Who Would Really Want to Live in the Eugenics Record Office?

erotimesmBy Aaron and Melissa Dykes

Recently we went to take the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory tour, mainly just to see if the place owns up at all to its long and infamous eugenics history. The short answer is no, it wasn’t mentioned in any way whatsoever throughout the tour, and the history of the buildings themselves was spotty and hand-picked to carefully avoid mentioning anything that would even hint at eugenics or the fact that the lab was essentially considered the home of eugenics in America for the first half of the 20th century.

When we inquired about where the Eugenics Record Office was located, we weren’t given an answer either. We were told we could check with the Carnegie Institute library on campus which, of course, wasn’t open at the time we were told to go there (and the tour guide obviously knew it).

When you do a search for the Eugenics Record Office online, you can quickly find Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s rather elaborate eugenics archive (complete with animated eugenics tree loading page… such a nice touch), but there’s nothing about an address for the ERO and all the information about it is vague as to where it is actually located at. This resulted in us driving around for over an hour trying to find the place just based on 100-year-old photographs and a vague description in a New York Times article about it being less than a mile from the lab itself.

11566The Eugenics Record Office just after it was built in 1913

erotodayThe ERO today

Well… we did finally find the office tucked away in the woods a ways up the street, almost completely hidden from view of the main road by trees, in a spot few would likely check. An official sign out front proclaims it to be “Holly Hall,” but there’s nothing online about when it was named that or if it is related to the ERO time period for the building (1913-1940).

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And apparently it’s for sale (not that the realtor mentioned anything in her glowing description of the property that it was built by Mrs. E. H. Harriman, a prominent eugenicist and mother of Skull and Bones alumni diplomat Averill Harriman, specifically to house the Eugenics Record Office either). In fact, there’s only one article that shows the modern day house and links it to eugenics, but it’s a completely misleading fluff piece titled, “Rich Cribs: Cold Spring Laboratory was to fill this home with eugenics records.”

No, it’s wasn’t going to be filled with those records. It was filled with them.

14VIEW1-master675Lots and lots of them, actually.

eugenicsrecordsfilingcabinetsThat short blurb goes on to imply that the house wasn’t built by Harriman for the express purpose of a eugenics research facility. Either someone has utterly failed to do even a hint of research or someone is purposefully trying to cover up the house’s true past.

Nowhere in the ads for the house or that article is it mentioned that this place is directly responsible in large part for the passage of eugenics laws across America that resulted in the forced sterilization of tens of thousands of people… a heinous act based on racism and elitism passing itself off as “science.”

But really… who would actually want to live in the former Eugenics Record Office? The whole place seemed haunted by its negative, ugly past. In the brief moments we were there, the feeling was palpable.

127694_962_1107464100493-EROGIt was glaringly clear to us that they want this place completely forgotten and lost to time.

Too bad for them.

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6 Comments on "Who Would Really Want to Live in the Eugenics Record Office?"

  1. Wonder where they moved all the records to? So Alexander Graham Bell was the Chairman? Wow!

  2. You might want to note where this was, which I think is Long Island, NY, not Cold Spring, NY. Journalism 101, please?

    • Melissa Melton | August 31, 2015 at 10:06 pm | Reply

      Long Island is a big island off of the coast of New York state that encapsulates many cities. This place is located on Long Island. The full specific address of the location, officially Laurel Hollow, New York — again, located on long island — is listed in the video. Thanks.

  3. Linda MacLeod Goodman | September 4, 2015 at 11:01 am | Reply

    I laughed, I cried! Thank you, TruthStreamMedia for the TRUE investigative reporting!

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