10 Pieces of Evidence Showing GMO May Harm You

no-gmo-signBy Paul A. Philips

GMO corporations have repeatedly claimed that their GM foods are safe. They have produced volumes of research to show GM food safety and fitness for human consumption. It wouldn’t be too difficult to Google this and find the evidence for yourself.

However, it has been said that anyone who tells you GMO is safe is either stupid or lying. There are a number of reasons not to trust the claim that GM foods are safe: Evidence to the contrary from many scientific studies show that GMO is not safe. I’ll put it to you like this to make a point: If you were offered some foods and somebody told you that there is a controversy going on, that they could cause harm, would you eat them?

A number of countries such as France, Russia and China have put a ban on GMO and not without good reason from their advisory scientists. Because of the nature of genetic modification it can never be known for certain what the outcome, which makes this nothing more than a dangerous experiment. FDA scientists had made it abundantly clear to biotech GM corporations that more long-term experiments were needed to establish safety but the advice was basically ignored. As time goes by more credible scientific evidence emerges showing us why we should say no to GMO.

Her are just some of those scientific studies showing that GMO may cause harm to you.

1 – There have been numerous animal experiments showing illnesses and deaths both in the laboratory and the field. Take the case in Hesse, Germany where cows had been fed on GM maize (corn) made by Syngenta. The cows died in numbers caused by the GM maize. The cows were then slaughtered en masse to avoid the unexplained disease getting out of hand and contaminating other cattle. Syngenta was later prosecuted for this cover up. They also confessed that the protein produced by the gene used to genetically modify the maize had found its way into human GM foods before it was withdrawn.

2 – Proteins produced from GMO can cause allergies in humans. The GM food that causes this can be identified and taken off the market. However, the gene that was inserted into the GM food that had caused the allergy producing protein can live on by transferring into another species. This phenomenon – a gene transferring from one species to another – happened with GM soy. The gene producing the allergy causing protein in soy managed to transfer into the DNA of gut microorganisms in humans. It has been said it is no coincidence that a 50% rise in allergies has occurred in humans since the introduction of GMO and GM soy in the mid 1990s.

3 – Humans should be concerned if they have eaten animals that had been fed GM crops. The genes used to modify the animal feed GM crops may have transferred into the animal and then into the humans that consumed them.

4 – On the subject of GM maize and GM soy: Research by Judy Carman PhD on these GM foods given to pigs showed gross stomach inflammation and enlarged uterus. It must be remembered that animals such as pigs have a similar physiology to humans who also consume this food.

5 – Alarming research has shown the herbicide glyphosate to be linked with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and Autism. Remember, GM crops are sprayed with herbicides, fungicides and pesticides. Sure, they can be washed off before consumption but the chemicals will still be in the crops. The chemicals have found their way into the roots and shoots via the soil that had contained the chemicals.

6 – Following on from 5, seriously sick humans have relatively higher levels of glyphosate from GM crops than well humans. Glyphosate is poisonous and can alter our body’s metabolic processes. The glyphosate can come from animal feed crops. If humans consume these animals then the glyphosate can transfer to humans.

7 – In the USA digestive problems such as inflammation have been linked to the rise in GM food consumption. In Sweden where GM foods are not permitted there are no changes.

8 – Some years ago Argentina changed approximately half their arable farm land into GM food production. This turned into a bio-disaster. Over 20,000 farmers lost their land and farming because of the evolution of super-weeds which ruined the soil. GMOs have also been implicated in the dramatic rise in birth defects and cancer.

9 – There are a growing number of scientists taking a stand against GMO. Some had worked for GM corporations and had experienced bullying and coercion, threatened with dismissal if they spoke out.

10 – Canadian research found toxic pesticides associated with GM foods in maternal and fetal blood considered to increase susceptibility to birth defects.

In conclusion

Check your watches. Every half an hour gone by a farmer ends his life because of the devastating effects of GMO on the farmland, overwhelming financial difficulty and gross political unrest.

This may not be direct scientific evidence for GMO harm but it does put things into perspective. We need to recognize that it’s the biggest threat to life as we know it. GMO can cause irreversible damage to life. Spread the word far and wide letting people know about the dangers…

Say NO to GMO and YES to organic!


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  1. Just a few weeks ago I wrote to one of my senate representatives, Roy Blunt (R-MO) to encourage him to support the senate bill requiring labeling of GMOs in our food. He replied rather quickly and informed me that there is no evidence whatsoever that GMOs are in any way, shape, or form harmful to human beings, and quite to the contrary, are a boon to mankind. Could he possibly be mistaken? Could I possibly be being snarky? What do you think?

  2. leo carmel – see my comment above. Hope you approve.

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