Concentration Camps for Thought Criminals Proposed, Very Little Outrage Follows

By Truth Never Told

Great video of quotes and news clips showing the establishment is testing the public’s reaction to the notion of pre-crime camps for disloyal Americans. The media’s reaction? Crickets.


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4 Comments on "Concentration Camps for Thought Criminals Proposed, Very Little Outrage Follows"

  1. I am disloyal to fascist USA and it’s alien/military/industrial/complex to which Clark is part as a bought and paid for murderer. I defy any federal authority to put me in a prison camp.

  2. Mike Lashewitz | August 5, 2015 at 8:52 pm | Reply

    Little outrage? Just how much “outrage” was witnessed when the DHS labeled all veterans, (the people who gave up years of their lives and many of them their bodies, like myself, to serve this country) only to be labeled “terrorists”???
    The bogus label on the video “Time to send Jews to Concentration Camps” is bogus. How are “Jews” THOUGHT CRIMINALS? Isn’t that an assumption? Especially seeing as the Khazarian Jewish Elite own the members of our government.

    Who are the REAL CRIMINALS? Governments that force unwanted things on the millions within their population? Who works for whom? Banking systems designed to cheat and steal the wealth of the people for a very select few?
    Banking systems who have lost and cannot account for TRILLION$ of the peoples money? A government who ALSO cannot account for trillion$???

    You have a choice, succumb to the power and control of the very few Elite. 10,000 control the wealth and enslave the planet. They feed us lies of overpopulation and global warming now called “climate change” because there is NO EVIDENCE to support the first nor either…

  3. We can see our future clearly now. John 3:16-21.

  4. Ez move to Jihad land.

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