Mexico Government Gives Free TVs to Millions of Poor … With High Definition Social Programming

tv_programmingBy Aaron Dykes

For better or for worse, television has been how many see the world.

It is a “mediated” experience that shows the viewer exactly what the programmer wants him to see…and believe.

Television has been a remarkable tool of manipulation and indoctrination, and has now created several generations of zombies, morons and dullards here in America.

But poorer parts of the world do not have these things, or at least typically do not have such a close experience with them.

Now, that’s changing. Mexico’s government just spent approximately $1.6 billion dollars to make sure nearly everybody is exposed to the flickering suggestion of the television set – and all that high definition broadcasts and flat screens have to offer.

A domestic servant was among thousands of people who’ve thronged a cavernous tent in the populous working-class Iztapalapa district, one of hundreds of venues across Mexico where the poor are receiving some of the 10 million digital television sets the government is giving away at no charge.

It’s a program costing the Mexican treasury $1.6 billion in a push to convert the nation from analog television signals to a digital format. The United States made the switch in 2009.

“I am happy,” Lopez said. “We’ve always wanted a digital television. We’ll see more channels. The kids will see cartoons.”

Other nations, such as Argentina, have given away digital television sets, but none on the scale of Mexico. It’s not just the recipients of TVs whobenefit. Television manufacturers clustered along Mexico’s northern border also profit, as do the two powerful media conglomerates that are moving quickly into digital services. The two companies will soon face competition from a third television network mandated into existence in 2013 with a constitutional reform to bring greater competition to the industry.

It seems one of the major interests is the TV manufacturing, with a national scandal in Mexico over the bidding for the contract to build the sets and likely some serious campaign graft. Obviously there is another interest in the new television network and the ad revenue it stands to gain. Approved by the current regime for its “democratic” benefits, it will offer “competition” and a “new source of information, different newscasts” with its 123 channels that will broadcast alongside hundreds of others run by the two competitors in Mexico.

Setting pace with global standards in an age of massive information and almost universal connectivity is a major interest as well.

But is that why the United States also worked overtime to make sure the poor were given TV conversion boxes and to encourage the purchase of new flat screen TVs in time for the American switch to a digital standard in 2009? The U.S. government invested some $8 billion in the switch.

Is government so interested in the amusement and entertainment people get from watching television that it would spend billions to hand them out to everyone at taxpayer expense?

Or does the set serve another purpose?

Dropping the word “mind control” naturally turns some people off from the discussion. But this is exactly what television and many other electronic formats are capable of.

In particular, researchers like CIA experimenter José M. Delgado have proven that the electromagnetic frequency waves emitted silently and invisibly from televisions, power lines and other electronic devices have the power to “entrain the brain” through very low power waves that can literally alter brain function and resynchronize human and animal brains – tuned to the natural background frequency of the earth itself.

This in turn creates a physiological connection to the TV or device that makes viewers more susceptible to believe or trust news anchors, actors, advertisers, and editorial boards. OMNI Magazine wrote in depth on Delgado back in 1985:

Remarkably, these EMFs are several hundred times below the voltage needed for an electrode to trigger a nerve to fire. According to theory, they should have no impact. Yet when Delgado aims these fields at an isolated crab neuron already firing at a specific, steady rate, something surprising happens: The neuron changes its firing rate to synchronize with the applied pulses, much as a child sleeping with his mother will begin breathing at the same rate as the parent. This phenomenon is known as entrainment.

Researchers have observed similar entrainment effects in the neurons of -the cerebral cortices of live animals… the brain waves of monkeys tend to become “locked” in phase with external fields tuned to the same frequency band as the brain waves.

For example, if the. animal’s head is placed in a field pulsing at the same rhythm as alpha — a natural brain rhythm associated with relaxation in humans — its brain will start to produce more and more alpha. And when the animal’s brain waves become entrained to fields pulsing at other brain-wave frequencies, subtle behavioral changes are sometimes detected.

Catherine Austin Fitts, a whistleblower who once worked on Wall Street and in the George H.W. Bush Administration, expressed her horror at overhearing high-level executives discuss the entrainment features being floated for television broadcasts back in the mid 1980s.

Television today can carry messages that are not heard or seen at all by the viewer, even with a careful eye looking for it. It is carried in a pattern under the regularly scheduled broadcast…nothing is lost, and everything is gained – for those crafting the messages.

Can it be that Mexican officials, like others in the developing world, are facilitating a sophisticated population control program? Don’t put it out of your mind as impossible…because it isn’t. They have thought about it, and may be doing it.

These themes are repeatedly featured in dystopic films in different ways. The masses are typically glued to the television, even with drastic and dire action going on around them in the film.

In specifically both They Live and Videodrome, subliminal mind control signals were gripping the masses, and it is no surprise that the poorest are given access to the soothing and calming television shows.

In Videodrome, there is a Cathode Ray Mission, where the poor are given charity through television therapy. Its director oddly states about these poor that they suffer from “a disease forced on them by their lack of access to the cathode ray tube.”


Meanwhile, the bizarre plot deals with strange, compulsive behavior resulting from watching a pirated torture show as a “battle for the American mind” is declared and set in the “video arena.” Frequencies laced into the signal are creating distortions that cause viewers to suffer an altered reality based on what is viewed on the television screen.

In the film They Live, the protagonist stumbles upon special sunglasses that allow him to see reality – where an alien race has conquered mankind, and controls their minds with a signal broadcasted to disguise their alien overlords, and compel humans to obey subliminal messages laced throughout society.

They Live

All the while, struggling Americans living in a tent city manage to watch a TV set up outdoors in the camp for all to see.

If governments want a subservient and obedient population, they will indeed mandate free TVs for everyone. TV “programming,” after all, was spread across the globe by the U.S. military-industrial complex to begin with. There’s a reason it’s called that. Television has so far been the greatest tool ever invented for mass indoctrination…and far more “education” and “learning” takes place via this type of media than from any classroom around the world.

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Aaron Dykes is a co-founder of As a writer, researcher and video producer who has worked on numerous documentaries and investigative reports, he uses history as a guide to decode current events, uncover obscure agendas and contrast them with the dignity afforded individuals as recognized in documents like the Bill of Rights.

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3 Comments on "Mexico Government Gives Free TVs to Millions of Poor … With High Definition Social Programming"

  1. WHAT? Free Flat-Screen TVs! From Mexico! Sheesh- all I was ever offered by my government was a cheapy cell phone with direct connection to NSA’s info-gathering complex in Utah. Oh well…

  2. Someone I know tells how a major corporation went into Mexico to set up a factory. The new Mexican employees would work three to six months, leave, return in three to six months. One of the big bosses put him in charge of trying to retain their workforce. He asked the employees why they left. They had to tend gardens, help their communities, hunt, help wives and so on.

    Besides they said, they had made enough to live the next three to six months. So, he tried to offer an incentive of big screen televisions. These employes told him they didn’t want television that didn’t work. He inquired why brand new televisions would not work.

    “Take them home, plug them in, watch t.v..”

    Their response was to tell him they couldn’t plug them in, they had no electricity and no desire to have it.

    Wonder if that has changed since the 1980’s?

  3. Manipulation is every where. Am sure those people in Mexico already have access to radio and news papers. Wouldn’t they also have one sided views! I do hope that people who live in Mexico who do get that TV set also purchase a DVD players so that they can choose programs with traditional values in them! Or if not at least watch them occasionally

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