New Poll Shows Big Pharma and Feds Among Most Hated Institutions in America

big-pharmaBy John Vibes

According to a recent Gallup poll published this week, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most hated industries in the United States. Also topping the list are the federal government and the oil company cartels.

The numbers revealed that 43% of those surveyed had negative views of the “Big Pharma” while just 35% had positive views. Negative views increased while positive views decreased from reported responses to the same questions last year.

“This leaves the industry with a negative net-positive rating of -8 in 2015,” explained Gallup’s Jim Norman.

Norman added that the pharmaceutical industry is “now rated one of the worst industries.” “The slide in net-positive ratings for the pharmaceutical industry, from +4 to -8, places it among the lowest-rated industries, which include the legal field (-5), the healthcare industry (-6), the oil and gas industry (-13) and the federal government, which comes in dead last (-29),” he said.

Some of the sectors that enjoyed more positive views were the technology, restaurant, and accounting industries.

According to Gallup, the pharmaceutical industry’s decline began in the early 90s.

“As far back as 1991, 73 percent of Americans said they considered the high cost of prescription drugs an important reason for rising healthcare costs,” Norman said.

Like many of the business issues we face today, the problem with the drug industry is that it is controlled by a government-protected corporate cartel. This allows a select few mega-corporations to dominate the market and prevents entrepreneurs from developing new products that could threaten this monopoly.

Without having to worry about any kind of competition, the operators of this cartel can make their products as harmful and ineffective as they like. Thanks to government protections, corrupt pharmaceutical companies are able to make their products more addictive and less effective so they can create return customers and extend their profits. After all, if a medication is effective at curing a patient, they won’t continually use and purchase that drug. However, even if the drug is mediocre — but has addictive properties — it will become a regular part of the patient’s monthly budget.

Because of the pharmaceutical companies’ stranglehold on government and the government’s willing collusion, pharmaceutical giants have been able to abuse American consumers and patients for decades. These disreputable practices, however, are not without consequence — as the new Gallup poll incontrovertibly demonstrates.

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2 Comments on "New Poll Shows Big Pharma and Feds Among Most Hated Institutions in America"

  1. I know there are a lot of Laws and testing for new Drugs, but the Horrific Profit Margins should be Unlawful to say the least. Unlike Gasoline which can be lived without, the Meds people take every day SHOULD have strict profit regulations.
    IF some day special interest spending and gifts to our political system would stop, you can bet your life the feds would step in. My Mother takes Medicine that costs $10.00 per dose, while the same medication in Mexico, and Canada costs about 10% as much.
    The next time you have a Dr’s appointment pay attention to the fancy Dressed guys and Gals coming in
    carrying briefcases, that go right to the back. You can bet there will be some with their Free whole Office lunches, Dr perks/gifts, etc The FREE $10.00 Pens they give by the handful alone, are coming right out of your pocket. They try and talk your DR. into prescribing “their” Brand..

  2. One branch of Big Pharma which is most deservedly hated is the vaccine makers, who have caused to be put in place laws preventing them from being sued for any adverse effects of vaccines such as autism, brain damage, and death, caused by vaccine adjuvants like mercury and aluminum, etc. There is no penalty no matter how many people they kill or disable. This gives them NO incentive to make vaccines safe or effective.

    They have also succeeded in having passed, such as recently in California, laws disallowing children to attend public or private school if they have not had all the “recommended” vaccines. This legal assault on your body and brain will likely soon be extended to adults as well.

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