Government Wants RFID Tracking Chips Implanted in Welfare Recipients

RFIDBy Mac Slavo

Implantable RFID tracking chips. You know, to stop terrorism.

And to keep tabs on all the welfare queens, in order to keep tax dollars accountable.

There will be other rationales, too.

But, really, governments just want to do all the spying they can within their power – and right now, technology offers more power than ever before to carry out universal surveillance, track and trace every person and every thing and put civil rights in the backseat where they belong.

The latest proposal from a politician in the Finnish government seems like a near-future dystopic film, but may not be far reality.

It’s not much of a stretch to imagine that the U.S., Britain or other governments in Europe would do this too, if they could get away with it.

In fact, an RFID chipped population could only be years away.

Sputnik News reports:

A politician from Finland’s conservative Finns Party suggested implanting welfare recipients with satellite-tracking chips following news that some recipients continued receiving payments after leaving the country to join ISIL.

A member of Finland’s right-wing Finns Party, Pasi Maenranta, has suggested implanting all recipients of government assistance with satellite-tracked chips if they choose to leave the country.

Maenranta made the proposal after Finnish media revealed that some recipients of government assistance continued to receive payments after leaving the country to join ISIL in Syria and Iraq.

“The law should be changed: To receive payments from Kela [the Social Insurance Institution], one has to tell exact data about your location using your personal code, read by a satellite. It is also possible to implant electronic chips to all going abroad, who for example receive medical welfare from Kela,” Maenranta wrote on his Facebook page.

It is true that Western governments essentially created ISIS, by agitating angry Muslims with continued aggression, while at the same time funding the “new al Qaeda” extremist group via the misguided efforts to arm and bankroll “Libyan rebels” and “Syrian rebels.”

Really, the Pentagon and NATO have been building up our own enemy, and using its horrendous violence to frighten the public back into the War on Terror.

Under the new twist, Muslim immigration to the West has been increased, and Western governments have been subsidizing future jihadists, too. Many are on the government dole, until and even after they decide to leave and join ISIS/ISIL.

Meanwhile, normal struggling citizens who accept government assistance might be tracked via an implanted chips … betraying all the rights governments in “free countries” are supposed to protect. They might not be doing anything wrong at all, but now they are under constant watch.

But as George W. Bush famously said, “they hate us for our freedoms,” right?

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17 Comments on "Government Wants RFID Tracking Chips Implanted in Welfare Recipients"

  1. This means that all Bushes, Clintons, obomister, Lurch Kerry, John McShame, Show me to the playground Lindsey, all defense contractors and a host of others will be lining up for their implants?

  2. You see all those cattle with tags on their ears? That’s about all you are in the nwo.

  3. Can we say hidden agenda? California doesn’t track welfare recipients with existing tech. I know a woman who receives food stamps and cash assistance from CA for the past 2 years. No one questions the fact that she spends the stamps and withdraws the cash in Phoenix AZ. She also receives food stamps from AZ. If the government isn’t using existing tech to prevent fraud, then whats the real reason for something like rfid tracking?

  4. The feds do not want RFIDs in all welfare recipients. The Republican’ts do.

    • No, they’d like them to be in everyone, the points of least resistance are the welfare recipients, otherwise known as the thin end of the wedge. Oh, and if you honestly think that there’s any real difference between the “parties”, you have truly lost the plot.

  5. Unlike animals, human beings would be able to remove the chips.

  6. Offer to exchange them your “chip” for theirs, at an understandable velocity. Just be sure that you can make good your offer.

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  8. Finland and other Scandinavian countries should drastically cut their muslim immigrants. Otherwise their countries are doomed, their thousand year old culture is changed forever. They are letting muslims take over their country.
    Dont chip them, ship them back to where they came from, stop giving them welfare.

  9. “Really, the Pentagon and NATO have been building up our own enemy” Correction: Obama and Hillary. The pentagon does what is told to by the White House.

  10. I thought the national strategy was to get all Americans linked by explosive RFID. It would make extermination much easier than waiting for illegal aliens to murder us.

  11. this freak a lot people out, a lot of religious people too. this kinda of going way to far.

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