7 Suppressed Inventions That Would Have Changed the World

nikola-tesla-matthew-ridgway1By Paul A. Philips

The world is steeped in poverty with precious little in the way of humanitarian advancement because the ruling elite have suppressed a number of technologies that could have changed the world and created a utopia.

Attempting to bring their innovations to the world at large the brilliant inventors of these technologies were given a hard time by the big boys of the ruling elite’s establishment. Some were murdered for profit…

So without further ado here are some of those technologies. Here are 7 suppressed inventions that would have changed the world, and the circumstances surrounding the inventors.

1. Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) – Wardenclyffe Tower Project – free energy.

“Electric power is everywhere, present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas or any other fuels.”Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

Multi-talented Tesla cut across many disciplinary boundaries. His genius gave rise to a number of world-changing inventions. 

One of his most famous experiments /inventions was the Wardenclyffe Tower Project. It was Tesla’s attempt to provide everyone on the globe with free energy through harnessing electricity from the Earth’s ionosphere by means of the towers. Without wires the towers could transmit the harnessed electricity to ground-level areas requiring it…

However, Tesla’s funding was stopped. His equipment and lab was burned down together with the related intellectual property because it posed a threat to undercutting the cost of the conventional electricity grid system. If Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower Project had been allowed to flourish and not be destroyed then today we could well be living in a utopia.

Tesla died a poverty-stricken lonely and forgotten man in New York City.

2. Raymond Rife (1888-1971) and his Universal Microscope for curing cancer.

After successfully curing a number of cancer patients the Rockefeller-owned American Medical Association (AMA) later had this work laid to rest by closing down Rife’s set ups and seizing his equipment: Essentially Rife refused to hand over the rights of his work to the AMA because he saw moneyed interests as hidden ulterior motives.  That the cancer machine would not be allowed to the world at large because the AMA and the medical/pharmaceutical establishment don’t want patients’ cured:

cache_34158410That would mean customers lost and no more revenue… so they have to keep coming up with treatment that only takes care of the symptoms, guaranteeing the cancer returns and thus repeat business…

After years of ensuing court cases with the big boys of the cancer establishment, having had little money, exiled in Mexico to avoid imprisonment in the USA, Rife died of alcoholism.

The pressures of harassment related to the legal battles and constant threat of imprisonment had been too much for him…

3. Wilhelm Reich (1897 – 1957) -Cloud busting and weather control.

Wilhelm Reich built an instrument he called the cloudbuster which successfully induced weather change. It has been used to break many droughts by producing clouds that make rain.

This workable mechanism for making rainclouds for crop irrigation in drought areas was stopped by those ever watchful lackeys for the ruling elite.

Allowing something like this could lead to food abundance and greatly contribute to ending world hunger. However, the controllers don’t want world hunger to end. If this happened it would make it more difficult to control people in what would no longer be third world countries…  Don’t forget, their hidden enslavement agenda…

Consequentially, Wilhelm Reich was hounded by the likes of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) having accused him of fraud and deception with his cloudbuster instrument… His equipment was seized and destroyed.

His last days were spent in prison where it was claimed that he died of a heart attack.

4. Linus Pauling (1901-1994) – ‘Unified Theory’ cure for heart disease.

cache_34158641Pauling had worked with Matthias Rath and they came up with a unified approach to curing heart disease.

Essentially, they found that heart disease is the result of a long-term vitamin C deficiency. The solution is to treat patients with frequent high doses (e.g. 6g/day) of vitamin C while using the amino acids lysine and proline to remove the atherosclerotic plaque lining the inner walls of the blood vessels that cause a narrowing or blocking of the lumen (space) of the blood vessels which is responsible for restricting blood flow and cardiovascular disease.

However, due to greater interests in corporate profitability and perceived financial threat, this highly successful cheap alternative therapy has not been allowed that much attention.

5. Stanley Meyer (1940-1998) and the car that runs on water.

cache_34158717Meyer invented a car that ran on water instead of the conventional fossil fuel gasoline. The car was able to travel from New York to Los Angeles on 22 gallons of water!

The engine system was fitted with a fuel cell that was able to split water into its components hydrogen and oxygen. The burnt hydrogen was the fuel source used to generate the necessary energy to power the car…  For a detailed account on how the car works see the video below.

With such energetic sustainability Meyer’s invention could have made a revolutionary contribution to our planet’s environment and economy: If the full specifications of his work had been allowed to be published we’d all be using his technology today.

Never buy another battery again (Ad)

Meyer turned down the offer of a billion dollars to hand over the rights and patents. For this refusal, it has been said that he was murdered for profit; having died of uranium poisoning he was too much of a financial threat to the ruling elite’s conventional oil industry with its petrochemical derivatives…

6. Harry Hoxey (1901–1974) -The Hoxey remedies for curing cancer.

Developed and handed down from successive generations, Harry Hoxey was able to use a herbal remedy and an externally applied paste to successfully treat cancer. The herbal formula detoxified the body and boosted the immune system, while the external paste got rid of tumours on the outside. From this, 17 private cancer clinics had been established throughout the USA.

In the mid 1950s, a number of doctors reviewed Hoxey’s work and came to the conclusion:

 This clinic now has under treatment or observation between four and five thousand cancer patients. It handles approximately ninety patients per day.  Approximately 100 new patients per week come to the clinic seeking relief, and the evidence we have seen indicates that approximately 90 percent of these are terminal cases.

Over the years the clinic has accumulated more than 10,000 case histories, photographic studies and X-ray studies from all over the United States, Canada, Alaska, Mexico, Hawaii, the Central Zone and elsewhere. We find as a fact that the Hoxey Cancer Clinic in Dallas, Texas, is successfully treating pathologically proven cases of cancer, both internal and external, without the use of surgery, radium or X-ray…

Some of those presented before us have been free of  symptoms as long as twenty four years, and the physical evidence indicates that they are all enjoying  exceptional health at this time…We are willing to assist this Clinic in any way possible in bringing this treatment to the American public. We are willing to use it…on our own patients.

The above statement represents the unanimous findings of this Committee. In testimony thereof we hereby attach our signatures.

Sir Edgard Bond M.D., Willard G. Palmer M.D., Hans Kalm M.D, A.C. Timbs M.D., Frederick H. Thurston M.D. D.O., E.E. Loffler M.D., H.B. Mueller M.D., R.C. Bowie M.D., Benjamin F. Bowers M.D., Roy O. Yeats M.D

cache_34158747Having got the news the AMA tried to buy the treatment. Hoxey refused on the grounds that they would not give it to poor people free of charge.

A long legal and political battle enraged with much media interest. Several thousand people testified they had been cured using Hoxey’s work while the AMA refused third party evaluations. In spite of these circumstances favouring Hoxey, and winning his case, the medical fraternity soon branded him a quack or charlatan. He continued his treatment over the years and was arrested about a 100 times! Each arrest he was able make bail and continue.

The fact that no patient would testify against him and the acting District Attorney’s brother was cured by his methods may well have been the reasons for his continual reprieve. Eventually, however, the FDA managed to seize the remedies from the patients’ homes and shut down the clinics. Ironically, Hoxey contracted bladder cancer and had to be operated on since his methods did not work on him.

This story, however, does have a good ending. A former nurse in one of the clinics, Mildred Nelson, took the treatment to Mexico. The clinic, under a different name, still exists to this day and by all accounts is deemed to be a compassionate, caring and most of all successful (80% cure rate, with medical records to prove it) institution. The authorities, the NCI have deliberately looked the other way.

7. The suppression of Nazi flying saucer technology.

The Nazis had developed antigravity flying saucer technology during World War 2. It has been said that a secret base was made in the Antarctic which housed them. Then in the latter part of 1945 these super weapons moved to another military base – the Schwarze Sonne – Black Sun on the dark side of the moon.

Using the saucers on the dark side of the moon when the time was right an Earth invasion was planned but didn’t materialize. During the wartime a number of eyewitness accounts in London, New York and Prague reported these strange looking bell-shaped flying objects having the German military iron cross insignia… travelling at very high speeds.

An engineer named Joseph Andreas Epp claimed he had been involved in the development of the technology during the wartime and that the Schriever-Habermohl project involved some 15 different prototypes.

For details and a fuller account including the Nazi occult connections, an ancient past, ET channelling of the saucer’s anti-gravity technology and the related science see the fascinating video below.

What happened to this technology in the years after WW2?

In reflection

“No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings. Man’s reason and spirit have often solved the seemingly unsolvable – and we believe they can do it again.” John F. Kennedy, 1963

We have seen an all-too-familiar pattern as in the above inventions 1-6. The inventors are approached by representatives of the ruling elite’s establishments who highly praise their innovations and offer to buy their patents.

However, the inventors feel that something’s not right. That the establishment have ulterior motives usually related to moneyed interests, so they refuse to sell their work and the patents. Then the establishment threatens the inventors with defamation of character, court action or even death… should they refuse to sell their work and hand over the patents.

The answers to the many so-called incurable diseases do exist.

Also there is an infinite abundance of energy for all of us to tap in to.

While we need to take necessary and just actions, instead of giving too much attention to materialism we need to shift our focus on how our thoughts can manifest reality. The kind of reality that we really want that takes us from scarcity to abundance, divided and ruled to united, from war to peace…

These suppressions and others need be known to the world. Please share this or other similar pieces far and wide.

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You can read more from Paul A. Philips at his site NewParadigm.ws

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  1. When a nation has a culture too self involved, too arrogant and too ignorant to accept the fact that they are NOT the “best” they are NOT “exceptional” that they do NOT have a purely honorable and benevolent government truly of – by – and for the people, (including the common man), they will bring themselves to ruin and… if this culture is of a nation large enough, they can and will bring the world to it’s knees all the while chanting we are the greatest as they slaughter their fellow Christians/Muslims for their Luciferian masters w/o guilt. Perfect example; The United States.

    • Fuck off that has nothing to do with inventions

      • Thank you for clarifying my comment, you simpering baboon. Did I point out their inability to communicate w/o idiot statements laced with profanity? You are a perfect example of why some animals eat their young.

    • “Mutt”. I have had dogs. Many of them “mutts”, because they have been the most lovable and loyal. Hybrids are generally crazy, for lack of a better description. They tend to get that way because of years of inbreeding. That being said: When you try to snidely insult other cultures in ignorance because of your prejudice, you show yourself to be inferior in character. You have demonstrated this perfectly.

  2. There will come a day when the tide turns.
    The tide turns when enough people know.
    Enough people know, when they wake up.
    It is the internet that is waking people up.

  3. No. GM would love to sell you an electric car instead. They are easier to make and more profitable. However no one wants them. Just as nobody wanted them when cars were first made.

    • Bullshit! Big Oil and the Saudis own a large proportion of preferred , voting GM Chrysler and Ford shares so Americans remain stuck on oil! Fact: 3 moving part electric power trains are possible! recyclable battery packs are also very possible. Even totally aluminum construction, a huge energy advantage over steel is desirable, but in America, Europe Japan and even China, sunk money rules ad we remain paying for gasoline engines (only 22% efficient) to haul great heavy and unnecessary steel vehicle bodies wherever we go! For a fact: Electric power trains are 98% efficient and can be powered from the following renewables: Solar Wind Wave Hydro Tidal Geothermal.

      • Toyota and GM practically gave their plant in CA to Tesla. And most electricity is generated by fossil fuels and will continue to be. Big Oil is going to get paid either way.

        • Nonsense, Nikki. All you are saying is that we remain stuck with Big Oil and Coal because we are stuck with Big Oil and Coal. Most electricity is generated by “fossil” fuels because that’s the only choice we are given. I would most certainly opt for an electric car if it was available (and had sufficient range), and I wouldn’t pay a dime to charge it, I run entirely on solar right now (have for years), as do many people in my neighborhood. Practically gave their plant to Tesla? If true it’s because they no longer had use for an electric car plant. GM refused to sell these cars from the very beginning–you could only lease one. They spent good money to have them towed and crushed, rather than take $25,000 apiece from eager lessees willing to buy them outright. Toyota had to be sued to stop manufacturing the RAV4-EV (under the nickel-based battery patents). Why do you imagine that would that be, if no one wanted an electric car? By the way, in the early days of automobiles they didn’t have long-range batteries. We do now…or at least Chevron does. But no, you can’t have one. Chevron sells gasoline, not batteries.

          • Nikki Santoro | September 15, 2015 at 6:19 pm |

            That is just a show to fool the gullible. GM and Big Oil are against the electric car so it must be great. I think we should buy one. And judging from your comments, it is working like a charm.

          • Average Joe American | September 16, 2015 at 12:20 am |

            At first I thought you an uneducated fool. Now you clearly identify yourself as a shill. GM smashed the cars the lessees wanted to buy, Chevron gas owns the patent on the batteries they won’t release. People want the 140 mile cars GM and Chevron are denying them.

            Explain all this to me like I’m six.

          • Nikki Santoro | September 16, 2015 at 3:15 am |

            The problem with electric cars is they do less and they cost more. So nobody wants to buy them except for the highly brainwashed(educated) socialists who spend all their time writing manifestos at Starbucks. Well I mean they don’t need cars that can do hundreds of miles each day. Starbucks is only a couple of miles at most. However if it can be turned into a David and Goliath type thing, then many will fork over the extra dough as well a put up with the inconvenience of charging all the time just to stick it to big bad GM and Big Oil. And that is what the car crushing and patent shelving is all about.

          • Average Joe American | September 16, 2015 at 8:57 pm |

            I get it. You’re an oil shill. Most people do NOT drive more than 100 miles a day, NiMH electric cars would be perfect for them. Put solar collectors on the roof and trunk, park them in a sunny parking lot, they’d rarely have to plug in once they got home. But if they did, it would be during off hours. Who do you work for, idiot? This stuff not only works, it’s been working for many people for years. Where have you been?
            I’m sure you’ll be one of the first to tell me solar power is a myth, yet I haven’t paid an electric bill in over seven years.

          • Nikki Santoro | September 17, 2015 at 3:50 am |

            They are too expensive you nitwit. Same with the solar panels. Get it through you thick skull. So you are not saving any money but rather paying through the nose. And that is the only reason for people not buying them and not because just barely back from bankruptcy GM is throwing around its weight which it does not have anymore. Well except for imbeciles who think that since they are getting a bill for panels but not for electricity, they are saving a ton on electricity.

          • Average Joe American | September 17, 2015 at 8:27 am |

            I’m running on the sun, you nitwit. I pay nothing to the Sun God, nitwit. What part of your “thick skull” does the sun not penetrate into, nitwit? Nikki, clearly you are insane. Has anyone never told you that? The sun put everything here in the first place, except for intelligence, which you seem to lack in enormous proportions.

          • Nikki Santoro | September 18, 2015 at 7:04 pm |

            Look gullible dum dum, they own it all. Big Green, Big Oil, Big Government, Big whatever. And the only way to not make them even more fabulously wealthy, is to go out into the woods. And build a cabin and live off the land. Nope not even that. They own all the animals as well and so you will have to get their permission by giving them money(permits) to hunt the game that supposedly belongs to you.

          • Average Joe American | September 19, 2015 at 10:35 pm |

            I think the word you’re desperately seeking is dumb. With a letter “B.” I live in the high desert. I could live off javelina, deer out my window, prickly pear, and mesquite beans, but we do have an Albertson’s several miles down the road from here. I seriously do not pay for electricity, and I burn dried-out driftwood, river logs for heat. My toilet is essentially dirt dust (self-composting) and I pee outside wherever the mood takes me.

            I’m not unfamiliar with Big Oil, Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, the Medicos, the AMA, the FDA, and all the rest. I just moved away from them, Nikki.

            Oh, and I have a cabin.

          • Fe fy fo fum. I smell an Internet troll. If you stop feeding him (or her or it) he (or she or it) will go away.

            I’m guessing you saw the movie Who Killed the Electric Car?

          • Average Joe American | October 4, 2016 at 2:20 am |

            Probably. I have to use Hughesnet out here (limited bandwidth, I might have missed it but thanks for telling others), but the title says it: they killed it. Like they killed electric trolleys and gave us stinky buses (GM) in return. We are not “addicted” to petroleum, we’re convicts of it. They put us in jail. Who are They?

            You know who. Or you’re a shill, or a sheep, or an idiot.

          • I replied to your good friend in rivalry about this year old volley. Have a look. I was wondering how he feels about it today with the Volt and Model 3. Enjoy.

          • Well some of us are lucky! But not all of us! Don’t forgot you ammo!

          • I just happened upon this article and have been enjoying your year old, now, volley. I’m wondering how you feel about this now. Tesla has put out a 215+ mile range EV for $35k and Chevy now has the Volt available for little more. This does not include the government incentives ($7,500 Federal and various state incentives), which make them as little as $27,500 or less. Very affordable in a new car these days. So, what do you have to say to that? The orders stand well over 500,000, now, on the Tesla’s alone. We’ll see how the Volt sells, as it’s just hit the market. So, no one wants them? Hm. I beg to differ. I’ve put down for the Tesla, myself. I used to drive a 2014 Passat TDI that got 56mpg on the way back from Butte, MT to Sequim, WA (about 805 miles on one tank). That was quite a feat! Now, it’s being taken away. EV’s aren’t expensive. I spent less than $200/month on diesel with that Passat, averaging 43mpg city/highway combined, mostly city. EPA didn’t want these cheap diesels here, didn’t spend enough on the gas tax and infrastructure. So they clamped down on their rules, ensuring impossibility for diesels to survive in the US. However, VW decided to “cheat” the rules to get the performance and fuel economy that these cars are capable of doing. The CO2 emissions were fine, it was just a little more NOx, which cools the atmosphere. So, here we are… rules are rules, yes, but ethics are ethics…and ne’er the twain shall meet. So… I wonder how you feel about it now.

          • Nikki Santoro | January 11, 2017 at 6:42 am |

            It will be a comparable to a Civic. Which is $15K. Nobody is going to buy it except for the usual deluded dipshits. Plus there is options and stuff so still $35K. In addition, it will never make money. Just as with all Tesla products.

          • Is simple BigOil industry figured how will be the next BigE

          • And in many places you are not allowed even to go out in the wood! Only in short trips not for a live!

          • How.much did the panels and installation cost?

          • Average Joe American | October 4, 2016 at 2:10 am |

            A lot, but that was for a whole house, and I have excess. You have to chat with local providers of deep cycle batteries, the panels themselves are relatively cheap. I seriously do not pay for electricity, and no, despite what some here may assert, I bought my stuff outright and haven’t paid for power in years, and have plenty to spare to run a car…it’s just that there are no electric cars capable of the range I need for where I live. The batteries were created for that range (100 plus miles), then they (Chevron) took them away. Do some research (not much), I’ve provided the info in this thread.

          • Well, patent cover and protect only against commercial sales of stuffs. If that type of batteries was so good nobody figured out how to make the damn thing DYI style? No Chevron electrical automobile lost in the dark!? And rescued from his grave!? Hmmmm … Too bad!

          • No, you are wrong! The us, europeans, pays ridiculous gasoline price!

          • In the end, after not so many years from now BigOil, now BigElectric boys will sell, or better lease, some autonomus AI enhanced electrical cars to us. But not the cheap and energy efficient ones! Like is today, pricey because … meh … is for geeks only who anyway will pay extra to save the world from fossil pollution! A win-win strategy for AMA genetically superior chimps.

  4. Premise: China has a much larger “intelligentsia Pool” than the U.S.A. and the members are much better educated:
    “”Unlike Harvard and Yale, China’s prince-lings or rich scions cannot get into University if they do not have the marks to go with their application. The competition is so much more brutal that anyone getting a slight edge would explode into a big scandal.””
    It is not only what this group has discovered and kept secret but also what they are about to discover, secret or not, that give me great concern.

  5. Blah Blah Blah.
    Either put this tech into a car or a flying craft or free thru the air electricity or STFU.
    And don’t give me the ol’ “well I can’t get funding” bla bla bla. You take a working model of a free energy device or an anti-grav tech to Elon Musk or Apple or any silicon valley entrepeneur and they would be more than happy to invest, thereby becoming the first trillion-aires on the planet

    • Somebody would fund free energy development? How would they get their investment back if the project result = free energy was just that: free??? You make no sense!!!

      • If you could purchase a device that could power your house for the rest of your life with no further expenses you wouldn’t buy it? I would, and I’m talking something way beyond solar. Every new home, every new car, every new computer, every new anything – not to mention all the retroactive devices – would embrace. Could easily sell a trillion dollars worth of product. Personally I don’t think anyone has perfected it or it would be out there.

        • Let me see… Any sort of device that could power your house, or your car, or your office. Who wouldn’t buy it? Who would LET you buy it? Who would LET you free?
          The alternate solutions have been out there for 100 years. Many millions of people have DIED for oil on foreign soil for oil, you don’t imagine a few inventors have not died trying to provide alternatives? Don’t be naïve.
          If you think some nerd genius is going to allowed to upset the world applecart in his garage, no matter how correct he or she may be, expect to read about another tragic accident in the weekend news dump, page 5.

          • In this day and age, if the tech were in place, you could send the plans to every television staion and post on 500 different websites and 500 YT channels all on the same day. “We’ve got the product, we’ve perfected it and we are selling it” Cat would be so far out the bag it could never be put back.
            Elon Musk would put that tech on all his cars and all his spaceships and then so would everyone else.
            Hope someone perfects the tech soon because it will change the planet for the better.

          • Average Joe American | September 16, 2015 at 12:32 am |

            Perhaps there is some part of “perfected” and on-the-road for several years you aren’t grasping. Nothing’s perfect, but these cars were out there for years, driven by happy lessees who wanted to buy them for $25 grand apiece in the year 2000, they were told no by GM. General Motors re-confiscated the technology and buried it.

          • Yeah if your talking about an all electric vehicle then I agree.
            If your talking zero point energy or something like that then I don’t think its yet arrived.

          • Average Joe American | September 16, 2015 at 4:13 am |

            Thanks. I’m talking about an all electric car. Which has been done and put on the road. And folks loved ’em. Well, did, until they took them away.
            Sorry folks. You were an experiment, so were the cars. Apparently too successful.

          • “Chevrolet has only sold 2,779 Volts this year, and dealers need to sell as many as possible prior to the launch of the 2016 Volt”

          • Average Joe American | September 17, 2015 at 10:08 pm |

            What range? I live 30 miles from town, the Chevy Volt would get me into town and halfway home on a lonely mountain road. The EV1 would’ve gotten me into town, a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, and home again with nearly a day’s charge to spare, no problem. Now we’re all pretending it never happened. It damn well happened and we’ve Chevron and GM to thank for its disappearance. Taxpayers had to bail out GM and the oil companies get so many tax breaks we’ve essentially been bailing them out since the early days of Rockefeller and Standard Oil. Do a little homework, DarkStar.

          • Yeah Ive done the homework and saw that movie.
            No one wants to sit at a gas station for 4 hours just to charge up for 300miles. They just haven’t yet released a workable product. The new porsche will go 400 miles on a charge then another 300 after a 15 minute charge and may have a chance. Price is probably way hi though. Don’t get me wrong, Id love it if some inventor comes up with some incredible breaker tech. Im all for that. So far zero point is not yet here.

          • Average Joe American | September 17, 2015 at 10:40 pm |

            Which movie? I can think of two (both were great).

            Zero-point technology is not required for us to drive to Walmart. Decent batteries ARE, and we had them, people used them on the roads and wanted to keep them.

            Chevron owns the patents on them. And General Motors demolished the (lease only) cars running on those batteries. I run my house on solar batteries, with charge to spare (to power a car or truck, for example).

            If there is some part of this you’re not getting, I give up.

  6. I forget the guys name but he had an awesome moustache and prior to the outbreak of ww1 he was makin a brass generator in the Sahara desert it took ocean water and boiled it into steam to generate power with a by-product consisting of de-salinated water with no external power input after the initial hand pump to get the water flowing he claimed if made large enough it could power the world for free while producing fresh water in abundance oh and we wonder how the fuck the war wound up in Africa hahaha who’s to say the whole fucking war was not just to destroy the machine cuz it was destroyed and never talked about again:( too bad Cali

  7. If ANY of these technologies had REALLY worked, someone else would have picked up the torch and finished developing it by now…SOMEWHERE in the world–probably here in the USA, but SOMEWHERE. For example, in Russia, they’re more open to sign-on for the more…fringe concepts in technology. Why haven’t THEY developed the Wardenclyffe technology since the turn of the last century? Or the NAZIs, during WW!!? Those guys were FLUSH with cash and talent and were open to just about ANYTHING at all…including occult ideas! Yet THEY never developed these things? I mean, are we supposed to believe that Hitler allowed his scientists to be “suppressed” by the same folks stopping the Americans or the Brits? COME ON! This stuff just doesn’t work.

    • Read the book “The Prize,” by Daniel Yergin. Control of the world’s energy supply has by no means been confined to the US, the vested interests are global. That includes Russia, Germany, China and everyone else. The fix was in nearly a century and half ago, and a couple of world wars were certainly not going to change the fact that fossil fuels were a consumable through which the world’s populace could be endlessly manipulated. Wars or no wars (hot or cold), the Powers That Be will never readily give up that leverage for “the good of mankind” or the future of the planet. ANY sort of free, or even cheap energy technology would upset the relationship of the ruling elite to the masses, and that will never be allowed to happen. So, yes, they destroyed Tesla (the inventor) and they made the NiMH battery go away. And if Tesla (the automobile) were ever to really catch on, it will suffer a similar fate.

    • You obviously did not read the article. The Nazis are mentioned in #7. Also there’s an entire 44 minute video about the Nazis . . . including their occult ideas! . . . at the end of the article.

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  9. Just think — If anyone here reinvented just one of these, then they would be able to get filthy rich. but that would require an IQ above double digits. Oh — and to protect yourself, you patent and post to this site. Or any site.

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