures over the past. Even the NRA threw its support behind a gun control bill encouraging states to share information on the “mentally ill” with the federal government.

Senate Democrat Tim Kaine introduced yet another confiscatory proposal was introduced last week. The “Responsible Transfer of Firearms Act” would make anyone who transfers a gun to a prohibited individual criminally liable.

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4 Comments on "Background Checks For Prospective Gun Buyers Reach An All Time High"

  1. If the government or pro-gun law reform advocates are staging false flag mass shootings,. which produce more gun sales, that would make no sense at all. Since mass shootings do promheote gun sales, it would make more sense for the gun industry to stage fake shootings to boost gun sales.

    The key question is Who Benefits?. The evidence is in: mass shootings increase gun sales. That would lead us to suspect the gun industry and their lobby are behind any allege fake mass shootings.

    The way to reduce gun sales is to have fewer mass shootings….so why would a gun law reform advocate want more mass shootings? It makes no sense at all, but then gun addiction is a serious mental disorder which leads to irrational thinking, such as the idea that the solution to too many guns is more guns.

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  3. You tell ’em “Steadcore”! Intelligent people like you can see that these are all false flags. But now Dale Ruff is onto us! He just put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Now he knows that the false flags are produced by the NRA in order to frighten gun owners into thinking that gun grabbers are behind it all, so the gun owners will go out and buy even more guns! It’s pure genius! No one can outfox the NRA!

    By the way, who is doing the chemtrail thing, is that the NRA too? Please tell us, oh wise one. And while you’re at it, maybe you could tell our readers what your plan is to stop the chemtrails? Me, I’m wearing a gas mask and biohazard suit 24/7 until they stop that spraying crap.

  4. Well we do have to arm ourselves against attack from Racists and “Black Lives Matters” folks and Muslims and illegals who keep coming back, oh and of course that criminal DOMESTIC THREAT coming from our “elected” officials. Then there is of course protecting ourselves from all those felons who have not turned their weapons in as the law says they should. You know the ones who do not follow the Law, which is why criminals do not care about those “no weapons allowed” signs,,,,

    Americans should be armed with weapons as good as or better than that which could be aimed at them.

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