Former Gordon Brown Adviser Tweets Advice for Coming Collapse

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By Heather Callaghan

It started with a few Tweets about collapse and then turned into a blossoming preparedness discussion…

Yesterday was a bleak day for the Dow – the first time in ages a day of the week was referred to as a “Black Monday” and not referring to the day after Thanksgiving where everyone shows their gratitude for provision by trampling pregnant women with shopping carts and charging cheap electronics on plastic cards. True story.

Damian McBride, former special adviser to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, is predicting a harrowing crash at some point and people are paying attention. Not only was he Brown’s right-hand man, but he apparently predicted the crash of 2008 in his book, Power Trip: A Decade of Policy, Plots and Spin.

Mirror UK reported:

The fear of a new financial crisis was sparked when the Shanghai Composite Index fell 8.45%, wiping out a year’s gain in a single day’s trading.

Hundreds of billions were wiped off share prices worldwide yesterday meaning over $5trillion have been wiped off global stocks since August 11. You can find out more about how this could affect you here.

Mirror also surmised that McBride predicted civil chaos because he hinted that banks would be unreliable in the event of impending collapse. Do you think that’s true given yesterday’s dismal market activity? At the same time, he acknowledges the Fed’s typical moves in placing band-aids on hemorrhaging. Today is called “Turnaround Tuesday” as people breathe a sigh of relief, but McBride is not convinced.

Here’s what he said – people’s responses to him are found on this Twitter account:




You don’t have to have a Twitter account to peek in on the developing discussion – visit Damian Mcbride’s Twitter account and click the links that say “view conversation” to see the volley. He has been very friendly in answering people’s curiosity. Imagine getting prepping and economy tips from a former adviser to a British Prime Minister…

What do you think – is this sound advice for potential collapse? Do you think economic troubles will continue slowly or bottom out?

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Two recommended books on the topic (still reading both):

When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need To Survive When Disaster Strikes

When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability, and Surviving the Long Emergency, 2nd Ed…

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