Overcoming The Fear Trap in Activism And Conspiracy Research

fearBy John Vibes

I believe in many conspiracies and have found that they exist all throughout history. From false flag operations to ruling class figures that sit behind governments, to the corruption of societal institutions, and even radically different versions of our close and distant history. These things do exist, and they do exist everywhere; however, there are many common threads of “conspiracy culture” that I have found to be paralyzing and counter-productive. In this article, we are going to specifically discuss fear, in regards to activism and conspiracy research.

There is understandably a propensity to fear when you realize how the world truly is ruled by slavery and violence. This fear can be especially infectious when one first learns that nearly everything they have been told about society is a lie. It is fairly common for someone to think that the sky is falling when they begin their path in activism, but many soon learn that they have merely discovered a situation that has existed in the same basic function since many ages ago. At this point, they can move on in their research towards finding empowering solutions, both in their personal growth and their impact on those around them.

Sadly, there is a sizable group that struggles to escape the fear-based mindset as they continue their research and activism. Some people stay trapped in this mindset for years, some for their entire lives. This does not mean that we should stray from scary or negative topics, there is some very messed up stuff going on in this world, and we need to face it head-on with a healthy level of fear. However, we do not want this fear to distract us from solutions, or to keep us so apathetic that we do not seek solutions out.

All too often, when solutions-oriented activists suggest that action needs to be taken, whether it be through protest, defensive armament, agorism or other means, the fear-based activists will be quick to tell us that our actions will bring us closer to disaster, or that they will spark the final showdown that will result in the total genocide and/or enslavement of humanity. It should be easy to see how this thinking can be paralyzing and counter productive.

What we are going through right now may seem crazy and unusual, but really it’s nothing new. Sure, it is true that the paradigm that we live under is currently in a free-fall to collapse, but this has been a long time comin’, and it has happened to nearly every civilization that has ever erected a palace and asserted authority over large groups of people. This type of system is out of line with the natural balance, and will never last, this is a simple fact of life.

For this, we have every reason to make any and all preparations that we deem to be necessary, but we should not be consumed by fear to the point where we are considering violence or nihilism. The reason why there is so much fear surrounding the obvious downfall of our civilization is because people have grown detached from their communities and have lost their ability to be self-sufficient.

Fear can be an extremely healthy thing that can motivate us to seek solutions, and that is exactly how the feeling should be reacted to. Fear can also be an unhealthy thing when it overwhelms us and drives us to believe that no solutions are even possible.

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John Vibes writes for True Activist and is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter-culture and the drug war.

This article (Overcoming The Fear Trap in Activism And Conspiracy Research ) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and TrueActivist.com.

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7 Comments on "Overcoming The Fear Trap in Activism And Conspiracy Research"

  1. People don’t understand that the so-called human being is made up of many different parts. The true Being is not the personality but that is what most people believe themselves to be. The personality is basically a bunch of egoic desires, pleasures and pains. We run toward pleasure and flee from pain. The elite know this and exploit our frailties by feeding our fears. The fear that they create is actually their food. It’s black magick and it keeps them in power. You have to believe in more than you can sense because we have been purposely limited in our perspective to keep us reincarnating here as debt slaves in perpetuity. The elite will never kill us all. How can you be king when there is no kingdom? We should kill them first. Enough of trying to work within the system. Blow their heads off and then feed em to the crocs.

    • Stop believing, start knowing. Belief is the absence of knowledge. Without knowledge you limit your own self to belief. Beliefs can be altered and controlled, or flat out wrong.

      Once you know, you’re bound to a rock solid resolution. You have power. No need to kill the elites, they are already dead. All we need to do is to not consent to playing their ‘game’. Walk away. They are left with nothing but their worthless idea of money, debt, currency being a god.

      Do not labor for them if you can avoid it. Do not buy from them if you can avoid it. Do not associate with them or their agencies if you can avoid it. Then, they have no knowledge of you, they have no power over you. See? Take away knowledge and you remove power as well.

      • There is one problem, Elites don’t want us to be independent and want to control us by take away our right to store our waters, to grow our own foods, to own a property through taxation and extortion, to take away our privacy by installing spy grids, to away our right to protect our wealth with inflation, to take away our right to own a firearms, and want to depend on them to be part of their system of enslavement.

  2. I’ve recently come across some fascinating material that I’m exploring now, and it still makes me cringe writing about it; it is so hard to believe. Nonetheless I think it’s worthy of sharing, as it directly relates to how human beings are deliberately being manipulated by a fear and violence agenda.

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  3. You have to work your way through the fear. It is hard but it is worth it because when you do you get great understanding and piece of mind.

  4. Thank you. I am simply a zero like so many others. Agree in having our
    own respective experiences. Will keep on keeping on. Hope all is well
    for you and the best right back for you. 🙂

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