19 Intriguing Coincidences Surrounding the Virginia Shooting

conspiracy or coincidenceBy Bernie Suarez

The problem with repeated false flags and staged events executed for a particular political purpose is that they demand a commitment from the minds of the masses and it has to happen in real-time. You either get it right away that the event is staged or you don’t. That is, you require “proof.” Until you receive that proof or, should I say, until you consciously register a series of information that convinces you that it must have been fake, you will choose to believe mainstream media news and accept it as truth. On the other hand, those who are fully awakened to the overall agenda in full motion now know right away as soon as another staged shooting takes place. They know exactly which signs to look for or, more specifically, which group of signs to look for. Also there is a sequence of events that usually plays out exactly almost every time. Once the working minds of these people see that sequence of events play out their natural brain does not allow them to believe the official story no matter how much “proof” the mainstream media presents to convince their viewers that the story is true. This is the natural resistance that humanity is creating to government lies which I’ve discussed in the past.

That said, without getting too deep into what I believe could likely be another staged shooting event to advance the federal government’s gun control agenda, let’s just zip through a list of oddities that every single person must reconcile surrounding the recent Virginia TV reporter shooting of Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward by alleged shooter Vester Lee Flanagan. Here are 19 oddities to fill your brain with. Perhaps you can explain away some of these. If you can, more power to you but good luck tackling the entire list. Ultimately, it’s not about one person being right or wrong but about lining yourself up with truth. Keep in mind that all of these things are happening at once and you have to let your natural instincts, intuition and common sense kick in and take this information in and then file it under one of two categories: orchestrated event or coincidence … or perhaps I don’t know. You decide:

1 – Big man with gun pointed directly at 2 people just a few feet away. No one notices, no one cares.

No one looks at the gunman even once despite his brandishing a normal-sized gun. Peripheral vision must be a conspiracy also! Instead, the 2 women carry on with their conversation. You couldn’t make this up. Don’t believe it? Watch the video for yourself.

2 – After clearly pointing gun at his victims, shooter doesn’t shoot.

The video shows what turns out to be some kind of rehearsal pointing. Ask yourself what killer has ever done this outside of a Hollywood movie set? Put yourself for a second inside the mind of the supposed killer. Who points a gun at people in broad daylight, practices what he’s going to do and then after not pulling the trigger waits around to re-point the gun again a minute later?

3 – Cameraman conveniently pointing camera away even though the interview is taking place now.

Watch as the cameraman is inexplicably shooting footage in a direction unrelated to the interview taking place, providing the perfect entrance for the apparently invisible shooter. Ask yourself, why would the cameraman do this? Was the interview that boring or that long that he needs to amuse himself by aimlessly panning across the scenery while the interview is happening? What are the odds of this coincidence?

4 – Shooter is super close to cameraman who somehow has no idea he’s there.

How does cameraman Adam Ward not see, hear, sense or even smell that there is someone standing right next to him? The shooter doesn’t even have a shadow! The scene takes place in a super quiet remote area and it’s a big man with a gun who is also invisible. This defies logic and reason, does it not? Coincidence? You decide.

5 – How did gunman know they were filming that day, that location?

Simple questions that beg good answers. What’s a shooter doing in this remote area anyway? And how does the shooter know to be there at that exact time? Was he just wandering around in the neighborhood and decided to do this? Or did the shooter have a copy of the WDBJ production schedule? Maybe he did. Just wondering.

6 – Reporter never goes down or twitches after being shot multiple times.

Magic bullet part 2? Could this be an example of the adrenaline bullet initial impact resistance theory? Perhaps it happened so fast she didn’t know she was shot? Everyone should go back and watch other videos of people being shot and look for the quick body twitch, the jolt and the instant collapse that happens when people get shot at point-blank range which is when bullets do the most damage. Then go back and see if anything in this recent shooting looks different. Also ask yourself, where is the blood? Where is the staggering struggle of someone who has just been shot?

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Where have we seen this before? Back in January of this year (2015) during the Charlie Hebdo shooting incident we saw a supposed point-blank head explosion shooting of a Paris police officer with a AK47 assault rifle, only the video shows the shot hitting at least a foot away, no head jolt and no blood. This might lead us to think they are playing out of the same script again. But who knows? You decide.

7 – Shooter commits the usual suicide.

Dead men tell no tales. Once again the shooter, this time Vester Lee Flanagan does not live to tell the story. The perfect ending once again for the controllers. Shooters who contribute to possible future gun legislation apparently almost always conveniently kill themselves now. The end result of shootings these days almost seem automated.

8 – Shooter puts out the usual manifesto.

The “manifesto” has become a standard part of the script but we must all start to wonder – is the “manifesto” now being overplayed? I don’t know anyone, or know of anyone who has ever met someone who has written or even considered writing a manifesto of their life intent, yet government rolls out manifestos on all killer patsies nowadays. What’s the deal with the automated manifestos? What everyone should realize is that the manifesto is the perfect fill-in-the-blank propaganda document to sway the masses on anything they want them to believe. If the manifesto says you did it, then you did it. The manifesto conveniently fills in the blank to create perception of intent. How perfect!

9 – Video of shooting seems intended exclusively for shock value, no other purpose.

This may be coincidental as well but like the James Foley fake beheading and all other ISIS videos, this point-of-view video seems like it is mostly intended to shock you and get a reaction from you as in problem-REACTION-solution. Ask yourself, why would the government and media want to shock everyone? Is the story itself not enough?

10 – Video conveniently now being censored by YouTube Charlie Hebdo and James Foley style.

Once the shock value is accomplished by the mainstream media as we’ve seen in recent shock value videos like the James Foley fake beheading video or the Charlie Hebdo fake police officer execution video, it seems once the mainstream media pushes the initial shock value video to create the reaction there is no need to allow the world to watch the video and scrutinize it. This seems to be when the censorship of the same video begins. The controllers would rather you not watch the video on your own on YouTube where you might come across alternative media links and explanations of their false flags and crisis actors. Instead, they would rather you just trust the mainstream media’s presentation of the video evidence and leave it at that.

11 – Image of shooter produced by a video without such frame?

Others have pointed out how the media put out an image of the shooter based on the video camera footage but we never see this footage so where did they get this frame from? Yes, this may be a coincidence, who knows, but given all the other oddities it makes you wonder.

12 – Audio file of shooting after camera cuts off sounds very different.

I’m no sound expert but from my military experience I know the sound of rounds shot at a range. Admittedly, the audio of the shooting sounds very different from the camera version due to its much more pronounced echoes. I find this a little odd but who knows.

13 – Police order BBC journalist to delete video footage of shooter’s crash.

Anytime we hear police forcing anyone, especially a journalist, to destroy evidence this should set off a red flag in your mind and it’s got to make anyone at least wonder why. Why destroy evidence?? Who or what threat does this evidence represent and to who? This is very troubling.

14 – Family members quickly on TV calling for gun control, Sandy Hook style.

This is one of the most disturbing issues for me when I first watched an interview with family member Andy Parker. Once again supposed family members in lightning speed are propped up on TV bypassing the mourning, sincerity and humility stage that comes with grieving for a recently murdered family member and they are instead calling for gun control and political agendas. Parker delivers his shocking political call to action to America within seconds:

We’ve got to do something about crazy people getting guns.

Is anyone not reading through this?

15 – Andy Parker, alleged father of murdered reporter happens to be a former Broadway actor.

Should it matter that Andy Parker is a former Broadway actor? Under any other circumstances it might not matter, but unfortunately this is not an ordinary situation.

16 – Andy Parker, Director of Human Resources for Virginia National Bank.

Should it matter that, coincidentally, Andy Parker is directly tied to the banking system in addition to being a proven professional actor? You decide.

17 – White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, rolls out direct propaganda.

The White House quickly urges Congress to use “common sense” in order to reduce gun violence in America. Timing is everything isn’t it?

18 – Obama administration quickly links the incident to a race war and gun owners, perfectly in line with Flanagan’s manifesto.

Just in case no one believes the manifesto, here comes the White House to reiterate the race theme in the manifesto and to push their propaganda.

19 – Shooting takes place 2 days after the UN Arms Trade Treaty in Mexico.

In the end this is about gun control, so should it shock you that this shooting took place 2 days after the United Nations’ Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in Mexico? Lucky timing? Is it a coincidence that Obama is trying to claim that Congress ratified the UN’s Arms Trade agreement in 2013 when in fact Congress did not? Does it surprise you that the timing is perfect with these treaty talks? There seems to always be a shooting right around the time the UN Arms Trade Treaty comes up or whenever there is an event or Arms bill being discussed. Coincidence? Again, you decide.


The globalists have clear-cut stated goals to have the United Nations act as the bullies of the world to enforce regulation on guns and arms in complete violation and disregard of the U.S. Constitution which grants every American the inalienable right to bear arms to protect themselves from tyrannical government.

Obama’s cooperation with this UN treaty is an attempt to destroy the Second Amendment and transfer gun control power to the UN. What this means for freedom lovers and those who oppose tyranny is that the permanent enslavement of humanity is in the balance. Resist now. Do not allow our criminal government and their CIA-controlled mainstream media to use shooting events whether real or staged to be used as tools to disarm Americans. This will give ALL the power to an evil oppressive and corrupt totalitarian global government and permanent enslavement of humanity. Don’t miss the bigger picture for a staged comparatively insignificant shooting.

Finally, you decide what happened in this latest Virginia TV reporter shooting. Is this another staged shock-and-awe psyop for Jade 2 software to monitor and track the reaction from the masses being that we are in the middle of Jade Helm operations? Is this a staged event to boost the likelihood of a UN Arms Trade Treaty signing? Is this a great story to get attention away from Hillary scandals and a collapsing economy? Is it all the above? I believe it very well could be. You decide for yourself.


Know that the new world order is here and no huge news story is randomly being told by coincidence. There is an argument to be made that if the government and media did that now that might be considered wasted resources. All stories now have a specific purpose.

Find out your purpose and separate yourself from the control system, which very much includes the mainstream media. Realize that your mind is just like your laundry or your dishes – it can get dirty or polluted and if so it needs cleansing. Purge their lies out of your mind and stop assuming that those who don’t believe mainstream media are lunatic conspiracy theorists. Now is the healthiest time in history to question every single news piece. Your survival depends on it.

Let’s all exercise short-term memory and let’s quickly go back to focusing on solutions instead of dwelling on their crisis actor laced convenient and staged shootings. Instead stay focused on knowing your rights and how special each and every person is. We are born free and we are conscious human beings. See the nature of the cage and purpose to free yourself from their mental enslavement which keeps you bound. Realize that when people forget about a shooting this hurts the controllers and the new world order plans. They want and they need you to keep dwelling on these staged stories for the stories to be effective. Recall the “I shot Bin Laden” story earlier this year(2015) desperately trying to revive the Bin Laden hoax … only no one cared.

The faster the globalists move, it only makes me wonder if the new world order is slowly dying. We are seeing many ways every day how humanity is turning things around but you have to look for them. Without looking for and seeing that silver lining it can easily seem like things are really bad and only getting worse without hope of things changing. It’s a classic glass half-full situation. How full is the glass from your point of view?

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Bernie is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology. He has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions. A former host of the 9/11 Freefall radio show, Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems. His efforts are designed to encourage others to joyfully stand for truth, to expose government tactics of propaganda, fear and deception, and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order. He is also a former U.S. Marine who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. A peace activist, he believes information and awareness is the first step toward being free from enslavement from the globalist control system which now threatens humanity. He believes love conquers all fear and it is up to each and every one of us to manifest the solutions and the change that you want to see in this world, because doing this is the very thing that will ensure victory and restoration of the human race from the rising global enslavement system, and will offer hope to future generations.

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60 Comments on "19 Intriguing Coincidences Surrounding the Virginia Shooting"

  1. Where do these ‘Crisis Actors’ go after being supposedly shot dead?….Do they just reappear down the road like the ‘Box-cutter’ Saudi’s of 9-11?….which means the goons believe they’re 100% in control of the Psy-Op thru the MSM?…& we’re tooooo Stupid to connect the dots?….

    • You nailed it. Reason they think we’re so stupid? Government subsidized public schooling. The government gets what it pays for, “let’s make a stupid and oblivious worker class that will obey anything, believe anything.”

      A big problem now is that there’s not much if any work for the worker to do. A need of a worker class disappearing creates a problem. “Oh no, now they have time to think. Quick, attack their ability to revolt.”

    • Well Edwardo I hate to admit it, but you are correct. You are to stupid to connect anything.

  2. Excellent!

  3. The crisis actor being intereviewed “is recovering in the hospital”.

  4. 1. No one notices the man pointing the gun because they have no reason to. The reporter is focusing on the person she is interviewing; the camera man has his back to the shooter. The reporter is not about to turn to see who is nearby simply because someone is in her peripheral vision; if she did that they would have to constantly do retakes every time something like that distracted her and she looked away from the subject.

    2. The shooter doesn’t shoot immediately because the whole point of his revenge is terror, and he is temporarily hesitant precisely because no one notices him, and he is denied the shock he wants to see on his victims’ faces before he fires. Only when he realizes he may not be noticed at all, and having committed to his actions by drawing the gun, does he shoot. He is not “rehearsing”; if he was, then the other “actors” are not rehearsing with him. Also he waits mere seconds – not “a minute later” before shooting.

    3. The cameraman is shooting the area background where the interview is taking place before panning to the interview, a commonly used video technique called an “establishing shot”. Google it.

    4. Of course the cameraman has no idea the shooter is there. The shooter approached from behind – DUH!

    5. This “point” doesn’t establish anything at all, even though the author admits he doesn’t KNOW how the shooter knew where to be. It certainly wouldn’t be difficult for the shooter to tail the news van from the studio, not to mention numerous other ways he could have known, having worked for the station, yet we are supposed to assume this was part of the “conspiracy”? Talk about flimsy…

    6. If one watches “other videos of people being shot” as the author suggests, one will see every imaginable reaction, from to simply collapsing like a puppet whose strings have been cut, to twitching ala Oswald being shot by Ruby, to screaming and turning to run as this reporter did. Sometimes you will see blood, sometimes you will see none. The things that will occur when someone is shot are almost infinitely variable. To say that the reporter failed to react exactly as the author wanted her to, and this is evidence of conspiracy, is just plain irrational since it ignores the numerous possible reactions that could occur. Don’t believe it? Then do as the author suggests – watch the “other videos of people being shot”. You’ll see for yourself that for every “twitcher” there are dozens of other reactions, including the one shown by the reporter.

    The list goes on for each of the author’s claims. You want to prove there is a conspiracy? Then how about backing up your claims with solid facts instead of wild speculation. If this was staged, were the reporter and cameraman in on it? So they really weren’t killed, and what, they changed their identities and moved to Bolivia, all to promote a single staged anti-gun event? Or were they willing to actually die for the cause of one more piece of anti gun propaganda? If so, you should be easily able to PROVE this conspiracy – with actual PROOF, not wild speculation. Here’s a conspiracy theory for you: Maybe the author is working for the gun grabbers, publishing hysterical and groundless theories in order to discredit the people who are trying to reveal REAL conspiracies. Hey, it’s no less fanciful than the article…

    If you want to help your cause, then I would suggest you not publish tabloid sensationalism, and find some indisputable facts instead, like a real self respecting journalist would do.

    • you obviously did not watch the “shooters” video that was posted. I did. They said it was “graphic” – it was not. It was revealing.
      you have sooo many facts wrong – so watch again.

      • Not sure how it is “obvious” to you that I “did not watch the ‘shooters’ video, because I did watch it, carefully. Oh, I see – you think I didn’t watch it only because I disagree with you. I know one fact I have very right; it’s the fact that the false flag theorists can’t be bothered to prove that they have anything other than wild speculation, when, if they were right, there would be MOUNTAINS of evidence to support them – EMTs and ambulance drivers, hospital staff, the coroner’s office, the victims’ families and friends. People who desperately want to believe something will never allow facts to get in the way. They only wail and cry the sky is falling – without doing any else, at all.

        • If you did watch the shooters video closely, then you would have seen that Alison DOES look at the shooter, then proceeds with her interview, the gun doesn’t eject any shells. the slide on the gun never moves back to eject a shell and reload the next round. Gun flashes are bright yellow to white and are not seen in the daytime, and do not take on the appearance of a perfectly straight line on the left side of the second shot. There is no blood anywhere on any of the videos that were presented to the public.

          You are either are ignorant to firearms and physics or you are what is commonly known as paid or appointed “shill” set to try to create plausible doubt in the face of irrefutable evidence.

          • Compared to you I am indeed a firearms expert. I own several firearms and have been shooting since I was ten years old. Furthermore, I worked for many years in the motion picture industry, specifically as a video camera technician. From your knee jerk reactionary assumptions about the video, it is clear that you get all of your “science” about firearms from watching Hollywood movies. Let me explain:

            “The gun doesn’t eject any shells” – OK,Einstein, if the gun doesn’t eject any shells, then the gun wasn’t firing blanks either, since blanks have shells that must be ejected, otherwise there would be only one shot because the gun would not be cycling for multiple shots, right?

            “the slide on the gun never moves back…” What you should have said here is the slide SEEMS to never move back, but in fact it does. The complete action of a slide moving back, returning forward and stripping the next round out of the magazine and chambering it (with real ammo OR blanks) takes place in the blink of an eye, a fraction of a second. Since you do not know the frame rate of the camera used in the video (most video cameras would likely be recording at a rate of 30 frames per second in this situation) and you also, despite your self appointed “expertise” about guns, have no idea just how quickly a gun cycles, makes it hard for you to grasp that the slide has time to completely cycle between one frame and the next in a video camera recording at 30fps. A camera would need to be recording at a frame rate of around 120 fps or higher to clearly reveal the slide cycling in the video playback.

            “Gun flashes…” Congratulations, Mr Wizard, you almost got this one right. Gun flashes are all but impossible to see – in daylight. But, despite your keen powers of observation, you didn’t seem to realize that the video was NOT shot in dayLIGHT. It was recorded inside a covered area, an area that was clearly NOT well lit. The video was recorded in the dayTIME, but not dayLIGHT, and there is one clearly shown muzzle flash in the video. Why only one? For the same reason you don’t see the slide cycle. The one flash is clear only because it happened at the precise instant that particular frame was exposed. And for your continuing education on firearms, and video cameras, for that matter, one has only to browse through the voluminous youtubes of real guns firing to see that gun flashes do not meet a particular set of criteria that you so naively think they should. Some flashes are big, some small, some look like sparks, others look like flames, some only like smoke – there are many, many variables involved, both in the flashes themselves and they way they are photographed, for your one dimensional closed mind to consider.

            “There is no blood…” Here again you sadly base your “knowledge” about what you think should be true on what you have “learned” from Hollywood movies. The reporter instantly recoils and flees the shooter, falling into the shadows, so of course there is no visible blood. Blood does not immediately spew out of an entry wound on a clothed body, like in the movies. What your are seeing in the movies is a “squib” – a small explosive charge behind a little pack of fake blood. Try to understand (I know it’s hard for someone like you) that movies are not the same thing as reality.

            Another point that I notice about the video is that the gun recoils in the shooter’s hand. I know it’s beyond your abilities with your limited mental capacity, but rational, thinking people can easily see by watching movies that the actors are using blanks because the jolt of recoil that would occur with real ammo is missing when they shoot a gun. The gun in the video recoils, consistent with a 9mm.

            I know I’ve overwhelmed your brain with unpleasant facts, but maybe you could enlighten readers about only ONE on my points? If there are no spent casings, then were no blanks used? And if there were no real bullets, and no blanks either, then how was this “fake” video made, with the multiple gunshots, hmm? What made the muzzle flash? What made the gun recoil? What made the bangs? Can’t wait to hear how your superior mind will “prove” that – I mean, prove to readers – not just yourself. You know, with intelligent and rational points?

            And what mysterious agency is paying me to contradict morons online? And for what purpose are they paying me to contradict idiots with rational observations? One thing is clear, you do have a vivid imagination. Maybe you should change your online handle from “nochipforme” to “noclueforme”!

          • Rather than respond to your battle of wits and slight of speech coupled with arrogance and ignorance, I will bid you ado. Fare thee well oh man, fare thee well. They will come for your firearms and they will take them. Fear God.

          • Good of you to admit that in a battle of wits you are unarmed. “They” will take my guns when they pry them from my cold dead fingers. I fear my government, not God. I am on your side, even if you don’t realize it, but I will not be manipulated by irrational fear. Peace to you, friend.

    • Put down the dooby bruh.

      • Wow, what an intellectual comeback. Let me guess Harvard? Yale? Pittsville Community College? A home for emotionally disturbed pre-schoolers? Your mom’s basement? Put down the keyboard, “bruh” – better stick with Nintendo until you’ve grown up a little bit…

        • You made it completely evident your warm and fuzzy world view is being comfortably maintained by the main stream media. If you prefer the world of illusion and need to reinforce your perceptions by vigorously defending their polished bullshit and narrative you are simply acting as a self duped troll.

          • You know absolutely nothing of what my “world view” is. Everything you say is based on assumptions, not facts – a clear indication of a closed and biased mind. I respond to those people who have challenged my opinions (and that’s all I’m offering here – opinions, not mandates) in a civilized and intellectual way devoid of name calling and finger pointing. Sooo, that being said, you’ll understand why I will waste no more effort replying to someone like you. Good luck in the future prying open your closed mind!

          • Hmmm. You conspiracy nuts seem to be constantly confused. One minute you’re saying the forces of darkness that haunt your keyboard world have made a blatantly fake video, to point where they have a white shooter who is supposed to be a black man, then you say their efforts are “polished bs”. Oh, if only I could be as sharp as you. Then I would never have to look for truth – I would know the truth is whatever I want it to be, no matter what anyone else says. Must be a very comfy place for you, there in mom’s basement! Stay in school and on your meds! Your screen name is very appropriate for you, did you choose it all by yourself? What a good boy you are. I know the conspirators are trembling in their boots knowing that you are on the case!

      • I don’t need a job, Teddy boy – I am wealthy enough to have retired early. Maybe you should consider getting an education.

    • It is painfully obvious the dress rehearsal was held sometime earlier, perhaps that morning, and the “victims'” body language says, “what are you waiting for? We rehearsed this! Shoot!”

      Despite the muzzle flash that screams “BLANK!”, the “shooter” cannot bring himself to actually point the gun at them and pull the trigger. So he pulls the gun to the right before pulling the trigger the first time – it’s a very obvious MISS.


  5. The UN can not abolish our 2nd amendment. Anything that the present setting president has done can be undone by another setting president. Also our Congress’ if it were not made up of traitorous cowards. could put an end to Obama’s social Jehad of this country.

  6. EgbertThrockmorton1 | August 31, 2015 at 2:09 pm | Reply

    Having read the above “article”(I AM being kind in that reference) I feel like those brain cells have been lost forever due to the insipid assertions that a “grand conspiracy” in the “Virgina Shootings” is somehow afoot. First, one would have to assume that the current Puppet-in-Chief, who simply incapable of speaking in public without a script and teleprompter, could engineer such a feat.Sorry, he’s just not that intelligent. He’s a willing puppet and nothing more, he is incapable of leading a one-car funeral procession down a one-way street.
    I have actually witnessed (first person) people being shot with “real live firearms including handguns, and no, Mr. Suarez FEW of them showed any reaction at all to even being struck fatally/instantly. You missed it completely on that accord.
    The assertions in Suarez’s “article” are way beyond the usual Alex-Jones-effluvium that he espouses, and in this case, Suarez has done NO research at all. This “article” is only wild-assed speculation and opinion and nothing else. Yet, I did waste my time reading it, and for that I apologize to Mrs. Brown my first grade teacher who did warn us all about reading crap.

    • One of the worst attempts at a straw man argument I’ve ever seen. Suarez never implied Obama was a mastermind. LOL!

      How many brain cells does take to figure out there is something wrong with official narratives when the same child is apparently gunned down twice in two separate school shootings on two different continents evidenced by the same photographs used for establishment and media reports of official victims? You haven’t looked closely at Sandy Hook anomalies? I bet you also Believe in the Official 9/11 fairy tale and the Warren Report with Arlen Specter’s “magic bullet” explanation. Yes, please apologize to Mrs. Brown for never having developed any critical thinking skills. The Brit Disinfo Brigade must be working overtime.

    • Hey, weren’t you the same exact SHILL who wrote the same exact thing for Bush/911, replacing Bush & Obama interchangeably?

    • Nice try. Please tell me they don’t pay you for that.

  7. With several million dollars in their pocket they didn’t have before.

  8. One other oddity – in the video footage of the hand holding the Glock, the shooter appeared to be wearing a long-sleeved checkered shirt. Yet in the full frame of the shooter, he didn’t appear to be wearing anything resembling a checkered shirt. The video footage of the alleged shooter after capture might have revealed exactly what he was wearing, but, of course, that had to be destroyed for some reason.

  9. Possible coincidence #20? The irate man in a video on youtube angrily confronting a seemingly calm and confident Flanagan is wearing a blue plaid shirt. It appears the person doing the confronting is attempting to provoke Flanagan and document it with his smartphone. Dr. James Tracy of Memory Hole Blog discussed the possibility Flanagan was framed and set up as a “targeted individual” subject to gang stalking. African American attorney Myron May documented his concerns that he too was a targeted individual prior to the Florida shooting, a case and phenomenon Tracy also explored in some detail.

    memoryholeblog (dot) com/2015/08/29/was-vester-lee-flanagan-framed/

  10. Meh…what CAN one believe, now days? Certainly not one’s own eyes. Not what one is told. What days are these!?

  11. I actually think they do these obvious FALSE FLAG HOAX’s more for DISTRACTION than to “take our guns”. I really don’t think they’ll ever take our guns. That’s why I think they do it for distraction, to create civil unrest, racial divides, and things like that. And it WORKS, btw…we are all talking about this FAKE shooting, aren’t we? That’s what they want. DISTRACTION.

    The BIGGER picture is our judicial branch is so corrupt that we can’t bring these HOAXTERS to justice. When a country’s judicial branch is totally corrupt, basically you no longer have a country.

    We should be able to bring charges with the MOUNTAIN of evidence to court and win easily. But it never happens because we have a corrupt, rigged judicial branch that’s a laughingstock worldwide.

    When it goes to court, you get a RIGGED SHOW TRIAL like the Boston marathon “bombing” FALSE FLAG HOAX. That’s what you get in a country with a corrupt, rigged judicial branch.

    • You’re right, the big target is not as much about guns this time.. Redsilverj seems to have been the only person not too distracted to notice the announcement related to the shooting video that “Facebook, Google, and Microsoft would be working together with government and regulators” to censor online “extremist” content. So, who is going to decide what defines extremist?

      It’s always about creating an illusion of a need for more control.

  12. So you can explain Adam Wards open casket viewed by hundreds of people ? This event wasn’t like Sandy Hook where all the people involved were unknowns and a bunch of childrens photos with names attached. These two were well known local personalities and one with a long history in the area. So the family would have to be in on the dupe. Put yourself in their place. Would you dupe friends and neighbours you have known for years and people who trust you ? I doubt that very much. That said I still call bs on the boyfriend and bs on someone running away screaming in a high pitched voice after being shot in the chest and head.

    • They got lots of $$$$$$ millions, and new identities. Probably living in Israel on stolen land with Sandy hook actors.

    • Have you ever been to a wax museum? Do you know what kind of expert professionals that the intelligence community has at its disposal? Anything you need, a phone call away.

      I personally imagine they sell the dupes a bill of goods and then eliminate them. But it’s possible they’ve got people on call for any job. The cameraman and reporter may have been placed there far in advance of the need.

      But who knows? You know a hoax when you see one. All that’s left are the details.

  13. Hey, this was yet ANOTHER shooter who was taking medication with a side effect of ‘violent behavior’ – all of the recent shooters were taking such medication and it all was initially reported in the news – until pharma gave the editors a stern talking to and all the stories were changed.

    • you’ve lost the real story…..the one about “dangerous medications” is the BS story being pushed by infowhores to butter up these false flags and give them a tinge of conspiracy and make them more palatable to the right wing rednecks who still take Alex Jones seriously.

      the real story is that this event in Virginia was just a regular old false flag; completely staged in every way. nobody died, nobody suffered from violent, irrational outbursts brought on by psychotropic medication. it was just fake.

  14. Great article!

    We some times have to consider that a “HIT” was the motivation for an event like this, see, Jared Lee Loughner, who shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, of whom was simply an added bonus, as was the outcries for more ‘gun control’. While Chief U.S. District Court Judge John Roll was the intended target, Giffords was declared by the TRIBE in the media to have been the target.

    Here we do not have that option to consider. ONLY Gun Control and RACIAL TENSIONS!

    YET another cog in the TRIBES quest for our destruction!

  15. Its a fake…. do they really think we are so stupid?

    Some may be, but I’m not its a stupid amateurish effort to push gun control. Nothing adds up and from past history I do not believe propaganda media. Would you believe a known lier?

    • It’s like a crappy B movie, with third rate writers and performed by wait staff looking for their next acting role.

      • It’s so sloppy, it’s as if they know that most people will swallow it along with their soup and pharmaceuticals. The skeptics evidently don’t worry them. Maybe they’re using old metrics and don’t realize how many people are catching on.

  16. No… we don’t believe.

  17. margaret Bartley | September 2, 2015 at 11:10 am | Reply

    What I don’t get is where the shooter’s camera is. There is a point before the shooting where the shooter’s camera shooting over the camera man’s shoulder from a height above the camera man.. If the shooter had a camera on a visor, he would have to be pretty tall to get that shot, and he would have to be crouching the rest of the time. The camera’s height appears to move up and down, which would imply that it was hand-held, and the shot above the camera-man’s head would have to be the shooter holding the camera up high. It seems like both the reporter and the interviewer would notice that!

    I’ve been interviewed by TV people, and they do get background shots, but it’s before and after, not during, the interview!

    • A composite of two takes would explain this better than anything else I can think of. What do you think about that?

  18. The guy in the frame holding a gun is wearing a blue plaid shirt. Incidentally, it really looks like the hand of a Caucasian man. Other released photo show the gunman wearing a black shirt.

    • Caucasian? This guy is an albino. Look at the hands of the blonde woman being interviewed at the upper-right corner of the screen. Her hands are darker than the shooter’s.

  19. First of all, I want to thank you for your somewhat civilized response to my post. I will be scrutinizing the link you provided when I can give it the time it deserves; thanks for supplying that as well. Yours is the ONLY response from those who disagree with me that doesn’t simply say I “suck” – though I was disappointed by your lack of understanding when you accuse me of being someone the military/government/conspiracists can dupe – when you know practically nothing at all about me.

    One thing I have learned in this life is that the greatest obstacles to clear thinking are assumptions and conclusions, and you have assumed I am something that I most definitely am not. I assume nothing. Assumptions are useful if and ONLY IF you have no facts, and ONLY if you keep in mind that everything you base on those assumptions depends on those assumptions being correct. Too many people make the huge mistake of believing their assumptions are facts, which leads them to a conclusion, which effectively is the end of thinking. “Conclusion” – the word means “END”, as in, the end of thought. Only when one refuses to make assumptions, or at the very least is willing to discard an assumption when it becomes unsupportable, can one begin to think with an open mind.

    Now, allow me to better inform you as to what kind of person I really am. First, I don’t allow others to tell me what is what, not without knowing the facts. In other words, I don’t assume anything. I do not believe everything the government tells me. It would be a much more accurate description to say I hardly believe anything the government tells me. I am certain that my government is fully capable of cover ups, lies and deception, even murder, and the government has and will continue to do all of those things. The recent militarization of police, huge purchases of ammunition by the DHS and TSA, unconstitutional spying by the NSA and countless other events, aren’t exactly bolstering any faith I might have had that the government is on my side.

    Now let me inform you better as to what kind of person I am NOT. I am not the kind of person who believes in something just because I want it to be true. I am not the kind of person to dismiss the evidence I don’t like in favor of the evidence that I think supports what I would like to true. And I find it very , VERY difficult to believe that the Virginia shootings were staged, simply because the enormity of the conspiracy required for the pathetically small goal of swaying the public’s opinion on gun control just a little bit more is, due to a complete lack of REAL, INDISPUTABLE evidence that should be EASY to reveal, totally absurd. I find it amusing, but sad, that so many people are willing to utterly dismiss the very real possibility that this just might be a disgruntled, fired employee who went psycho and avenged his well documented grievances.

    People who so casually discard relevant evidence, in favor of unsupported claims, DESERVE the government they currently have. In fact, they NEED a nanny government, like children need a babysitter, to keep them from breaking things and hurting themselves and others. At least, until the children grow up – and learn how to think.

    I look forward to continuing an INTELLIGENT discourse with you, should you wish to do so.

    Good day.

  20. You are one of the crazy ones. Probably a morman too. Your like a sheep, if they jumped off a cliff, I can see you would follow them.

  21. In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Hoax, a perceptive blogger stated that the blatant mistakes made could not have happened by accident. He suggested that the hoax shooting was being used to identify those on social media who were IN THE KNOW. But why? So they could be ushered into the FEMA camps and eliminated, or ushered into the FEMA camps to be recruited as managers of the Sheeple?
    Perhaps that choice comes later.

  22. MM59 – I promised in my other reply to you that I would examine “Operation Northwoods”, and I admit I haven’t heard about it before, so thanks for bringing it to my attention. I do not question the existence of the plan, and I believe these documents are real. But governments plotting to create false flags, especially as a pretext or excuse for invasion or war, is nothing new. Hitler staged the takeover of a German radio station near the border with Poland by “Polish” invaders as a “reason” to invade Poland in 1939. But there are numerous examples of the US government not only planning, but actually carrying out this type of operation: the blowing up of the battleship USS Maine in 1898 (though much evidence suggests that this was a simple accident), which was promptly ruled an “attack” by the US Navy’s “investigation” which led to war. The Gulf of Tonkin incident is even more suspicious. There are viable theories that Roosevelt and/or Churchill had fore knowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack, but allowed it to happen.

    However, I fail to see why the US government, or even a small group of zealous anti gun people, would go to the enormous lengths they would have to go to, simply to make a “fake” video of yet one more incident of gun violence to add to the hundreds of others, with the aim of swaying public opinion into enacting a gun ban. The false flag alarmists for the Virginia shooting contradict themselves repeatedly, NEVER present any REAL evidence that it was fake, which would be VERY EASY to do with a minimal amount of investigation. Why don’t they? Because the evidence that would be abundant if they were right does not exist. Because it was a real shooting, by a real, disgruntled, fired ex-employee, who like so many other losers who have committed murder and thrown their own lives down the toilet, killed himself.

    Like I said before, people who rabidly want to believe something will never let facts get in their way. They are the saddest in our society, for they don’t need a government to dupe them; they do it to themselves.

  23. So Jewish-seeming is Joe Biden that I was shocked to find out early this year that he is not. Well, may as well be…

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