Back to School Vaccine Hysteria Culminates in Hunt for Unvaccinated Kids


By Heather Callaghan

Due to increased mandatory vaccination legislation, parents are being politely threatened by the corporate-sponsored press, the CDC and the school systems that they had better get jabs for their children. In many cases, such as in California, it’s the law. In cases where it’s not completely mandatory, veiled threats and social pressure to submit have reached an ominous fever-pitch.

While the media can offer ostensible friendliness in passive aggressive threats to “get with the vaccine program” as it can rest on the buttress of law, it has not yet dispensed with extraordinary hysteria, authoritarian peer pressure and even targeting children in public shaming rituals.

This is because it’s “Back to School” rush hour, one of the biggest spending seasons. In the rush to spend one’s literal last pennies on supplies, clothes and lunches, the government doesn’t want you to forget to sacrifice and scrape that last bit for required injections.

One headline goes like this: Parents told to check vaccine status ahead of school. It was a “friendly reminder” to Oregon parents that their non-medical exemptions are null, that booster shots are required for older students and that preschool caretakers are to get jabs or close down.

A recent CNN headline “As kids go back to school, states look to encourage vaccinations,” chides parents who might be naughty:

When kids start school this fall, it’s a sure bet that some won’t have had their recommended vaccines because their parents have claimed exemptions from school requirements for medical, religious or philosophical reasons. Following the much publicized outbreak of measles that started in Disneyland in California in December, these exemptions have drawn increased scrutiny.  [emphasis added]

That’s right, all of these convenient moves to corral people into compulsory toxic injections hinge on the original hysteria produced by “Disneyland measles.” What the media never reports is that California had a 97.46% student vaccination rate during that time. Pharma manufacturers cry that they need 95% rate to achieve so-called “herd immunity.” And did you know that Idaho has the highest proportion of kindergartners with exemptions, at only 6.5 percent?

The hysteria also serves as a convenient deflection from other inconvenient truths such as the fact that so many more people have died from the MMR vaccine (and the previous single-vial measles vaccine) than the measles disease in over a decade. Have the pharmaceutical manufacturers ever been held accountable – no, we account for it in tax dollars under a $3 billion dollar bail-out, so far.

You can’t handle the truth about vaccines (Ad)

Back to Disneyland measles which followed Ebola-gate. I see that it has further victimized children. While these laws pass due to cries of “the children! the children!” – the Senators spearheading the crusade obviously do not show concern for children when they receive funds from Big Pharma. Big Pharma sits on bail-outs, industry-paid “scientists,” control of media (including social media) and mandatory legislation. Emotional trolling has led some parents to succumb to disgraceful social interactions like asking a parent if her kid has “had her shots” before they are allowed to come over and play.

One report provides “tools” for parents to help them “remember” to get all the pharma recommended shots:

Secretary Galvin has a new tool on his website that shows parents the recommended vaccines for their children by age – from birth to eighteen years old.

At first the report conveyed friendly help to new parents, but then…:

As students prepare to head back into the classroom, some parents believe they shouldn’t be required by law to vaccinate their kids. [emphasis added]

Additionally, the pressure is high to “hunt” unvaccinated children in public shaming statistics that compel parents to do the dirty work of peer-pressure. For instance, if states post local vaccination rates at the recent behest of the CDC, and if parents act accordingly by the statistics, it will increase pressure to vaccinate on area doctors and school systems desperate for attendance funds.

Associated Press reports [emphasis added]:

How many kids are vaccinated at your child’s school? Federal health officials think you should be able to easily find out.

CDC’s Dr. Anne Schuchat made the push more public during a press conference Thursday.

“It’s important to recognize when vulnerabilities exist in communities,” said Schuchat, who oversees the agency’s vaccination work.

Parents could use the information to weigh their child’s risk of vaccine-preventable illnesses at specific schools or school districts, Schuchat said. And it could help health officials identify pockets of unvaccinated children, she said.

Can these numbers be trusted? What happens when the rate of vaccination reaches 100% and the only thing left to show for it is more disease and sickness? Who or what will be blamed then? Again, there is no recourse.

One would think stigmas, discrimination, scarlet letters and other forms of public shaming would be counter-intuitive in preventing disease and helping children grow into healthy, confident adults. To see the results of previous experiments, just glance back at history. It’s never been about “the children.” They say that truth is the first casualty of all types of wars – are children the second? If deception is the first weapon of forceful agendas, are shame and hysteria the second? They are the most negative, yet effective forms of marketing ever concocted.

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

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54 Comments on "Back to School Vaccine Hysteria Culminates in Hunt for Unvaccinated Kids"

  1. I predict a lot of new home schoolers and plenty of teachers looking for jobs..

    • I thought the threat of more homeschooling/less school revenue would be a deterrent in California. What I’ve come to realize is that they don’t care. I think they will try to come after EVERYONE (including home shoolers) in phases.

    • You may be right but a better cure for this bullshit would be for the people to enforce their rights to choose what is and is not good for their kids. The state is now just a mafia arm of the corporations and should be treated as such.

  2. Inconvenience versus poisoning a child, shall we see which one overcomes. Who are we kidding? This is America, where schools exist solely to steal children’s future, and place them in a system that hates them. R.I.P to all the little children who will die from these vaccinations.

  3. “In many cases, such as in California, it’s the law.” – Well, actually, it’s not, at least not yet. Though many California school districts are acting with relish and zeal to force vaccinations this Fall, the “law” doesn’t go into effect until Jan. 1. But hey, take your shot.

  4. I’m 62 and have had vaccinations for everything from polio, to smallpox, to the plague, to meningitis, to Hepatitis B. I spent 22 years in the military and have know hundreds who’ve gotten all the shots I got and not one of them died, not even hospitalized. I just got my pneumococcal last month and I’m still here and healthy. My kids were military brats and they got all their shots. Now that they’re parents and their kids have gotten all their shots. Not one of them ever got sick let alone died. I’m really tired of hearing from uninformed high school dropouts who can barely spell science, let alone understand it, yet believe that they can opine on the subject that’s obviously way over their little heads. Amazing!!!

    • Military huh? Did y’all find any of them WMDs. Do y’all like putting your life on the line for Exon Mobil?
      Lot of folks are wising up to the lies of war, bet those are the ones questioning the vaccines.

      • Better late than never, but I’m now a member of the national, growing into an international group, called Veterans For Peace. You’re right, it was, and always has been, a lie. Please ready Gen. S. Butler’s book “War Is A Racket”, it’s a real eye opener.

    • …then you were a compliant idiot. Beyond the fact that you participated in numerous war crimes…and crimes against humanity…during your military career…what you have truly done is give up your right to make informed decisions. I’m certain The Military gave you no choice, and you just had to bend over and take it. As long as you like to do so…that is your right…but your inability to see that you were supposed to be fighting for our rights, our freedoms and our liberties during your 22 years…tells me that you haven’t a clue. You are just a …”Yes Sir”…kind of person who hasn’t the courage to look behind the curtain at all the corruption, death, destruction and theft you have involved yourself in during your career. The fact that you felt it your role to stick your kids and grand-kids with chemicals, trace amounts of animal tissue and different kinds of preservatives… just shows how short sighted and selfish you are. Had you uninformed yourself properly…you will have found The Corrupt Government has a long history of experimenting on the citizens, the military, the poor and anyone other than themselves. You just gave your lineage up to the corrupt government… and may have cut 20 years off of your and their lives. Which is the goal of the corrupt government in the first place…and to reap trillions in profits. Grow up. You’d think at 62 and with so much….”military experience”…you’d have a more mature outlook. Sad for your family members…they must have to cow-tow to your belief system. And the fact that you do not care about freedom of liberty is amazing…given your post.
      RJ O’Guillory

      • As for finally looking behind the curtain, I have, and it is corrupt. I retired in 1995 but it wasn’t until 1991 that I began to suspect that things were not what we were told they were. Some of us are late learners, I grew up in a time when all the myths about America were taught in school and believed by nearly everyone. You’re seeing things with only hindsight just like the folks of my generation who clearly see what my parents generation could not. It’s different when you’re in the middle of it, the view isn’t nearly so clear.

    • I’m really tired of hearing from uninformed high school dropouts who can barely spell science”

      Personally I think you are a troll. Do you have any idea of what a vaccine injury is? You say your experience in the military is no one was injured or died from a vaccine? Well, your experience is extraordinary because there are hundreds of Vet blogs to provide resources and support to vets that have been vaccine damaged. There are currently vets writing vaccine information blogs (you know those written by high school drop outs) looking for information that can help them overcome the adverse side affects of the slew of poisons they have been injected with. My brother is a Viet Nam vet and he clearly remembers hundreds of military personnel being sickened by vaccines in Southeast Asia and the states. So unless you are willing to come forth with more reliable information other than you personnel anecdote (because the vaccine loyalist would never accept personal anecdotes of parents who children have been vaccine damaged)-you comment is nothing more than that, anecdotal with no substantiating facts.

    • I know a man who has polio from the vaccine. Oh, and my friend’s nephew is almost uneducable from his infant and early childhood vaccines. You are a narrow minded fool.

      • A few anecdotal examples out of hundreds of millions who’ve had no ill effects. You’re the fool. Don’t take them, I honestly don’t care if you and yours’ survive or not. It’ll be natures way of thinning the heard. Oh, and that friend’s nephew story sounds like the silly crap that comes from drunken white trash who saw a UFO, or Elvis, or some other crud. You’re going to have to do better than that.

    • Good for you Greg. What that proves is that we’re not all the same. I’m not sure what your point is because damage/deaths from vaccines are a documented fact on CDC’s website.

      • At what rate? Is it statistically any greater than deaths from anesthesia, or various other medical procedures? You don’t know do you. If they’re not, you’re point is moot. Delve into those other stats before making any judgments. Like I said before: Sh*t Happens and no one can predict with any accuracy who’s the next to die from a simple appendectomy on someone w/o any risk factors.

        • At what rate?? Really? Is not a manufacturing process Greggy. Its human lives. OTC meds are pulled from the shelves and investigated after only a handful of cases of deaths/damage. The reports of such incidences with vaccines are swept under the rug, which is why many feeble minded buy the “safe and effective” pizzle. You really need a better argument Greg.

          • Gregory Mullaley | September 7, 2015 at 9:29 am |

            Hey Einstein, get a clue: Life is dangerous and we’re all going to die from something. People are living far longer than they did just a few generations ago all due to science. Don’t like it, then don’t use it because it all contains some risks. Everything medical contains some risks. As for “Sweeping it under the rug” the burden of proof is on you, the one making the positive claim. Go for it and cite your source. Next time your sick, just see your local DN instead of a real doctor, or better yet, pray. Good luck, (not really).

          • Wow Greggy. It doesn’t take much to ruffle your feathers. I still don’t understand your point and your argument seems all over the place. When someone provided proof of over 3 billion awarded to families for vaccine damage, your response was “I can’t speak to that”. Now you’re saying that the burden of proof is on me. Which one is it, Greggy? You failed to address my point. Why are OTC meds pulled from the shelves but we never hear about vaccine damage? Don’t speculate. Provide proof to back up your claims.

          • Gregory Mullaley | September 9, 2015 at 10:10 am |

            Wow Cypher, I guess I really over estimated you. I’m going to have to dumb this down a bunch and hope you can understand. I’ll use small words to help you o.k.? What court made the award, who was awarded damages, and for what particular vaccines. It’s obvious you never took any science courses, nor studied logic and debate because I’m not making any claims you are, and therefore you must provide the proofs of any and all claims.

          • {Distractor/Hollow classification}
            You must have missed my last 2 sentences: “Don’t speculate. Provide proof to back up your claims.”. I just re-read your previous post. “we’re all going to die from something…..” Is this your attempt the trivialize vaccine deaths? “Oh well. We all have to die from something”. Is that really your argument? I’d like to bear witness to you having this conversation with a parent of a dead or brain damaged child from vaccines.

            Nobody is telling you to stop taking vaccines. Take 10,000 or more for all I care. Its when you impose this useless and dangerous pizzle on others including my own kids that I have a huge problem with it.

            Question for you Greggy: How long has this anti-vax movement been going on? Where/when did it start?

    • Which vax company do you work for?

    • Well Gregory, its almost time for your annual multi-flu shot, filled with the latest poisons. We know how good ‘mercury’ is for you! Be a good boy and line up and make the New World Order global elite proud of you!

      • Not another paranoid “New World Order” ‘Turd’. That NWO and the end of the world crap has been going on as long as I can remember, and actually thought there may be something to it when I was young. Well, 50+ years later and it’s the same old B.S. being repackaged, only clowns like you actually think this is something new. That’s why you’re a dumb ‘Turd’, because you think you’ve actually uncovered something.

        • You sure are full of insults. I guess that’s all you pro-vaxxer fanatics have. You can’t attack the message so you attack the messenger. Come with facts and proof if you expect an ounce of credibility Greggy.

    • Continue living under a rock.

      • No Einstein, I’m living above ground, unlike you who have your head buried in the sand, or perhaps in some stinky substance which seems more likely. I’ve lived and worked in some 3rd world countries and still doing fine with all my vaccinations. Getting the flu and shingles shots in a few months. This probably sounds somewhat confusing to someone like you and others here who can barley spell GED, let alone get one.

  5. I’m OK. If it were to come to either get a jab to be around other people’s crotch fruit or stay at home, then I’ll be in the den. Send beer.

  6. How do you post an image into a comment? I would love to know.

  7. Vaccines have a fraudulent history and have never been proven effective. Jenner bought his medical degree, Pasteur wasn’t even a medical doctor nor did he have any doctoral degree. There is no proof that vaccines work at all and plenty of proof of harm.
    Did you know that hospitals are a military invention? Through out history people were visited by healers, mostly because they were immobile and sick. It wasn’t until healing for profit began that the medical industry was born and it’s only real motivation is monetary and we all know a good business needs repeat customers, so what profit is there in a healthy community?

    • Very well presented.

    • I know right, the medical industry has some dark origins.. Let no person forget that in order for the medical industry to be born, a lot of death had to occur. After which some people not satisfied with the gore witnessed, began to chop up bodies in the name of medical research.

    • Good post. The true history has been erased and distorted. Pro-vaxxers love to say that that “we forget the diseases of the past”. That’s not true. We forget the cures of the past.

  8. punctured, controlled, docile, submissive, and early to die – loss of freedoms, is this why?
    unpuctured, controlling, brave, independent, and living quite long – self-reliant, is this wrong?

  9. This is a violation of The Nuremberg Code of medical ethics!

  10. Vaccines are dangerous. That cat avatar you see is Tuesday, a wild rescue. He went blind after getting vaccinated, and his kidneys were also destroyed. I nursed him for over a year before he passed away far, far, too soon.

  11. Thank you for posting that information. See no Evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil. And the sheeple go to sleep. Like good little sheep.

  12. It’s not actually the law yet in CA, and it’s frustrating that a lot of schools and daycare centers are either lying or mistaken about this. CA law SB277 isn’t effective until 7/1/2016. And children who have a Personal Belief Exemption in place by 1/1/2016 are not affected by the elimination of this exemption until they reach either kindergarten or seventh grade (after the law is effective).

    And, currently there is a petition drive to get a Referendum on the Nov. 2016 which, if passed, would overturn SB277. If enough signatures are gathered, the effective date of SB277 will be postponed, pending the Nov. 2016 vote.

  13. So many good points in this article.

  14. The problem is also that many people are ignorant of the fact that the whooping cough vaccine can cause people and children to be asymptomatic and therefore they are far more likely to spread the disease.

    Study: Is the whooping cough resurgence due to vaccinated people not knowing they’re infectious?

    A new study published in BMC Medicine by Santa Fe Institute Omidyar Fellows Ben Althouse and Sam Scarpino. Their research points to a different, but related, source of the outbreak – vaccinated people who are infectious but who do not display the symptoms of whooping cough, suggesting that the number of people transmitting without symptoms may be many times greater than those transmitting with symptoms.

    What’s worse, their model shows that if the disease can be spread through vaccinated, asymptomatic individuals essentially undetected, the level of vaccination needed to protect those that are unvaccinated (so-called “herd immunity”) is over 99 percent, impractically high at a time when anti-vaccine campaigns are turning people away from vaccination.

    Their results also suggest that a practice called cocooning, where mothers, fathers, and siblings are vaccinated to protect newborns, isn’t effective. “It just doesn’t work, because even if you get the acellular vaccine you can still become infected and can still transmit. So that baby is not protected,” Althouse says.

  15. thanks. i’ve been wondering about sups. i am certainly happy to feed this cat with fresh meat and fish forever rather than cat food.

  16. I can’t speak to that and frankly don’t care either. I’m just dismayed and all the anti science hysteria from folks who never even took science in high school, let alone college. HINT: I did. Also, I’m here after receiving well over 100 different kinds over the last 62 years. That includes everyone I know who my age and older.

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