IRS Keeps $29,000 It Stole From Innocent Dairy Farmer

By Heather Callaghan

It’s not just raw food or family farmers who come under government attack for the type of wholesome food they sell.

Sometimes it happens simply because the small business deals in cash. After all, credit card companies charge exorbitant fees and many businesses deal in offline transactions. On the road, credit cards slow the whole process down.

Using cash. That’s the activity that prompted armed Department of Treasury agents to descend upon Randy Sowers’ micro dairy farm. But finding out he was neither a drug dealer nor a terrorist did not lead to the return of his hard-earned wages. Randy believes that the amount of business owners suffering in silence is leading to more abuse.

Institute For Justice highlights the issue of the War on Cash and small business in the video below.


In February 2012, two government agents came to Randy’s farm. The IRS, they told him, had seized the farm’s entire bank account, containing more than $60,000. When Randy sold milk at farmer’s markets, customers often paid him in cash, and he and his wife, Karen, deposited those cash payments in the account. The government seized the account because the Sowers deposited the cash in amounts under $10,000.

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24 Comments on "IRS Keeps $29,000 It Stole From Innocent Dairy Farmer"

  1. What the government seems not to realize is that their crimes are killing the American goose that laid the golden egg. How inclined will the Sowers be to ever work so hard again? And thousands of other Americans, hearing the Sowers’ story, will back off from hard work and wealth accumulation because it’s clearly not worth the effort when the government can just waltz in and steal it. This is the message laid out so well in fascinating historical detail in the book _Why Nations Fail_: governments and their ruling oligarchies can and do destroy their own nation’s potential when they become too grasping. People don’t like seeing the fruits of their labor seized, and they quit working any more than they absolutely must to survive. For the first time since statistics have been kept, more American businesses are closing than being started. When the entrepreneurial class walks away, national collapse is not far behind.

    • William Burke | August 6, 2015 at 1:19 am | Reply

      And it hasn’t occurred to you that this is exactly the reason they’re doing all this?

      • I’m well aware of the possibility that there’s some truth to the theories that international ruling elites have reasons to want to collapse the US. Playing the geopolitical game, the uber-wealthy thinking they have the right to steer the course of human history, produces strange tactics and bedfellows. But that doesn’t change the fact that historically, ruling elites, governments (two different things) and the people have all reached the highest standards of living when freedom was maximized. Also, it’s a fact that throughout history governments and ruling elites have often parasitized their host, the productive economy, to death inadvertently. When the economy shrinks due to the institutionalized theft of resources from the productive class, the government doubles down on the theft from the remaining producers. Usually this is not because they want to kill the nation, as you propose is happening now in the US, but because none of the parasites want to give up a penny of the spoils. This is what we’re seeing now in cases like the Sowers: the unseemly scramble for spoils by a parasitic government (once again) killing its host rather than nurturing a healthy economy with freedom and fairness.

        • William Burke | August 6, 2015 at 3:48 pm | Reply

          The idea is, in a nutshell, that when it all comes crashing to Earth – and it has to – they will be able to buy up everything – and I DO mean everything – at a few pennies on the dollar (or a new currency).
          The bastards simply cannot STAND that they don’t own everything by now!

          The psychos want it ALL ALL ALL and they want it NOW NOW NOW.

  2. Moral of the story is stop using the bank system for cash & that includes safe deposit boxes that have been raided by said banks. Buy a safe, hide it & tell no one so you won’t get robbed.

    • yep exactly. omit the banks completely. as long as we have cash

      • I’m for even omitting cash. Barter for equity used to work fine and in some areas still thrives, or is returning.

        • This will only work in close knit small communities.

          • Close knit communities when woven together create districts, counties, states, nations eventually. Read over Ubuntu Contributionism to understand better what I’m expressing here.

   — UBUNTU Contributionism

            It has worked for them for a long time. It is returning to the world and governments have no choice but to honor councils of elders, sovereign tribal/village laws. The communities themselves by way of the people living in them govern themselves.

            Villages and towns can barter amongst themselves. One community may have a surplus of a commodity that another village does not, yet the lacking community has surplus of something the other does not. They may freely barter the commodities to benefit their respective villages. This spreads as no money is required, people see something good at work and desire being part of it.

            Eventually, the argument of “only in small tightly knit communities” seems redundant at best, fades away. Not saying I or Michael Tellinger are perfectly correct, or have all the answers. Like him though, I feel this may be one way to get to a better world. Honestly, what further harm could come in giving it a chance as compared to what we have now?

        • Author David Graeber begins his book _Debt — The First 5,000 Years_ by discussing that EVERY economics 101 textbook begins by saying that in some mythical past barter is what drove economies. But Graeber is an anthropologist, not an economist, and he states that the proposed barter systems have never existed, not in the past, and not in currently studied primitive societies. Barter is too unwieldy to function in the real world of exchange and a monetary system of some sort ALWAYS springs up. So most people today believe (I did) that barter used to be the dominant means of exchange because they read it in an economics text written by economists who had not studied it. But a leading anthropologist says it just ain’t so.

          Barter is returning in places like Greece as an act of desperation in a failing monetary system. Give them sound money with wealth fairly distributed and they will be right back to using money as a medium of exchange, because it always has been the most efficient and flexible means of trade. The real problem of money is turning it into a debt-based fiat Ponzi scheme, which will fail every time, producing massive economic dislocations as it collapses.

          • So we keep kicking a dead horse, then? Why not try something else?

            You’re saying in a nutshell, money / currency always fails if I read correctly. Fine. Why continue using a means that always leads to the same ends? Why continue doing the same thing and expecting differing results? Is that not the definition of insanity?

          • I agree completely. The dirty little secret of debt-based fiat money is that it has a 100% failure rate, always returning to its intrinsic value of zero. There are over 600 fiat systems on record with no exceptions, and with an average lifespan of something like 37 years, so the dollar is way past its sell-by date.

            The reason “they” keep doing this is because the advantage conferred on certain select groups in banking and government of being able to create currency out of thin air is too great to resist — if they can get away with it. Ignorance in the general population about what exactly is being gotten away with is how they get away with it. Nobody taught us in high school about how the money and banking system really works because they don’t want us to know. The internet is the reason people are now finding out, with Bill Still’s “The Money Masters” and “The Secret of Oz” or Mike Maloney’s outstanding series “The Hidden Secrets of Money”, or the entertaining interviews with Jim Willie all being readily available on Youtube. There are plenty of examples in history of sound, fair monetary systems to learn from. Take hope, the reset is near. But as commenter William Burke says above, the “bastards” now own everything through their fraudulent manipulations and the rest of humanity will be faced with the unpleasant task of determining how to get it back.

          • “Ignorance in the general population about what exactly is being gotten away with is how they get away with it. Nobody taught us in high school about how the money and banking system really works because they don’t want us to know.”

            That noted, I had an interesting and excellent World history teacher in high school. He used his own grading system, not the State’s. He encouraged us to toss the text supplied out. He lectured on the text but only as a springboard, loose skeleton of narrative. All the while he would stop with a glimmer in his eyes, “any questions, thoughts?”

            If someone did have a thought, which was rare. *chuckles* He would tell them to write it up in at least five pages for the next day. The next day we had an informal debate, instruction session on that person’s idea which was presented by that person.

            His whole argument was he was only a guide. He had to guide us to think, to question.

            “Mike Maloney’s outstanding series “The Hidden Secrets of Money”

            That’s what I did a bit today, watched two videos in his series. Had seen bits here and there earlier. Agree, it is an outstanding series.

            “Take hope, the reset is near. But as commenter William Burke says above, the “bastards” now own everything through their fraudulent manipulations and the rest of humanity will be faced with the unpleasant task of determining how to get it back.”

            Will still maintain hope despite even Socrates’ words on hope. His mirrored William Burke’s words pointedly.

          • Wonderful to hear you had at least one good teacher in high school, as did I… still in contact with him, went to his 80th birthday party last year. Carl Herman, who posts his essays online regularly, is doing the best work I know of lately in trying to wake up his students to banking and money mechanics. He has put together a curriculum on that subject and offers it for free to all other teachers. That said, probably 99% of what I know about money and economics is self-taught — anybody can find out if they can see past the “economics is the dismal science” smokescreen to keep people from looking.

  3. Do All! Realize….that that IRS is not even an official part of the US Gov…? True Look it up..

    • William Burke | August 6, 2015 at 1:18 am | Reply

      It’s the strongarm police force of the World Bank and IMF.

    • You can see the original incorporation documents as a Delaware Corp at anti-corruption society’s home page, the sticky thread ‘source documents’ has it about halfway down

  4. John Francis | August 5, 2015 at 5:29 pm | Reply

    Thou shalt not steal. The Most High God keeps a record of all such thievery and the perpetrators will have to answer to Him for their crimes, IRS or not. God knows exactly who these individuals are, He know them by name. Today men and nations are being measured by the plummet in the hand of Him who makes no mistake.

  5. Congress cuts funds from the IRS and it turns around and steals it from us. Great isn’t it?

  6. Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under

  7. Mike Lashewitz | August 5, 2015 at 7:58 pm | Reply

    What do they call it when the fruits of your labors are taken without permission and given to people you would never consider giving them to?


  8. William Burke | August 6, 2015 at 1:17 am | Reply

    Deduct the $29K from his next income tax report!

  9. the fractal banksters don’t want to give out ‘dollars’…they want cheap internet numbers.

    rdb – – the best research on the 16th and 17th amendments – hint – never passed.
    Woodie ‘the treasonous’ Wilson gave away the family jewels in 1913 december.
    suggested reading ‘the Creature of Jekyll Island’ G. Edward Griffin.
    Quigly ‘Hope and Tragedy’ (a lot of rambling but eventually ends in the same place as Griffin.)

  10. BellsNwhistles | August 6, 2015 at 7:12 am | Reply

    Banks and Medical services are part of the criminal justice system, the support cops give the monopolies is to destroy any competition or innovation that will compete with the “owners”

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