“Environmental” Zoning Forcing Off-Grid Woman To Connect to Power Company

By Dan Dicks

Just as we’ve been warning about for years here at PFT, international trade deals and treaties, like the TPP or NAFTA, allow multinational corporations to sue governments and even individuals if they think their investments are at risk. And sure enough, the power company in Nova Scotia is not allowing Cheryl Smith to live off the grid.

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11 Comments on "“Environmental” Zoning Forcing Off-Grid Woman To Connect to Power Company"

  1. James Bennett | August 7, 2015 at 5:29 pm | Reply

    I smell somethin’, and it ‘aint apple pie.

    It is the sour smell of Fascism.

    This is tyranny.

    This transcends everything.

    It is a violation of Natural Law.

    Which deals with our ability to be left alone, and look after ourselves.

    Our highjackers could care less about the ‘environment’.

    These are opportunities for well meaning ‘eco-groovy’ folks to realize that this whole oppression has nothing to do with ‘green’, except fiat currency (with interest).

    I hope Nova Scotia City Hall needs a fire extinguisher for their phones.

    This is what happens when our communities relinquish their sovereignty to these globalists.

  2. William Burke | August 7, 2015 at 7:19 pm | Reply

    You’re NOT allowed to NOT pay the system its PROTECTION MONEY! Who’s the problem here, Cheryl… or Mad Dog Government?

  3. This skimpy article comes from an equally skimpy article with no sources at all. So I checked it out.


    I want to live off the grid, or do I have to use NSP?


    Thanks for your question, Dawn.

    In short – no, you do not have to be a NS Power customer. Nova Scotians who are interested in living ‘off the grid’ often chose to be a part of our Enhanced Net Metering program. The program offers Nova Scotians the option to generate their own electricity while still being able to draw from the provincial power grid if needed……..If you do want to live completely off the grid, it’s important to understand that you would have no connection with the provincial grid – at all.”

    As much as I hate corporatocracy, I hate dishonest journalism as much.

    Local governmental agencies, as in cities, may have requirements but there is no evidence that energy corporations in Nova Scotia (or anywhere) enact or enforce such zoning laws.

    A person would be wise to set up a solar or wind energy system and sell energy back through the grid for profit.

    This kind of dishonest and shoddy journalism only makes legitimate exposes of corporate tyranny less effective. Bad journalism poisons the well of good journalism. And there is no lack of gullible audience for such fake journalism, as witness in accompanying commentary,with one poster lambasting “Fascism” and the other “Mad Dog government.” The article is about corporate tyranny, and it appears to be totally bogus. Paranoia has no boundaries!

  4. TARDISOFGALLIFREY | August 7, 2015 at 9:59 pm | Reply

    Connect to “The Grid” just don’t pay any bills. They will cut you off real fast!

  5. It’s canada! It’s too late for them! They gave their right to stand up, and be heard, away years ago! Now they are just play things for a tyrannical government!

    However, let what happened in Idaho today serve as an awesome example of the people standing up, and for each other! But, it can’t be done if you’ve given your right to self defense away to a tyrannical government! What are canadians going to do, whimper and complain! That’s the only power they have left!

  6. I wish people would check out a good version of `MEET Your Strawman’ (& other stuff) This will provide you with a solid platform for understanding & dealing with the tyranny all around you.

    Please Note most countries, certainly all western ones, DON’T have govts, The lie is, that they tell us these exist. The truth is I.E. New Zealand is a for PROFIT CORPORATION & is floated on the New York Stock Market as such. Yours is too.

    I just realized today, that if the TTP does become a reality, CORPORATIONS can try all they like to sue our governments for not conforming to their laws (TTP is designed to strip countries of assets, for a CORPORATE takeover of the whole world) because there are NO govts. Cant say it enough.
    They are only getting away with the trickery because `the people’ DONY KNOW.

    Through word trickery they will try but if you all do your homework they fool no-one.

    Don’t think you are not clever enough to learn, I am just a Mum of Five children who learned (in her 60s) that our Corporate so called govt had tricked me, via the registration process, to hand over ownership of my children, house, Car, vote etc. like a business TV. to a government that doesn’t exist (unless they can convince you it does. The home I thought I owned for 48yrs I found I didn’t own at all. Never do Land tax (Rates as we call these) pay for public works, loans are taken out for this. Profits, monetary takings, go to the shareholders. So debt that can never be paid mounts up. Look at the world debt clock (your country) You are not looking at total debt, this is just daily interest. Learn how this is NOT debt YOU OWE, THE CORPORATIONS DO. (Unless they can trick you.)
    We have been soundly taken for a huge ride folks.
    It sounds like I have moved off topic but its all about dealing with CORPORATIONS, not govt bodies.
    The real power is in OUR Hands.

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