Is Anarchy Dangerous?

By Anarchast

Is anarchy and self-ownership dangerous?


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5 Comments on "Is Anarchy Dangerous?"

  1. Only to the evil minions who try to enslave humanity.

  2. Anarchy is full submission to natural law. Government is violent rebellion against natural law.

  3. Government is simply another version of Master and Slave….and is the root of ALL EVIL.

  4. Anarchy is always temporary because someone or some group comes along to fill the void.

  5. From the very start of this nations birth, we were suppose to be a people ruled by the laws of God Almighty. This was why early Judges would walk into the court room with a Bible held over their heads, indicating that they were under the authority of God. It is this God who gives us our rights as human beings to live as kings and queens yet without any titles. If anarchy states that we are a law unto ourselves then that mindset has no understanding what freedom is all about. It’s when we abandon the laws of God we are wide open to the whims of corrupt men who are only self-seeking for their own gain and not for the better of any community as a whole. America has done just that, we have forsaken Blackstone Law and are now living under case law which is racketeering us of our hard earned monies for the good of a selfish community. I can understand anarchy against the whims of men, but we will not escape the laws of the Creator, God Almighty. In the end, these laws will dominate the nations of this world. If one doesn’t believe this, then ask yourself: why is it that we can’t get rid of this Bible that doesn’t have a copy right and is free for all who would read its precepts? I know for a fact, it will never go away. There is no such thing as separation of church and state. Men are dominated by what they have faith in, and it takes a great deal of more faith to trust in the teachings of evolution, corrupt religion, fascism or any man made ideology than it does to believe in God’s Word…

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