Prepare Yourself for the Death of the Dollar

dollar collapseBy Stefan Molyneux

As the financial markets plunge, many are desperately waiting to see if the Federal Reserve and Janet Yellen will decline to raise the Federal Funds Interest Rate from its current 0-0.25%. In light of the volatility shown by the Dow Jones Industrial Average and other economic indicators, Wall Street yearns for more quantitative easing in the form of QE4.

Peter Schiff and Stefan Molyneux discuss the latest news in the United States and global economy, including: the Chinese currency devaluation, fall of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index, mountains of debt, the Dollar compared to the Euro, the plunge in the price of Oil, Bernie Sanders popularity, Gold, Jon Stewart formerly of The Daily Show, minimum wage absurdity, the hatred of the rich and the economic future of the United States.

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3 Comments on "Prepare Yourself for the Death of the Dollar"

  1. nah….the orientals using the market like a casino will continue to raise prices until there is nothing but a mockery of the markets left…..because, no one is even attempting to stop them….similar to the fraudulent banking practices in the real estate market.

  2. So I wonder if you would like to join those of us who have seen this coming for a long time? I wonder if you will help create a new world with us by bringing the People Power back. Create jobs in America requires a different mind set. Not a woe as us mind set but a prosperous self sufficiency movement. Seems to be so nonchalant to people to provide for themselves and to learn to do just that to not live in fear of collapse but to create a relationship and lifestyle that builds commodities into everyday homes. We aim to bring forth cutting edge innovations that inspire and engage those who have been suffering under the lie. We are not a startup we are just a apart of the silent majority. Timeless Solutions

  3. Steve Epstein | August 28, 2015 at 9:55 pm | Reply

    Psychic Warrior, with all due respect, has it ever occurred to you that the plan is working exactly the way these capitalist intellectuals want it to. Understand that their intentions are to create exactly the situation that we are in today. It is also becoming more and more obvious what their real agenda is.

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