Inspiring Community Solutions For Feeding The Homeless

feeding the homelessBy Activist Post

The following is an inspiring video by YouTube activist Jeff4Justice. He chronicles the story of one community organizer, Jim, based in a rural suburb 45 minutes north of Sacramento, CA. As you’ll see, while outreach is conducted through St. Andrew Presbyterian, people of many faiths and non-faith backgrounds have come together to help those in need.

The political backdrop to homelessness is discussed, including the trend toward criminalizing homelessness and those who wish to feed the homeless. There is also an interesting perspective offered about the local police reaction to St. Andrew’s outreach program.

Overall, this video is an instructive and informative guide for action that can be taken in your own area.

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6 Comments on "Inspiring Community Solutions For Feeding The Homeless"

  1. Be cautious when feeding the animals. These people should have planned ahead.

    • what is it? The…..planned ahead?…… you can’t answer this with a concrete non reversal type answer….any more than you can say for 100 percent your own future……and your own death.

    • Is there something wrong with you? Inquiring minds want to know. Feeding the animals? Are you talking about the homeless or their pets? Are you even human, with a beating heart and compassion for your fellow travelers on this little blue world?

    • Obesity is planning ahead, but rather unhealthy in the long-term. I think these folks will do fine. I’m guessing their timeline is much more natural than your “planned” Matrix. j/s.

  2. I have much to say of this article….you see, what it actually articulates is the situation of one ness, which each of us lives until we die….Now…tis said, each of us should stand upon our own two feet and provide for that, there after….OK….in a perfect world….Well, then what is to be done, within a not perfect world?….And That Is the question! That is within the world we live in….ON the one hand…not a person alive could last for long, strictly upon their own, out in the woods types or not…..SO…Note….People belong to one another. not only that,,,they require each other for longevity….So homelessness brings up what am I, where am I and who cares?.the leadership of community must then ask that question of themselves….and you know what? The answer most often is…, homeless are irrelevant…..and so in the end, the message is die, and be happy for it!
    Within that mind set is the dichotomy….of …………………….Importance..or….relevance genius…..and which is correct with any one situation….Christ the answer is don’t get homelss…..a sad answer indeed…………….cause what of those who are?

  3. TARDISOFGALLIFREY | August 23, 2015 at 10:56 pm | Reply

    Being homeless isn’t a crime!

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