Report: Jim Carrey, The CDC & Vaccines

By Jefferey Jaxen

Follow Jim Carrey as he transforms from talented actor and comedian to conscious voice for medical choice. With 15 million Twitter followers, Carrey has become a major threat to pharmaceutical corporations attempting to influence the politics and truth around medical freedom and vaccine safety. However, it appears Carrey has been on target all along with Congressman Bill Posey’s bombshell #CDCWhistleBlower testimony in the United States House of Representatives.


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8 Comments on "Report: Jim Carrey, The CDC & Vaccines"

  1. I don’t care how right this guy is, he should not be promoted. His sole purpose is to make people who question vaccine safety/effectiveness look crazy. He is a big part of the vaccine psyop.

    • And, what’s more, it’s not just thimerosal (mercury) which is neurotoxic; aluminium in its various forms, also contained in many vaccines, is another neurotoxin. Together, when given via a range of successive vaccines, these two metals launch a devastatingly toxic onslaught onto the nervous system.
      So, Carrey’s suggestion to just remove thimerosal and all will be well is not enough by a long shot.

      • Like I said its not about him being right or wrong (I agree with him and you and I for one would never take a vaccine willingly), but he is a sort of court jerster so when people talk down on vaccines, most people will think, “oh that’s what Jim Carrey says so it must be BS. He’s a comedian, not a doctor.” Vaccine psyop 101. Jenny McCarthey is another one. She may know what she talking about, but because she is blonde and presumed to be dumb, people brush it off as well. Vaccine psyop 101

        • I agree! Non medically trained people speaking out against vaccines or the drug-based industry are doing us a disservice. Though they do have a right to speak out against forced medication, another issue altogether.

      • If you look at the beginning, Carrey said all Nero-toxins.

      • It’s a start and good to get the word out to people who would otherwise not be paying attention.

  2. Even if they would remove all the toxic ingredients from vaccines, why would I trust their word. The fact they have lied about vaccines for many, many years makes any claim that they are producing non toxic vaccines questionable. For me it’s not just about the ingredients, or trusting the word of liars, it’s about the right to choose for myself and my family. No authority figure should be able to mandate the health care of others.

  3. TellItAsIs99 | August 7, 2015 at 6:01 pm | Reply

    The FDA requires that a drug’s efficacy and risks be evident by the results of a well designed and implemented radomized control trial. The same should be required for all vaccines. Vaccine consent should still be required. Even with a RCT there are issues as the pharmaceutical company typically sponsers the trial and the drug’s FDA approval board sometimes has conflicts of interest.
    Corporate interests have also lead to other controversial deadly treatments drugs. The drug Vioxx caused tens of thousands of deaths. The highly deadly mandatory clot-buster TPA drug given in the ER for a non-life threatening moderate ischemic stroke has a history of deadly failed test trials and controversial if any benefit modest benefit. This stealth euthanasia drug is now starting to be delievered to home’s after the 911 call. Search: AAEM TPA position, The NNT TPA stroke, or in emergency medicine blogs or for the stroke TPA drug controversy.

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