Why Was Ross Ulbricht Denied a Fair Trial?

By Tragedy and Hope

Ross Ulbricht (aka Dread Pirate Roberts, or DPR) created the Silk Road as an example of a free market model to challenge the monopoly of cartel capitalism. The U.S. govt. (owners of the monopoly) used every dirty trick in the book to deny Ross a fair trial. If he’s a bad man, why did they have to frame him? Was the Truth not bad enough? Or were there political motives at work, which needed to betray truth to make Ross Ulbricht a Political Prisoner.

I asked Lyn Ulbricht why her son Ross was denied a fair trial… her answers provide a clarion call for all who love & appreciate FREEDOM. Ross’s case includes precedents which adversely affect all of us, so in truth, his absence of freedom is ours as well. If Ross isn’t Free, We’re not Free! Support FreeRoss.org

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